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So, is it possible to turn the wecam in a computer wihtout turnin on the light? Because someone said they hacked my computer and have a video of mine, but never noticed the light on. Do I really need to put a tape on it?

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It is possible, i have your video.

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>believing spam
>using tape instead of just unplugging the internal connection
biggest brainlet

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Did you happen to hear about this hacking in an email?

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btw, they know my password from something I use. I changed the password from one website, and waiting for them to send a new email to see.

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get pajeet'd, nigger

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it is possible, but a lot more likely this is a bleff/spam
if you intend to masturbate to anime girls than you better put a tape or unplug it

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You're a gullible retard.

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I work at a web hosting company and people get that "We have hacked your router, we have put malware on your comptuer, we know what porn you watch, we have a video of you" email all the time. If they had some shit on you, why wouldn't they include some proof?

They usually include a password that was taken from one of the many hacked databases available from all these major companies that have piss poor security.

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You always tape it up or disconnect webcam

also this sounds like spam retards fall for

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yeah, I knew it was spam, but was the fucking password that scared me.

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Did they also have your linked in password?

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Do people actually masturbate in front of the computer?

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Most do it in front of your mum, faggot

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> having a webcam you can't just unplug and throw in a drawer when you're not using it.
Desktop master race ftw

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I watch you sleep

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That's exactly how that scam works. They give you a phished password (everyone has at least a leaked one from hacked websites) but that's it. They never really know anything about you.


Just ignore the mail and have a sip of your favorite drink. You're good.

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>watch porn on laptop/tablet/phone
>front camera records my face while wanking to gay black porn
>the NSA, FSB, MOSSAD, MI6 all can blackmail me when I run for president
Welp, guess I won't save the world.

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stop taking mr robot seriously

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I get off on people watching me jerk it to porn, what the hell is OP complaining about?

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if you use windows, contact microsoft support
you can find contacts for MS support in various ads, usually with indian guy in the ad or someone with indian name

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One of these emails reminded me of a password I had forgotten. Pretty nice of them.

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blackmail only works if you give a shit about keeping something a secret
people who can save the world don't have such secrets

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yea same, problem is that i don't own a webcam

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Yes it is possible

I have Kaspersky and has warned me a few times that the camera is on, without the light.

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