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Ex celebrity Soulja Boy was promoting his bootleg console full of illegal roms of games from Nintendo , PlayStation and Snk. As you might think it was just a cheap chick bootleg which normally goes for 30-40$. When Shopify realized what he was doing they blocked his account. He is now accusing Shopify of being racist and threatens with legal action.

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Blacks have made the Internet immeasurably worse

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Did he really think he could get away with this?

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Niggers am I right

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>ex celebrity soulja boy was promoting his bootleg console
Wait, what?

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You can get him out of the ghetto but you can take out the ghetto out of him

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this washed away loser is literally just an Alibaba reseller, you can find any of his bootleg shit on there

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100 100 ok laughing with tears af

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https://youtu.be/g6FfJmyMVO0 this nigga had also bootleg accessories like Soulja Pods

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Bless this nigger.

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This guy is literally crating Nigtendo.

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By Xiomi

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At least most companies who make emulator consoles have the sense not to ship them with ROMs, except the ones that ship direct from China.

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>chinks copying other chinks

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So far saddest attempt of a has been to become relevant once more

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This one enterprisin lil nigga, gotta give him props

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