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oh my god based apple. why no other tech HQs look as good?

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why is it shaped like a giant anus

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Is there a train or anything? Or do you just have to walk 2 miles if you want to deliver something to someone on the other side of the donut hole

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you walk through the orchard thing in the middle obviously.

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considering garbage its shat out since built, apt metaphor
what if its raining? its just a fuck inefficent design for a building, doesnt even look all that

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>what if its raining
then you use the iCourier? literally why would you need to physically deliver something. just use email.

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Why does it have to be so massive if most of the jobs are outsourced to India and China? Also why would they copy GCHQ's design?

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how many days a year do you think it rains in cupertino?

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"round buildings.. betray a world with no corners in which to hide"
just shut it you

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It's designed this way to keep the leaks in

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they cant even come up with an original idea

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>CERN patented circles
Imagine being this retarded.

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They spend the money on R&D

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They're both emulating a panopticon

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Meanwhile at AMD headquarters

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It is so ugly, without soul, just like modern day Apple products

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>Is there a train or anything? Or do you just have to walk 2 miles if you want to deliver something to someone on the other side of the donut hole

Probably. Having worked at Microsoft HQ, they actually had taxi shuttle things that could take you from one building to another, so there's no way Apple doesn't have something similar.

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Because its designed by Fosters and eckersley o callahagn.

I. E brits.

Also. Apple refused to put etching or frett patterns internally, clear glass partitions keep breaking because people walk face first into them.

Literally form over function as usual lmao.

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All that employee parking. Tells me GCHQ gives no fucks about eco-policies. Nice tbqh

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because apple has profound interest in gay shit

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What's it going to become when Apple completely collapses?

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*Better HQ blocks your path*

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Pic related is the NSA headquarters. Government buildings are built to withstand assault. Take away the cars, and that parking lot turns into no-man's-land.

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can that plane fly

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Look what happened to Sears and their tower in Shitcago.

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not so good

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like a loo?

holy shit is this real?

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>oh my god based apple. why no other tech HQs look as good?
>looks worse than the HQ of a no-name gook search engine
What did he mean by this?

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They must have a secret particle accelerator in there. The Windows are actually lenses that can focus gamma death beams in all directions. Apple is truly insidious.

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I want to work at the NSA DESU.

It seems like a place would you would deal with a lot of interesting CS stuff, as well as be around smart people.

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I wonder how many hidden machine gun nests are hidden there.

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Is this where the planet is hacked?

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god damn is this transport tycoon? what a based ring of trees around that boeing

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Well, the UK is still pretty feudal. Your rules do not apply to them.

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Don't know what a transport tycoon is. I believe the plane is an AWACS of some sort.

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it looks like a round commieblock with solar panels on the roof

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Googleplex is unironically pretty kino

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Why are all the paths curved? You have to walk extra.

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>literally exhausting to use but it's curvier
the apple design philosophy

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The shuttles are 20 min intervals

Insider info here:
The underground parking was full at 1/4 capacity, so they had to build another lot
This lot is up to 20 mins away
The cafeterias ability to churn out food are full at 1/2 capacity
There is like 6 tables tot
The glass doors have shattered already
The curved glass windows amplifies noises- heels sound like gunshots
2-3 man offices have 4-5 people often packed into them
A good chunk of your lunch is spent walking or waiting for food
HVAC issues
It fucking sucks ass.

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The signs for directions are only on one side of the doorways, meaning you have to look behind you if you are going counterclockwise

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*sigh* you know what to do.

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All that 5G radiation will kill their employees in about 15-20 years.

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NSA and Mossad HQ

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IIRC there are employee bicycles

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Sounds like Apple all right. Expensive, looks fancy, but doesn't work very well.

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I like apple, but why is everyone going crazy about the HQ? It's a fucking donut for fuck's sake, it looks dull and uncomfortable.

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>Apple did it first!!

No matter they did it after someone.

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>Apple wanted to patent "slide to unlock"
They were first lads, just disregard actual locks existed way before Apple was a thing.
So original

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Yeah, what a retard. Apple did it.
Along with rounded squares, squares itself, rectangles and triangles.

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Any truth to the rumous of sewage smells?

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>oh my god based apple. why no other tech HQs look as good?
Because actual tech companies spend their time and money on product development.

Meanwhile Apple is literally hemorrhaging money because there are so many people on this god-forsaken planet with more money than sense always lining up to buy the latest and greatest, "most advanced i[Device] ever made."

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>what is GCHQ
OP is a faggot

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we had this discussion already anon

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>HVAC issues
thot it didnt have 'HVAC', as such?
- "Rather than using air conditioning, 4,300 hollow concrete slabs act as the floors, ceilings and HVAC system, funnelling cool and warm air through the offices, in effect making it a ‘breathing’ building.."
in principle, sounds worthy and all - practice tho, when you are overcrowding offices, co-workers with differing cultural hygiene, etc. idk, just interested this would (or wouldnt) work

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There's needs to be an apocalypse movie based in this building. One where the residents defend against outside forces.

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Looks fine from a distance, but like all modern architecture, is the least cozy thing in the universe.

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they have a traditional kind of chinese house built like that in the western provinces

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everybody knows the real NSA complex is underground

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>Tells me GCHQ gives no fucks about eco-policies.
Brainwashed kids and their love of eco policies. You know the only thing that causes environmental destruction is the number of people on earth. kys.

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> what if its raining? its just a fuck inefficent design for a building, doesnt even look all that

You use the tunnel.

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>being too lazy to walk 1/πth of a mile worst case.

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Since nobody posted it, this was a plan originally proposed by Steve Jobs, a few months before he died, at the Cupertino city council. He was asking for permission to proceed with the project.


It's actually pretty neat the way they designed it.

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>imagine being imbecile that thinks the anon was saying that cern patented the circle

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Looks like a spy agency.
Oh wait...

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