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I rely on a wifi hotspot at my current residence, however its usually really bad.
Sometimes it completely disconnects for hrs, randomly, and due to its quality in speed I can't do anything other than browse a few websites and watch videos at 360p.

On that rare occasion, I do get moderate internet speed from this wifi, but it doesnt last long. I suspect its because so many other people my apartment complex are on the same network hogging all the data.

Is there anyway I can improve my connection speed(without switching ISP)??
Would a wireless router help?

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Retarded fucking boomer.

Is it a modem from ATT/Comcast/Cable company/DSL? or is it a hotspot from BestBuy?

If its a hotspot from bestbuy, youre probably on a prepaid plan and are getting even shittier speeds because its a hotspot plan. Stop being a faggot and get Comcast prepaid.

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Why are you so hostile young one?
my wifi is provided by Comcast. I pay like 50$ a month for it.

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ARP spoof with a program like netcut. Just make sure you have permission.

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You pay $50 for a connection you share with other apartments? What the fuck?

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Currently living in a shitty roach motel, the internet here is pure ass.

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