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What now poodroids?

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Do you want conversation about closed/open(ish) ecosystems, Apple vs Mediatek vs Qualcomm vs Rockchip one, generic shitpost response or generic OS battle which may or may not be related to underlying hardware (see ecosystems part)

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I should expand on my previous comment here:
As for OS battle all that could be said was already said; in short get tools that are best suited to your needs.
I won't type much about shitpost as this is least technical topic on my list.
As for SoC: it's hard to compare Apple ones tho the rest without using ambiguous numbers as Apple have closed ecosystem, which in theory should make everything as optimised as possible, then again third-party developers may have more experience with other systems leading to worse performance on relatively better(tighter) infrastructure as opposed to more fragmented and open, for lack of more specifing wording, Android devices where system is almost completely independent from sotware (after all most things run in VM).
I am looking forward to Your response about your point of view as it may be (and I hope so to keep things interesting and entertaining) completely different from mine.

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Am also interested in seeing this topic develop. Glad someone finally decided to make one of these threads.

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>the entire thread is one pajeet talking to himself
Absolutely pathetic.

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