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>Apple has confirmed to The Verge that some of its 2018 iPad Pros are shipping with a very slight bend in the aluminum chassis. But according to the company, this is a side effect of the device’s manufacturing process and shouldn’t worsen over time or negatively affect the flagship iPad’s performance in any practical way. Apple does not consider it to be a defect.

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Samshit BTFO

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>Apple does not consider it to be a defect
When will applefags learn

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it's a feature goy stop kvetching and buy it

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The Apple Mystique has already started to wear off, people aren't gonna fall for this bullshit like they did 5 years ago.
Apple's gotta realise this or they're gonna continue circling the drain of bankruptcy.

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>$300b wiped off their value in the span of 2 months
I'm so happy this is actually happening.

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>including the social media campaign garbage in the link

kys you fucking mong

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I got a new ipad pro, it’s really nice but shit like this is unacceptable. Probably gonna be my last Apple product.

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Based Apple QUALITY

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basado y rojoempastillado

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b-but muh design muh sleekness muh courage IT WASNT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS NOOOOOOO

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>The Verge does a how to bend an iPad video
>literally unable to bend it, because The Verge
make it happen

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to be honest here, if its not thx apple being shit at manufacturing this board would be dead, they basically provide us with material in a daily basis and are more fun and entertaining to watch.

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Poojets seething at the first foldable tablet

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GOD DAMN that was satisfying to watch

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>"it's normal, we swear"
>send in unit for repair under warranty
>"unit is bent, warranty void"

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time to buy I guess

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>Samshit BTFO
>posts a gif of an ipad

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Just got the new 2018 iPad Pro. I have to say, this is the best feeling iPad ever. Mine has a slight bend to it, but it actually perfectly countours the surface of my leg, making it very comfortable to use. I'd put this in the feature bin, really. Apple does it again. Even when they make a mistake, they end up making things better lol.

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It just works.

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just bend it back the other way.

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love you man hallelujah

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Fuckin shit

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>It's a feature
At it's finest

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>iPad Bend Pro

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Yeah except it's happening to every single company.

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Its way worse with Apple tho, their new phones are having poor sales.

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Apparently people don't want to spend $1300 for very nearly what they already bought last year.

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basierend und rotpilled

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gebaseerd en roodgepilt

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Based and Sataniapilled

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basé et redpilled

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Deluded fruit cult member detected.
Because only the rich can afford a $1200 phone.

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funny you say that given that most poor people buy them at an extra $40 a month on their bill

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The absolute state

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See the graph you just quoted, Apple is dropping 3-5x harder than industry average over the last 2 months, that is not a good look.

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before early 2000 u couldn't get away with this shit and is considered as defect

fast forward to now this is normal practice.

wtf happen? i thought this shit would be non existence with consumer complaints on social media and shit.

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poo in the loo

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>the verge
literally the ((tech news publication)) incapable of building a PC
remind me why they are relevant again ?

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Sataniapilled ~desu

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>this is a side effect of the device’s manufacturing process
So, it's literally a defect.
>Apple does not consider it to be a defect.
But they'll still replace it for free if you ask within 14 days?
If it's not a defect, why would you replace it?
They know this shit isn't acceptable and yet they're shipping it anyway because they also know most people won't hold them to account.

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Бeйcнaтo и peдпилнaтo

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>not understanding subtly and nuance

This is why reddit is so much better than this fucking racist shit hole

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Based and redpilled

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basé et rougepillé*

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>Hey retard, we know you're gonna sit on it anyways so it comes prebent from the factory
>*Crowd cheers*

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hmm.. another class action incoming?

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It bends because you're holding it wrong goy.

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dude it's SUPPOSED to be bent

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Then leave nigger

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Don´t let the door hit you!

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>racist shit hole
I can already see your long and thin double colored fingers typing that.

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tukikohtaistettu ja saatanapilleröity

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Coming from someone who works for them. When you fuck over your customers too much, in the end you get what you deserve.

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Bázisolt és pirospirulázott

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Because you can get 5 years of support from an iPhone. Meanwhile, Samshit doesn't update their phones, is teaming up with fake Supreme in Chinkland, and all the other Andropoo devices are copying Apples notch and lack of headphone jack, even smash it with A8s. You lost. Get over it.

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>double colored fingers

kek shitskins BTFO

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>being so retardedly blind youre worried about winning or losing a brand war instead of just wanting a decent well made product on the market

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faʻavae ma mumu paʻu

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>it's not a defect, it's a feature!

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I just have to reply again

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>hurr durr muh bent ipad
who gives a shit, you're shipping it wrong nigger.

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thats like a doctor tells you that your broken leg is just fine

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Holy shit this autism

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when Apple removed the headphone jack people laughed
when Apple put a notch on the screen people laughed
in 2 years time almost all Android devices will be slightly bend.

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βασισμένος kαι ερυθροχαπωμένος

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Suck my pencilcock nigger

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The bend makes the device gently and comfortably sit on your palm without causing unnecessary strain you goddam ignorants. Apple should charge more for the bent units, so consider yourself lucky if you get one.

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i think apple has reached its peak, their products are becoming mediocre by the day especially the XR

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Fundiert und eingeweiht

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Baziran i crveno-tabletiran

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Thinking about selling a piece of steel you attach to your iPad to stop it bending.
Would be ~$250

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>consumers find blatant design flaw in Apple product
>Apple acknowledges complaints and labels said design flaw as a """"""feature""""""
>consumers agree with Apple and say they're just using the device incorrectly
>cycle eventually repeats with the next device

When will they ever learn?

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Kek, i had a friend who had a macbook pro 2010 back in the days. Ended up getting fucking electric shocks (the low voltage kind like running a 9V battery on your tongue), brought it to the apple store, didn't fix shit. His hard drive making a shit ton of clicking, brought it to the apple store, hurr durr it's a feature, nothing wrong. The trackpad clearly caved in, hold it upside down and it literally pops out of the socket, nothing wrong, we just tightened the screw, and he's back in 2 days later. The fucking display starts moving as soon as you hold the laptop at any vertical angle, hurr durr its normal, its a feature. At least he was smart enough to never buy another apple product.

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Applecucks will defend this.

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>the permanent state of mactoddlers

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