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itoddlers will defend this

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literally. lol

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>touch microshit surface turd screen with pen
>entire screen shatters

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>apple products are low quality chinktrash
>here's proof



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Based and redpilled.

Cringe and street shitter pilled.

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>ipoojeet shills his fruit trash non-stop and gets his entire continent banned from creating threads
>still thinks he or his faggot manchild fruit toys will ever belong on /g/

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Nobody said Microsoft isn't a shit-tier company. Where do you think you are?

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Who even buys a tablet anymore in all honesty.

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>oh wait, sorry, the full file management system just opened up
>let me minimize that before anyone get jealous


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>it's pretty safe to say that the surface pro 6 can handle quite a bit more abuse than the ipad pro

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>man purposefully does something that is not supported and it breaks

Wow! Here I was thinking you could fold tablets like paper!!!

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if (post.image.match(laughingSatania) && post.text=="ITODDLERS BTFO"){
reply(post, "based");

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>>touch microshit surface turd screen with pen
I don't want to know what pens have a hardness level of 7.

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Testing durability generally is about testing "unsupported features".
>this screen is plastic, so i better not use metal to test the durability or it may scratch it

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basedboy don't have the strength to bend it so it's okay

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You were right. They did: >>68756718

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are you mentally ill or have you just not watched the ipad video

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>huawei mediapad significantly harder to bend than fagPad
>surface pro passes bend test and is still fully functional
>applel chinkshit bends and snaps in 1 second and is completely destroyed with light bending pressure

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Is the iPad the only tablet that matters?

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The filename is just the name of the video that clip is from, moron.

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Applenis cucks on suicide watch

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do they advertise these things as meeting any sort of ISO or MILSPEC?

>caution: fragile
>it broke!

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applefags should go ahead and drink an appletini with cyanide

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No, but it also doesn't come with a
>caution: fragile
warning, either.

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A fucking KitKat has more structural integrity lmao

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>straining and struggling just to get the surface or huawei to bend


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that’s not the point

tablets don’t need a bend test, they typically always torque well before the original iphone 6’s 70 and 90 lbs/in2

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>tablets don’t need a bend test
Yet the fagPad is the only tablet that bends under its own weight and because it's a cheaply made piece of shit.

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last gen 10.5 and 12 inch iPad flexed a bunch too, where was the animosity back then?

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>oops i sat on it by accident, guess i should have looked at those bend tests before i bought it huh

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But they didn't snap in half easily and they didn't deform as easily.

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But that means it's used by professionals who are careful with it. Im sure its durability isn't an issue since if you break the company will just replace it and get a new model next year.

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This unironically, putting wafers in it would dramatically increase the structural strength of what is basically a hollow aluminum foil shell.

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>But that means it's used by professionals who are careful with it.
I don't think you know who professionals are.
>Im sure its durability isn't an issue since if you break the company will just replace it and get a new model next year.
Great mentality there. You have fallen for the consumerist trap.

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In general high end products durability doesn't matter since they're used by wealthy people who don't need anything to last more than 1-2 years.
They're going to get the new model because they want it and they can get it.

You being poor is of no importance to them.

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Oh someone has no idea how greedy rich people are

Guess that is why they are rich in the first place, huh?

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What do you mean, who's greedy?
Why is someone rich?

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...Why don't you just go back to /v/ desu

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Are you mentally ill?

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is it no longer expected that electronics should be treated carefully?

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You mean "yikes". Yikes is the approved term for this type of article.

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Is it no longer expected that Apple users should take the poo to the loo?

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that's a big yikes for me

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It's generally expected that portable electronic devices should be made to withstand forces that would typically be applied during transportation of said device.

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unless you are a literal child, you would have bent it regardless of who you were, regardless of if it was last gen or previous gen... anything with a laminated screen is killed by sitting on it.

citation needed


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itoddlers have defended this

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7 is quartz, aka not something you'd find on any pen. Quartz can be sharpened way more than steel, this means you can literally cut steel with a sharp quartz blade.


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Rich people are rich because they're good at saving, handling and managing money and resources.

Buying stuff you dont need is retarded trailer trash/ Latin American shit

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Thats just nonsense fantasy.
If you use the item asa primary internet communicator/work device it's something you need.

The saving money would be something like not taking a car loan.

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cleaving isnt hardness

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there is no reason to use an ipad as a primary internet/telecom device for work or play... the only exception is if you draw

you have a phone for that

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Why would you use the phone over any other device?
Are you one those people who only own a phone?

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no reason to invest much in the development of quality tech when the user ditches it in a short period of time for an upgrade

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As someone who constantly buys new shit every year just because I can. This still isnt true. I buy new and the best shit, but I still use those things and I'd like it to not break and severely inconvenience me over stupid shit.
Sure I can afford a new phone, what I cant afford is to waste an entire day getting a new phone, downloading all my shit again, and hopefully salvaging all the stuff on my old one.
I don't got time for that shit even if I have the money.
Same shit with my tablets. I use it for drawing, sometimes I've sank hours or days into projects. If it breaks I'll be extremely pissed off.

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It's not like any consumer electronic device has higher than few % break rate in a year.
It's durable enough or it wouldn't make the max amount of money to the company.

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It's still somewhat important. If my phone broke from dropping it out of my pocket I'd have to replace it several times a year. As is mine has taken a beating and I haven't had to replace it ( though it is 2 years old now and I'm looking at replacing it).

My point is just having money doesnt mean you have the time or shit to give to deal with easily breaking devices.

Another example is cars. Luxury cars (not gimmick meme ones, just nice cars) are nice and structurally sound and durable. I almost never have issues with my car, when I do I drive in and get it fixed in under an hour. If I bought a car and it broke constantly it's an inconvenience for me, it doesnt matter if I could just buy a new car. I have better things to do.

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The guy is a muscular body builder, of course it's going to snap in half.

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>The guy is a muscular body builder
Compared to iSoiboys maybe.

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>t. itoddler

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itoddlers BTFO

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>citation needed
Look at how he bends it in comparison to Zack.
Purposefully puts both thumbs either side of a spot and then applies the pressure. He's focusing it on areas and even then it's more resilient than the new iPad.

Basically, people aren't thinking about this critically enough. If you look superficially it can look like all tablets break just as easily, but that's not true at all.

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I cringe every time I see this. It's just a marketing gimmick.

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cringe and bluepilled

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>this Apple fanboy got so butthurt over the bend test video that he decided to make this "parody" video despite him clearly intending it to be a solid rebuttal to JRE's video judging by his pinned comment and then using the "it's just a parody bro" excuse whenever someone points out the flawed nature of his video in the comments section

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>Tries to bend thin electronic device
>Look it broke durrr
Lagdroids have the mental capacity of toddlers

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>t. SEETHING ipajeet

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Personally, I think it would be cool to have a thicker tablet, perhaps around the same thickness as the Switch? Make a thick ass case out of finished wood; good luck bending it, faggots.

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It's also easy as fuck to dent a car door

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>unless you are a literal child, you would have bent it regardless of who you were, regardless of if it was last gen or previous gen... anything with a laminated screen is killed by sitting on it.

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Such is the state of YouTube tech channels.
>It's also easy as fuck to dent a car door
>car analogy
It's not like your whole car needs replacing because of a dent. But a bent tablet/phone does. Also see:

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based debiru poster

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based debil

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Designed in US of A™

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ruskies >>>/out/

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why are you posting this faggot?

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i literally had kitkats from the fridge (not freezer) that were stronger than this pos.

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is anyone even surprised at this stage?

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It's nice to know that these expensive, high-end electronics made with previous materials are designed to literally be thrown in the fucking garbage when they get past their expiration date.

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>try to break thing
>it breaks

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how will itoddlers ever recover?

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The Basting

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Even his basedhands can break your chinshit.

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>The iPad was shit last year to so you're not allowed to mock it this year!!!Q!

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itoddlers will defend this

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how will itoddlers EVER recover?

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big is true

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back to rebbit you go

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Based and redpilled

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enormous if true

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Why do itoddlers defend this?

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ITT itoddlers

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>try to break thing
>it breaks easily with the damage occurring at two obvious points
>this is completely fine!
I particularly like the car analogy. Car's crumple for a reason, the cost of repairing or replacing the car is much less than the occupants, in most cases.
What is the iPad protecting by being so easily damaged? Apple's bottom line?

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Absolutely Based

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god i wish that were me

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They're programmed to.

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Why does this post get so many responses? Is this the /g/ equivalent of /tv/'s "sneedposting" or something?

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>t. SEETHING ipajeet

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Because she's based af

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if [ satanichia & ITODDLERS BTFO ]
cout based
cout >> block


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bump for seething ipajeets

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Combination of the fact that anon posted what everyone was thinking, and he has been frequently posting pictures of that red-headed anime slut in Apple hate threads

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beautifully based

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