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I assumed that the sole purpose for their existence was during a period where people didn't know how to use computers and Windows was super buggy.

Since Windows 10, that period seems to have passed and if you can't use a computer today, you're basically unemployable.

Will they eventually lose relevancy? Is is merely status and design at this point?

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It's a complete UNIX OS designed for ordinary consumers, the only one of its kind in that regard. And, unlike hobbyist UNIX-like OSs, it has professional support backing it.

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this. if it weren't for Mac OS, there would be no need for apple computers.

If you want to obsolete Apple, just make one of the linux distros as consumer friendly.

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fucking kill yourself you mentally ill autist

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If this is a serious question then you are really retarded.

>Will they eventually lose relevancy?
No, not in the near future.

>Is is merely status and design at this point?
No, while it does focus a lot on design, it still does what it's made for.

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80% of my law school classmates use macs because of 2 things. 1. They don't know how to use computers. 2. It's a status symbol. It shows that they are hip and have money. There's only one dude I know in the entire school that I can talk about Linux with.

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>Since Windows 10, that period seems to have passed

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Because mac is a really comfy os and their products are nice?

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>it's another "shill responding to shill pretending to be confused" Apple advertisement thread
Notice how the first reply of these threads is ALWAYS a pre-prepared speech about it being a UNIX OS with professional support.

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It’s a nice Unix environment and far comfier than windows, it also intergrates well with your other apple products. It’s not hard to see why they’re so popular unless you’re some sort of Indian.

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Comfy OS with very overpriced hardware. If you can afford it there’s no issue, because MacOS is GOAT.

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>open Apple thread
>no Satania

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>Unix environment
No it isn't. Almost nothing app wise is compatible with Unix.

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Maybe people talk about apple on a technology board because they’re one of the biggest manufacturers of technology in the world?

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Yes, OS X is UNIX.

"UNIX" is really just a trademarked name, applied by The Open Group, upon completion of a certification. Many different - not at all compatible - OSes are certified as a UNIX. OS X among them. Here is the current certification page for OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" as "UNIX 03" certified: http://www.opengroup.org/openbrand/register/brand3602.htm

Apple has submitted OS X for certification (and received it,) every version since 10.5. However, versions prior to 10.5 (as with many 'UNIX-like' OSes such as many distributions of Linux,) could probably have passed certification had they applied for it.

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Mac OS X is plain Unix. This is a BSD Unix flavour, and is certified SUS V3 (Single Unix Specification version 3). This means that everything that a software engineer or system administrator expects to find in a Unix system is present in Mac OS X

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OSX hasn't been certified UNIX for years.
Also nothing OSX ships with can run on UNIX.

Also UNIX is proprietary and bad not good.

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Kill yourself you street shitting subhuman.

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It isn't certified.

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There are Linux distros with the certification. It's completely irrelevant, no one cares. My OS could be certified (there's a fork of RHEL that is) and it would change nothing. It's just an expensive piece of paper macfags like waving around, it doesn't mean the OS is good or anything.

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>OSX hasn’t been certified UNIX for years

Nope, their certs are here. Most recent unix certification was Mojave, see for yourself


At the literal level, Mac OS X gained UNIX 03 certification with the release of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), and is as Unix as it is possible to be.

On a more subjective level, Mac OS X is merely a rewrite of replacement for the classic Apple operating system, Mac OS. The interesting aspect of Mac OS X is that it is a POSIX compliant OS that happens to use an XNU kernel, which can trace its roots to BSD. And that it was released as an open-source project, Darwin. The POSIX compliance lets software packages written for Linux or BSD be ported to Mac OS X.

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That shit isn't valid, that's over a decade old.

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>people always complaining about problems with Windows
>using Windows since 95 with no issue
Are you guys just retarded?

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It’s certified

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Windows on the other hand is POSIX. OSX sadly isn't.

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It’s the comfiest form of UNIX there is

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you can lash out all you like, but nothing will ever change the fact that you're a no life loser that spends every waking hour of his street shitting life worshipping a fruity fag cult
one day you'll wake up as a cringey 40 year old virgin still worshipping your fruit toys and your grandma will neck herself upon realizing she raised such a pathetic incel
you will die alone, seething, and clutching a framed portrait of your syrian sandnegro messiah surrounded by your fruity babby toys




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Jesus Christ you have no reading comprehension. This is from August you complete brainlet


Certified POSIX compliant UNIX.

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>Windows is POSIX

Kek. To be POSIX-compliant, a system has to implement a lot of features. The POSIX standard is composed of four chapters that describe general system interface, the shell and basic utilities. Most of these things are absent, or present in a very different implementation, in Windows.

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Kill yourself street shitter.

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That's the old specification from 2001 bro.

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Show me Windows compliance certs

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Windows has a POSIX compat layer that's actually updated and can run full Linux distributions.

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That’s the Open Group and it’s three months old. The date is in the web page. The open group own the trademark and are the only people who can call something Unix or not. It is literally impossible to be more Unix than MacOS.

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Actually Apple hasn't updated its Unix compliance in over a decade, that cert is oooooold and useless, busted ass shit lol.

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It’s from August. You can see it here. Are windows users illiterate brainlets or are you having trouble translating these posts into Hindi?


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No it isn't UNIX 3 is from 2001, Apple never updates it.

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>compatibility layers

Shot yourself in your foot there kiddo

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Compat layers for Windows are better on Linux too.

Posted from Windows 10 with full GPU acceleration running in QEMU :)

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No, they update their certification yearly, as is a requirement of the open group, the unix certifying body. The date is on website.

They’re certified Unix, you’re certified C O P E

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I mean on OSX you have ports... but lets be honest, ports is useless compared to actually being able to run Ubuntu in Windows.

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>be street shitting ipajeet
>get banned cummulatively for 30+ years by mods for spamming manchild fruit toys
> get shat on by based scatman in every shill thread he makes
>still thinks he'll ever be welcome on /g/

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>bragging about using Windows 10

You Indians are becoming parodies of yourself at this point.

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based LGBT poster

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>run Ubuntu on Windows

As far as I’m aware WSL is awful and has no GPU support, is slow as hell, and /dev/ is gimped.

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Funny you say that.

Intel's gpu sharing drivers LITERALLY only work on Windows and Linux.

OSX has zero gpu sharing capability.

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Where does the iPajeet thing come from? Indians don’t use apple products

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He's a masochist. He enjoys being shat on, and /g/ enjoys shitting on him.

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Does it somehow stop you from using Windows? Because if it did it would be impressive.

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It's a luxurious product for poor people. Millenials love luxury but doesn't have any money. The computing aspects are all accidental and irrelevant.

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The OS is a pretty good user friendly UNIX system and they tend to look pretty.

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Windows has a hypervisor technology called Hyper-V, Intel drivers allow you to literally partition out GPU time as a real hardware device to a VM, it only works on Windows and Linux, and only with Intel.

Apple doesn't support it, they are usually a decade or so behind.

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>ten years ahead of anything
>meme marketing speak

And then an update wipes all your files

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>compatibility is a meme

And then a string of text being rendered disables your phone.

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>will they lose relevancy

Doubt it. Ten years ago I didn’t know anyone with an apple product aside from an iPhone. Now probably over 30% of the people I know have a MacBook or iMac, most people have iPhones or iPads. It’s crazy how quickly they’ve expanded desu.

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Yes, because "ordinary consumers" care (or even know) about UNIX
Lmao, get a grip of yourself

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I would rather use a MacOS than Windows 10 as I find it far more familiar due to its POSIX compliance. It feels familiar.

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based scatman is back

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They look nice and have become a meme.

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lol you are so full of shit

Pic related is what having a real useful shell looks like, try doing this with OSX, you can't.

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>it's the obvious street shitting ipajeet shill gets shit on by scatman ep
Truly the hero we deserve.

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It's not just about user friendly-ness.

Linux desktops are user friendly they just lack the quality of apps that are built into macOS.

Finally, macOS is unix, you can do serious computing work on these machines and push that code out to any other architecture without bending over backwards (Windows).

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>Big US market share.
>Mac OS is pretty good.
>Neat integration if you have other apple devices.
>consumer base with deep pockets that makes developing for MacOS a great deal
>Best UI experience of any current OS for the avg consumer

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You know bash has been standard on MacOS for decades, right? A windows user bragging about a shell, Jesus Christ.

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Why do you keep replying to yourself street shitter?

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>talk about Linux with

You mean whatever distro you're using? lol.

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This is actually retarded. You probably couldn't run a Makefile if you actually believe this.

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UNIX 03 is the standard Apple adheres to. Every OS release is tested against the UNIX 03 standard, and when passed, is awarded a certificate like >>68885183 posted. Every OS X version since Mac OS X 10.5 on Intel (certification is architecture specific) has been certified.

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Oh god you're a Windows user, sorry, I meant, gaymer.

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Good integration with iPhones and shit and they look nice. The OS is pretty good too. They’re expensive but not everyone is poor and some people don’t care, they’ll pay a premium for little luxuries.

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MacBook exists so college girls can bring it to Starbucks and take Instagram photos of them pretending to study. Meanwhile, ThinkPad T430 with 2TB SSD and i7-3840QM and 16GB RAM utterly laughs at MacBook for 75% of the cost.

> MacBook's

Why do people fall for this meme?

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Because they want to use comfy unix on an aesthetically pleasing machine and can afford it, perhaps.

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Mactard subhumans aren't people.

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They're still fashion accessories for now.

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Google Microsoft tattoos if you want some real cringe.

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So, we'll ban him, because he can take it.
Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian.
A watchful protector. A Based Scatman.

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Don't bother listening to him, he can't even clean up his distfiles directory on Gentoo.

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The operating system is nice

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Are we being raided what’s up with all the scat?

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Keep up the good work anon. Fuck gook moot and his jewish ways

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>Since Windows 10, that period seems to have passed
Nigga, Windows managed to get WORSE since then. MacOS destroys it in pretty much every regard except software compatibility. That and visual design are the main reasons why people buy Macs nowadays. Apple's ecosystem is also really fucking good.

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>Apple's ecosystem is also really fucking good.

This senpai

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Typical Apple Thread.

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It used to be done in every Apple thread for a while, autists still do it here and there.

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