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Is it better to buy a Mac Mini or iMac for a home office setup? I prefer Mac OS as it’s a fully POSIX compliant Unix system, so please don’t suggest pajeet shit like Windows 10.

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Unix is dead. Linux is the new unix.

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linux was always unix you brown nigger

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>posix compliant
mac even changed their /home to /Users

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POSIX is a group of standards that determine a portable API for Unix-like operating systems. Mac OSX is Unix-based (and has been certified as such), and in accordance with this is POSIX compliant. POSIX guarantees that certain system calls will be available.

Essentially, Mac satisfies the API required to be POSIX compliant, which makes it a POSIX OS.

All versions of Linux are not POSIX-compliant. Kernel versions prior to 2.6 were not compliant, and today Linux isn't officially POSIX-compliant because they haven't gone out of their way to get certified (which will likely never happen). Regardless, Linux can be treated as a POSIX system for almost all intents and purposes.

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>reddit spacing
go back

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Just build a hackintosh

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used my damn cuck stamp too early

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Why not both?

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now that is a shatpole approved solution

GENIUS, above the BAR you could say.

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do you have redpill stamp?

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All but one release of Mac OS X (now macOS) has been certified as Unix by The Open Group, starting with 10.5:

10.14 (Mojave)
10.13 (High Sierra)
10.12 (Sierra)
10.11 (El Capitan)
10.10 (Yosemite)
10.9 (Mavericks)
10.8 (Mountain Lion)
10.6 (Snow Leopard)
10.5 (Leopard)
At any given time, Apple's page on The Open Group site only lists the current version of macOS and sometimes the previous version, but all of the links above were at one point found via that page.

OS X's status as a certified Unix is called out in Apple's Unix technology brief, which also has other good technical bits in it that will help you compare it to other UNIX® and Unix-like systems

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Late 2012 was peak Mac Mini
>Easy to dismantle
>Swappable RAM
>Up to 16GB RAM
>2x2.5" drives
>Reasonably powerful
>Practically silent with an SSD
>Cheap for a Mac
>Ultra portable
>4xUSB ports instead of Macshit ports
I'm using one as my desktop, it's a lovely silent machine, but shit for gaming if you're into that. Also runs Mojave straight from the app store

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as always /g/ shows the swarm of pajeets and uni rejects with no useful information ever

I would go with the mac mini if you already have a nice screen (e.g. 21:9 ones are awesome for development), otherwise imac (used both for professional development in the past, now on a MBP + 21:9 34'' config)

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well since I'm the only fag in this thread who doesn't mind apple I'll actually give you an answer
get a 2016 or 2017 iMac used in good condition, they have much better CPUs and cooling and you get the 4K retina display for the same price if not cheaper, the Mac mini is an underpowered little shitbox that'll overheat and crash like the fucking Hindenburg every 30 minutes

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>apple store sales ass. tier information

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do you not care that youre using a glued together overpriced hot piece of blinged up trash?

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Mac mini is perfectly adequate. I have several. They are small and quiet. Just get a decent monitor, which will be much cheaper if you don't buy one from Apple.

Ignore all the inevitable Mac haters in this thread.

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Not that anon, but older Mac hardware isn't bad. It was around 2014 they started welding all their hardware into unrepairable slabs of aluminum

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It’s worth it for the user experience and support network you get from apple products.

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Build some mini ITX cheap build with onboard graphics and put hackintosh in there, it'll run better for much less.

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If I’m going to run Mac OS I’ll do it on a Mac.

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Enjoy your inferior overheating piece of shit then

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no I personally use a hackintosh as a dedicated productivity machine because I want to be able to repair it myself when something inevitably goes wrong with it and not have to rely on the retard bar to put a screwdriver through the logic board and shrug their shoulders at me as they hand it back to me with a warranty void sticker discreetly tucked under it, but I understand that there is a market of people who want the simplest experience possible and by the laws of capitalism there will always be a product to cater to that market

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Buy the iMac in that case...
The only thing that apple does really well is their screens...
The mac mini is a laptop minus all the useful parts and my experience is that the motherboard is really crappy on the minis
So the Ram CPU and SSD is working at 15% but the system still lags and takes forever to load stuff.
(The same problem came up in the first run of the dongle-MBP 2016)

Why is the Posix part important to you?
I always find it funny that 9/10 people who brings this up dosent really care about unix or posix.
"Its Unix/POSIX certified!"
"But it doesnt even have a packet manager and the X-window compatibility is really crap!"
"Well i cant use Linux because i only use my computer for the Adobe Suite!"

Get the iMac and pay as much for it as you can , consider the pro one!
Since 9/10 problems with newer Apple products is that they are obsessed with making everything small
consequences be damned, so unless you get the best in the line your machine WILL underperforme.
So unless you are part of the main audience for apple computers: Stay at home moms and bloggers, you will have problems with the lighter versions of their computers.

And last thought you should consider something like Buddhism or Christianity instead of Apple to fill that void.

Good luck anon.

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hackintosh = systems for people with much time and no money, so basically 99% of /g/

if you work however, get the proper one OP

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It runs just as good on non-standard hardware and you can update it so it stays relevant. Considering how long it took for them to update the minis I'd be cautious on buying one that isn't specced the fuck out.

>with much time and no money
It only takes long to set up if you're a brainlet. It's more about control than money honestly.

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why would you ever need more than the new mac mini specs for a home office? unless you

a) game on mac (lol)
b) work with graphics / rendering

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yikes, id be embarrassed having that damn manbaby crib toy on the right in my house.

id have to put elec tape on it or something, i sometimes think manchildren want to be gross.

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It takes much time if you're not capable of copying and pasting files. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't know how to open a terminal, to be honest.

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>computers are furniture, children

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A second hand Mac Mini is gonna cost you less than a decently specced Mini ITX PC, be much more portable, and is guaranteed to run MacOS without hassle.

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see specs, also you can turn off ALL rgb lightning

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Why would you need a Posix compliant machine for home office?
If the demand really was home office then a Windows based computer would be the only logical system!

And the problem with using older Macs is that you will get pushed out of the supported raster and the "It just werks" no longer apply and i believe that the 2012 models are next and i would guess that they will include the 2013 models there as well.

So if you want the Apple system but cant pay the premium for it. well then your in the wrong market.
Mac ages like milk, not wine.

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i myself wouldnt mind, im just saying that glowing neon skull would turn a pussgina into the great sahara desert and quite literally crumble and blow away in front of me.

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lol wtf are you a paid salesman for extremeskullz INC or something? lmao

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macOS with updated coreutils is pretty comfy desu

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"i dont want to have that led on"
"Well you can turn it of..."
"Are you sooommmeee kind of SHILLL?!?!?!?! XDXDXDXD"

Whats wrong with you anon?

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Hackintoshs are fine until an update fucks your system. Which will happen frequently.

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uh, nothin, you just got really technical there about it was all..

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>can't even maintain 3.2 GHz base frequency
>constantly hitting 100C
of course

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Precisely appropriate to turn women away from your boyfriend. Those rimjobs ain't for him to run away.

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>why do you want your machine to be posix complient


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why does it look so gay?

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turning your lights off is too technical?
Are you a mac user or is this bait?
Perhaps both?

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They are both very similar. If you get the mac mini, you will have to get the lg ultrafine display, as that is basically the only screen with the right resolution. If you get the imac, you need to make sure the default height isn't too high for you ergonomically as it cannot be adjusted any lower. You will also have to get an ssd as the default configuration is usually a hybrid drive.

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Not him but the mac mini really has nothing redeeming about it. You're gonna have to bootcamp windows 10 enterprise to get any use out of it anyway so why not just buy a barebones SFF PC with better specs like that nuc?

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good one, i shall tell boss skullz and get you raise sir :)

same of course

(awful lotta nervous samefagging for someone whos ~not~ a salesman!! xd)

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Also, go to Apple and compare the quality of the lg ultrafine to the built in imac screen, just to make sure they are the same.

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>are you a Mac user

Are you implying UNIX users are stupid winbaby?

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I want to buy 5 mac minis and stack them ontop of each other at some point in my life.

will have to reach a point I will actually use that processing power thou. hope I pull my life together and do some thing useful.

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I didnt say that!
I said that Mac people REALLY DONT CARE about Posix. its only brought up to sell the Apple OS.
If Linux was the Posix compliant os in this debate then the Mac people wouldnt even know what Posix is!
No MacOS user would migrate to say BSD if the next version of MacOS would not qualify for the Posix or Unix certification. Its just a bragging right. in general: NO APPLE USER ACTUALLY CARES!

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They'll throttle heavily, see

You're better off building a mini-itx am4 desktop pc, slapping on a 16-core processor and running it at base frequencies.

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Trying to defend Unix with a Non Unix user whos creating a OS thats not Unix certified, not Posix compliant.
What do you want to say anon?

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>Open source UNIX foundation

POSIX-compliant, Open Brand UNIX 03 Registered Product
Open source kernel based on FreeBSD and Mach 3.0
64-bit OS using LP64 data model
Support for multiple CPU and GPU cores via Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL
Hand-tuned, standards-compliant scalar and vector math libraries
Standards-based networking

Complete IP-based architecture supporting IPv4, IPv6, and L2TP/IPSec VPN
Rich zero-configuration discovery and naming via Bonjour and Dynamic DNS
Interoperable file serving via NFS, AFP, SMB/CIFS, and FTP
Powerful Apache web services
Open Directory services built on LDAP and Kerberos for single sign-on
Comprehensive UNIX user environment

Standards-based graphics built on PDF (Quartz), OpenGL, and H.264 (QuickTime)
Full-screen terminal with xterm-256color support
Familiar UNIX/Linux utilities (such as emacs, vim, and bash)
Free Xcode developer tools based on Clang/LLVM

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Why does it have a proprietary power cable? At least the Mac Mini uses a standard.

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He’s clearly using a Mac winbaby

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>Ryzen 3600
>3.6GHz base clock
why tho

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Even with a gruesome 100% cpu load on all cores it's able to maintain 3.9GHz TURBO frequency on all cores which is 800MHz above the base. To top if off temps aren't even reaching 85C which is insane for something smaller than a mac mini.

Partly this is due to better cooling but the nuc has a dedicated power brick capable of feeding up to 230 watt peaks of power. The mac mini has an internal PSU that probably suffers from overheating as well

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I am an apple user simply because it’s posix compliant and reminds me of BSD.

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Maximize 7nm silicon efficiency. Remember these clocks are higher compared to coffee lake when you account for at least the 10% projected IPC uplift. More like 4ghz on coffeelake.

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It still looks gay and doesn’t run Mac OS, which was something OP stipulated he wanted. Stop shilling your manbaby toy.

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Because it looks gay. Also the Mac mini has had really good reviews.

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Well youre the exception that proves the rule.

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Then why don't you simply run BSD? Its made by nice people who don't ass-fuck you at every step of the software lifecycle.

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Systemd distros are not POSIX compliant, no need to even pay tje certification tax, yet redhat/poettering claims that posix gets in the way of the PC.
While Apple, is fully UNIX compliant. This just makes redhat projects like GNOME a joke.
Apple did not use Usuablity/UX/justwerks before engineering quality. Redhat is just full of excuses to spread its cancer unauditable software futher. With its NSA holes.

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It’s no where near as polished and I like the build quality on apple hardware.

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Here we go!

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>comparing redhat, an enterprise systems software company to Apple, a consumer tech company
>GNOME is a redhat project
>implying Apple wouldnt rat you to the NSA at the drop of a subpoena.
>Still insisting POSIX compliance is worth anything on a desktop OS made by people who ditched their server software rendering its unix properties mostly moot.
8/8 bait.

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Mac OS is a polished unix experience. Deal with it Pajeet.

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>> No.68797398


Gnome is a red hat project.

Apple took the FBI to court to protect a literal terrorists right to privacy.

>posix compliance isn’t important

Leave Pajeet.

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You know what really shits me is Apple just hoped everyone would adopt "retina", but literally fucking nobody has so if you buy the mac mini, you have one single monitor that you can get - the one they sell in the store from lg.

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No it isn't and you know it. Apple has essentially abandoned mac os and let $1/hour pajeets tale the wheel.

>> No.68797406

Two points more in the bingo!
Thanks anon!
And btw im a blonde blue eyed white christian male thank you very much!

>> No.68797411


I doubt ‘home office’ would have it at 100% load. The Mac mini would be perfect for what OP needs.

>> No.68797420

>sorry, your faulty screen coating isn't covered by the warranty. Despite the fact that tens of thousands have reported this, we view it as an individual problem.

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It really is a very nice fully posix compliant unix environment. I don’t know why that upsets you Pajeet.

>> No.68797431

No it wouldn't because there's no dedicated GPU so HW accel even for office stuff would be abysmally slow. God forbid he want use any photo/video editing software.

>> No.68797437


That must suck. Never had anything like that happen when I’ve needed to talk to apples repair department.

>> No.68797439

Prove to my what you use from POSIX.
>protip: you cant.

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lol you dont need a dedicated GPU for any of that shit.

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File: 598 KB, 1080x606, Kevin_Backhouse_Video_of_my_PoC_for_CVE20184407._It_crashes_any_macOS_High_Sierra_or_iOS_11_device_that_is_on_the_same_WiFi_network._No_user_interaction_required.1057352656560287746.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If by that you mean filled to the brim with software vulnerabilities and glitches making it unsafer to use than a dollar store bike lock then yes, yes it is.

>> No.68797454


Modern intel integrated graphics are more than enough for home office or photo editing.

>> No.68797462


No I mean it really is a very nice fully posix compliant unix environment. I don’t know why that upsets you Pajeet

>> No.68797470

>Apple cuts your GPU rendering power
>Apple fills your OS with GPU wasting Gaussian blur

>> No.68797476

Calm down iPajeet, go get someone who speaks english.

Yes you do because intel "hd" graphics has 10% FP32 of a dedicated graphics card which is used for HW accel. Prove me wrong.

>> No.68797486

I'm sure it hasn't, since you just walk over from sales down the loop and talk to your buddy in the department, shill.

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If you're editing 2MP photos, sure.

Sure is, has all the history of being a broken unsafe trash heap.

>> No.68797491


Lol that doctored video is some Hollywood hacker shit

>> No.68797494

Prove you wrong? Fucking office applications don't need a dedicated GPU you stupid fuck.

>> No.68797498

Not coment owner.
Apple as a company is whats upsets me.

>> No.68797502

The CVE is included in the tittle. Go check it out yourself.

>> No.68797506


Mac OS is a really nice system which I enjoy using. It is polished and I like the fact it is a fully posix compliant unix system. I’m sorry that upsets you Pajeet.

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what advantage does usb A have over C/TB?

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Yeah, a polished turd.

>> No.68797537

>you're going to have to use windows anyways

now who is the one shilling?

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mac mini because you dont want to iraddiate your face with an all-in-one computer

>> No.68797551

This is coming straight from a decade old mac user: mac os is unusable. I'm not even talking about mainstream windows btw. Enterprise version like 2016 LTSB can run on 1 GB of RAM and a 32GB HDD perfectly fine.

>> No.68797562


You can turn all rgb off permanently.

>> No.68797575

Do you want a non-upgradable computer in one footprint, or do you want a non-upgradable computer in a scattered footprint? It's pretty much the same fucking computer in a different form factor.

>> No.68797576

phone is type C, flashdrives and external hdds are type c, mice are wireless/dongle, if anything the fact that type C can do so much more than just usb makes it way more convenient

>> No.68797602


I like the fact it’s a very usable unix system with wide software support from a lot of different developers. What about that annoys you Pajeet?

>> No.68797603

buy a mac pro?
>buy 2009 mac pro second hand for NOTHING (200 once for me), install good supported gpu, install pcie ssd sled, install mojave, save money, retain upgradability

>> No.68797605

>phone is type C
Apple's own phone isn't. Apples own phone doesnt even come with a connector to connect your apple phone to your apple computer without a dongle.
>flashdrives and external hdds are type c
They are not. go buy some dongles.

>> No.68797609


The Mac seems better though.

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We can go on all day macfag.

>> No.68797623


>coming straight from a decade old mac user

Why would I care about the opinion of a ten year old?

>> No.68797637


Those are some cool skull LEDs everyone in my middle school will think I’m a badass

>> No.68797638

>missing half the i/o ports as the nuc
>severe overheating and thermal throttling problems, see >>68796968
>no dedicated GPU

In what way?

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>> No.68797654

>has never seen a type c flashdrive/hdd
>only uses the included cable with his phone

get a fucking lightning to C cable, the included cables are almost always garbage, no matter what brand,

>be anon
>buy a new pc, it has usb! fureturenow.iges
>but my printer is parallel
>reeeeeeeee why can't all pc manufactures use parallel till I decide to buy a new printer

>> No.68797751


>>has never seen a type c flashdrive/hdd
>90% of flash drives and hdds are type a. The entire woorld isnt dropping USB A for apple.

>the included cables are almost always garbage
The included cable, on that $1000+ phone? its shit?
gee thanks apple!

>> No.68797784

>implying I'm an applefag

note 8, type c monitor for my dell t5500
currently using an apple 87w type C psu so I can power basically anything I need to.

>> No.68797785


>a bug can display files encrypted with 256AES

You have no idea how encryption works Pajeet

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mac minis are shit for anything else than browsing gay porn

>> No.68797797

>GNU is

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File: 1.42 MB, 964x720, 1515112380626.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neither does apple.

>> No.68797885


They do, and that’s why apple devices are very secure. For example there’s that guy who is being held indefinitely for refusing to hand over the pass key to the encrypted drives on his Mac


>> No.68797955

In a way that it doesn't run a shit OS like windows. OP said he didn't want pajeet shit.

>> No.68797981
File: 2.94 MB, 640x360, ios_12.1_in_a_nutshell.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


10/10 you got me

>> No.68798011

>Somehow iOS is relevant

>> No.68798030

You would know all about turds, wouldn't you Pajeet?

>> No.68798070

>someone found a macos security bug!
Windows has those bugs at about 1,000x the rate of macOS or Linux. Sorry Pajeet, but your kind shit up Microsoft the way you shit up a street.

>> No.68798091
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>w-wandows does it too!

>> No.68798244


Windows is considerably less secure than Mac OS or GNU/Linux, are you denying that?

>> No.68798836

But Macs are still seen as a huge security hazard since Mac users believe that they are invincible and that you cant get viruses on macs.

Plus that apples handling of security breeches is very sub par compared to Microsofts.

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File: 28 KB, 660x444, 79A8B8B1-4641-4D59-9FAB-256E7CB9C229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Plus that apples handling of security breeches is very sub par compared to Microsofts.

Are you really saying that UNIX users think they’re immune from viruses Pajeet?

>> No.68799428

What is this unix users shit?
90% of apple users dont know what Unix is!
Stop the baiting!

And no.
BSD-users,AIX, Solaris, HP-UX Users do not think they are immune but MacOS users does!
Why? Because Apple had a big campaign saying that Macs dont get viruses.

>> No.68799481

>thinking NTFS is a basic function
Hello, pajeet. When will your beloved wangblows toddlerOS have support for ext4, hfs, zfs, btrfs, or anything besides FAT and NTFS? The ONLY desktop OS worse than Mac OS is Windows.

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File: 2.39 MB, 180x160, 1540114482480.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whats up with the Pajeet meme?

Not using a crap OS by a clown company that is more a religion than a business makes me... Indian?

>> No.68799536

If you use Windows you're a pajeet.

>> No.68799568

you can be dramatically more productive in windows 10 than you can in mac os. why would you pay more and limit yourself?

>> No.68799570

Windows is terrible and the only people who defend it are Indian. macOS is so far ahead it's just embarrassing to use Win10 unironically.

If you keep defending it it'll stay shit forever.

>> No.68799601

get an optiplex and run linux, u fuckin douchebag

>> No.68799616

it was bad in like 2002

>> No.68799657

The Titanium PowerBook? That was good.

>> No.68799668


Man you need to get a job...

Macs works really well if you
A: Have a company with employees that are proficient with computers, like Devs and companies like IBM. But in these enviroments you would be just as well of with Linux, BSD or any other modern OS, unless you use Adobe.
B: if you just use your computer all by yourself with no conatac or collab with other people, Writers, bloggers, photography

But Macs has about 2-3% of the enterprise functionallity of Windows.
Macos in the corporate enviroment today is where Windows where with Windows 2000.
Apple shills Microsoft like crazy when as soon as you mention that you are in a company!

So in 90% of all companies that uses Mac in a company uses it as a shiny client for Microsoft services!

>> No.68799684

> is where Windows where with Windows 2000.
It's not bad at all, I'd say it's 80% of what you need.

>> No.68799703

for 200% of the price.
The equation does not pan out!
No im not poor. you know why? Because i dont throw money at nothing thats why!

>> No.68799725

I'm posting from work right now actually, on a mac no less.

>But Macs has about 2-3% of the enterprise functionallity of Windows.
The "enterprise" functionality you talk about is fucking trash and priced so poorly you might as well consider a mac anyway. We spend so fucking much on Microsoft shit and none of it is actually any good.

>> No.68799804

Apple doesn’t pretend to be an enterprise services company; it just focuses on making really nice client devices, then partners with the likes of IBM and Cisco to make sure they provide first-class macOS support.

It’s true that AD integration is a bit patchy and requires some finessing, but I’m wondering whether that’s on Apple or if it’s typical Microsoft foot-dragging and sabotage. Office for Mac still lags the Windows version in features and integrates poorly with the Mac look and feel.

>But in these enviroments you would be just as well of with Linux, BSD or any other modern OS

Not true. No other Unix or Unix-like OS has a GUI that is nearly as pleasant to use as macOS’s. It’s in a league of its own.

>> No.68799882

Mini can be as portable as a macbook. Even more easier to open up and update hardware. So i vote for mini. But please buy one with SSD. Trust me.

>> No.68800002

"Well i feel"
No one cares and that shows in the market penetration.
Less functionallity
Less Compatibility
Less Hardware options
Less Scalability
Less support from the company
More expensive
Less third party support
Shorter support cycle
Less competition in the market
A company more prone to take legal action for things like support, refurbish and reselling, repairs and sharing of troubleshooting tools
Has their own proprietary standards making it harder to integrate with other OS:es (Cocoa, BSDP, AppleScript etc)
Less friendly to comapnies that want to partner (VPP)
Less consistant, throwing shit out as they please, Sensor check, CLI to force resolution, the delete key...
Does not take HW problems seriously (Staingate, the butterfly keyboards, Chargers burning, Heatsings that melts the glue that holds the computer together, thermal throtteling in The new MBP i9 almost all models of MB air.)
Less consistant with accessories compatibility TB 1,2,3 Magsafe 1 and 2 the USB-C

No. im fine!
Im using Centos, Ubuntu and Lubuntu + Windows 10 and 8 ATM and im fine! No need to ever use a Mac!

>> No.68800016

the last good desktop was a G4

>> No.68800259


MacOS is certified UNIX with full POSIX compliance. I’d like to see your figures for 90% of MacOS users don’t care.

>> No.68800432

>Less functionallity
What does that even mean? There are mac equivalents for anything good on windows.

Honestly it reads like you've never used windows or macOS for an extended period of time. Are you too dumb to make a Hackintosh or something?

>> No.68800476

Ask on Mac forums. Mac owners have no reason to visit 4chan.

>> No.68800493

>There are mac equivalents for anything good on windows.

Connect to a serial port on a CNC machining center. We'll wait.

>> No.68800649

Since you're both too busy bickering like children I'll chime in with something more useful than a headline.

The "bug" is the Quicklook cache, which stores thumbnails for files on the system. Encrypted drives experience this "bug" because when you mount them they are indexed by Quicklook just like any mounted drive. I put bug in parenthesis because its just Quicklook functioning as intended. You can disable Quicklook caching using "qlmanage", and clear the existing cache as well. The real "bug" is connecting a drive with data worth encrypting to an unencrypted computer and not expecting data leakage.

Windows does the same thing with the thumbsdb or whatever it is called.

tldr, When you decrypt a drive and mount it the OS is going to create thumbnails. Pretty much every consumer-facing OS does this. It's not a bug.

>> No.68800720

As someone who has actually worked with Macs in the enterprise that statement is bullshit. Its about how you work with them. Of course if you pick up a Mac and treat it like a Windows device its going to give you a bad time.

The enterprise functionality is there, just not in a way you recognize. Group Policy? Device Profiles/ MDM. AD? OpenAccess and Kuber.

The real trouble with Mac in the enterprise is Apple's won ton approach to updates and critical bugs. They force you to be running the latest, even if you're not ready. That is what makes them a pain in the ass.

>> No.68800725

>Serial port
But first I'd need to figure out how to go back in time by at least 10 years.

>> No.68800731

Buy a macbook pro

>> No.68800765

Industrial equipment is like going back in time ten years no lie. I've seen CNC machines running Windows 98 just this year. Why do you think some manufacturer hits the new at least once a month about some IC or machine getting pwned?

>> No.68801030

AD connectivity
Mobile accounts
Seamless integration with the office and other services like:

Printer management
Better backwards comparability
Better inter version handling of stuff

Have you used a Windows computer in a well managed and well configured environment?

Its not about
"well my Mac can run photoshop too!"
Its that in the enterprise and in working Windows is miles ahead of ALL competition!
And im furious about it! At least Linux should have a system close to it but no..,

Sure you can find them but the profile manager and MDM from apple? You kidding?
You can buy the service from a third party like Jamf but using vanilla Apple stuff is not near Microsoft in speed of setup, functionallity and stabillity!
And yes. ive been the sole it-guy in a company with almost exclusively Macs.

>> No.68801142

sexy block

>> No.68801324

Let me guess, you work for a big corp filled with boomers.
Dropbox is leagues ahead of OneDrive.
Teams is basically a slack clone but shit.

We spend a shit ton on microsoft shit every year and yet we opt not to use those services you listed despite all getting it "for free" with business premium and e5.

>> No.68801331

>I’m mad that proprietary Microsoft products don’t work well with non-Microsoft products

But of course it must be Apple’s fault.

>> No.68801457


>uses windows 10
>thinks his opinion matters

Pajeet pls

>> No.68801464


>> No.68801486


>Mac owners have no reason to visit 4chan

Why wouldn’t people who enjoy a fully posix complient unix system not be allowed to post on 4chan Pajeet?

>> No.68802203
File: 96 KB, 1280x720, 1543851446100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this must be bait, even I as a full blown freetard and GNU + Linux enthusiast have to admit that only wangblows owns the office domain

>> No.68802250

POSIX is a just pay certificate.

OS X is UNIX 03 certified. That's a formalism.
1) That's a nearly 15-year-old standard (03 == 2003). Windows was certified to the predecessor POSIX standard.
2) While certified, it's compliance in actuality is poor. macOS's certified status says more about flaws in the certification test suite and administrative process, and the OpenGroup's need for income, than it does about macOS. The manual page for pselect, for example, even admits that it's not compliant!
FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD and probably DragonflyBSD are all more compliant in a practical sense than macOS, and much more compliant to the latest specification as they implement all or most of the newly defined interfaces, while macOS implements very few.
That said, yeah, macOS is compliant enough as a practical matter, especially compared to Windows. Porting stuff to macOS is about as painful as porting to Solaris or AIX, which is to say not very painful.
The biggest headaches with macOS are the bugs. For example, last week I was adding support for sendmsg/recvmsg and IP_PKTINFO in my Lua unix module and was able to reliably crash the kernel with a single line of unprivileged code:
I was really confused at first. I had to reboot multiple times before I figured out it was my test code and not my hardware dying. After some Googling I found the above link that verified what I was seeing. This bug was only fixed, AFAIK, in macOS 10.12. (I don't have a 10.11 machine to test.) I was testing the code on 10.10, and as of the latest update a couple of days ago 10.10 is still broken AFAIK.

>> No.68802322

>I was testing the code on 10.10

Why are you testing on deprecated unsupported versions?

>> No.68802342

Apple dropped 10.10 support last year, and 10.11 support a couple months ago. Only the three most recent major versions (right now Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave’s) get updates and fixes.

>> No.68802413

>claims to know enterprise
>works for dick sucking start-up
yeah... nice job you got there

>> No.68802548

>POSIX compliant

This sounds like someone wants to be pozzed.

Wtf is with this posix meme, who the fuck wants to use proprietary unix standards? It's not the 70s anymore, pops.

>> No.68803274


T. Windowspajeet

>> No.68805031

Me on the left

>> No.68805060

>he actually cares about aesthetics

>> No.68807375

buy a mstx kit and make your own hackintosh box preferably with a socketed cpu like the deskmini (theres a 140$ kit that already includes the mobo and the case) if you want portability, otherwise just build your own pc and hackintosh to avoid apples shit hardware and prices

>> No.68807481

I have one of these, but I don't do anything with it

>> No.68807512

buy a rope and neck yourself to avoid using apples shit software

>> No.68807546

if OP The Fag wants to use OSX, i could give less of a shit

>> No.68807693


What’s wrong with wanting to use a fully posix compliant unix system? It’s a considerably nicer experience than using Windows Pajeet

>> No.68807717

Install Gentoo

>> No.68807817


Gentoo, as of August, comes with a prebuilt installer in the live environment. Installing Gentoo is literally as hard as installing Ubuntu now.


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