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Gee you guys weren't kidding.

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Intel on suicide watch

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this has been known for a while
they've been headhunting all of amd's

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Intel in the woods to commit suicide xD

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Seems like an alright guy *shrugs*

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like pottery

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He makes far more money in a year than you will in your life

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but does he have a toilette ?

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fuck you retards i nearly called an indian a poo at work yesterday

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He takes a shit on AMD.

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I sure as fuck hope they have a new architecture in the works. They've been rehashing 14nm skylake almost 4 years now.

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A tremendous number of CEO and CTO positions go to men and women from India. While you all remain super butt mad and without direction or ambition. Keep it real /g/, you will always be the angry scrubs of technology.

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>intlels constantly talk shit about how AMD are poo in loos
>top intlel architect is actual fucking street shitter
>"take it to /pol/"
>"he seems ok"
ahahahahahahahaha fuck me...

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He's a big poo

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poor yield...

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Their 5 years old shit is still beating amds new stuff ... why would they even try to make new stuff?

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This. We don't even know if Zen 2 will compete with Sandy Bridge yet.

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>A tiny Silicon Valley company named NexGen, meanwhile, was doing what AMD couldn't: taking on Intel with a relatively miniscule team of just 60 engineers and a little funding from IBM. The company was headed by Atiq Raza, a brilliant Pakistani engineer educated in the United Kingdom and the United States,
>AMD purchased NexGen in 1995 for $615 million. Raza became president and chief operating officer of AMD and was widely viewed to be Sanders’ eventual successor

It all makes sense now.

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Wait... they will launch 10nm but they will keep improving 14nm? I don't get it...

It almost sounds like 10nm will be a downgrade lmao.

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So, no toilet then?

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Look who the president of intel is
I can't believe more people aren't memeing about it.

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>its been 5 years since i've upgraded, lets see what the new
>14+++++++++nm skylake that consume 300w
>64c/128t amd chips with sandybridge IPC

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I'm surprised Steve still got an invite to an exclusive Intel event after he pretty much debunked and exposed Principled Technologies.

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Soup of side

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he wasnt invited why do you think he had to do this interview in the carpark

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Poo in the CPU.

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plenty of parking lots outside of intel HQ for that mate...

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Circle of life: eat from the street, shit on it to nourish it back

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>poo on cpu

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Why the fuck are they in the woods?

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>le epik sandy bridge
In your dreams bucko. It's amazing to me that people make that comparison and don't realise that deep down they're actually mocking intel at being so shit at improving ipc.
there are only 2 intel products in existence that haven't been buried by AMD: 8700k and 9900k
And you end up paying at least twice as much from going from 2600x and 2700x to get that 30% single core performance bump at best

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In intel fanboy dreams.

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Guest was afraid of office toilet witch and Steve doesn't poo on the street.

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>more security vulnerabilities is better!

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The 8600K is better than the 2600X. The only thing that the 2600X has going for it over the 8600K is SMT.

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they never learn. How does it feel that your gayming only cpu is horrible even there?

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In that *ONE* game.

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>Those i5's

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Why the flying fuck?
Get some banana leaves

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is that why the guy has been with intel for 22 years

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>More stutters is better!

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time will not be kind to the 8600k

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I will gladly take lower avg FPS if it doesn't mean I have a stutter fire 25 fps 0.1% mins i5 garbage, thanks.

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Here is how you annoy intards with facts.


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at least we have someone with half a brain in the thread

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Don't forget housefires

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Pretty sure 9900k buried itself in a pile of ashes.

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>no 2700x
>no 1800x

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>[email protected]
you won't get your 2700x turd any higher, retarded pajeet

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wow, the fuck is with those threadripper numbers?

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Why is /g/ literally /v/ 2.0

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I sometimes wonder if amd fanboys are more retarded or nintentoddlers.
/g/ is really /r/ayymd and wccftech comment section

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Steve is my hero :D

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Are you just pretending to be a retard?

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windows shitting itself because 2 many coars and no direct memory access on half of them. game mode disables them

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10 shekels have been deposited on your account

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Intel? More like incel lmao I bet he never gets laid lol.

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Intel? More like Inteloo

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Intel? More like Intlel kek

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looks like poos really do turn everything they touch into shit
they ruined vega, now they ruin intel cpus

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What's the point of having money if in the end you are a poo with a micropenis?

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special occasion

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didn't raja move the entire graphics division to india?

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