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Memes aside, the MacBook Pro is the most aesthetically pleasing laptop ever made. Prove me wrong.

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I already did.

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Paid shills aren't welcome on /g/. Go fuck your mother.

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>paid shills aren't welcome on /g/

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that’s just like ur opinion man

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One shekel was deposited into your paid shill account.

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Reminder to report this street shitting ban evader.

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12-inch MacBook looks better with the edge to edge keyboard

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My work provided the newest one in the dark grey color, its pretty attractive. I have no complaints really. The bar at the top isn't useful though. but it looks cool

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>Prove me wrong.
I can't, I just can't.

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I genuinely love the MacBook aesthetic and think that pretty much every modern ultra book tries to imitate their style. Also I’ve never used a Unix system so don’t know how I would find MacOS.

They’re too expensive so I wouldn’t buy one, but I think they look good.

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Mac user here, I dream with that keyboard.

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enjoy your ban

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>mac threads are full of shit
no surprise really

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One of the most boring laptops in existence imo. They've been milking the same basic design since 2008 and they're just blaaah now.

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I see the Windians are trying to make this thread more to their liking.

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good thread

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based scatman

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Latest Thinkpads are garbage, they just abusing good old brand.
Old ones are useless.

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mods...im thinking that if you dont bad these scat posters, your salary might just be docked...

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based and noimagepilled

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Do I see plastic? LOL

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Everything becomes garbage when it reaches a certain point of popularity.

Thinkpads have become the Macbooks of the poor because of that, imo.

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MacBooks look nice and MacOs is a well put together system which is *nix comfy, but I can’t justify the price.

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apple fags get hard to this stuff. you fell for their trap

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What’s the keyboard like? It looks comfy but you never know with butterfly keys

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>Thinkpads have become the Macbooks of the poor because of that, imo.
Say what? I am looking at the prices, and Thinkpads with same display quality (resolution at least) a more expensive.

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I was primarily talking about the versions people buy off of someone's hands on ebay or craigslist.
As for the modern ultrabooks, your choice mostly comes down to the brand, sadly enough. Everybody is trying ro make them more portable while compromising upgradeability and sturdiness, whether it's internal(hardware/firmware) or external(cases)

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based scatman

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Good thread.

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>mods still havent deleted this thread
ok this is ebin

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Fuck you

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As much as I love VAIOs that thing is clearly hell to type on.

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I think that's what we all think

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How's your lap heater?

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Besides other MacBooks yeah the MacBook Pro is the most aesthetically pleasing laptop, still doesn't mean it's in any way useful or practical...

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I prefer the Mac Mini just because of the form factor and price.

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It cost more than MacBook Pro

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I'm into non-appliance looks

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Also CF-J10 if you're after something smaller.

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This does not look good.

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Someone explains to me why that chink garbage is so popular here.
Lenovo is utter trash, you can't even use linux on it : you can't ctrl + shitf + c because of the keyboard (for some reason they switched fn and ctrl).

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Sorry, OP, but that's the PowerBook G4 Titanium.

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Now that was a unix box

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Based, keep on it.

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the backlight under the keys looks bad, but everything else looks fine to me.

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Degenerate faggot

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looks identical to my dell

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Report the daily Apple advertisement threads.

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Imagine saving terabytes of scat porn to your computer for literal shitposting purposes because Apple pisses you off that much.

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No, you don't.

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Discussing MacBooks is no different to discussing ThinkPads. Deal w it.

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True. Every other laptop looks like shit.

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but you don't need to spam it over and over you absolute retard
go make mac general or something

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Thinkpads are substantially different than manchild fruit toys for street shitting subhumans like you.

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thinkpads might be more functional but they're less aesthetic than macbooks.

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The Huawei laptops shit on MacBook in aesthetics and price. Most applefags on the webs agree except that it doesn't run osx.

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as long as it still a toy, /g/ will never take it seriously

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only the matebook x pro competes with apple's design.

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So? It still looks better and comes at a much more affordable price. It's more free, runs windoze and even has built in chink spyware. I mean literally what's not to love?

T. MacBook air owner

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You bought your primary computer second-hand from eBay. It is a laptop made by Lenovo. It was used by a word processing Stacey for 4 years. It is a dual-core i5 from 5 years ago. The top of the machine appears to have been used to sharpen knives. There's a creak in the bottom left corner if you press hard enough. The right trackpoint button is mis-aligned with the left. You needed to replace the keyboard because it was in some weird European layout. The screen is a 900p PWM brainstrobe. Your family are bored of hearing about your year-long repair chronicles. They don't understand why you bought it. The battery latch is broken and if you pick up the laptop it disconnects and kills the machine. It took 4 months for the machine's exhaust air to stop smelling like a mix of Fanta and dust. The right hinge is looser than the left one, the screw bosses are barely held in place. Aliexpress is still going to take 20 days to ship your replacement trackpad. You want to return it but you have too much anxiety to deal with the process. You activated Windows with Sergey's activation tool. The wifi keeps dropping out every 25 minutes for some reason, you've tried to work out why for 3 months but find no solutions in any of the old forum threads from 2013. You use it plugged into the wall and ethernet. You didn't thoroughly disinfect it upon arrival. That second-hand keyboard still has around 5 small hairs from the previous user and some weird sticky small residue patch on the top right of the 8 key. You don't have much money, you live in a small town, you performed at a just-below average level in school. You haven't had a job in 9 months. You've not hugged a girl you weren't related to in 3 years.

Apple reminds you that you are a failure. Apple infuriates you.

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No CIA backdoor chip, that's unpatriotic and anti-american.

>> No.68881398

Missing the glossy trackpad and replacing the trackpad STICKER

The wrist area also gets glossy with use and you have to sand it down

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Never seen this pasta before.

>> No.68881438

If I'm completely honest, a CIA backdoor chip is worse than a Chinese one. They'll get my shopping lists and maybe a personality provide to target me with ads and try to get people to sympathize with communism. But at most people are gonna just buy cheap chink shit and go for Russian socialism.

With the CIA I can be targeted in my home country for real time power plays.

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true, but going by that logic, every pc manufactured in the last 5 years is backdoored by the cia with intel me and amd psp.

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Brand loyalty is brand loyalty. At least MacBooks look good.

Deal with it winpajeet

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Knock knock knocking on your back door!

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>Memes aside, the laptop with no distinguishing features or interesting design elements is the most pleasing laptop ever made
Yeah nah. Something like Pic Related at least looks like there was thought and interest put into how it looks. I'd take it over a boring aluminum slab any day.

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looks autistic

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Two words: butterfly keyboard.

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>no interesting design elements

The MacBook is aesthetically unique and globally recognised as high quality

>> No.68882013 [DELETED] 


Four words:

Butterfly keyboard done right.

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Two words:
Think Different.

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>he things that looks good

It’s fucking hideous I’d much prefer a MacBook. Look at that fucking mouse!?

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>Look at that fucking mouse

It's "jog" touchpad, super comfy shit, silver ring works like mouse scroll wheel.

Most of those also come with capacitive touch+wacom.

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All those chins around the keyboard look quite bad.

>> No.68882631

i don't see a way around them, do you?

>> No.68882732

Make it the same color as the rest?

>> No.68882893

that looks sexy af

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Where can I get a XPS with the international keyboard? The only ones I've found on the official website have the American layout which is awful

>> No.68882917

>4:3 screen
I literally threw up in my mouth,

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I like my Mac, but i wish it didn't have that dumb branding apple on it.

>> No.68882952

Shame the keyboards make a HORRIBLE noise.

>> No.68882954

Youre correct

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Don't speak unless you know what you're talking about.

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It's carbon fiber.

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Same, I wanted that laptop but couldn't justify the price since it's similar cost to apple minus the 16:10 display and amazing track pad. I'll keep my 2015 macbook pro 15.

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you work on that?

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