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Based and redpilled or botnet central?

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>operating system built and maintained by a marketing company
nb4 muh gentoo

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It's totally fucking based and redpilled

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>based off gentoo
>boots fast
>can use android apps
>often cheap but with comes with decent displays and speakers
> can dual boot linux if you want

cant disagree with dubs

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I'd be a lot more likely to buy a chromebook if two things would happen. chromiumos provides a prebuilt iso for download cause I'm a lazy fuck, and they reinstate picassa because google photos sucks and isn't a photoviewer and neither is chrome

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With crostini it's pretty decent. Finally someone figured out how to get a stable linux distro on a laptop.

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>>based off gentoo
I thought it was based on ubuntu

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Of all the big players in the industry, Google has by far the ugliest GUI. Why can't they get it right? Fucking Microsoft products have a more appealing look.

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I was talking about the OS itself, i have an old laptop and i want to mess around with different OS.

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it uses ubuntu's obsolete init system upstart, and gentoo's portage build system

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is chrome os available for download? I thought to to get it without a chromebook you had to download and build chromium os

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ChromeOS is a keylogger and won't let you install Firefox.

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>chromeoslike but with firefox
check out just browsning linux

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>won't let you install Firefox
is this a meme or real? If it's real it's a giant deal breaker

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Just install chrome

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