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I can't even remember the last time I used cash or even an ATM here in the UK.

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Still people over 30 use cash regularly and poor people. Only time I ever have cash is when somebody has paid me back for something.

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You can be pretty cashless here, but I prefer to use cash, and not leave an electronic trail, heck there aren't even serial numbers on coins that I mainly use.

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UK seems to be ahead on this. Between online banking, debit/credit cards and contactless payments at almost every store. As well as new apps like Monzo that allow you to instantly transfer money between friends, you literally do not need money. I've not carried cash on me for about 3 years now.

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I thought Australia was the leading cashless country.

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I barely use cash and you can usually pay with card at open air markets and shit. Only time I need cash is diy garage I went to and maybe some other rare situations.

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I haven’t done anything with cash other than deposit it in years.

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>not using cash
Bluepilled as fuck

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rural UK here: some small-time bakeries etc. don't have card machines and we're not supported by Uber, so will still need cash to get a cab home after a night out, but beyond that, it's a cashless existence

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swiss btw

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>As well as new apps like Monzo that allow you to instantly transfer money between friends
you could literally just use your banking app for this, though

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not at all and that's good

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Too cashless. I doubt there is any other country so utterly cash-less as Sweden is right now. I've read several reports/warnings about how quickly Sweden is ditching cash and why it's bad.

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Pretty much cashless. All places where I live accept credit card and there are many apps to transfer cash between friends.

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You should renew your cash license

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I pretty much only see people use cash when they buy a $2 coffee at Tim Hortons. Other than that, it's debit/credit.

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Cashless is starting to catch up here, but i will die before i get a credit card, i pay with my debit card or cash only, and mostly pay in cash anyway, i even payed for my whole PC in cash.

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Monzo is a bank(online only), and the app is much better than most banks.

I honestly have no clue how these massive banks manage to fuck up something so simple, all these new startup banks came around and made banking apps a lot more user friendly.

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Pretty much same as Finland

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I only pay cash, 9k chf in cash ready so i don't need to withdraw any money

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why is it bad?

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can be tracked

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>I only pay cash, 9k chf in cash ready so i don't need to withdraw any money
I understand you, but right now, I trust the cantonal banks enough not to misuse my information. I'll probably switch to your method one day eventually, but right now, I'm paying mainly with card if I don't have cash. Also, interest rates are low anyway, so why keep your money on the bank?

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Cash is too much of a pain to deal with. You're on the stores CCTV anyways so if anybody really wanted to track you they could

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international store chains are no problem
a vast majority of shops have a credit card terminal but in smallest ones and in diners and bars they will get mad if you pay with card
most of professional and medics are total tax frauder and ask cash only and never give a recepit
I almost always pay in cash and bring ~50 euros with me all the time along with two debit cards

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I only pay in cash too in switzerland. I heard some countries like sweden degenerated to card only payment

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People know what you spend your money on which is not possible with cash. If you dont care about that then thats good for you.

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Most banking apps are pretty bad, most of them use awfully broken 3rd party mechanisms to associate payments with people such as with phone numbers, emails etc. Also payments are slow as hell, especially between certain banks.

With Monzo your friends list populates from their phone number in your address book, you tap once to send them cash and it arrives instantly. It's really helpuful for nights out, if you grab a meal someone can just pay using their monzo contactless and then everyone can just send them their share. Same with buying drinks/rounds at the pub.

>I honestly have no clue how these massive banks manage to fuck up something so simple
They've not had any innovation or competition in a long time and these new startup banks are crushing it with good online apps. You can msg each other and track stats and all sorts of things with Monzo. It's also free to use you just dl the app, take a video of yourself requesting an account and submit that and a day later you have an account and a few more days later your card arrives in the post.

Then you can scan in the card with google pay and you dont even need to carry the card with you just your mobile for contactless payments.

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lmao what do you spend your money on that you don't want people to know about?

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I've never first hand used any banking services

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That's not a good thing.

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None of your business.

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>People know
Not really. It's tracked but that's not the same as any individual knowing specific transations you've personally made. Banking privacy is very strict, and so many transactions happen every second that no one can meaningfully look at that traffic, all analysis on that stuff is done on aggregate across millions of users and normally anonymized anyway.

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In Australia, there's very few places that are cash only with probably most being Asian places.

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All the mom and pop donut shops and diners are cash only here, also degenerates use it for buying and selling drugs and anything from Craigslist or like a yard sale is cash only
My last job at an imagrant ran store paid me in cash, totally legal though they took out taxes and gave me a hand written stub and everything, it was wild
Since then though with direct deposit I never need the stuff unless I want real donuts

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Imagine you buy lots of alcohol. Companies will know that. Medical insurance companies will know that.

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Farmer's markets and flea markets in general are a big thing in my country so cash is used a lot
They're starting to take debit now though

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Sweden is 90% cash-free, thanks to the sheeple.

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Where I live many people don't trust the banks.
Our salary is not even paid in cheques, you either get it in cash, or through MasterCard account issued for you specifically, which many people withdraw the money as soon as possible.

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your country is smart.

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It should be illegal for a business to not accept cash as payment

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It's so cashless that a lot of places don't even accept cash. Denmark.

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It's safer that way.

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That's the first time someone said that.
The MasterCard accounts. was a solution to the huge embezzlement problems.

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>Medical insurance companies will know that.
That's a load of rubbish, your own transaction data is not available for anyone to read. Do you have any actual examples of this?

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It should be illegal for businesses to have minimum spends on cards or not take cards/contactless at all in 2018.
Fuck your cash counting and change shit holding up queues and complicating transactions, I want to tap my phone on the reader and fucking leave.

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>he thinks transaction data is private


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Solid counter argument, can't beat a greentext

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It is in the UK. Banks sharing that data is a HUGE data protection violation.
Sorry that you live in a third world dystopia

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>Yeah let me deposit these 10 millon dollars and buy expensive shit with it, no questions asked


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you should tap a bullet to your temple and leave for good.

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Some soviet shithole?

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Fraud protection when you deposit money and actual transaction data are completely different things.

Kys luddite

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>a thread about how cashless society is good
>Noone give a damm about tracking and surveillance

The state of /g/

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>use card or some form of electronic payment
>payment processor middleman is now involved
>transaction now costs money
>middleman builds up an empire serving a function that doesn't need to exist

I'm going to stick with cash until I die.

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i thought we were all going to cry about muh privacy. Oh well

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>wanting to be cashless

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>He thinks intelligence services doesnt get that data anyway

How naive are you?


Technophiles, disgusting technology worshippers, that is /g/

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It is in America

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I've been backing out of the banking system for years. ditched all the credit cards, have a debit for paying bills online. my check is drawn on the bank that has my mortgage, so I cash it, pay them and walk out with a fat stack of cash.
Fuck the state and their spying ways.

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You’re on /g/ filling out a google captcha on a sfw botnet advertising platform you stupid coon. If you actually cared about hiding from a government that doesn’t care about you, you wouldn’t be here. I can only conclude you’re buying drugs, weapons or child prostitutes with your money to make this terrible argument. You’ve moved from insurance companies to government agencies. Want to dig a bigger hole, you autistic loser?

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Used to be.

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You are retard who think that your purchases are not being analyzed by companies. Pro tip: they dont need your bank data, the place where you are buying already can track your purchase, marketing companies dedicate to collect this data and even in much more indirect ways.

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I use cash all the time in the UK as fuck cards and being monitored

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Oh so now we are back to companies from government agencies?
I’m laughing so fucking hard right now.
Please tell me it’s a Jewish psyop next.

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Like that one time way back when Sears, I think it was Sears IIRC, sent coupons to a young woman for pregnancy and baby related products. The woman's father, since she still lived with her parents, was furious that Sears was sending his daughter these coupons although she wasn't pregnant. Sears apologized. Few months later the father found out she was indeed pregnant and wondered how exactly Sears knew. Turns out whatever customer loyalty card related gimmick they had relied on an algorithm to predict what products a customer would need or at least want based upon their shopping habits and her recent shopping habits had somehow been enough to tell that she was pregnant

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Loyalty cards have nothing to do with debit card transaction data.
Please follow the reply chain before posting.
It is not the fault of Sears that the daughter subscribed to their scheme without examining their terms in detail.

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greece is pretty cashless AYYY

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Genuine questions:

>How do cashless country work?
>Do people need to be registered and pay taxes?
>How < 18yo buy snacks or study materials for school or anything else?
>Can < 18yo have a bank account to manage their money?
>How homeless or people with problems finding a job do?
>Can foreign (tourists) people use this system?
>Can people transfer money between them and how? (not buy/sell just transfer)

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teenagers can get cards and you can transfer money to each other using online banking
do you live in a third world country

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No I live in switzerland which is a very wealthy country.

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>Technophiles, disgusting technology worshippers, that is /g/
yes this is /g/ technology, not /g/ autistic luddites

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That anon is moving the goal post desu. A fully cashless society would still be shit though. Pretty sure that digital paper trail could be obtained with a warrant. Do nothing wrong then you say? How do you know what dumb thing will become illegal for stupid reason in the future because fascist government?

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Yes i do, there is a lot of bureaucracy to get a bank account, that's why I'm asking.

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Actually switzerland is considered to be part if the 3rd world so your not wrong.

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jesus christ what year do you live in?

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>How do cashless country work?
Everything is done electronically.
>Do people need to be registered and pay taxes?
You’d need at least a prepaid card but yes you must pay tax required by the govt.
>How < 18yo buy snacks or study materials for school or anything else?
Their parents or the school provides it, or children/teens can be issued with prepaid/debit cards
>Can < 18yo have a bank account to manage their money?
Uhhh yes, I’ve had a bank account since I was 10?
>How homeless or people with problems finding a job do?
You have a bank account/card and your welfare or whatever else is put on that. You also have buskers etc that carry contactless card machines now.
>Can foreign (tourists) people use this system?
Yes either have a prepaid card for the country you’re visiting or use your own in that country.
>Can people transfer money between them and how? (not buy/sell just transfer)
Yes? In the UK at least, a bank transfer takes less than 2 hours. I believe it’s similar in places like Australia, Switzerland etc.

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yeah you typically get a bank account as a kid before you're even capable of making decisions
cant even remember how I got mine

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>>How do cashless country work?
>>Do people need to be registered and pay taxes?
>>How < 18yo buy snacks or study materials for school or anything else?
Cash or debit card. My 8 year old sister has her own card in her name.
>>Can < 18yo have a bank account to manage their money?
Yes, most are 11+ though some go as young as 6.
>>How homeless or people with problems finding a job do?
I expect its tough, dunno for sure
>>Can foreign (tourists) people use this system?
>>Can people transfer money between them and how? (not buy/sell just transfer)
Yes, I do it all the time.

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do you live in some kind of village? You wouldn't be asking those questions if you actually live in Switzerland

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Cash lets you purchase privately. Irrelevant in hives with no privacy, but quite nice for those of us who (for example) want to buy drugs and funs.

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No I dont, I live in zürich and pay everything in cash. Bi ganz normale schwiizer de eifach ke kreditkarte brucht.

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Cash lets you hide money from corrupt governments, which are all of them.


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>How do you know what dumb thing will become illegal for stupid reason in the future because fascist government?
This, In england BDSM is illegal.

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Fellow Italian anon here, can confirm. Cashless is still a ways off, I mean sure you can pay with credit/debit card but just in big stores or supermarkets. Yet again we're lagging behind.

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ITT people who intentionally inconvinience themselves out of some childish need to rebel against a nonexistant tyranny.

It's almost like it's a board made of linux users oh wait.

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France. Cashless is possible in almost all stores. Trades, cabs and the like often only accept cash though so that they can avoid taxes.

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>In england BDSM is illegal.
Illegal because of an outdated law from the 19th century but the Court of Appeals ruled that it’s not a prosecutable offends. As such, no consensual BDSM act has been charged for since the 90s when a group of 16 gay men had some twisted orgy on video.

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>inflation doesn't exist
>money printing doesn't affect anything

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So basically illegal stuff? This is why we can't have good things you know

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My forensics professor refuses to use anything but cash or paper checks.

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brazil, i literally never carry money anymore, haven't for at least 5 years

>> No.68909371

tfw ill never be allowed into switzerland
feels very bad

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>I thought Australia was the leading cashless country.

Why? Explain

>> No.68909404

>non-existent tyranny
>oh hi mark

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I don't say this often, but thank you 16 gay men

>> No.68909458

>16 gay men had some twisted orgy on video

English "people"

>> No.68909464

the uk, ahead on logging personal activities in government-accessible databases? you don't say

>> No.68909485

>He thinks big organizations (corps or gov) will not get his purchase data because a law

You are either a shill or an idiot.

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I use cash to buy cocaine

>> No.68909537


I don't actually have a credit or debit card so I mostly use cash

>> No.68909555


I don't ever have cash anymore. My bank doesn't have branches where I'm located right now so getting cash would cost me money. I never need it tho, just about every store and food truck takes cards.

>> No.68909585

I don't know about england, but in Australia it's illegal to have pornographic videos featuring women with small breasts.

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based germany & capital controls forced everyone to move to cashless
Like it or not. Even cents based transactions are done cashless

>> No.68909768

Before delving into cashless society I must say Philippines has the least number of "financially-educated" citizens. Also, only 15% of our 100-million population has bank accounts. Cash is being used 90% of the time here for adults over 35 yrs old. Yeah, it sucks.

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There is a 10% discount in a lot of stores if you use cash. I only use cards for online shopping.

>> No.68909818

Not having a bank account doesnt mean they cant have another way of cashless payments ,chinese use weibo or somerhing for cashless payment

>> No.68909822

Not surprising. Britbongs love mass surveillance.

>> No.68909835

I really prefer using cash for everything, most stores support electronic transactions and whatnot but fuck that shit
I hate leaving a trail

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>I use cash to buy cocaine
Enjoy snorting cattle deworming medicine.
Most cocaine is cut with it.
Levamisole has no immediate effects but ruins your immune system in the long run.
>but my guy is a really cool dude and says it's clean str8 from Columbia
Oh, ok, carry on then

>> No.68909855

you think drug users care about thier health?

>> No.68909861

>cattle deworming medicine
Coke and free deworming?Awesome.

>> No.68909892

>you think drug users care about thier health?
Some do, but I guess stimulant users less so due to the tragic effect of the drug that makes them overly confident in their bad decisions

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I only pay in cash where I can. I also get half of my salary in cash which isn't taxed, so I can earn more.

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I haven't used any cash since October. That's the last time I had any money.

>> No.68910034

Haircut is the only thing I use cash for in the UK, lol

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>the uk, ahead on logging personal activities in government-accessible databases? you don't say
Brits love it

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Everything via phone payment systems, usually WeChat.

You can scan a QR code from a table in a restaurant and it brings up the menu with pictures/ any translation option -- you add to basket and can pay then or after the meal.

This was 99% of places in the cities, probably 80% in countryside regions. Cash is still accepted if you prefer and a normal menu.

>> No.68910354

>QR code from a table
This is probably the best implementation yet.

>> No.68910496

still a very cash-centric society

>> No.68910538

pretty sure we are

smaller population means easier roll out in this case

>> No.68910541

USA, maybe too cashless. I've needed cash like once in months, and that's because the card reader wasn't working.
damn near everything takes card, and more places are doing contactless

>> No.68910543

US, I used to avoid cash because it was annoying to deal with or enter transactions in my budgeting software, now I just round everything up to the next dollar and consider the change as already spent.
That change is basically free money and I'll buy video games or concert tickets from time to time.

I only use credit cards for online purchases.

>> No.68910698

I make a point to draw out and use cash whenever possible because fuck the cashless surveillance society. I don't want DWP looking at my every purchase and Gov looking at where and when I purchased to cross reference with CCTV

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My phone is rooted so cant use the barclays app kek

>> No.68910787

it's sad how little of our population care about things like this

>> No.68910792

Sweden, very much so.

You're much more likely to find a shop that only accepts cards rather than the opposite.. many small shops and restaurants have done away with cash altogether.

>> No.68910965

only when paying for drugs

>> No.68911945

Live in UK. It's everywhere here from shops to busses to vending machines. I use cash only because it allows me to budget more easily and actually know my limits verses tap tap tap of my card

>> No.68911976

I only withdraw cash when my mistress requests it in person, most of the time I just buy things off her wishlist or tribute her if she says to in a video (permission to cum/denied/she deserves it)

>> No.68911995

I visited China last month. I could not use credit cards or any of my apps, and I could not sign up for WeChat or alipay. Even the free WiFi was often inaccessible because they required a Chinese phone number.

Carrying cash and having to worry about how much to withdraw and how much you have left was a pain

>> No.68912037

Never had the plastic jew, cash only.

>> No.68912106

Where are you from?

>> No.68912135

Yea, because your "country" is really an Islamic caliphate

>> No.68912179

Monzo is great. I'm just scared they'll kick me out for making an edgy joke online.

>> No.68912191

Another swiss here. We are not cashless (a lot of people actually do cash), but you can live cashless as buyer (almost all places accept cards). Some devices like shopping cart locks still use coins, too.

>> No.68912215

>UK seems to be ahead on this.

With all that metadata to be gathered, why wouldn't they be?

>> No.68912222

I order drugs online and put it on my card

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>be me
>live in Sweden
>the self-proclaimed modern cashless country
>bank payment servers go down at least 10 times oer year (nationwide, affects all banks)
>keep 1000 SEK (150 usd or something) cash in my wallet just because of this
>hand the waitress my cash
>"we don't accept cash here :)"

>> No.68912246

Canada (Montréal)

Pretty cashless. Most youths do 90% credit cards. Most elderly will be more cash oriented.

>> No.68912270

What do they do when the servers are down? Make everyone wait until they are up again? Also, wtf. How can these servers go down for a noticeable amount of time anyhow?

>> No.68912313

Yeah big up the UK, I don't even carry a wallet a lot of the time, just pay using contactless with my phone

>> No.68912334

pay with me debit innit, still carry a tenner and a few coins just in case though

>> No.68912351

Africa is far far ahead of you, they don't have money at all

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>> No.68912534


>> No.68912564

Today the coffee man gave me shit for taking the last 5 pennies out of the penny tray thing. Look man, it's your fault for charging $1.05 for a coffee, I was trying to be nice and pay cash to save him the 2.5% credit card fee.

>> No.68912632

>stealing peoples tips

>> No.68912644

How safe is using cards to pay for your expenses?

>> No.68912673
File: 27 KB, 394x243, 5BCB31B2-FC5A-4735-939A-15BFE79802DB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not how these things work, pennies are literally trash. People throw them away.

>> No.68912790

Am I back in 2012?

>> No.68912817

I once wrapped like $150 worth of saved pennies
It wasn't worth it

>> No.68913404

Define expenses.

>> No.68913431

'Murica. Don't need to use cash for anything, and many new urban places actually won't take cash. I avoid them and always use cash. Fuck the botnet.

>> No.68913438

Like using it to buy from online services like Amazon or aliexpress.
Or use it to withdraw money from ATM.
And finally just use it to pay for at fancy restaurant.
I'm talking about smart cards, the one with SIM inside.

>> No.68913439

Belgium (Brussel)
Still lots of cash and even tho the technology is here for easy/contactless payments, most people don't know how to use them. And i'm not only talking about the customers.

>> No.68913448

Never went through the courts. The person who proposed it got a shit tonne of backlash.

>> No.68913499

Seriously, damn it.
Now I feel sad for wiping my Monroe collection.

>> No.68913551

Have a small biz in the uk, currently take in about 50/50 card to cash payment. I wish it was closer to 90% card desu, would make life so much easier, been kind of tempted to switch to cashless as it would make service faster and ensure employees don't jack half my money for the day.

>> No.68913565

The problem there still is the law says depiction or perceived as well.

>> No.68913606

cashless is going statist and spy state
the war on cash needs to be stopped
end the fed

>> No.68913687

Hue Anon here.
Live in Sao Paulo, pretty much cacheless, except to pay something like my barber that has 70 years.
Most urban centers here you can pay whatever you go with cards.

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poz me up daddy government pls and thank

>> No.68913768



Make a point to use cash as much as possible because the spying government jew and HMRC can't trace my financial movements. Would recommend to anyone who isn't into being cucked by the government on a daily basis, but idiots won't be told a damn thing and will hand over their whole life on a plate for 'convenience'

>> No.68914143

>There are others

It's a nice feeling anons, I feel like I'm the only person who uses cash in England today, everyone seems to be so logged into the system, I never even meet people who use computers anymore, it's all cards and phones/tablets.

>> No.68915181

Fuck no we aren't. Blue-collar workers and immigrants all work cash in hand.

>> No.68915193

Someone gave me £40 cash the other week and I didn't know what to do with it. I hate carrying coins so didn't want to spend it

>> No.68917367

Denmark, some gas stations refuse cash at night to prevent robbery, law says they have to take legal tender, but nobody cares about enforcing that, and banking shitbirds talking about dropping cash, all the money we would save, yeah right.

>> No.68917369

the only time i get cash out is because some pubs still don't take cards in my city.

>> No.68917418

I hope Burger World never goes cashless. It's nice to have a fallback.

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>mfw micromanaging cash back credit cards like an autist

>> No.68917462

Cashlessness isn't about country, it's about tax bracket. The rich folks in this here USA have been cashless since the 1920s. I haven't used cash since I got a job. Poor folk need cash because they can't be trusted with deferred payment.

>> No.68917470

Yeah man you're really wealthy by paying interest to the jews. Stupid fucking 19 year old zoomer faggot thereportoftheweek looking honky

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>> No.68917494

>being part of the banker's botnet
I don't even have a credit card or bank account. I do everything in cash and will keep it that way.

>> No.68917505

Its becoming that thanks to the oncoming recession lol

>> No.68917508

Interest? Only poor idiots who can't make their monthly pay interest. The standard 3% credit fees are paid by the retailer and 99.99% of retailers are going to charge cash people the same price as the credit people, so really you aren't avoiding that "fee" by paying cash.

And as for bank shit, they pay YOU to hold your money. Of course you're still a colossal idiot if you just let banks hold your large denoms because you could be making MORE money than that less-than-risk-free-rate they're offering, but still, what the fuck interest are YOU talking about, poorfag?

>> No.68917538

The ones you are paying you massive cuck. No retard, when you pay "monthly interest" (I find it amusing you assume that this is something everyone decides to pay) YOU are the one paying for that 3% discount and paying for the banks dividends (which go to the shareholders of the bank). How do you think wealth inequality starts? You really think the shareholders of HSBC use a credit card or take out loans?

>> No.68917569

You cant purchase good tacos without cash. If your are a turist remember this, if you can pay mexican food with credit, it is not mexican food

>> No.68917588

You go to the MacDonalds (because you are a poorfag and that is what poorfags eat) and they charge you $2.19. You pay in cash.

I go to the MacDonalds (because if you catch it fresh their Spicy Chicken is goood), they charge my credit card $2.19. 40 days later (or immediately if I prefer) I transfer $2.19 from my bank account to my credit card.

Where is the interest?

>> No.68917596

People who are wealthy are LOANING their assets, they aren't taking out debt. Fuck, it's literally the simplest thing to understand but retards don't get it. They have all of their assets in complicated trust systems and pay large private storage facilities to guard their assets. You don't know who owns these things because they pay to remain anonymous and incorporate in jurisdictions where it isn't required to define who is on the board of directors or trustees.

>> No.68917600


Taco Bell has good tacos.

>> No.68917607

for you

>> No.68917615

You don't go to the McDonalds if you have money you colossal dumbfuck. You also probably don't live in the USA or hold US dollar assets, at least not more than 90 days a year, nor do you pay taxes. You also purchase things that are worth more than $2.19. You're good at reviewing fast food, but please do more research on finance

>> No.68917650

>of HSBC use a credit card
For petty spending, yes. Of course. You think they waste time dabbling in cash? Driving to the bank to withdraw and then watching the clerk count the pennies?

>or take out loans?
Oooooh 10000% yes. There's this thing called leverage, poorfag. Look it up. Economy is one big "I know better than you, so give me some money, I'll pay you back later." And the big earners, the ones who prove that they DO know how to invest, you better believe they take out loans and make more money with it than any "interest" that any idiot might think to charge them if they really didn't want that client's profits (really, interest is unnecessary at that level when margin calls exist).

>> No.68917670

Yes retard, they use cash you fucking mong. Have you ever even been to Hong Kong? No, there is not 'this thing called leverage'. You either own it or you don't, nobody 'knows how to invest', that's called gambling with borrowed money and it's something retarded wanna-be-rich burgers do.

>> No.68917673

It's not debt it's deferred payment, you idiot. It's for convenience. The fact that you're quibbling about the most efficient way to transfer $50 (and not even getting it right, at that) proves that you have no idea the scale at which the market works at. Why even bother?

>> No.68917686

>No, there is not 'this thing called leverage'. You either own it or you don't
The 1850s called, they want their lost cause back.

Fucking libertarians. At least Mormons have the decency to keep their retardation away from decent folks.

>> No.68917707

On the city i live in brazil, unless you want to take the bus, you can pretty much ditch cash.

>> No.68917713

It's called having a brain pleb. Enjoy owing hundreds of thousands of dollars when the market collapses

It's called debt when your assets tank due to an unforseen market collapse. Fun fact, most people who actually have succeeded in industry or in investment live very frugally and are extremely cagey about small amounts of money, because they have seen their friends get v&, declare bankruptcy, or commit suicide when shit went south (which it always does). But you're a larping underage faggot, so why bother?

>> No.68917793

State your countries, dipshits.

>> No.68917794

beat me to it

Also, not /g/

>> No.68917795
File: 162 KB, 1400x600, 20DollarBillJackson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Jackson too much to not have at least one of him in my pocket.

>> No.68917897

>muh market collapse

If you think you're insulated from a catastrophic market collapse or similar because you use cash, you're monumentally retarded. When there's no work, there's no work. If the currency you use loses its value, it doesn't matte if it's in a bank or not.

The only way your sentiment makes sense is if you operate in a self-sufficient way. Do you grow your own food? Rear your own livestock? Do you sell the fruits of your labour or otherwise trade for things you need that you can't produce yourself? If not, you're just another retarded ideologue that has no idea what he's actually talking about. And since you're shitposting on 4chan, I think I have a pretty good idea of how many chickens you've raised in your lifetime. Get the fuck out of here, you grandstanding idiot.

>> No.68918943

nothing is private anymore you fucking dipshit

>> No.68918972

the ivoriest of towers

>> No.68919063

tom scott ripping off black mirror with added EU dick sucking.

>> No.68919295

If you followed the replies you could work that out you retarded waste of a drunken night.

>> No.68919338

>deferred payment
>not debt

If there are no interests then it's not debt? kek @ your poverty tier logic.

>> No.68919339

>they pay YOU to hold your money
In what world is this?

>> No.68919349

>Where is the interest?
The fee of transferring is 1% of the total amount.

>> No.68919608

I literally only use cash when I'm buying weed (why lmao, I know)

>> No.68919615

ayy* and Denmark

>> No.68920734

I don't use contactless. I only use my debit card for withdrawing cash from an ATM. I am not ordinary in this, though.

t. Britbong

>> No.68922038

good goyim
Yes but it would be a lot more difficult, not every shop can afford facial recognition

>> No.68922058

>good goyim

>> No.68922208

US. The chip acceptance has finally reached critical mass where almost everywhere takes it (most restaurants being a notable exception).

Now the NYC subway is going to allow the use of contactless credit cards so the banks are prepping up to replace all the chip credit cards they sent to us to chip + contactless. Four of my credit cards (2 american expresses, 1 Chase, 1 Citi) are being replaced with contactless this week.

Hopefully this will spur momentum for a lot of the larger retailers to enable their contactless readers. It's about fucking time.

>> No.68922245

There are more real financial issues with losing cash as currency

>> No.68922464
File: 20 KB, 679x417, DuUczYBX4AAS4fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these anons acting like cashless is a good thing
Fucking nu-/g/

>> No.68922510

What the merchant pays is a fee to their merchant acquirer. This varies based off of the industry, the exact merchant (bigger businesses can negotiate better deals with the card networks), whether or not the card is present, whether or not the card offers rewards, etc... most merchants pay what is called interchange plus pricing, where it's 0.1% above interchange.

In turn, merchant acquirers that perform card acquisitions for stores then send over the agreed upon interchange fee to Visa, mastercard, discover, etc... this varies, but in Europe this is typically below 0.2% of transaction. In the US it's typically somewhere between 2-3.5% of the transaction amount.

Now, in the example of $2.19 at McDonalds in the US, both the cash user and the credit card user pay $2.19. The cash user is out of the cash immediately, while the credit card user pays it later.

If the credit card user pays his statement balance in full each month, then he pays no interest charges on his purchases. He just pays the $2.19 for the McDonalds. If he DOESN'T pay his bill in full each month, then he gets charged interest on that purchase.

Ah but what about that 2-3%? Merchants are not generally allowed to surcharge credit users in the US. They can provide a cash discount (e.g. 10 cents off per gallon of gas for cash), or a minimum amount to use a credit card ($10 is the highest you can go for a credit card minimum), but if they choose to accept your card they cannot surcharge you for the amount of credit card processing. Thus, the cost of the "swipe fees" gets borne by all people at the store who choose any payment method, including cash or debit.

Swipe fees are controversial for a variety of reasons, US style credit card rewards and benefits would be untenable without them, and the merchants get benefits in not handling cash and in that credit users are traditionally more affluent and spend a higher average amount per transaction.

>> No.68922641

Sweden here
Nobody uses cash and nobody wants it because a lot of places doesn't even take cash.

>> No.68923643

>16 gay men had some twisted orgy on video.

>> No.68923651

>what is cryptocurrency

>> No.68925117

I am 24 and I don't even have a bank account so I do everything cash. I have no problem with cards but I don't need them.

>> No.68925176

I stopped using cash almost immediately after I started working a real job with direct deposit.
I haven't even set foot in my bank in months, everythings so convenient, everything gets put on credit and I get 2% back courtesy of stupid cash only consumers.

>> No.68925233

>>what is cryptocurrency
Not an actual part of cashless society in 99% of cases. Yes you could hypothetically have the anonymity of cash with the convenience of cashless if we all used Monero or something, but in practice "cashless" society means paying for everything through a handful of centralized VISA-esque services.

>> No.68925249

I pay my cleaner in cash. Also my hairdresser doesn't take cards but it's probably a front for some money laundering operation. Apart from that, I try to use my credit card as much as possible for cashback purposes.
I've used Paypal for this for years

>> No.68925276

Netherlands, I only use cash when buying weed. Everything else I buy I pay with my debit card, nfc on phone or PayPal.

>> No.68925288

>giving merchants money has to become more convenient
I wonder who could be behind this.

>> No.68925319

>I can't even remember the last time I used cash or even an ATM here in the UK.

I can't even remember the last time I wasn't being tracked by the govt here in the UK.

>> No.68925564

and? just because something is currently done in some way means that it can never be changed? have you ever learned any history at all?

>> No.68925807
File: 41 KB, 629x473, averagelookingchileanfemale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We still use it, mainly for small purchases on the go like street food and soda (most stores will give you shit if you try to use your debit card to pay less than 2000CLP (about 3USD)) and also taxis. For other means of public transport we use pre-paid cards (the "bip" card is used for the subway, the bus and some trains) but it's not universal, it only works on our main cities. Other, smaller cities continue to use cash for all public transport. Other than these 2 cases, most things are paid using debit cards and online purchases. NFC payment exists but not many people use it.
In conclusion: almost exclusively used for small purchases and taxi rides in big cities, used for most small purchases and transport on smaller cities. For everything else we use debit/credit cards.

>> No.68926209

In the southern US you have to use cash for most things because the machines are always done at literally all the stores.

>> No.68926289

I only need cash for prostitutes. Shouldn't really need that even, I wish they accepted privacy cryptocurrencies

>> No.68926354

Switzerland reporting in.

>80 % pay invoices in cash at the PO
>Some 10 % pay in shops with CC
>Some 3% use DD

>Cash is king.

>90 % stash their savings in a bank safe & do not declare it to the tax authorities

>> No.68926412

Switzerland again:

>Everybody who uses a CC for purchases below $100 is an asshole and causes a queue at the check out!

>> No.68926417

USA, always buy stuff that you never want teaced back with cash. Also cash buys you all sorts of shady shit

>> No.68926997

My local chippie only takes cash. Besides that, I hardly use cash at all.

>> No.68927041

Probably that anon is American and buy a lot of guns, bullets and knives. This is all those people complain "cashless = no privacy" meanwhile Europe and Asia are cashless.

>> No.68927074

In Ireland (well outside the capital) young people that are like 20 are contactless but everyone else is cash

>> No.68927079

>middleman builds up an empire serving a function that doesn't need to exist

it´s hilarious because Visa and Mastercard exist since 1960 and central banking are too lazy only for create specific cards of official institutions with responsibility of government.

>> No.68927095

how do you pay hookers and drug dealers?

>> No.68927129
File: 61 KB, 3360x1011, reader.extra-large-8b384f50735454257c8af8c6871aa6435ba3cf41d91251a336f55d89d2d980bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


most mexican tacos allow pay using this device for smartphones (Square), and I see the same device in New York if you buy street hot-dogs.
And some banks allow pay scanning a QR code.

>> No.68927499

Fellow germanon here, I don't even have the means NOT to pay cash in a store.
I have a credit card, but it's for online only.

>> No.68928238
File: 53 KB, 630x478, 1525004538343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine coming on /g/ and screaming 'muh botnet' and then going out and making cashless transactions.

>> No.68928763
File: 20 KB, 400x450, 1267664307520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ctrl+F venezuela
>Phrase not found

>> No.68929731
File: 188 KB, 1508x890, bitethehand.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aw yes, fucking Venezuela.

>> No.68929826

I use cash for budgeting.
I only pay for fast-food with cash, withdraw $20 every week
Keep the change and save it

>> No.68929885
File: 36 KB, 600x750, 1539889100239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fellow McFatty here, 100% this.

>> No.68930065

Seoul, Credit/Debit card works almost everywhere

>> No.68930074

>durr durp taxation is theft
kill yourself

>> No.68930089

That's because the Canadian public school system is garbage and cashiers often can't count change so people get tired of putting up with the bullshit and go cashless.

>> No.68930107
File: 17 KB, 480x360, 96f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Socialism is evil.

>> No.68930115

Not at all, thank god.

>> No.68930151

>New Zealand

EFTPOS terminals are everywhere, Anyone who uses cash is presumed to be a drug dealer/user.

>> No.68930197

In France we have cashless up to 20/30E in 90% of stores. Money transfers are instantaneous for 70% of the banks and should all be in 2years probly.
You see how people stopped using cash by the type of wallet they use. Mostly card holders and no room for coins.

>> No.68930938

Not having cash around so the botnet cant track every single purchase you make
>literal state of /g/, fucking dumbass zoomers

>> No.68930944

>I can't even remember the last time I used cash or even an ATM here in the UK.

That's because you're a loser.

>> No.68930961

Not allowing cash businesses to fuck the government over in taxes
>seriously kill yrselves zoomers

>> No.68931100

Basically cash-only
There are a lot of places that won't accept credit or even debit cards

>> No.68931213

i bet $69 it's romania
t. romanian

>> No.68931511

Used to work at a big store to support myself while studying in the early 10s. Many non-Chinks use cash still.

>> No.68931574

Small 'literately who' tier towns still use cash.

>> No.68932746

I don't understand. Does no one realise that cash is the best option in terms of privacy? Why do people pretend that cashless is something good, when all it means is that a) the government could technically just steal all your money with a stroke of the keyboard and b) advertisers can get your payment data to see exactly where you buy what for what price.

Cashless is literally a privacy nightmare and I am glad to live in the one european country where more than 50% of transactions are done in cash still and where people are extremely suspicious of cashless.

>> No.68932754

Everyone use cash 99.99% except disgusting chinese who use credit card for everything and suck

>> No.68932765

Unless you are part of the tiny city clique that only shops in malls everything is done through cash. Tons of employers pay through cash too to dodge taxes. Faggots deserve getting robbed at gunpoint.

>> No.68932779


>Go to service station
>Fill up
>"Sorry our EFTPOS/internet/electricity is down"
>Give cash to attendant
>Leave while everyone else stands around wondering what people used to do before cashless payments

That's why I carry cash.

>> No.68932810

USA here. I'm 32. I never have cash on hand, Bluebird is my primary checking account (I ordered 2000 checks when they said they were going to start charging 20 bucks for every 40 checks), which helped speed this along.

My friends, though, insist on using a local "free" checking account, where they pay a king's ransom every year in fees. A fee to withdraw money. A fee to use a check. Fees to order checks. Fees to use billpay (beyond 2 free billpays per month).

They are the type of people to use Straighttalk, too.

>> No.68932815


Had a guy on LinkedIn praising cashless as the second coming and even put a post of some bakery cafe in NSW that doesn't accept cash...about a week before the Mastercard glitch in the middle of the year. Haven't heard him talk about cashless since lol.

>> No.68932851

I work 3rd shift, and most nights, there's nothing to do but surf on my computer. The more business I can take care during work, the less time I have to waste when I get off.

I get that privacy has a value, but I can either sacrifice a lot of time at the bank and money in fees, or I can embrace something that fits my schedule much better and gives me access to a much more competitively priced market.

>> No.68932906

not country, but you can pay for most things with bitcoin in new hampshire.

>> No.68932917


I lived there; I used to just take 2000RMB out of the ATM, carry 400 and pay cash for everything like an old man when I went out since I also couldn't use the money features of Wepay or Alipay (so no hongbao either). If I took money out from my Australian account at the ATM it was a $5 withdrawal fee, which is still way better than going to a foreign exchange place since it's just the $5 flat fee.

>> No.68932942

Live free or die, baby.

>> No.68933061

>fees to withdraw money
The absolute state of Amerimutts

>> No.68933088
File: 340 KB, 499x583, 1362053976002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68933093

>i need my government to protect me from small-time fees that are known when setting up the account
>i can't go to literally any other fucking bank and set up an account
The absolute state of the Eurabia.

>> No.68933105

Just stupid ones that stick to price gouging "local" banks. People think "at least it's better than Bank of America. Most times, it's just as bad. But good luck convincing people that their choices are shit compared to online options or Credit Unions. All you'll get is, "I don't like the minimum deposit of Credit Unions," and "I like to see the person I'm banking with!"

>> No.68933109

I have tried to do a cash-only month challenge, but it is really hard.
There are several places where you can't pay with cash, some places are more expensive if you pay with cash and getting the cash is hard too.
The only way to do it is by not buying too many places in that month, and that is not sustainable.
Even person-person payments are not done in cash here.
The whole tap to pay thing have made small purchased a hassle when you use cash. I really want cash to be a thing again.

>> No.68933115


>> No.68933124

Yeah, believe it or not, some people don't rent from private corporations. That's pretty much all I use them for.

>> No.68933135

>I have tried to do a cash-only month challenge, but it is really hard.
Ironically I have just read about a two weeks google-apple-pay-only challenge in an online magazine here in Germany, and all they could muster were a café around the corner and a few supermarkets, success rate for trying to pay with your phone was around 30%.

>> No.68933145

>some people don't rent from private corporations
Errr what?

>> No.68933153

The problem with that is that there's no standard. And it looks like there never will be, which is a shame, considering the security benefits.

I mean that my landlord doesn't take credit/debit, and I want a proven history of paying rent so that I can defend myself if he tries anything.

>> No.68933168

>can withdraw like 20 or 25 bucks without entering your PIN
>losing or breaking your phone not only means losing your communication but also losing your ability to spend money
>security benefits
What's next, unlocking your front door with your phone, too?

>> No.68933170

It's a bit better here in Burger World and getting better, but cash is definitely still king. I've even found myself falling back to cash lately even when tap-to-pay is available.

>> No.68933180

>but cash is definitely still king. I've even found myself falling back to cash lately
And that's a good thing!

>> No.68933194

What 3rd world country do you live in ?

>> No.68933205

>Not having your card info memorized to manually enter it in if necessary.

>> No.68933207
File: 164 KB, 480x548, 1385853642101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I work in the banking sector (I develop coin counters) and am oftentimes inside banks.
Boomers and tech illiterate people wouldn't be able to do anything online only. You wouldn't believe how many people still go to a bank to transfer money although e-banking has been a thing for the past 15-20 years. Boomers are confused even when they only have to insert their card into machines and then press ONE button.

>lend the bank your money by having an account at their place
>pay a fee to get your own money out of their system

>> No.68933216

I'm 30 years old, and when I was born people were discriminated against in their career options by the authorities, terrorized by the secret police or straight up arrested for saying or doing the slightest thing considered wrong by the socialist regime at the time. Before the socialist regime we had a national socialist regime that deported and gassed people for their race, opposition or even behavior. Anyone who hasn't learnt anything about their privacy from this is an absolute retard, and I'll start trading my neighbors apples for potatoes before living a cash free life and helping create a record of my entire purchase behavior and to some degree even my movement.

>> No.68933218

It's not just boomers. I was talking about friends in my age range (I'm 32). There are just some really stupid people out there.

>> No.68933221

> >lend the bank your money by having an account at their place
> >pay a fee to get your own money out of their system
You get what you pay for. The only banking fee I’ve ever paid is a monthly maintenance fee because I have less than $300 in the bank. Yes, I am NEET.

>> No.68933224

Feel free to point out a doctor in the US that accepts potatoes as payment.

>> No.68933229
File: 78 KB, 750x1113, NPcs2E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not just boomers
>around 32 years old
I have some bad news for you

>> No.68933232

About the only time I use cash now is for small drinks orders in pubs (or where the pubs are still cash only), taxis, beer from the corner shop and prostitutes. You actually get confused looks if you pay in cash at a lot of coffee shops or takeaway places now.

>> No.68933238

So the boomers are from the late 40s to, what, the early 2000s?

>> No.68933241

Err, you pay your health insurance and then you just go to a doctor. Having to take money to the doctor is a surefire sign you're living in the third world.

>> No.68933245

I only use cash when I buy cannabis.

>> No.68933246
File: 29 KB, 640x421, Dn3uUK7UwAEsJ4T.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a guide

>> No.68933259

I feel like you didn't read my post, as I already told you where I live. Copays are a thing here. I pay $249 per month for insurance (and I don't think they'll take potatoes as payment), and have $1000 worth of 50% costs, then they pick up everything.

I don't think any of the transactions will accept potatoes.

>> No.68933262

>Still people over 30 use cash regularly and poor people.
Let's look at your phrasing here. The "and poor people" is tacked onto the end and does not really connect to anything. It should really be placed somewhere else to convey the correct meaning.
>Still people over 30 use cash and poor people regularly.

>> No.68933267

Not familiar with this meme.

>> No.68933276

What does that have to do with anything? He’s just saying you can pay your doctors with any currency they’ll accept.
>not paying your doctor directly at a discounted rate

>> No.68933285

>tfw early boomer

>> No.68933312

It's not just birth year. It's more to do with mindset. If you sit at a desktop PC and sip Monster while shitposting about how great old tech and games were, you're a boomer. If you play Fortnite and feel more comfortable on a phone than a PC, you're a zoomer.

>> No.68933330

What if I play newer games like Xenoblade X, Hollow Knight, Bloodborne, etc, but drink coffee?

>> No.68933344

Actual boomers are like 60 now, but the "30 y/o who's called boomer because he does things differently from adolescent zoomers" has become a meme.

>> No.68933348


>> No.68933358


So a third option?

>> No.68933365

What do you generally game on? What is your stance on phone vs PC? And what do you think about a Pentium 3 running Windows 98?

>> No.68933379

I was running Windows ME on a Pentium 3, and it might very well have been the most unstable OS I've ever used.

>> No.68933409

This. Fuck Windows ME, anyone saying it wasn't so bad never used it long term. It was the first Windows to have system restore, but it was also the first Windows to need system restore to be used on a regular basis.

>> No.68933411

I don't game on phone or PC. I mean, I got Plague Inc on my phone, but that's it. I just mess around on consoles every now and again. I got a regular PS4 for under $200 when the Pro dropped, and I purchased a Wii U refurbished from Nintendo (I think the console and 2 games it came with cost $225).

>> No.68933422

Windows ME was an absolute nightmare.

>> No.68933423

You pay a bank to hold your money?
The ones I have dealt with in Cali pay you for them to hold your money.

>> No.68933430

I'm leaning toward zoomer here. It's somewhat harder to tell with a console peasant, but you game on mostly current gen console and a little on phone.

>> No.68933441

In the US, most checking accounts are interest free. Those that aren't require a very high minimum balance, and charge the fuck out of you if you fall below it. And by high minimum balance, I mean like 2 grand. To give some context, the absolute top of the line rental in my town costs 800/month. Average is about 400/month.

I also have a PS3, a Wii, a PS2, a GC, a Dreamcast, an N64, and a SNES.

>> No.68933498

I'm romanian and I receive my wage on a bank account, I can pay lots of bills from my bed (mobile phone, internet, TV, electricity, etc)
I pay everything but restaurant food (shared bill) by contactless (smartphone or card).
I rarely find POSes without contactless, where its required to insert the card.
The cash is still required for shared bills and for very small, shady shops, which should be avoided anyway because the prices are very high.

>> No.68933500

Australia. Explains the internet. Also my area has/had sub-par electricity uptime (state wide blackout back in 2016). Mastercard had a glitch back in the middle of the year which screwed everyone as well. Cash doesn't require power, internet or a service provider, it just werks.

>> No.68933551

My savings/checking gains me interest. Only requires 100 in at any time for adults, 50 for children.

>> No.68933858

Fine, you can be a boomer then.

>> No.68933885

I feel like I don't fit either, honestly.

>> No.68934012


Lots of people here use cash for weed or tax evasion.

>> No.68934814

I just use my contactless postepay to buy groceries.
I'd like a card that doesn't burn as much with recharging or should I bother opening a bank account?

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