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How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

/g/ wiki headphone FAQ: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Headphones

Previous thread: >>68812761

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gas the nostaxers TRANSDUCER WAR NOW

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first for beyersoldatten

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Into my S8
>>Type of headphone
>>Open or closed
Don't care
>>Comfort level

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Expensive headphones and mid tier dac?
Or mid tier headphones and expensive dac?

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>Takstar 82
>AKG K 240
>Creative Aurvana Live
>Sony MDR7506
>Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro
>Sennheiser HD280PRO
>Status Audio CB-1
>Emu Purpleheart
>Monoprice Retro
>Audio Technica ATH M40X

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Don't care about wired/wireless either.

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i would go with the first option. dac is a meme

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>Expensive headphones and mid tier dac
The biggest sound difference will be from good headphones

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Best affordable choice of headphone amp with balanced inputs and dual quarter inch outputs?

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>Expensive headphones and mid tier dac?
expensive headphones and no dac

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expensive headphones, $99 amp (atom), cheapest dac that outputs 2.1v

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File: 118 KB, 959x1037, 2018-12-06 18_34_32-BiBi~絢瀬絵里(CV.南條愛乃)、西木野真姫(CV.Pile)、矢澤にこ(CV.徳井青空) from μ's~ - [TVアニメ「ラブライブ!」ユニットシン.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you listening to lads?

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got these today

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Balanced is a meme

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What music player do you use on Windows 10?

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foobar and spotify

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>windows 10

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sounds magical on beyers

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Maybe so. But it's what comes out of my DAC

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$400 - $600 USD
Still shopping around for an amp and dac
>Type of headphone
Over ear
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
As long as it isn't unbearable
>Sound signature
Clear treble, wide sound stage
>Past headphones
Nothing good; Skullcandy Crushers and Sol Republic V6s

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Stax and speakers

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Kinki thr-1

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anyone here into turntables? I've been reading up a bit on some beginner stuff but if they're anything like normie headphone guides(m50x) I should probably stay away

what would be a nice set of gear for say $200 or less
or more?

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R8 my purchases:

-JDS Atom

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$150 willing to go up slightly if worth it
Mainly desktop, Smart phone
>Type of headphone
>Open or closed
Preferably closed, open is okay
>Comfort level
As high as possible
>Sound signature
Neutral or V-shaped
>Past headphones
HD558, mee audio m6 pro

I will mainly be using these for gaming and music, thanks in advance. I'm open to iems as well.

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you forgot your anime pillow you fucking idoltrash

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Solid investment, you probably wont need to upgrade in years. I have similar setup: HD6XX, Magni 3, (waiting, fucking chinks)Topping D10

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very comfy anon
hd598, beyer dt770 pro

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haafee beryllium or massdrop hd58x

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anyone here have the hd58x and can compare it to the hd600?

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For just $100 more you can get the m1060c

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Less shouty, more grainy, better bass extension, worse detail

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The HD600 sounds like muddy shit, definitely stick with the 58X

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The Audio Technica LP-60 is the only player in that price range I could recommend.
Anything else below $200 will either sound shit, damage your vinyl or both.

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nice pic, I was close to getting the magni but I read the atom is has more price performance. The magni is much sexier though

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What would you recommend? And don't say Stax.

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Any mid-fi or lo-fi headphone that isn't the HD600.

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Sounds like a case of DT880 or DT1990

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redpill me on chifi sundara

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Chinkfiman build is awful, right behind sennheiser with snapping headbands and popped drivers.

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gas yourself for even mentioning it

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I got the Magni 3 about 2 weeks before Atom was announced...I would have gotten the atom instead. So far Magni works good

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snapping headbands in senns have been resolved long ago

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>I would have gotten the atom instead
you should have listened when we told you not to buy schiit because they are a garbage company

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Oh god I love non driver matched assphones

What are my options?

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I mean my Magni 3 works good, plus I got the magni before I knew about this general

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>plus I got the magni before I knew about this general
mistake #2

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The chinese are a plague on this earth.

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so 1990 is the best midfi option?

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it's endgame, better than stax or the hd600

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My Sennheiser HD215s feel a bit low in noise even when cranked up at max. Plugging it into the PC, the audio tears up when going to maximum volume. What is going on?

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HD600 is complete garbage, even portapros are better.

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Guys i wanted to buy the Magni 3 but there seems to be a stigma against them. What other 99$ amp exist that can run the hd650, that can be bought in Europe, because schiit has a dedicated Europe store.

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how does that refute my post?

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I have tried a bunch of < 700$ headphones any none impressed me, they all sounded pretty veiled and the only difference was niggerbass vs piercing treble.
Are there any headphones that actually sound alive and make you feel alive for once too? Basically a boosted midrange or something like that.

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doesn't sound like your PC is strong enough to drive the headphones.

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my behringer UM2
>Type of headphone
Over ear
>Open or closed
either preferrably Open
>Comfort level
comfortable for atleast 4 hours of use
>Sound signature

>Past headphones
not that good but,
logitech H540. these were absolute garbage, they hurt after less than an hour and had no bass at all.
Hyperx Stinger. these were a great upgrade over the last ones. they sound way better, but they kinda broke a bit overtime and now they sound about the same as the h540s but with added comfort.

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i have 5tb of hi-res library and nothing comes close to managing it. Best file format converter too IMHO i use it to go from 6ch DSD -> 2ch DSD and converting a fuck tonne of wavepack my DAP does not support.

Also I paid $40 for the native linux port. Best player on linux too.

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Ear rape tinny treble and no bass

>> No.68819988

>Kinki thr-1
Appreciate the suggestion. I shall have a ganders

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I want to sniff her feet.

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I use foobar on WIN 7.

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Output power is 310W plugged into the main motherboard on a modest Fujitsu Esprimo business PC.

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Are these any good? ATH M50X-BT

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Why not?

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$200 ($250 max)
PC and Phone
>Type of headphone
Full, over ear
>Open or closed
Don't care
>Comfort level
I prefer sound quality to comfort but at least something that doesn't smash my glasses into the side of my head
>Sound signature
warm or neutral
>Past headphones
Sennheiser game one: uncomfortable to wear with glasses after a few hours
Sony XB950B1: my go to bass headphones, nothing really bad to say about them
Fanny Wang 2000: treble too high
Sol Republic v10

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I tried m50x and they are UNCOMFY as hell. The headband feels like a plastic piece of garbage resting on your head. Why don't they use VELOUR?

Sound was meh to me.

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Based and checked

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convince me to not buy 1990 right the fuck now

>> No.68820223

It's the best headphone period, just buy it.

>> No.68820252

he4xx is better

>> No.68820255

Who watching VGA now?

>> No.68820273

listened to 400i and sundara and bouth sounded like nothing

>> No.68820274

me, whatching 4chan trough a vga monitor.
wtf is VGA?

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>sounded like nothing
wtf this mean?

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muddy and boring

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are there any decent wireless headphones with really low latency? (i.e 2.4ghz with a receiver)

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i bought the hd600, am I going to regret it? Please no meme response.

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>he doesnt like neutral

>> No.68820336

i do, i don't like mud

>> No.68820338

Video game awards

>> No.68820370

Can I ask why you want dual quarter inch outputs though? There is a plethora of amps that take balanced inputs with a 4-pin xlr balanced out. The only thing with balanced ins and dual 1/4in outs is the rme adi 2 pro, which is not exactly affordable.

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Only thing I can think off the top of my head is what I meant. I'm sure there is something else out there but I dont know about it and who knows if its affordable.

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You fucked up.

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what amp/dac to go with my dt 1990?

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pls say it isn't so

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it aint so

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I fucking love these things. Even though I appreciate the HD600's are more suited to a wider range of music being more neutral, the clean, clear and piercing highs coupled with the airly open soundstage just makes for such a wonderful set of headphones. There have to exist phones that do the same things these do in a higher range, right? Apparently the HE-500's are actually warmer, which really isn't what I want out of planars.

>> No.68820524

As long as you have a power amp they should sound good.

>> No.68820527

DT 990/880 are basically the same sound as the DT 1990 and I think the beyerdynamic amiron uses the same drivers as the DT 1990 too.

>> No.68820540

>entirely different driver
>same sound

>> No.68820568

sorry bud

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How's your night going boys?

>> No.68820620

That's what I heard from a reviewer.

>> No.68820632

>that floor
god dammit I will mail this person a broom

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Time to get a real planar kiddo

>> No.68820648

thats bullshit, i dont like 1990, as i said he4xx is way better imho, but they are better than 990/880, the treble is not that rapefest and with analitical pads they are decent neutral and detailed while having fun bass and are build very well, way overpriced and not for me, but no way shitty sounding like 990/880.

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Phone, laptop
>Type of headphone
Circumaural, noise canceling
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
8 hours+
>Sound signature
>Past headphones

I'm looking for a good pair of headphones for my mom. She recently started working from home, living with her oldest son, his girlfriend, and their very young children. She needs to be able to focus on her work and block out external stimuli, so comfort and noise cancellation are important.bas far as I know she's never owned any headphones.

>> No.68820673

the focal elex are getting good reviews

>> No.68820674

Takstar pro 82

>> No.68820676

hi idol trash

>> No.68820693

every time you post something vague you make someone have to fill out that god awful fucking captcha five times just to ask you to clarify.

so anyway what are those, what are they like?

>> No.68820707

meme overpriced and overweight palanars that sound darker than an hd650. they do bass very good tho. not worth.

>> No.68820711


>> No.68820724

they are famous you normie faggot, audeze.

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>> No.68820810

you can literally see the name on them you retard

>> No.68820831

I'm looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds that work independently of each other so that I can use one while the other charges, and then switch. I need to have one ear unobstructed at all times at work, for safety reasons. Does anything like this exist or am u going to have to buy 2 sets?

>> No.68820879

You dont want noise cancelling, noise cancelling is meant to drown out low droning noise like being on planes or trains. It will do nothing for shrieking children. Other than that Takstar pro 82 is a good reccomendation.

>> No.68820909

500lbs and no treble

>> No.68820941

I never understood the dark meme. The LCD-3 at least to my ears are not dark at all. In fact depending on the source the treble can at times actually be too sharp.

>> No.68820958

what type of music do you listen to?

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neck yourself iris

>> No.68821044

Just about everything except for country music and anime garbage. Perhaps its just me and I'm just treble sensitive. Someday I should try beyers or something and see if I just die. Other headphones I own include hd660s, TH900 and L300, among some other lo/mid-fi trash. The treble on the th900 dont bother me at all though even though its very v-shaped. But that headphone is known more for its bass anyway, like I said I've never tried a headphone thats known for its sharp treble like beyerdynamics or something.

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Is there a problem with glenlivet?

>> No.68821109

chifiman really needs to whip their slaves into shape

theyve been releasing products with shitty build quality for years now

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Idol trash here. HD600.
Currently doing last minute packing for Japan trip. Leaving for the airport soon. Real soon. Wtf am I doing posting here instead of preparing.

>> No.68821158

China has no concept of quality control.

>> No.68821198

Oh man I hope not, I bought my old boss a bottle of Glenlivet when I left.

>> No.68821200

That's right Anon, you're going to Japan.
We're all going to Japan.

>> No.68821262

Well I dont think so the one I have there Didn't have the smoky Flavor that scotch is known for at least it was rather on the sweeter side closer to a bourbon

>> No.68821266

They're about as dark as DT1990 desu. I only own LCD2C though

>> No.68821279

meant for

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we're going to throw you into the gas chambers if you don't audition STAX as soon as possible

>> No.68821343

Can you not blog post please? Or alternatively if you're going to blog then get a trip so I can filter you.

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File: 1.35 MB, 1920x1080, 1529528950175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, please, not the gas chambers >.<
Just found the damn JRP envelope. Phew.

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Buy me some Yohji Yamamoto pour homme in used clothing stores, please. Thanks.

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>tfw seriously considering spending $1k for tin cans you place on your head

>> No.68821438

which ones

>> No.68821474


>> No.68821483

you can get them for $500-600 used....

>> No.68821533

Why get tin cans when you can get plastic boxes instead?

>> No.68821544

tin you mean plastic

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File: 1.49 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no bulli pls.
have a wonderful trip idol trash.

>> No.68821781

buy subwoofers
>tfw you turn up your subs halfway and they start rattling the windows and your prostate

>> No.68821814

>buy expensive headphones and source
>still dead inside

>> No.68821835

did you buy stax like we told you to or did you deviate from the final plan?

>> No.68821894

scotch is only known for having a smokey flavor to people who don't drink it

>> No.68821924

Going to Kroger for more pocky and instant ramen in your ahegao shirt isn't a Japan trip.

>> No.68821929

yeah friend of mine said it was like drinking ash tray water

>> No.68821945


>> No.68821957

almost none of it is smokey, people just get memed into drinking laphroaig and think all of it is like that

>> No.68821974


>> No.68822000

having nostax compells me to commit suicide every single day

>> No.68822017

maybe you should

>> No.68822046

oh I see well I Think that the Lagavulin 16 year was rather smokey

>> No.68822070
File: 1.50 MB, 1920x1080, 1528745043159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, Anon.
Leaving NOW.

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File: 1.42 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_6899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where does /hpg/ sell their regretfull purchases

i wanna get rid of this Takstar Pro 82 cheap and quick. Suggestions ?

>> No.68822116

the garbage bin

>> No.68822120

put it on ebay and I'll take it for $35 :^)

>> No.68822122

what's wrong with it? was it a meme?

>> No.68822125

that's blatantly dishonest

>> No.68822141
File: 17 KB, 434x312, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68822192

why are you acting like an upset little bitch over $50

>> No.68822197

Redpill me on the DT 1990

>> No.68822200

It's worse than stax

>> No.68822218

It's better than stax

>> No.68822226

it's the best headphone you can buy

>> No.68822238

same as stax

>> No.68822265

if it's something under $200 just keep it anything over that avexchange or ebay.

>> No.68822267


Is it worth paying $500 for something that I hear is similar to the DT 990/880? or am I going to get memed again like the HD 600/660s from you schizophrenic audiophool autists.

>> No.68822279

Not when stax exists.
HD600 is objectively garbage btw.

>> No.68822284

>is it worth paying $500 for something that's objectively better than stax?

>> No.68822304

I don't believe you guys enough from my last experience with /hpg/

What exactly are the best parts about the DT 1990? What can it not do?

>> No.68822314

Best parts are the flat punchy bass and decent detail. It can't reproduce detail like stax can though, no magnetphone can.

>> No.68822324

it produces the same level of detail as stax, but without the wispy effect staxs give and has better bass

>> No.68822332

I don't care about detail too much. What are vocals like? Sound stage how can you compare it to the HD 800, and HD 598?

>> No.68822343

Vocals are good. Slightly less texture than HD800 (way less texture than stax). 598 are mudcannons and do not sound nearly as good.

>> No.68822373

Just got them. They are crystal fucking clear and great bass for an open headphone. Fun to listen to. Buy them anon.

>> No.68822375
File: 1.92 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_6870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> put it on ebay and I'll take it for $35 :^)
deal im in AU though
its a such shitty meme the sound has so many problems and my iems just destroy it in every way
because i never get buyers remorse ever i wasnt it out of my house but i cant throw it in the bin

TFW /csg/ has never memed you but /hpg/ did

>> No.68822377

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SOUNDSTAGE. And to be frank 598 don't sound muddy to me in comparison to HD 600/660s.

Stax are a smelly boomer meme

>> No.68822388

show your receipt anon. And tell us how good they are for competitive FPS and their soundstage width.

>> No.68822389

Shipping would probably be too ass, then. too bad, it would be a good gift for my dad.
Also takstars are as much a /csg/ meme as /hpg/

>> No.68822391

just EQ them their FR is well documented

>> No.68822407

Soundstage is okay, worse than stax and HD800 but way better than HD600. HD600 is a mudcannon. Honestly you should just buy stax, bad things happen to people who don't (*click*).

>> No.68822419

>Soundstage is okay
compared to something like HD 598? if they aren't as big as them I won't buy them.

>> No.68822426

Better than the 598.

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do not trust /hpg/

have you got a hifi shop near you ? find one and use your own ears. I buy a few records from mine and they give me free reign to test anything. They even let me do DSD 5.mhz rips on their high end turntables ;)

>> No.68822439

HD 660S is like 115 bucks cheaper here and Sundara 115 more expensive, which one should I get?

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File: 3.11 MB, 4032x3024, 20181206_231717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hear all the footsteps anon.

>> No.68822462

Stax. Don't buy Chifiman. 660S is overpriced. 6XX or 58X are almost as good. Sennheiser 6?? series all have cramped unnatural ("""intimate""") soundstage.

>> No.68822475

There isn't any Stax distributor here and importing will make them cost like 70~100% more on average. DT 1990 is it then.

>> No.68822486

That makes the 1990 a viable option then, enjoy.

>> No.68822491

Redpill me on ATH-R70X!

>> No.68822499

Are you just saying that to shill me into buying mE IT?
I don't trust them that much. I tried all the audio stores near me and they didn't have anything good. The only one near me that I found some beyer 770,880,990 ALL were broke on their display and they couldn't do anything for me. The only other headphones were literal who headphones while did sound fine, a lot of them were uncomfy.

show us your receipt.

>> No.68822515


>> No.68822519

No. You can buy whatever you want. The 1990 would my top choice for the $500-700 price range if stax didn't exist.

>> No.68822528


>> No.68822533

Am I retarded for considering Meze 99 just for the materials and looks? I want my plasticless steampunk headphones.

>> No.68822540

buy stax

>> No.68822541

What's the most aesthetic Stax out there? I don't care about price

>> No.68822546

Yes you are retarded, but it can't be helped that you're retarded since you like steampunk.

>> No.68822548


>> No.68822561

wow those are really ugly!

>> No.68822568

Even if I had $5000 to blow those would be the last headphones I would ever get.

>> No.68822572

i was thinking of getting a monoprice studio sub.
post setup

>> No.68822647

Thanks, anon

>> No.68822701

>ask to try the sundara
>store guy hands a brand new one straight out of box
>right channel is dead

chifiman strikes again

>> No.68822720


>> No.68822749

But I don't have to anon I already showed you my phone's.

>> No.68822756


>> No.68822852

you wont fool me

>> No.68822902

It's timestamped and everything anon. What's not to believe.

>> No.68822908

you don't and you never will LOL

>> No.68822919

how do i know you didn't get paid to shill them anon?

>> No.68822923

should i buy the beyer dt 1990 or t5p?

>> No.68822927

Soundstage is an audiophool meme, aside from like the tilted drivers it's all the fucking same

>> No.68822945
File: 376 KB, 2000x1125, Sennheiser_0151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when are staxers going to buy a real electrostat?

>> No.68822950


If I got paid to shill them I most certainly wouldn't do it here. hpg makes of a fraction of a percentage of audiophool consumers. You don't have to believe me, I'm going to enjoy my DT based 1990s all the same

>> No.68822963


>> No.68822973

If I had at least 50 million dollars I would honestly buy them just so I could shitpost them here

>> No.68822979

I don't see a reason why you would want to buy the T5p in the first place, maybe if you require closed headphones? Would probably rather go with the 1770 but both of those headphones are meh

>> No.68823089
File: 2.05 MB, 1920x1080, [PuyaSubs!] Himouto Umaru - chan R - 07 [1080p][0D1E8764] (00_11_00.119) 0001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

an old regular on hpg used to own one

>> No.68823127

Lol okay retard

>> No.68823136

Seriously? Like how far back? I've been here for over a year now and this is the first I've heard of an anon owning HE-1

>> No.68823148

3-4 years I think. it was the he-90 though not the he-1

>> No.68823223

All headphones are basically two speakers playing an inch away from your ears. You're always getting a 180° soundstage, unless you're editing the sound with software like crossfeed and such, it's always the same. The differences are all in your head, depending on your biases.

>> No.68823264

Is the DT 990's soundstage bad?

>> No.68823424

Dt990 for gaming

>> No.68823758

God damn I am a retard, should have known there is a generel on /g/.

Anyway, I am looking for headphones. I attend fighting game tournaments and the crowd is getting to my nerves and concentration. I lately realized there's a headphone jack you can plug your headphones into (3,5mm) for most setups and have game sound and I want to make use of it now. They need to be wired of course.

50-120 euros. I am fine with buying used ones from ebay though.
My Samsung Galaxy S5 and my PC and headphone jacks at tournaments
Full sized (I think?)
>Open or closed
Closed. I need noise cancelling headphones. "Noise cancelling" is kind of specific though, I need something that won't let me hear stupid screaming and cheers from the crowd. Need to be in my own world.
>Comfort level
I need decent comfort. I want to use them to travel and hear music with too. I also wear glasses and especially at tournaments having them on for a few hours shouldn't discomfort me. As I don't have insane audiophile level of investment here, the improvement in sound quality - unless extremely significant - would be below the priority of comfort
>Sound Signature
It needs to be bassy. I've tested headphones that were described as godlike, and while I liked what I heard, being low on the bass really ruins my own experience (which is casual, I know)
>Past Headphones
Sennheiser HD 202 and even those I was amazed with, just to get to understand how little quality I am used to.

So yeah, I am not even sure if what I ask for exists. Basically I want noise cancelling headphones that are also neat to listen to music to and play games I guess.

I looked into Beyerdynamic DT770 pro but I heard they were low ion the bass so that puts me off and Sony MDR-7506 but from what I have read they let a lot of noise in.

>> No.68823820
File: 290 KB, 702x992, Sony_MDR-CD900ST.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My brother desperately needs some new audioequipment. He's using shitty apple earbuds now after his gayman headphones broke.

200 to 300 USD, this is flexible both up and down. It's a christmas gift.
Open back or semi open back, he needs to be able to hear when dad knocks on his door
Something comfortable, perhaps full sized cups that go around his ears.
>sound signature
Don't really matter. he's a gamer, but he mostly just listens to music on youtube. Something not too much in either direction maybe.
Some shitty gaming DAC/amp, I think they should be able to drive most mid-tier headphones

I've got some HD600, and I love them. They'd be perfect for him, but I'm not sure if his amp could drive them, and they're a bit too expensive. He also really wants an option for a microphone, so I'm thinking of maybe doing the thing with the cheap microphone-attachment thing.

>> No.68823823
File: 207 KB, 1536x864, toneking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thoughts on these?

>> No.68823858

i have no idea where you're reading the dt770 has no bass, but if they don't have enough for you then you won't be happy with anything that isn't a subwoofer taped to your skull
can you not just plug your own hd600 into the amp and see if it sounds good? also you can buy a hd600 or hd650 on amazon right now for $300 or the hd6xx on massdrop for $200

>> No.68823872

>i have no idea where you're reading the dt770 has no bass, but if they don't have enough for you then you won't be happy with anything that isn't a subwoofer taped to your skull
Do they do a good job at cancelling noise though?

>> No.68823909

they're okayish, but i never used them in extremely loud environments

>> No.68823934


>> No.68823957

if you use any sound card thats halfway decent, you can just turn up the bass in tone settings under properties to have all the niggerbass you want

t. did this for like 10+ years on old soundblaster card
actually kinda miss it now that im using a proper dac

>> No.68823963

Not really what I am looking for. As I said I want to use it mainly at tournaments to cancel out noise.

>> No.68823975

im not the one that suggested dt770, but check out custom one pro. it does everything you want, and you can attach mic to it

if you want to actually block out noise at tournaments though, then i think you should go for IEM with the earmuff shit over it that actual pros use

>> No.68824095

Redpill me on angled drivers

>> No.68824108

they're a meme

>> No.68824124

but why

>> No.68824147

because im the final authority on what is and not a meme

>> No.68824158

Redpill me on the Beyerdynamic treble

>> No.68824165

not an issue unless if youre an earlet

>> No.68824172

it's largely exaggerated by sennshills with baby ears

>> No.68824175

sibilant trash unless you're deaf

>> No.68824184

It's a meme.

>> No.68824187

*sibiliant if you have a chink shit amp*

>> No.68824194

It CAN be harsh, but overall it's quite good

>> No.68824197

>He fell for the topping meme

>> No.68824201

Feel like shouting out Bose because I've had the same wired pair of headphones for over 5 years now. Absurdly high comfort and quality, cost me just under $200 when I bought them.
As a rule of thumb for headphones, don't worry about extra functionality and you'll be the happiest.

>> No.68824208


>> No.68824212

>extra functionality

what did he mean by this?

>> No.68824239

what is the point of hifi headphones when your ears arent hifi?

>> No.68824248

based and normaltard pilled

>> No.68824255

I don't have tinnitus so my ear is HiFi :))

>> No.68824284
File: 96 KB, 719x715, 1543000707279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HD 660 S or DT 1990?

>> No.68824368

I've got HD650 and DT1990 and I love them both and am having trouble deciding which to get rid of. Only thing I'll say is what you may well have already heard: HD650 can make any source sound as decent as it ever will, while DT1990 can be harsher on bad recordings or low-quality encodes, but more impressive on well-recorded stuff. Assuming the HD660S is an upgrade across the board I think I'd lean toward that but you really can't go wrong here as far as I'm concerned

>> No.68824408

Thanks, anon.

>> No.68824413

i thought about buying the HD660s too but I read tyll review https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/sennheiser-hd-660-s-over-ear-open-headphones

and he says it's not that much better than the HD600 and 650 so I bought the HD600 instead for cheaper. Tyll mention in the treble of hd660 it becomes a bit "grainy" but idk if thats true.

>> No.68824437

I made that choice yesterday and after reading comparisons and reviews I went with the 1990. Seems like the better all-rounder.

>> No.68824560

>snapheiser or nazitrebledynamic

>> No.68824569

>having this much trouble deciding between two overpriced dynamic headphones
the absolute state of /hpg/

>> No.68824571

what is the point of buying expensive headphones when you can trick your brain into believing that $20 headphones sound better than $1000 headphones

>> No.68824574

you can't because the $1000 price tag has more of a placebo effect than the $20 does

>> No.68824585

nostaxers just can't win

>> No.68824711

>t. triggered stax incel

>> No.68824750
File: 58 KB, 890x506, 1544074488895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn it's getting late, considering sapphire is up. Good night and happy staxin.

>> No.68824765

$150, give or take $50
Smart phone
>Type of headphone
>Open or closed
Don't care
>Comfort level
>Sound signature
Not sure exactly what's best.
>Past headphones
BOSE QC35 Series I

I fell for the QC35 meme a year and a half ago and obtained a pair for less than $200. My fiance borrowed my pair and now wants something with similar sound cancelling and sound quality. I'm looking for headphones that are decent enough to mimic either one or both of those qualities for one of her Christmas gifts this year. Got any recommendations for me, /g/?

>> No.68824782


>> No.68824904

Objectively garbage

>> No.68824944


>> No.68824959

this kid ---> >>68824904 >>68824711

>> No.68824966

hes not wrong.

>> No.68825007

Tits or get the fuck out NOW you stupid slut

>> No.68825014

He's gay

>> No.68825039

Clicky clicky

>> No.68825041

Then he should off himself, fucking degenerate scum

>> No.68825047

Tfw you have nothing to shitpost about so you just rail on the Anon that mentioned a fiance
Might be time to get off the internet

>> No.68825061

idiots. fiance is considered a gender neutral term in america

>> No.68825071

Bose has a pretty garbage sound signature, I'll be honest with you.
As far as wireless headphones go theyre ok, build quality and sound wise.
Also this is /hpg/ so if you want Bluetooth headphones the usual recommendation is buy normal headphones and a Bluetooth receiver

>> No.68825192
File: 17 KB, 640x773, 1520215469055.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ryan is making an argon version of the t60rp

godbless him

>> No.68825247

Wtf happened to this general? I've been gone for a while and return only to see that it has gone to shit. There are people asking legitimate questions like what amplifiers to buy or what headphones to get, only to receive a shitty meme answer in the end. Fuck all of you guys, fucking Reddit is unironically more helpful than you fucks.

>> No.68825257

I agree, I wrote carefully for about 20 minutes asking what to get and basically got no answer. Great experts in here.

>> No.68825345

yes they cancel noice just fine, when they are playing its hard to notice anything else. In that price range its really some of the best you can get, they use them in studios often because they do exactly that and are relatively cheap. Just make sure you get the impedance you can drive properly.
t. used one for 2 years living next to a busy fkn road

>> No.68825390

So which version should I buy? 80 ohm or 32 ohm? I will never use amplifiers and I want it for my phone and PC occasionally.

>> No.68825415

basically people are poorfags and cant afford nice things, so now amp are a meme and you dont need them and all headphones sucks but the ones that the actual poster own and has ever owned.

>> No.68825438

there are no experts here lole
I only answer when people are asking about something I have experience with

>> No.68825467

>I only answer when people are asking about something I have experience with
such a logical thing to do, disgusting.

>> No.68825478

probably the 80 ohm, its low enough to be driven by most phones and pc's, theyre better than the 32. You might have to turn the volume up a lot though but that shouldn't matter too much

>> No.68825488

i don't ask for reccs anymore cause i already bought the stuff hpg recommends, so i'm at endgame
but yeah i try to tell people to cut the shitposting when someone asks a genuine question
sometimes ur questions are bad tho

>> No.68825506

filter the word stax and you'll have a pretty comfy general desu

>> No.68825595

buy stax

>> No.68825647

Objectively garbage

>> No.68825649

new thread

>> No.68825809

get the custom one pro plus, refined sound and detachable cable

>> No.68827087

>disc golf

n i c e.

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