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I tried it out, and yea its flashy and pretty but holy fuck its slow. Dnf is slow, installing things in general is slow. Everything crashes. Why do you people like it? Is Linus genuinely rarted???

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Nothing turns women on more than a garish hat.

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What would be a better rpm distro?

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>Dnf is slow
>Everything crashes.
Yeah, that seems to be more of a you problem. Fedora is actually very stable. Not just as a distro that offers bleeding edge software, but in general.

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It's only for cultured samurai, you wouldn't understand with your abysmal Intelligence Quotient! Don't make me unsheathe my Tantō you swine!

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probably suse

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Ok why would it be better than fedora? Seriously curious. Fedora is giving me shit upgrading right now and I am open to change. Has to be rpm though.

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If you can tell that it's slow, you must have tried some other distros before that. Which ones are fast?

Also I kind of would like to wear a cool Indiana Jones hat like in that picture but since no one else wears them it stands out so much it would make me uncomfortable.

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It's my first distro, had seen ubuntu before, but this is my first hand experience with linux and I like it a lot, also learning bash on the side (school), so that adds up. Can't really compare it to any other distro, but all in all I'd say it's solid for what it has to do.

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>Dnf is slow
Only if you use the GUI

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tumbleweed is a rolling distro, so you shouldnt have any pains upgrading. there's also yast for what it's worth

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Installing nvidia drivers easy on suse?

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YaST is slow for me too.

Honestly I don't install software frequently enough to care about it taking 10 seconds to update repos.

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dnf is trash
apt is unironically the fastest and the best package manager

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Tumbleweed installer thinks my system has less than 92 mb of ram or storage. Not sure which, its not very clear. Niether is close to being true. Should I go through with cli install?

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