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Curious, I'm about to install VMware; should I install this on my HDD or my SSD?

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Okay, thanks bud.

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If you got the space on your ssd then sure. VMs shouldn't need too much space unless you plan to do work in it.

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I just went for the HDD in the end; it's probably not that big a deal to read and write fast. It should be more than sufficient on HDD.

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That's probably the better option now that I think about it. Good luck with whatever you're up to anon!

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I'm curious; any idea how to install graphics drivers on VMware? The resolution is so small and I'd like to be able to see the full size of the terminal window.

Also tried Googling, still looking into it.

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install vmware tools in the vm, there should be an option for it in the toolbar when running something

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Thanks bud.

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install https://www.gentoo.org/downloads/

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Install proxmox

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Any idea how to get past the "Permission denied" shit on the terminal? This is probably really nooby but I have it set to administrator already and nothing is working.

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Su pwd

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sudo su

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Neither of these worked. I'm trying to run a Python program on my desktop and I keep getting "Permission denied".

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Anyone know how to sort this?

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It's kinda dumb, but did you allow execution of the python file?

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(what I mean by this is it might not have execution permission, so just su chmod or something)

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chmod +x

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I see; I have not tried either of these and decided to try a different distro. It's on VMware so I might go back to it in a second while the new one is installing. Thanks again.

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Is there supposed to be a -x here? I don't see one bud.

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See, this is my issue. I've no idea what it means either. It should just work.

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I managed to work this shit out. For whatever reason, the permissions of the file were set to read only and wouldn't let me execute the file. I managed to get it working on the Ubuntu distro I installed but I reckon I could get it working on the previous ISO I installed.

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Anyone here know how to work Slowhttprequest? I'm trying to get it to loop indefinitely. Can't quite work out how to do it.

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you can use urllib on python for http req
import urllib2
data = urllib2.urlopen('your site url').read()

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