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>charges at the bottom
what does this say about applè users?

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Nothing, we just enjoy our life without worrying by such meaningless discussions like that charging port.

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a device should be made so you can fit it into your life, not the other way around.

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>an iToddler defended this

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>years of iFags telling me how applel is the bastion of design and innovation
>fast forward to 2018
>"lol who cares just get a life nerd"

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Devices are made by corporations by their standards. We, consumers, decide if we buy or not. Nobody is puting a gun in our heads to buy such stuff. That being said, its our decision. Somebody buying that mouse won't mind charging it that way. How does this affect YOUR life?

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Mac users are known to bottom.

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I'm actually a top.

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>bastion of design and innovation

Yeah, that's an opinion, not a fact. I guess you have enough intelligence to discern an opinion and what that means, from a fact.

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>How does this affect YOUR life?
All the other idiotic manufacturers will copy the design and force it upon us

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correct, I also have enough intelligence to recognize backpedaling

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I love to being a sandwich between niggas.

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>force it

Yeah no, aside from the notch in cellphones (Which Apple copied from Essential Phone concept) nobody is forcing you to use a mouse with such awful charge port position.

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that they're literal sheep who will buy any retarded thing that has an apple logo on it. I bet apple could design a car with wheels on its roof and those tards would still find a reason to defend it

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>apple could design a car with wheels on its roof
this could actually minimize vehicle rollover damage/casualties, if implemented correctly

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i like spinning too

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I meant instead of putting them on the bottom

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then you're talking about a car that literally hovers, which would be a technological breakthrough. the tires on top would prevent the roof of the car from being scraped by tunnels and whatnot

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you know damn well that's not what I meant macfag

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well then what the fuck did you mean? even by macfag standards, your "example" is a load of nonsensical fuckshit

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you fucking retard. how do you know i didnt buy one. i did and i fucking regret it. i went full fuck apple a year ago.

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>iFag's only defense is to dance around semantics

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fuck apple faggots

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It says that there’s no hole on the sides or top, making it a visually better design that has no effect on usability as the battery lasts for months at a time and will warn you days in advance if the battery is running low. It’s literally physically impossible to drain the battery of this mouse from the point the warning is given in a single sitting. Just plug in the mouse when you’re done and it will be fully charged and ready to go for a few more months.

I don’t like this mouse, it’s an ergonimical disaster and is expensive as fuck, but I still don’t understand how people decided that this charging method was the biggest sin Apple has committed the last several years. It’d even say it’s a good design, arguably the best way they could have designed this.
There’s so much other dumb shit Apple does that deserve this kind of criticism.
The smart keyboard, touchbar, MBP keyboard, lighning/usb-c inconsistencies, App Store policies, the list goes on, just not that fucking stupid mouse.

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If you could use the mouse while having the cord plugged in some people would just leave it there forever. Apple doesn't want people to do that because it doesn't fit their view of how their products should be used. E.g. it forces people not to use it unaesthetically

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technology's take on eating ass

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>apple removes headphone jack
>every other flagship phone starts removing headphone jack
>apple introduces notch
>every other flagship phone starts adding notches
noticing a pattern yet?
>apple puts charging port on its wireless mouse on the bottom
>fill in the blank: soon every other flagship wireless mice _________

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>applè users

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That mouse is from 2015 if not earlier.

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>what does this say about applè users?
They like it up the rear.

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God I wish that were me

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Fucking based

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My understanding is that it's a deliberate move to stop users from using it as a wired mouse, or having it function like one while charging. It's classic Apple design, but not in the 'lel how retarded' kind of way. It's a critical feature of a product being designed to dictate its use to the consumer, because remember, Apple knows best. You can't defy the almighty Apple.

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>applè users?

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That despite what people say Apple doesn't care about experience, they care about looks.

Also that it's very telling that Apple has not once been able to make a decent mouse, let alone a good one.

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Literally all the worst mice in the history of comupting all from one company.

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Wireless mouse is now with wireless charging. Applel can't win this shit.

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>charge my bottom, daddie

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well youre still fucking gay then, faggot.

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That hockey puck one button mouse...
It was the bane of my childhood. Fuck that thing. It also managed to get dirty fast AF

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its to stop you from just using it as a regular mouse. also one charge lasts a good while

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>actual responses with solid reasoning
>surprise surprise, no replies from the apple haters

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>mactoddler subhumans
Found your mistake.

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Because that's not a solid reason, just a sorry excuse.

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Redpilled and based
Satania the apple killer

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Not a single Applefag at work uses this shit mouse.
Even if the port was in the right place the mouse is shit. You need to be a massive retard to use it, hurts my hand just thinking about that time when I had no alternative for a day.

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it says people will buy any dumb shit for a prestigious (supposedly) logo

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They also get charged at the bottom.

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came here to see this, I also came inside Satania last night btw

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Why is it so easy to dismiss everything Apple does and everyone who ever buys an Apple product as retarded?

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Based + redpilled

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Based & redpilled.

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Based Satania

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Because it's true

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Unfortunately, some do. But they are the lazy poser types. Most of my colleagues who need to get work done use a cheap 3 button mouse that comes with a PC

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Yes, we're talking about a fucking mouse, not the trendy shit that cellphones are.

Mouses are not sell as innovations in a competitive market like cellphones. That charging port is a bad idea and hardware manufacturers are aware of this.

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you bought this mouse and you're calling me retard? Get your head checked.

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>plug it in over night
>mouse is good to go for 6 months

really a non issue.

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>>68788543 >>68789372 >>68789534 >>68790056 >>68790303 >>68791223 >>68792141 >>68794411 >>68794471 >>68794814 >>68795264 >>68795392 >>68795687 >>68795732 >>68795899


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gbt r*eddit

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you have to go back

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I think it's retarded that the charger cable enters the device perpendicular to it's longitudinal axis. Any kind of jolt on the cable is much more likely to damage the device/cable.
That, and it's not very feng shui.

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This is how apple operates though

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based satania poster strikes again

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not based and cringe

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Onions'd & blackpilled.

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F I L T E R E D.

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Apple Fag here: this is one of the biggest failures of all time. But only a toddler would need such thing.
> feeling just fine with my razor

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form over function
if you don't really know how to use it, might as well have it at least look good

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If it was in a useful place, a lot of mactards would leave it plugged in permanently. It's put in the most awkward place possible so that it has to be unplugged when using the mouse.

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The Basting

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look mate. im not gonna argue with you that its shit design, its shit design. but you only ever have to charge that thing for 30 minutes every 2-3 months. best thing to do? put it on charge after you're done for the day and you neer have to worry about running into this issue.

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>t. mactoddler

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this. Apple did this on purpose so nobody even for a split second assumes it's not wireless

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>>charges at the bottom
>what does this say about applè users?
Apple did this on purpose so nobody even for a split second assumes its user is a CIS het.

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why can't apple make mice

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Found your problem.

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how will itoddlers ever recover?

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gay sex lol

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how will itoddlers ever recover?

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>reading about fags who act all "tough" when at the end of the day they're just fags.
Nothing more masculine than a man chemically attracted to another man's asshole and then brags about "beating" their asses.

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give them (in)convenience
or give them death

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mactoddlers have defended this

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>what does this say about applè users?
Power Bottom

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>Literally superficial

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You probably only charge it once a fucking year anyway if you use it 24/7. i havent charged mine after 2 years

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>t. mactoddler

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imagine being an applefag

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Applel users love to put stuff in their bottom

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how will ifaggots ever recover?

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They won't, if they are flying with Apple devices

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A few years ago some rapper used the term "based" as a positive adjective. People started using it "ironically", and sooner rather than later it became the unironic, as most ironic things tend to do. People who post these retarded posts are usually braindead users who either think they're being funny and witty, or they're so new they actually think it's the local lingo. Either way, your best course of action is to just ignore them and hope this retarded fad goes away.

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>t. SEETHING ipoojeet

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>The Reddit App won the best app of 2018 for Android devices

What did we mean by this? It should have been Clover.

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/g/ is a place where people discuss about technology. /g/ users are into technology and know more about it than the average consumer. /g/ does not like Apple products because they have never been worth their price tag yet. Apple is also forcing trends and ultimately gives prosumers fewer decent options, as everyone copies the horrible ideas Apple makes. Even when you're not giving money to Apple you're still affected by this phenomenon. Having daily Apple shill threads with some broken Pajeet english just throws fuel into the fire and makes /g/ act almost hostile towards Apple.

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This to be honest.
I use a wireless keyboard I got in 2000 that uses 2 AAA batteries.
I use it for the majority of the day and the thing last basically the whole year before I have to replace the batteries.
While I haven't used that mouse, I doubt it dies quick, and shit actually charges fast today.

Seems harmless, but I'd still rather see it laterally.

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Please don't speak for the entirety of the board or foster hostility here.

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