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>use various friends apple shit
>increasingly realise how trash android/windows are
>buy first house 6 months ago
>want to do the "smart home" meme
>generally just inconvenient with android/windows
>by far the best way to get this to work is going full fruitchad cause muh ecosystem
>bit the bullet just now

Before all the screeching starts, I'm loaded and not some poorfag blowing all his cash on stupid shit. This will last me at least 5 years, and frankly I want security and something which works well. I've used all the devices here (except macbook air, used the pro) so know fairly well how they all work together. The apple tvs are for living room, kitchen, bathroom tvs. Macbook air is to replace 8 year old hp shitbook, iphone to replace redmeme 3, watch for cycling/jogging and the ipad to act as a "hub" for home. Have various sonos speakers already that I'm going to use with this, and also going to setup apple music once it all arrives.

This board should really try apple productsinstead of mindlessly hating.

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Oh look, it's this thread again.

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>buying a specced out MBA instead of a MBP
simply epic

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I'm not suggesting /g/ buys it cause frankly a lot of it is either unnecessarily overpowered or overpriced. But if you can afford it it works so much better together than android/windows shit. It LITERALLY just works.

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>this will last me at least 5 years

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Don't want the touchbar, and it's only the memory which is fully specced. Don't care about performance as it will only be used for general non work shit, torrenting, streaming from home server and 4chan

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>I want security and something which works well.
>Buys a laptop with a shitty Intel processor

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I don't mean this as an insult, but if you're not willing to fuck around for 20 years apple gives a good middle ground in security.

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Stop replying, just report.

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Well, to be honest, my iPhone 6 is running strong, with the last available iOS, and can easily be used for another year or two.
I doubt the same can be said about a Galaxy S5.

Don't know about the other shit tho.

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What makes you think we are mindlessly hating, anon? I would say I am mindfully hating, and I expect the same to be true of most others here.

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damn OP, you've convinced me 100% now

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I own and have used plenty of Apple products. The only ones I liked were iPods (not the new touch bullshit, but the 3rd Gen iPod was the most beautiful DAP of all time, and the 5th Gen Video was alright too before it was stolen). I have a 15" Macbook Pro Retina that retailed for $2600 in 2013 and it is literally falling apart. This was after the 2010 model I had shat the bed barely 3 years after I got it with kernel panics and support was literally so incompetent that they had no choice but to replace the machine.

They are nice when they're new, don't get me wrong, but they are not what they were back in the early 2000s or so when they still ran the later PowerPC models. They were at least still trying back then.

You'll be lucky to get your 5 years out of them. I hope you sprung for Apple Care.

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>bit the bullet just now
Lets see your order in processing status, faggot

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>It LITERALLY just works.
Like everything in the consumer market.
You being too retarded to learn how to use things does not make them shit.
Nothing in your list is overpowered, quite the contrary in fact.
Reminder that iphone benchmarks are wrong.

Anyways apple is not for me as I want to actually own my products and have the freedom to do what I want with them.

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>"smart home"
>turning your home into a botnet

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>This board should really try apple productsinstead of mindlessly hating.

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i don't care about the purchases of strangers

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Why the fuck do you have a TV in your bathroom?

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may as well ask Father Christmas how he fits down the chimneys, what with him being such a fat cut an all. pajeet here has a TV in his bathroom as there's 23 ppl live in the other room, and 'the bathroom' was otherwise unused

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