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please redpill me on apple /g/. i understand its part of the board to trash on apple, which i like very much. the problem is that google only shows me what i want to see! im trapped in its bubble of what it thinks i will enjoy so whenever i type apple on youtube i get videos ranting about it (wich i like very much). despite how much i love to hate apple and bully its users, i still think there might be reasons why people like it ... maybe some feature or some advantages of their systems. what im trying to say is: even though apple is clearly shitting on its consumer's heads( and they seem to enjoy it ), i still believe there are upsides to apple products that me, trapped in my bubble, cannot experience

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sure. I think they look good and seem rather JUSTWERKS. doesn't make it less of a shitty hypercapitalistic corp though with propr. products

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Been shittng the bed for a while now to the point even normies have woken up.
Never let a fag run a company because he's just going to fuck it in the ass like his youth counsler did to him.

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You don't even get a full fucking apple. I mean if you can't tell by then, you are surely cucked. Look at it.
Steve Jobs literally took a bite out of the apple and tossed the now aids-infested fruit to you.

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You mean cock
He literally sucks dick
So the apple not only has aids it's drenched in cum

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>i still think there might be reasons why people like it

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not only is the apple drenched in cum and has aids it, but its not even a full apple.

Who would do that? Sell someone an apple that someone has already taken a bite out of?

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Apple only has desktops going for it. Their iMacs are wonderful.

Google makes the best phone, the Pixel 3 XL, the best tablet/laptop, the Pixel Slate, the best hybrid laptop, the Pixel book, the best home devices, etc, etc.

Microsoft makes a great desktop keyboard, the Surface keyboard, and mouse, Surface mouse.

Chrome OS can now replace macOS, Google's software is excellent.

Botnet fuckups will shit on everything superior due to philosophical objections.

Debian > macOS > Ubuntu

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that was some quality kek my fren,i even shat myself a lil bit

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1. Apple doesn't care that it's not reaching every person in the planet. They know the people that they want to reach, and they know what they want, and they reach them well.

2. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Huawei spend billions of dollars manipulating YouTubers and the mass media portraying Apple as an evil empire, because they know they can't compete with Apple's consumers and developers goodwill and market force (Apple stores, Apple fans, Apple services). Most of the /g/ sees that, but they chose to lie to themselves, because it's convenient for them.

> so whenever i type apple on youtube i get videos ranting about it (wich i like very much)
You like it very much because it's what you want to ear

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if you're a musician, get an iPad. The amount of dirt cheap high quality music apps there is unmatched. And before you go on about muh VSTs, many iPad apps give you an intuitive interface that makes music making easy and immediate unlike any DAW, no matter how unskilled you are. HOWEVER, the new iPad Pro is not worth the price so don't get that one.

If you're not a musician but a web developer, get a thinkpad and install hackintosh on it. Many web devs agree that MacOS is great for webdev and it's not because they're starbucks drinking hipsters (though many are), it's because web dev is much easier in unix systems, and you can test your websites in Safari.

As for iPhones, they're all shit.

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it is indeed a little sad, there is now next to nothing renaming of once-fine organisation, other than this sad hulk scamming idiots into installment purchase of overpriced-is-not-even-the-fucking-word 'lectronic trinkets and baubles, some which are way over the border of the inane for useless shite (Apple Watch Deluxe, anyone?) even for them cunts.
I'd like to tell you different anon, claim, there is still some hope, that not everything is a capitalist conspiracy to punt you useless Chinese shite. But I'd be lying. And you didn't come here for that. Did you.

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Fact: MacBooks, mac mini and Mac Pro's are wonderfull

Fact: Pixel 3 is shit that nobody buys

Fact: Microsoft only makes shit that nobody buys

Fact: ChromeOS is a shit OS that has no use, can replace macOS my ass

Fact: Nobody is going to pay $1000 for shit that's not Apple, because everything else sucks.

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Macos is the best os to program on. The screens are nice, the fit an finish is nice. Thats pretty much the whole appeal to me

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Apple is for computers what Luis Vitton is for bags. LV actually makes great handmade bags and were pioneers at some point in the past. But if you go hiking in the mountains you would never take a LV bag with you (even if it would actually do the job)

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Fact: You shit in the street.

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Why all accusing others of being indian while shilling jewgle products?

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Why do you shit in the street instead of using a toilet?

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Stop replying to me with pictures of your family

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>Apple devotee who is biased and isn't open to explore other technologies in order to hold a well balanced opinion.
Hey, chump fuck, those things you criticized have been obsessively worked on/out and upgraded. You would assume otherwise because you're in a cult, where software updates are pushed out every other decade. Rather than calling other technologies shit, pull your head out of your ass and suck on your phallus modeled after Tim Job's throbbing gay Pod.

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There is virtue in simplicity. It’s the whole experience, the ecosystem, and they like the design. They are well designed products (visually appealing).
Take a car for example. Some people want a manual transmission. They want to work on it themselves. We’re all for that. But some people don’t want to deal with extra shit. They want to get in, push a button, and it just runs. Gas and brake. It will parallel park for you. It lets you know when someone is in your blind spot so you don’t need to look. It stops for you when you’re not paying attention.
It’s luxury.
Now go to /o/ and ask them how much they enjoy a car that does everything automatically. “It’s not fun to drive” “It takes away user control” “It’s limiting” “I can do it all myself.” It looks just like this board when you talk about apple. And you have the people who secretly dislike the luxury because they cannot have it.
Of course, there’s the pricing and all, which is high. But that is really relative to your budget and what you would spend on a product. Luxury products in general have bigger profit margins than average.

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so, basically i should buy a computer+os just to be able to test my js on a specific browser... so i guess apple is only usefull for the sake of testing software on its ecosystem and for a few music production apps wich apeals to a VERY small userbase

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> those things you criticized have been obsessively worked on/out and upgraded
They are shit and nobody buys that piece of crap that youtubers talk a lot to entice kids (who don't have the money) to buy.

Yes, I'm the Apple Cult, who told you that? Louis whatever he is, or that ugly nose guy from youtube too that is known for being a jerk and got famous for grafitting that iPods only last for 18 months and is now sponsored by Samsung.

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Try nuking your browser cache or browsing YouTube logged out of your Google account, you'll get the default suggestions again.
Louis Rossmann runs a hardware repair business and makes videos on the horrible build quality of Apple machines:
Luke Smith also explained why he hates everything Apple:

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i hear this one before about simplicity and looks although i cant say about its simplicity, as i never used it, i can tell you that apple products -both hardware and specially software- looks bad

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yeah, i already saw this vid by Luke, and i thought 'fuck, finally someone who thinks about the same as me' that pic where everyone uses a mac on the class is fking hilarious

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What if we're both wrong?

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>Louis Rossmann runs a hardware repair business and makes videos on the horrible build quality of Apple machines:
Louis Rosmann is a liar.

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Most people here are underage children that can't afford macs so it's popular to trash them, although the iphone is good and mbp are good they're simply not worth it. I have a 2012 MBP (replaceable components still available on it), an iPhone SE (small, fast, headphone jack with jailbreak) but the new devices suck.

They're good if you use it for a certain usage but shit for general purpose for its value unless you get them used. If you do audio processing, you need one for the low latency and the great software. I use a thinkpad most of the time, hackintosh will serve you better than a real mac on desktop (although they were unrivaled when retina and high res screens were only available from stuff like the iMac) it's no longer the case now. The iPad is also the only good tablet, which doesn't mean that they're great, just that most tablets are shit.

If you're wanting a good user experience and don't mind paying more, it's not bad. I upgraded android phones every few months or year, and with the iPhone i'm gonna be good for many years.

I own an iMac 2011, MBP 2012, iPhone SE and iPad 3 all purchased after a year or more and total cost was less than 1K. I also have a custom desktop, a hackintosh laptop I used for 3 years with the yoga wifi card that was the only one that would work due to drivers but now usually use an x250 on linux sometimes docked to external monitors and my model M.

tl;dr don't pay full price and you'll get great hardware regardless of brand.

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The npc version for your kekking pleasure ;)
Is he? Dude always seemed pretty sound to me. What'd he do?

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Could someone tell me why on /g/ iphone are associated with pajeets? I don't understand.

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>t. street shitting macpajeet

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>just to be able to test my js on a specific browser
not just for that. As I said, webdev in macOS is generally easier all around. Terminal is much better than powershell. And yes, the "testing software on its ecosystem" part is important, since whether we like it or not there are millions of potential Safari users. You can also use it to become an iOS developer. The play store is a fucking trash can compared to the app store, and you're twice as likely to earn money in it since iOS hipsters buy more apps and IAPs than android pajeets

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Literal iPajeets on Vodaphone India spamming /g/ with Apple shill threads.

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Prove he is not a liar.

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Because it's the other way arround in India, and /g/ needs their little world.

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Reminder that this iPajeet shill outed himself.
>makes fake celebrity account
>sends himself messages for "le ebic trole xD"
>forgets to remove his sim
>exposes himself as a literal pajeet on vodafone india
>actually tries to pull a "i-i-i was just PRETENDING to be a pajeet" "i-i-it was just a joke!"
>even tries to hide it with airplane mode

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Seething pajeet

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I don't know either way my dude, that's why I'm asking you to fill me in

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You can not be an idiot if you don't find his videos true.

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The assumptions that he's not a list because he gives information that other places have confirmed. It's on you to say otherwise.

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Thanks so there was this incident huh.
But still I feel there is double standard with Google and Android though, CEO of Google is an Indian and he also once was on Android team. Also the fact that Android is the most used OS on India, and Xiaomi phone you guys shilling? There are probably another million Indian with the same phone.
tl;dr : I find it weird that android seems immune from pajeets "shaming".

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are you asking why people like apple or looking for more reasons to dislike them?
i like ios because it has really strong privacy and sandboxing by default, and i like the iphone SE because it is the best modern phone that hasn't got a massive screen.

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>itoddler subhumans

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Louis Rossmann would be out of business if he didn't have apple shit to fix

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Apple has a nice interface for the most part, but if you wanna do anything other than iConform, such as actually send files back and forth from a computer that ISN'T running macos, you might as well just get a samsung. Their more recent anti-consumer practices are doing things like removing the headphone jack and isolating itself as it's own fucking special snowflake sphere that can't bridge between any other non-apple related products.

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I have no real complaints about the iPhones and iPads, as long as you grab them for less than 50% MSRP. I am very hesitant about the Macs. I *may* pick up a 2018 Mini, but I don't like how everything 2013+ has been anti-diy/anti-consumer.

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They get it, sometimes. Obsessing over phones is pajeet-tier behavior, regardless of brand.

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>an angry manlet Jew(Rossfag who got caught with counterfeit batteries) and a literal nobody with only 33k subscribers.

Great sources you got there, dumbass.

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Fucking LMAO. This is cringe on another whole level.

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>the problem is that google only shows me what i want to see
Open incognito window, start searching, Google will think you're an entirely different person.
Alternatively, use Cookie Autodelete extension.

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If you want an alternative opinion go to reddit, both /r/apple and /r/android praise apple

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I don't know whether they're really serious about this stupid brand war or they're only trolling or "unironically" trolling.

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Over priced hardware but MacOS is a god-tier fully POSIX compliant UNIX system.

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>i still think there might be reasons why people like it ... maybe some feature or some advantages of their systems
Some people do serious work using MacOS machines. It's a nicely put together unix environment, has relatively more support from big corporates and smaller devs alike, and priced reasonably compared to other commercial unixes out there. It's just their lead designer went full autism ever since big boss isn't around anymore, and their current soiboi CEO lacks a ball or two.

As for iOS, it's cancer. Its only redeeming point over Android is the very fine grained permission and background process control. I know LineageOS exists, but I don't have as much time and energy like I used to.

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The products unironically aren't that bad at all. They are overpriced, though.

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MacOS basically perfected gesture controls, which is something Linux and other Unix systems still struggle with. I think it's a good OS for productivity due to how natural the feels.

However, the hardware is overpriced and everything else is just shallow marketing.

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Another one.

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You have to be over 18 to post here

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thinkpads for a pro, macbooks for show

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I really wanted to buy a macbook pro but their generation from 2016 an onwards is just wrong. The keyboard is an abomination and them soldering now everything on the mobo doesn't make it any better for me.

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>complains about Macs being shitty, overpriced, botnet machines
>suggests a thinkpad which is all of the above

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It was a necessary evil in order to enhance throughput

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>people who like stuff I don't like are shills
talk about being delusional

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How do you bully apple users?

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You're not getting Apple hate videos because of some agenda by Google. Trust me, their AI isn't that smart.

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