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>that moment when your desktop reaches peak performance, aesthetics, and usability
>anons get jealous every single time
desktop thread i guess, but your anime shit cannot beat perfection.

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That's XFCE? Holy shit dude how'd you get it to look like that?

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with an autism

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desktop thread?

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Holy fuck dude clean up your bar

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No its bootiful. Keep it the way it is.

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you know that's default i3 right
maximum performance is not giving a shit about ricing

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looks like shit and inefficient

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I know it’s the default
I’m not saying to rice it. Just get rid of the modules you’re clearly not using.

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HAHAH right on queue. Jelly anon number 1. I guess at least 10 anons get VERY jealous at my aesthetic perfection.

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OP post your dot files please

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Pretty plain.

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why would I be jealous? it's extremely inefficient for someone who actually does work on their computer

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What can you do

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botnets galore

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suck dick

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>let's see alan's desktop

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notice me senpais

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This is the ideal desktop. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

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default i3 is fucking trash, im talking functionality not looks too
what the fuck kind of mongloid are you?

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lmao i got yur ip

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Is this some sort of sick competition showing off whos CPU is idling the most?

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cultured man

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what functionality does it lack

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>maximum performance is not giving a shit about ricing
Yet here we are.

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move out of the way faggots, here is the superior DE

>having shit on your desktop
>not having an organized home folder
>needing to minimize windows to use the desktop for any reason

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enjoying those thumbnails, footcuck?

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works out of the box

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that's not a file picker dialog, it's nautilus.
also nautilus is fucking cancer. doesn't remember per-folder views and sorting, and if you open any file with an 'Open With' dialog it sets that program as the new default for that file without asking.

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here, faggot. Thats a browser function and not the DE

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The browser opens a system file pick I'm sure

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explain why some DEs dont have that function for the same browser (firefox)? Or that other less developed browsers like (gnome web, ironically) dont have that function?

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Is just a blurred terminal and transparent bar, you can do that in 15 minutes with KDE.
Now try to open emacs with that style.

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What's wrong with your NIC, anon?

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Even KDE 3 has this.

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activate windows peasant

gonna add some transparency to my terminal I think.

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activate windows peasant.

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>discord, chrome,windows
buying into the botnet huh.

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Update your kernel faggot

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Replying to: >>68818705 (OP)
Using MT/S Mode.

>all that eyecandy yet 0% productivity
So what have you done other than that shitty rice? What are your recent projects? How many have you finished?

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