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tumblr is removing pornography on 17th december. i hope other sites remove this degeneracy too.

pornography should be destroyed. it corrupts the society and demoralizes it.

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>it corrupts the society and demoralizes it.
I'm sure you'll cite some research confirming this.

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>your brain on porn

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Why wouldn't you want this on your website?

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now if it removes PC culture too we might be talking

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Where am I going to get my chubby daddy porn like at gotsilver.tumblr.com and daddypower.tumblr.com
The galleries on xhamster suck ass.

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Hell, disgusting sodomite

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where do i get cute trap pictures now?

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t. dumbass horny teenager

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>t. consoletard

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Could you be any more specific?
>corrupts THE SOCIETY and demoralizes it
Especially about this part.

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>4chan now embraces pro family christian conservative values unironically

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You should have Christian family values in your life.

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>every board is made of the same demographic /pol/ is
I don't think /g/ has stooped to that level.

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OP is not a faggot.

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OP is always a faggot.

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yeah well thanks to boomers and sexual liberation everyone is now wanking home alone, so much fun. it was a cool social experiment but it has to go.

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>everyone is now wanking home alone, so much fun
You're posting this on a website made for weeaboos, losers, NEETS, and other outcasts that don't contribute a thing to society.

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tumblr is rooted in furry degeneracy, they're basically shooting themselves in the knee since now their entire userbase will be moving to twatter. rest in piss

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Are you an far right or SJW? both sides want the porn gone and want to control the internet and shit.

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>pornography should be destroyed. it corrupts the society and demoralizes it.
Good, let it all burn.

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Be nice to him he just wants his papa

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>tfw weeb so it barely affects me
2D wins again baby!

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Me too

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Good. Tumblr can burn.

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Money both corrupts and demoralizes society. Let's remove money

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Who cares about society

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Pixiv, Japan is safe from the west cancerous retardation.

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This, but unironically.
We can also do away with the state too while we're at it.

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Too late.

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who cares
I only visit tumblr to get anime gifs from google search

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We don't like islamiss here, gtfo

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>safe from the west
You never used that website did you?

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You should probably leave this site then friendo :^)

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Im going to newgrounds, the true christian website.

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maybe you wouldn't be such an angry khv if you came more often

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Your projecting your own failings on everyone else.

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>porn must be destroyed
>alcohol should be illegalized once more
>all recreational drugs should remain illegal everywhere
>parties are bad
>gays are bad
>non-whites are bad
>pussy is bad
>women in general are bad
>modern art is bad.
>modern architecture is bad.
>modern technology is bad.
>change is bad
why are conservatives like this? how do you manage to hate literally everything?

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>whites are bad
>rich people are bad
>big companies are bad
>anyone who says anything even mildly offensive is bad
But most of all:
>change is inherently good...because the current system is always bad

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>>rich people are bad
So you enjoy getting fucked up the ass by people using their immense power for selfish reasons?
>>big companies are bad
So you enjoy getting fucked up the ass by giant corporations using their immense power for selfish reasons?

man I hate iToddlers sometimes

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>change is inherently good...because the current system is always bad
yah let's just never improve the world we live in because everything's just fine the way it is.

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What are you talking about? 4channel is an entirely work safe site now.

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>i hope other sites remove this degeneracy too.
t. altcuck claiming SJW banning of shit is bad except when you want it.

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not technology retard,sage

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>yah let's just never improve the world we live in because everything's just fine the way it is.
yeah lets just always take in change no matter if it cripples the country and tears apart families, nah lad lets just take in all new ideas because newer is always better.

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Poz means semen infected with HIV? how clever

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>posting dicke and tiddies on teh internetz ruins families :((((
>why won't you focus on the family, goy?

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because they're contrarians. Self absorbed, ego inflated, but mostly just trying to set themselves apart from everyone else. THey think they're part of some kind of exclusive club.

You're bad, and your system is shit

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there's always room for improvement, anon. stagnation = death.

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The modern version of
>I'm sure you'll cite some Scripture confirming this
You want some priests in lab coats to pass down the Truth in a "study" you won't read. Could you just open your eyes and take a look at society? If you've ever taken a break from porn, can you not see the effects on your psyche firsthand?

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degenerates like you have ruined 4chan

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> we won't screw it up

Yahoo, 2013

> 2018, a screw up

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They're pretty independent, I don't think yahoo employees can even see their code.

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Okay this is epic.

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It's pretty obvious what is happening. Advertisers hate porn - Tumblr isn't making money. Same shit is happening all across the internet- Advertisers are making the decisions about what you're allowed to see.

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>Advertisers hate porn
But why?
Do soccer moms really get butthurt if coke has a sidebar add on some gay furry page?
Who would even notice this shit.

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Didn't conk or bepsi remove their ads completely from youtube over something someone said

to answer your question though, yes that's completely the reason why

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thumbnail made it look like a real good painting

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mash'Allah my brother

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so im is removing tumblr from my tablet

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Fuck off nintentard

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so what you're saying is...we're free?

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Not an argument.

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They're two sides of the same coin.

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Yes let's all decide that leftist sjws running ai algorithms decide what we should watch and what should be censored


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As opposed to right winged luddites, eh, anon?

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But wasn't it the lefty's own body positive gender diversity sexploration site tumblr that's being censured due to having too much kiddy porn?

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