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why are they raping chrome/chromium design? who's the nigger responsible for this?

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Hi, google rep here. We are proud to be implementing a modern and progressive, intuitive user interface that works for everyone. We value your input and would love to hear your feedback!

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As an oppressed trans-demi-kin I find your comment neurotriggering.

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The new Chrome design is unironically better than previous designs. I hated it at first, but now I like it and prefer it.
Fite me.

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the ui needs to be simple and inclusive enough for aboriginal australians to use it.

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t braindead zoomer.
your minds are so simplistic and jewed you think grey boxes look good. PATHETIC.

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It's the reason i did go back to Safari

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poo in it

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you are. you're using it, don't you? nigger

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People using metrics as a reason for redoing what's not broken so they can justify why they are still employed.

>home previous refresh forward
That's what it should be, people will disagree but they are wrong.

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tried it for 30 min. i'm on waterfox.

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you guys should try out the alpha

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I don't see what's wrong with it, it's functionally identical to before.

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What browser?

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>there's something called buster
use it fa/g/gots

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1.) You can now customize the New Tab page.
2.) The omnibox is objectively prettier and now offers a "SWITCH TO THIS TAB" option which is super helpful for when you have a lot of tabs open.
3.) Tabs no longer have sloped edges, meaning slightly more space for site title text and more tabs can be fit in a window without it feeling cramped.

There is literally nothing wrong with the new design.

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beta or canary?

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go away street shitter

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>the autist, having no legitimate response to logic and reasoning, resorts to bottom-tier /g/ """banter"""

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>implying chromes UI wasn't always mediocre

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>smug anime girl

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Wow, it just keeps getting worse. I didn't think that was possible.

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pussy ass bitch

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just copy Firefox damn or safari

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>Using Chrome

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I think the point is that it the tabs look like shit and nothing you posted addresses that.

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Not everyone has a touchscreen and needs to waste half their screen space with oversized controls designed for spastic fat fingered people.

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>tfw you know it's a joke but doesn't actually seem too far off reality

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Form > function.
Chrome is now objectively functionally better.
Also the "folder" esque tabs looked quite awful, actually. Especially when you had a lot of tabs open. But I guess this is just a matter of opinion.

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I've always found it funny that a tech board of all places is full of people afraid of change and modernization. Fucking luddites who can't keep up when things are slightly different. Truly mindboggling.

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gotta keep up with the change, being comfortable is for senile retards

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GUI changes are rarely an improvement. Change just for the sake of change is bad.

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This is the exact attitude I'm talking about. GUI changes are nearly always improvements, that's why companies do them in the first place, but you're too non-technical to be able to adjust.

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Luckily, there are outliers. So people can think some GUI implimentations are shit.

Windows 8 etc.

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Oh really? Then what about this shit uh?

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>using Chrome in 2018

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>who's the nigger responsible for this?

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What kind of cock mongling faggots know about Google designs and their changes?

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Sounds like they learned from Vivaldi.

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Why do you care? Are you using Chrome or something?

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Vivaldi's interface is much better, their only problem is that it is also slow as fuck.

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Apple is doing the same with 10.12 and newer. The chrome in the Finder ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_interface_chrome ) is incomplete now, it's also incredibly bugged. When you right click a window and show the toolbar by doing so and then go looking into the menu at the top of the screen, you'll notice that everythings greyed out, wrongly labeled and basipally fugged. And remember to buy 1600 dollar telephone, goy.

So to follow suit, Google said "Let's fuck it up as well!".

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It renders the same as Chrome so I wouldn't say speed is the issue but rather resource usage. I don't bother with it much on my laptop with lower specs than my desktop

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>design doesn't matter
/g/tards in a nutshell

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Firefox is for tranny niggers

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what the fuck am I even supposed to be seeing here? what's wrong with it?
t. chrome user who tried switching to firefox recently and switched back in a couple days

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holy fuck you used to be able to change back to the old design using this flag, now they even removed that
fuck google

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They also got rid of GTK2

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i would stick my feedback inside your hear.

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Use Vivaldi if you want basic ui tweaks.

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just stop fucking with it.
how about spend less time on updating the ui and fix the amount ram your browser eats.

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A decade of building up to 67% market share with a UI everyone was familiar with and possibly one of the main reasons people liked it.

Lets just change it to some fisher price - little Billy & Sally's first web browser looking shit, that doesn't fit in with any desktop or 98% of website UI's, so it stands out in the worst possible way.
The fuck are they doing? See, this is why hiring pajeets & trannys is just a really fucking bad idea, this is why you leave it to the white man.

This shit aesthetic was ditched in the mid 2000's for good reason. Maybe if these lefty faggots weren't so hellbent on purging history they'd know that.

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Soon ........

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I don't use Chrome.
What exactly is different or bad about it? It looks reasonable to me.

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just use qutebrowser you fucking niggers

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i hate the rounded corners because literally nothing else is round on my desktop; because i don't want round shit; so it looks fucking nasty. it sticks out so badly. the old one wasn't perfect either, mind you, it used weird angles and shit; but they don't look nearly as bad the the round corners. just give me square shit; or an option to set it myself so i can make it square.

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Could always switch to brave, it supports chrome extensions now.

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>not using Vivaldi in the current year of the Lord

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vivaldi freezes every 5 seconds for me and i don't know why.

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Because you better install Opera

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Hows 'bout I feed you back this dick

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I actually don't mind it. It switched a few weeks ago and it was not that bad.

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> botnet

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What about it? Favicons on the new tab page as well as in the tabs themselves offer consistency across the UI.

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That shit is miles better than a garbage preview of the website, which often don't look right or are out of date as fuck and never refresh.
Firefox also has this problem, and the page capture shots bypass uBO and can connect to shitty domains.
I think that meme neocities page points this out as well.

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can i rip off that ghastly addblocker? if no, then fuck off with that shit

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use xp and then you dont have to worry about these cancerous auto updates

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>what's wrong with it?
The tabs are taller. Using more vertical screen real estate when that’s the most limited dimension on most desktop monitors. But it needs to be bigger so fat fucks can smash it with their sausage fingers on touch displays.

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>not using opera

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>using opera

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Yeah you can, just turn it off in settings and install ublock or something.

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