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You did redeem your AMD-chan mouse pad, didn't you?

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Legit can't tell if AMD shilling on 4chan or just people shitposting pretending to be AMD shills

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>Redemption center: sim lim square
You couldn'ta got one anyways

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True but I wanted to feel sad about it.

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apparently AMD hates everyone outside of Singapore

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Going to that sim lim square is a costly thing to get a $10 mousepad.

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Imagine nutting on the mousepad right where the girl's ass is and tweeting that image to AMD

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This. Wasting hours of your day and gas or bus ticket to get a fucking anime mousepad is something only a hikikomori could do.

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dude that shit is worth a shit ton now
link related

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It's a cute mousepad with Ryzen powered waifus
I'd gladly spend a whole day going there if needed.

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Publicity stunt.

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Where's the shop owner koreanon?
Do you got more customers because of this mousepad?

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This is an official AMD mousepad distributed at an AMD collection point.

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no, koreanon contacted AMD so they sent him those mousepads too

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>this one transaction dictates the price of the item forever
It's a $5 rubber sheet with marketing mascots printed on it

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generic anime slut
zero innovation, just like poomd

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shittel defense force is still seething they only have shitty jews

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Where can i order one of these mouse pads from?

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I like it, it's homely and comfy. I've already named those two girls, the redhead is Aria and the orange haired girl is Sayuma, I want to be with them forever and the only way I can do that is by getting the official AMD mousepad.

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They have official names; Ryfa and Zenka

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not OP, but I'm the gook anon
>Do you got more customers because of this mousepad?
Ryzen CPUs sell really well these days but I think that's mostly because of the supply issues of Intel
A lot of normies here sell their mousepad for $15-20 online
Some normies can get offended by those mousepads

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Nah, it's just at Rochor Canal Road. Take the MRT on the Downtown line (Rochor) or East-West line (Bugis) and you will be there.

Please keep in mind that desktop AMD CPUs are not cheaper here(e.g. 1700 = 8700 in pricing). However, the AMD thinkpads are much cheaper as compared to intel counterparts.

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God damn it, does someone have the exact high res image of this mousepad that I can just send to one of those chink giant mousepad printers to get printed?

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nah that sounds like some technoafrican nonsense, Aria and Sayuma are better. Seriously, Ryfa, what the fuck were they thinking? And Zenka? JUST

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>Some normies can get offended by those mousepads
???????? literally how?

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Because fucking "Ry"zen, "Zen"cores and fucking Singaporean names not Japanese.

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Thanks, but do you have the version in the poster and not the shitting low res stretched background?

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nah, I don't think I do

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>yes we're 20% slower than intel but we have anime mascots

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MSI has a Mi Hoshi Ai mascot for Intel boards

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cringe and bluepilled

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I like this version a lot better than maple leaves.

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>sell millions of products with a Jewish cartoon

Why is this allowed?

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Found it, posting for others.

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>september to november
Wow you northfags sure are weird, I could not handle september to march being the cold months. I also hear you guys *don't* take summer vacations in january-february? wtf?

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what makes you thinks he's even living there to take the public transport you singafag, no need to show you're a local

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Anyone got the image for the spring version?

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Got more here.
If anyone has the winter one, I'd appreciate it.

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Jokes on AMD, I can get chinks to print whatever I want on a mousepad

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So no official spring version out there?

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Not the exact one in that poster that I've seen, all the usable images are extracted from posters though.

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>sim lim square


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bloody hell look at these digits
lol at the cuck who bought an iPhone for some slut

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definitely cuter than Intel mascot

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such cute girls

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based and cutepilled

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This but unironically

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how will Intel ever recover???

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>not willing to walk through scammers and thugs to get your waifu mousepad
it's like you're not serious about all this.

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>red pilled

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Why can't intel people get nice things?

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Ok, now that's shilling.

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