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Pure unix.

Pure class.

How can Microsoft even compete?

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Why is the mouse not on the mousepad?

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Apple: Get good hardware at 180% the price you would get if you built it yourself today!

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It's the main meme that catches brainlets in the trap. "But it's good". Yes, brainlet, they are not useless, but nobody told you to get the shittiest or the shittiest PC ever made.

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>How can Microsoft even compete?
I don't know, their stock drops slower than apple's, so I guess they can compete somehow.

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>good hardware
If only.

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>ITT some fucking ranjeet street shitting faggot tries to defend his fruity toy OS
Mac OS isn't even remotely comparable to Linux. All the command line tools ship out of date or they're non-existent. The file systems (HFS+ and APFS) are both buggy horseshit, and APFS won't even support trimming on some SSDs. Mac OS makes you get software either from a fucking app store that's locked down, or it makes you hunt for shit online like on Windows. Meanwhile Linux distros have centralized repositories for software where 99% of the shit you'll ever need is located. The Mac OS equivalent is a hacked together third party piece of shit called Homebrew. Try calling Applel support when Homebrew fucks something up, nigger. The fruity toy company will void your warranty. LMAO

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>How can Microsoft even compete?
By not being unix.

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All non-ancient software targets Linux rather than POSIX, that means all GNU extensions and Linux specific software. And guess what OS got Linux compatibility layer?

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Good luck building an all-in-one

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>Try calling Applel support when Homebrew fucks something up
Try calling Lenex support

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OSX is not UNIX.

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>a frankenstein monster of Mach, BSD, FreeBSD, NeXT, and Apple code
keep shilling hindu boi
superpower by 2020!

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here we fuckin go

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Inb4 Pajeet whines about:
>muh certs
>muh logos
>muh branding
>muh curry
>muh shoes
>muh purse
>my faggotry

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First of all mac os isn't even an os, it's a proprietary firmware for Apple devices.

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homebrew is not that bad

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Yes it is.

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It's worse.

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selfhating streetshitters on full defence mode
lmaoing on you try harder next time

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By having first-party package manager :^)

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thats a touch pad you gnutard
you know that thing which never works if you go linux

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Designated by Applel in Mumbai

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not an argument

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Is this loss?

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Same with Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.
Building yourself is cheaper but doesn't come with SLAs. (Neither does Apple either, but there exists a third party industry for this, even though Apple does their best to try and kill it, without having acceptable service themselves)
The people buying the $5000 machines are buying them for work or their employers are buying them.
Don't ask me why they wouldn't just buy Dell Precision or HP Z series (or even just an Optiplex) with a real SLA.

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>he has to install a third party piece of shit package manager maintained by a handful of hobbyists just to get the latest version of bash
Are you enjoying my sloppy seconds, Macintoddler?

Is this reddit? Go back.

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HFS+ does have one singular neat feature, it can return whether a particular block (not just file) has not just been committed to the filesystem, but properly written to disk (ie. on disk, not just in disk cache)
This is used extensively for Time Machine and is a reason why running a time machine backend on Linux was always a bad idea (atleast like 8 years ago)

HFS is shitslow otherwise.
For all it's faults though, I never had file loss or corruption issues like I've had many times on NTFS.
It doesn't surprise me at all that APFS is hot garbage.
Apple pretty much died with Steve.
Even before then their filesystem was old and janky, they knew they needed a replacement and had a fully working one in ZFS - then Sun sold to Oracle and Apple almost overnight killed ZFS on OSX.

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your entire freecuck ecosystem is maintained by handful hobbysts you god damn degenerate

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my os isn't designed by a 49 yr old transvestite, and any payment/donation isn't given to further increase the diversity/trans agenda

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I read "hebrew"

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You might have a bleed on the brain.

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Poo in the loo

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This shit is downright embarrassing. What a cringy little iToddler sperg

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fuck off if hjkl isn't your sole method of navigation

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Yeah about that... lmao

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>Mouse and a touchpad
But why

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Because it's an ad

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for more pleasure.

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Because he's a paid Indian shill. How do I know this? His English is shit and he starts making threads at 4AM.

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HFS isn’t as good as ext4, but it’s much better than NTFS windows users are forced to endure

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You don't *need* that motherboard to run Linux or Windows

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Home brew is literally the best package manager on any *nix

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Sure it is. That's why it's used by everyone else, right? No, that's pkgsrc, you dumb nigger. No one uses Homebrew on anything but fruity toys.

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>Mac OS isn't even remotely comparable to Linux.
Correct. Linux is just a kernel and GNU/Linux is not Unix.

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Every high end motherboard is RGB nowadays.

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NTFS works just fine, what else do you need from it?

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not him but apfs works fine tii, what you want from it?

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>fragments all the time
>ACLs are a mess
>no CoW
>no snapshots
>"just fine"
"just" fuck my shit up

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No, it doesn't work fine. It is worse than APFS.

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Off to the loo

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it may be unix in the sense that it is posix compliant, but it is far from the unix spirit

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>How can Microsoft even compete?
Apparently they don't have to

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> doesn't use both hands for freehand navigation

imagine being this retarded.

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What is freehand navigation?

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sorry but that people job looks so tacky

keyboard is off and there's no shadows???

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> want to open file, press enter
> file rename mod
>want to delete file, press delete
> nothing happen.

>open random text file
>'' this file is downloaded from the very dangerous internet network ''
>OK don't care.
> shit texteditor open file
no problemo
>close window
>software isn't quit, press cmd-q
>open with...
>download an New text file...
> sameshit

Shit de is shit

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When RAM prices drop and Cryptomining dies, then maybe you might be right about the prices thing. I've been having the same setup for almost seven years now...

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> want to open file, press cmd+o
> it opens

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>go among normies - faggotversity or starcucks
>anon whips out his ThinkPad
>it's a giant black brick
>everyone gives stern looks

>op arrives
>whips out his shiny new MacBook
>bitches pussies drip
>faggots of ass get an erection
>he's the star
>what else could you do to top this day?
>put on table Pilot MR fountain pen and Moleskine
>drown in hipster pussy

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t. Thinks he knows computers but uses Ubuntu

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When I switched to Mac literally the day I bought it some kid told me I had a cool Computer. I also literally lost my virginity 2 years later, and now my original Mac (Retina Macbook Pro 2012) is being used by my boyfriend.
Every meme about Apple improving your social status is true, but you have to be gay.

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Pretty much this. The 5k/60fps panel is $1.5k at most and the rest is maybe worth $2k.

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>Trying to defend all-in-ones as a viable desktop solution and not the worst of both worlds between a laptop and desktop

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Empty desk empty mind.

typical Mac user

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Baseline 5k iMac starts at $1500. Sure you aren't going to use it for video editing or gaming, but you wouldn't want to on a slow ass 5k display.

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With a touch interface and at least semi-competent screen adjustment

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linux doesn't have gpu acceleration for anything, using a laptop with linux is just prematurely destroying the battery because you're draining it using 75% of a quad core cpu watching a 720p youtube video. Linux has a few too many deal breakers for regular use and the situation is getting worse as time goes on.

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0/10 Don't you need to go back to work Pajeet?

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Android is the DESIGNATED mobile OS.

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>code of conduct

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Pure NT.

How can Apple even compete?

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>How can Microsoft even compete?
By letting their OS be installed on any computer

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>Windows 10

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Most of these things are either more logical than windows or simply different

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tranny here, switched to apple shit so i could pass better. nothing screams y chromosome like a thinkpad. but i do all my work on linux or bsd servers over ssh, and use apple products for what they are— luxury thin terminals

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Big Nigger Computing

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By providing their OS to install on a non-shit hardware.

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baseline prices are reasonable, the $800 SSD upgrades are not.

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By allowing you have better hardware all around for the same price, customized for your needs instead of what Apple wants you to use
By letting you dual boot into Linux without any issues, even giving you Secure Boot support out of the box for Canonical-backed distros, unlike Macs with T2 chips that give you trouble for trying to boot Linux
By having a broader software selection for both consumers and professionals

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Works on my machine ;^)

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Why would you want an all-in-one to begin with? To be a minimalist faggot? That's gonna be a yikes from me dawg.

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>San Francisco

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but their OS is shit

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*blocks your machine learning*
*blocks your rendering*

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Oh it's starting again.

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