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It's all ogre, mateys.
It's finally done.

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Incel is finished

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>cherry-picking a single country's sales figures

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>The sales in the 4th economic power (GDP) don't matter
Poo in loo

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>biggest retailer in the EU (not just one country)
>actually sold items, not just shipped units

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>largest in EU
Just the largest in Germany.

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Mad cus no steam hardware survey with 90% Intel CPUs (actually most of them at less than 3ghz and 1366x768 resolution lmao)

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>Not understanding Intel's 4D chess
AyyMDrones are gonna be devastated in a few months

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>the lack of plan on Intel's side is the broofs they're cooking something to BTFO amd!
wasted trips.

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>largest in Germany
Just one of the bigger ones.

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I seriously doubt Intel can top their recent upgrade from 14nm to 22nm.

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delit dis OP!

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>AyyMDrones are gonna be devastated in a few months
What's happening in a few months?
>AyyMDrones are gonna be devastated
They lack the self awareness to be "devastated" by anything.

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I was just going by what anon, and the chart said (one of the largest).
Personally never heard of that retailer before, but I'm not German local.

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Rome hits the shelves in a few months. Something Intel doesn't even PLAN competing with yet.

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>glue together 2 skylel platinums
>disable HT cause Smeltdown
>new socket
>new cooling solution since air cant handle 350W
thats intels masterplan my dude

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>Rushes to release housefires
>They're still better for gaming than AMD
Bwa ha ha

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>TDP doesn't matter!
you better start looking for new excuses once Ryzen 3xxx drops with higher IPC and, most likely, higher clocks also

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>TDP totally matters
*Blocks your path*

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>OY VEY, quick move the goalpost!
ok chaim.

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>Just the largest in Germany
Germany is most significant and largest part of EU, as well as most notorious place for hardware nets (everyone orders from German Amazon and Computer Universe, and etc).

Germany's hardware sales >>>>>>>>>>> everyone else.

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>still better for gaming than AMD
2700X matches 8700K in gaymen and uttrely OOBLITERATES it in serious productivity/multitasking. For almost half the price and with much better efficiency.

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>and the chart said (one of the largest).
>one of

Which means it's not THE largest or the chart would have said that instead.
It's like saying you finished "in the top 10" - nobody will assume you won the gold.

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>bought a i7 7700K z270 mobo
>programs constantly crash
>turn off hyperthreading it's a bit better
>still crash 5 times a day
>turn clock to 4ghz
>bit better
>turn off 2 cores and clock it 3.6ghz
>so now i only got a 2 core system but at least it's stable.
not even lying.
mansplain to me what i'm doing wrong.

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>Intlel's HEDT didnt even make it into the list
i mean AMD isn't selling those like hot cakes but at least they're SOLD

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show bobs and vagene, maybe i will answer your question

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blue board friendo

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more like blue balled

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>clearly has a faulty CPU on hands
>keeps on using even though should've RMA'd it immediately upon first major problems
>what am I doing wrong
Considering that you were a brainwashed Intbecile to buy into the scam that is 7700K to begin with, I guess we can all say you fully deserved the suffering you got. Karma.

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k so i just return it then

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IF your warranty is still up. Considering you're saying it's 7700K and not 8xxx, it's probably pretty old.

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What an unfortunate palette.

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>people forget the era of the AMD K8/K9

It's only a matter of time before AMD goes full retard again.

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not with Mommy Su and Papermaster. the only thing that bother me is RTG division, let's hope that Jim is right and AMD is selling like everything GF/TSMC can manufacture

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The actually interesting fact is that total volume actually doubled compared to the previous november.

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Weeeeeeeeeeew, laaaaads.

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Intel will be able to hang on until they get things sorted out. Even AMD didn't go under from phenom II to Zen

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The difference is that intel is too big now and has a lot "useless" fabs.
They could crumble under their own weight.

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>Intel will be able to hang on until--
By the time """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""10nm""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" hits, Zen will already be on 5/5+nm or even better.

>"Intel sold less than half it's rival’s amount which is around the same figure for the company at the same month last year. This indicates that the momentum shift in favor of AMD is largely due to considerable growth in the company’s sales, rather than a decline in Intel’s sales"

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>Thanks to the incredible data transparency of Germany’s largest e-tailer, Mindfactory.de, and the incredible effort by the AMD community
>incredible effort by the AMD community
well that clears things up
Intel is literally sold out in EU and people who buy intel halted their purchase, while AMD continues to pump garbage into the shops unabated
this means AMD has now won the global market
makes perfect cents
keep it up, r/amdstock, you will surely break 16% next year

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ARM: 999999999999%

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You know, there are actually some decent arguments that TDP matters a lot more for CPUs that GPUs, if someone was inclined to argue it. Ultra-high TDP CPUs virtually always require expensive aftermarket cooling solutions, whereas partner GPUs come with an appropriate cooling solution. CPU overclocking tends to be thermally limited much more frequently than GPU overclocking, and you are much more likely to run into problems of mismatches between how much power a motherboard can take when paired with a super high TDP cpu, while GPUs can ensure the GPU board can handle the required power.

Just some off the cuff thoughts.

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See >>68739780, Intbecile.

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Only poor people buy AMD CPUs

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>intel sold less
>because they ran out of fucking chips and people are in fucking breadlines for them
no you delusional fucktard

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Sure, Intbecile, shhuuurrrrre.

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>amd vastly outsells intel

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>People buy AMD CPUs when there are no more Intel ones on the shelves
Wow, they sure did choose AMD chips for their quality, right?

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Intel has other products besides CPUs (modems, FPGAs, and nand are all profitable), they're canning xeon phi to make room for conventional gpus, and even their IOT product revenue is growing faster than PC.

t. intel shill

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It's not even the largest computer hardware retailer in the EU, or even possibly German, so fuck off dipshit.

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Back to 4chan.org you stupid antisemite

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Again, Intbecile, Amazon DE is the most important and largest services for hardware purchases in EU. Second largest is Computer Universe, which is German too. 80+ percent of all hardware purchases, be that consumer or large batches for retail nets in different countries, are done via CU and Amazon.de, you fucko. This also includes Russian and other Slavic retail nets. They majorly buy and import from Amazon.de, which this chart includes.

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>Germany is most significant and largest part of EU
and people the play gothic 2 and forlkift simulator

>> No.68740089

Egosoft is German. X is one of the most notorious and significant Space Sim franchises. X4 came out yesterday and it's GLORIOUS.

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mm mhm

>ayylmaomd is finally doing better than jewtel
when the fuck are they getting rid of the meme neural net for branch prediction anyway?

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>German retailers weren't stocked with intel cpus
>only country where amd outsells intel
Using Germany as a sample...
>When amdniggers have to look this hard for a win, and it's, because AMD just happened to be the only choice available.

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Stop gaslighting, Mr. Shekelberg.
AMD is doing very well in stores that don't sell Intel.

>> No.68740158

>Amazon DE is the most important and largest services for hardware purchases in EU. Second largest is Computer Universe,
So what, retard. The chart was only for midfactory.de. Is there something wrong with your brain?

>> No.68740183

>The chart was only for midfactory.de
Midfactory is a supplier of Amazon.de and pretty much every other major retail net int the EU, you dumb shit.

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>German retailers weren't stocked with intel cpus
this isn't germany exclusive thing
Intel chips have dried up in my country too
I ordered an 8600k last saturday when the shop page said it will arrive within 4 workdays
it's another saturday and I have fuckall, the page now says estimated delivery in fucking may next year and has 20-100 people checking it out at all times

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So that confirms it.
People buy AMD CPUs when they can't find Intel CPUs.
AMD BTFO once again

>> No.68740258

>A supplier of amazon.de
Holy shit, you are really retarded aren't you?

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also the price shot up from 258 Euro to 295 in a week
shit is insane
I kind of dodged a bullet with price but if those niggers actually include shit I already paid for in tha may delivery even though they sent me mail confirming it will be 4 days on monday, I will go ballisitc

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Inturd rolled back to 22nm because they fucked up even with 14nm, you dumb shit. Intbeciles are utterly autistic reality-deniers, lol.

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>meanwhile, Amazon had 2700X selling in a full retail package for just 160$ during a Black Friday bundle deal

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>Intel has no stock since September
>9th gen is just a paper launch
>AMD trailed when Intel CPUs were available (see December 2017 when 8th gen parts started to pop up)
>AMD shills actually believe that people actually buy AMD and not because they cannot buy Intel

Classic r/AMD shitpost

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Your tears are DELISHUSS.

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AMD currently has a monopoly in the CPU market yet their stocks tanked weeks ago and didn't even make their 3rd quarter earnings.

If the 9900k were actually abundant Intel would be whipping AMD now but even the old 14nm++++++ is sold out that Intel is prioritizing OEMs and system builders over DIY sales.

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2700x costs 308 Euro

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Learn to read the message entirely before you ever decide to open your filthy retarded shitposting mouth, Intbecile.

>> No.68740326

>intel currently has stock shortages all because their stuff actually sold out
>somehow this is a lose situation for intel
>the state of amdrones

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Delicious intard tears and their mental backflips

>> No.68740350

Yep, told so. Also, during Black Friday they were literally selling 2700X like hot apple pies, going for JUST 160$ in a full retail package, lul.

>> No.68740354

September 08, 2020 according to intel website
I'll RMA worth a shot
I don't need more than 2 cores anyway tho.
I use it for putting youtube on in background russian asmr vids and teamviewer into the office pc

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This is what you get for being shittel stutterfires

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>I don't need more than 2 cores
>last month of 2018

>> No.68740365

learn to do basic math you inbred amerimongrel
your chink piece of shit costs more than actually good CPU that's out of fucking stock right now

>> No.68740371

i have task mgr up always and never goes above 40% utilised tho
still gonna rma it cuz jews

>> No.68740383

Again, you Intbecillic inbred c-u-c-kshit - during Black Friday, which has ENDED by now, Amazon was selling 2700X in a full retail package for JUST 160$ and it sold like hottest apple cakes ever.

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If you don't need more than 2 cores for your shitposting, then why the fuck you bought an overpriced stuttering housefire piece of garbage scam shit that is 7700K to begin with?

>> No.68740417

so taxman doesn't get my shekles - do it thru company
whats with the stuttering stuff? i see no stutter.

>> No.68740455

>and the incredible effort by the AMD community

As relevant as Principled Technologies

>> No.68740541

>whats with the stuttering stuff?
Oh wow...under what rock you've been living for the last 3 years?

>> No.68740749

>when you lose, you win!
thanks Trudeau NPC

>> No.68740790

>a store puts big black friday sales on amd processors
look at the numbers

>> No.68740852

yeah i know people talk about it on the internet - is it tru tho? i never had it. i just thought it was a meme thing people said to bash intel.
anyway i'm prolly gonna get one of the NUC things too they look cute kinda.

>> No.68740873

>they cropped out the "compiled by amd rebbit user x" watermark this time
the absolute state of amd shills on /g/

>> No.68740904

>reddit is bad
t. incel

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>> No.68741092

>Amazon puts big Black Friday discounts

>> No.68741110

>Buying from Advanced Micro Dicklets

>> No.68741141

>AMD took 20 years to release a relevant CPU
Wow, Intel is definitely finished.

>> No.68741171

go back

>> No.68741181

Intel is obviously better.

>> No.68741220

I'd value data about German buying preferences over American - Germany actually has an educated society.

>> No.68741225

Only for gaming though

>> No.68741226

>is it true, though?
Enjoy your buyer's remorse after listening/watching to this. You're a marketing victim c-u-c-k, son. next time become a #BETTERED human being by buying and building a VASTLY SUPERIOR Zen (Zen 2, perhaps?) system.

>> No.68741247

I couldn't care less if there's plebbit mentioned or whatever, the initial pic simply looked like shit so that's why I cropped it, is all. Fuck off.

>> No.68741275

A daily reminder that 2700X matches (+/- 2%, a literal margin of error) 8700K in gaymen and absolutely utterly OBLITERATES it in serious productivity/multitasking, all while being much cheaper and way more efficient.

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it's better for everything, even """producitvity"""
adobe and 99% of "production" software runs better on intel, only if you are doing like the final export with software rendering is amd a few seconds faster sometimes
sure we believe you

>> No.68741340

AMD had a majority volume of sales for half of the yea from one website in one part of the world.
AMD does not have marketshare majority because of 12 months of good sales.

Stop being a biased little shill rat. They still have some years to go to displace Intel, and it will happen if Intel can't make anything to come back.

>> No.68741348

>amd shills are filthy plebbitors
color me surprised
go back

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>pay slightly more

>better at productivity

>> No.68741358

It will only take Intel 2-3 years to come back with a new architecture. In the meantime they can just spam ads, reduce prices and slow down AMD's progress. AMD can't take over even 1/3 of the market in 3 years.
AMD will only be relevant in consoles.

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>It will only take Intel 2-3 years to come back
Rollback to 14 and 16nm right now, to 22nm in 2 years, 10nm no earlier than 2020, Farting Sound is 14~16nm instead of planned 10nm due to aforementioned rollbacks. By that time, 7nm Radeons will be selling like hot cakes and 7nm+/5nm Zen will be already in production.


Even nGreedia's WHOLE 1 FULL YEAR OF LAGGING BEHIND AMD ON 7NM surely can't compete with such MASSIVE INTELWINS.

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>reduce prices

>> No.68741446

Dude nvidia doesn't even have fabs. Shilling so much for free is bad for you.

>> No.68741451

>where people are scared to waive their own flag
>where the gestapo can raid you for downloading anime
yeah, Germans are so "educated"

>> No.68741472

>nvidia doesn't even
Yeah, they don't even, indeed. That why they've tried to literally SWINDLE stupid milking lolcow normies off with that SNAKE OIL ReTardX PONZI SCHEME SCAM garbage of theirs.

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>the AMD shill(s) are projecting again

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I think you may be retarded

>> No.68741555

>2-3 years
Pentium 3 = 5 years
Pentium 4 & D = 6 years
Core = 12 years (first i7 is 2008)

Intel being stuck on the same architecture is basically AMD being garbage until recently. 2-3 years is too short to cough up a new architecture and unlike a decade ago where Intel dominated the semiconductor fabrication business whereas today they're lagging behind TSMC and Samsung.

It doesn't matter if Intel's CPU division comes up with a new breakthrough architecture if they're still stuck with 14nm++++ or a gimped 10nm.

>> No.68741576

He's pretending to be retarded or just an underage retard straight from plebbit. His posting style is obvious enough. I don't know how anyone can seriously reply to his posts.

>> No.68741578

seems like you've done that before, kind of proving my point hmmmm

>> No.68741584

Their fabs are garbage even in comparison to GloFo, kek.

>> No.68741590

>8 minutes in gimp

>> No.68741596

why are you on this board if you know nothing about technology?

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wtf are you talking about?

>> No.68741633

>space after numbers
gotta inspect element better than that senpai

>> No.68741665

If only the OEMs would stop shipping inturd as much as they are. Especially considering the shortage

>> No.68741684

How many fucking times do I have to tell you? AMD can have all the super fast server CPUs they want. But until they make the fastest consumer-level (i.e. gayming) CPU, Intel will still be the best option for most people.

And right now that award goes to the fucking i9-9900K. I really hope AMD shoves its Zen2 architecture into something faster next year but right now this is where it stands.

>> No.68741685

>Especially considering the shortage
Not really.
The shortage for individual chips is because Intel is sending stock in priority to OEMs.

>> No.68741720

Gaming CPUs are just a drop in the bucket compared to servers

Intel made bajillions by selling off Xeons, not consumer CPUs for desktops and laptops

If everyone and their mother are buying Epycs then Intel is fucked

>> No.68741726

See >>68741275, Intbecile.

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>> No.68741798

I don't care about anything but the top. Fuck poorfags.
>If everyone and their mother are buying Epycs then Intel is fucked
But they aren't. And they won't. Because they are server CPUs. That's my point. It's "over" when AMD makes the fastest CPU that "everyone and their mother" will actually buy.

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hey i recognise that guy. he's an awsome youtuber he has a channel with someone else. used to watch him about 2 years ago. loved his server vids
that was an interesting video to see the game hitch 3 times on intel like that. i might have to buy amd now. i like the sound of zen2 it sounds cool.

>> No.68741909

>I don't care about anything but the top
>Paying 50% more money for barely 2% more performance AND worse efficiency
>Fuck poorfags
The thing is, you and people like you are the actual true poorfags here. Not monetarily...mentally. You're brain deficient.

>> No.68741937

I'm retired with enough Bitcoins to raise my entire family and I'm still just 24. I think I can afford to spend $1900 extra bucks on a computer.

>> No.68741952

lol no
80% of CPUs are sold in US of A, europoor

>> No.68741955


>> No.68741963

wht price u cash out?
i'm waiting for $90K

>> No.68741968

>But they aren't and they won't
Enjoy your heavy buttmad coupled with delusional denial of reality, I guess.

>> No.68741980

t. Ponzi

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File: 257 KB, 1024x576, sad_dva_by_jester5728-da1zegv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Germanfag here. Believe me, we don't. Of all the people I have ever met at least 75% could be considered mentally disabled. And it's only getting worse because we are having some major subhuman invasion going on since 2015. You shouldn't value any data about the behavior of people in this country.

>> No.68742019

Go back. Just fuck off and kill yourself.

>> No.68742026

>I think I can afford to spend 1900$ extra bucks on a computer
Again, you're completely missing on the point. It does NOT matter how much you've spend on the hardware. What matters is for you not to be a total fucking idiot and a brainless marketing victim sheep. If you pay more for less, you're automatically a marketing victim and a dumb idiot, regardless of what you've bought and what money you've spend to get it.

>> No.68742034

Nice non-argumentation, kid.
I didn't expect anything better, really.
You're like a clock, absolute pottery.

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>reeeee stop posting sites I don't recognize!!!!1
take your own advice shill.

>> No.68742096

>wccftech is a reputable site
the absolute zoomer amdrone city of /g/

>> No.68742105

this. NPC are everywhere here.

>> No.68742116

wtf u gate antel mow

>> No.68742117

>data published by mindfactory.de
no probs boi
>paki-tech publish the very same data

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>> No.68742174

>Navi 20
holy fuck AMD, you cant just keep pumping more power into something

>> No.68742197

>Using data from one company in one country.
Wew lad, anyone would think you're a retard or something.

>Inb4 "i...it's THE LARGEST in Germany"
nigga pls, you could have only 10% market share, just so long as that was the largest single chunk you could claim to be the largest, despite the fact that 90% of the market isn't you. Being the largest doesn't mean you're representative.

>> No.68742199

TDP doesn't matter (cf Vega GPUs)

>> No.68742218

Watch and listen to the video entirely, you noVideotic c-u-c-kshit.

>> No.68742225

>AMD CPUs are only selling more because Intel CPUs are sold out!
>Ergo, Intel is winning!
>Also, I have no idea how mindshare is built!
Jesus fucking Christ the stupidity of Intel shills is truly staggering. Executives get fucking fired for supply chain fiascos like this, because once your customers start trying your competitors products you are fucking guaranteed to permanently lose a bunch of them, idiots. Jesus fuck.

>> No.68742314

>sc*ttish "People"

>> No.68742368
File: 966 KB, 1352x5073, IntelWins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really makes you think

>> No.68742369

Where Apple doesn't hold the majority of the phone market share and Xbox doesn't hold the majority of the console market share. That alone makes Germans infinitely better buyers than Murrifucks.

>> No.68742381
File: 296 KB, 529x720, 1508357344939.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>more people buy 2700X than 2700
>but more people buy 2600 than 2600X

>> No.68742395

Nice shoop, kid.

>> No.68742397
File: 42 KB, 394x458, 1461346616727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>educated society
>question holocaust
>get arrested

>> No.68742404
File: 787 KB, 1674x945, 1526235657487.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not here

>> No.68742411

Do you question the Earth's shape, too?

>> No.68742433
File: 14 KB, 183x232, 1413137102441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68742438
File: 971 KB, 1352x5073, Poozen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68742458

>intlel shillbabbys first shop


>> No.68742470

>FX before anything intel

hearty kek

>> No.68742474

2700X is more powerful than 2700X while not being much more expensive, it also clocks better and is more stable due to perfect binning. 2700 is solid, but priced too high. It'll be perfect when AMD makes a very obvious and clear price cut soon, when Zen 2 comes. They always do.

2600 has better and more stable clocks due to better binning than 2600X (yes, really) while being significantly cheaper. Also, 2600 is LITERALLY "two Sandy i7 2600K"-equivalent by PPC and IPC, which is considered a a literally PERFECT-FUCKING-UPGRADE from i7 2600K (thus very many of those people who were firmly sitting on Sandy i7 for all these years, deliberately not buying into Jewish scamming, are choosing to finally move to Zen+ via upgrade through 2600/X). This basically makes Zen+'s 2600/X the true "people's product", like it was with Sandy i5 2500K/2550K and i7 2600K back in the days. Zen+ 2600/X is THE "AMD's Sandy i7, doubled by two".

>> No.68742478

Based Germans shooing the Jew

>> No.68742479

Sorry, that's a windows problem

>> No.68742486


>> No.68742497

Not that retard how much was the bundle?

>> No.68742511

>thus very many of those people who were firmly sitting on Sandy i7 for all these years, deliberately not buying into Jewish scamming, are choosing to finally move to Zen+ via upgrade through 2600/X
Me but 2500K and I'm waiting for Zen 2.

>> No.68742516
File: 2.75 MB, 200x150, 1539152405891.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>FX 8350
>last month of 2018

>> No.68742577

>resorting to photoshopping fake sales rankings

>> No.68742595

It's so cheap and still better than a pentium overall.
Might not get good FPS, but at least it's not stuttery.

>> No.68742598

I've clearly said "many", not "everyone/all".
I'm personally still on Sandy i7 2600K and plan to fully upgrade only when 16 core Zen 2 comes out ( I don't care if HEDT or mainstream, since I'll be building from scratch anyway), but literally 98.82% of all my neighboring friends and relatives who were sitting on Sandy (and Ivy) for years deliberately have already moved to gen1 Zen (mainly 1700X) and Zen+ (2600X and 2700X, also a couple people built 2950X systems), so I'm guessing it's about time for me to move on also. I'm not going to fully retire my i7 2600K station, obviously. Would just move it away to another house, right after I build a new Zen 2-based main battle station.

>> No.68742611

It's fucking power-hogging housefire, though. A literal fucking space heater. Are they THAT cold?

>> No.68742654

>why would anyone want a space heater?
>why don't they just endure the cold?
C'mon, Anon.

>> No.68742705

Also, AM3/+ is a dead-end socket. It doesn't matter how cheap this HOT garbage is, you're literally C-U-C-KING yourself the flying fuck out if you're buying this shit in 2018. Or 2017. Or 2016, even. The shit is dead-in-the-water. It's like deliberately buying and building upon Phenom II X4 in 2015.

>> No.68742798

>FX is better than pentium
amd shills have no shame

>> No.68742832

...can't you read?

>> No.68742868
File: 287 KB, 1498x1328, Clipboard-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UK above. Burgers below.

>> No.68742897

>Burgers >>>>> migrantscum """""refugee""""" shitskin/pajeet Britshits

>> No.68742910
File: 69 KB, 606x947, Processors_Store_Buy_Processors_Online_at_Best_Prices_in_India_Browse_list_of_Processors_at_Amazon.in_-_2018-12-01_23.43.09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amazon India lol

>> No.68742935

No fucking way this is any real.

>> No.68742939

So the 8400 is 5x more expensive than the 200GE. Basically 5x cost.
So it's not pricing that makes the street pooers buy it, it's just that they're dumb.

>> No.68743041

i am a proud intel user
first and only time i ever had a amd cpu anything in my posession was back in 2011 for the athlon ii x4 640

currently running a G5400 because ayymd can't into lower end cpu's and better looking cooler mounts

>> No.68743057


You guys are fucking delusional. Do you think you're the center of the universe or ubermensch? There's people that do stupid things all over the world, but the majority of people are average. (woah, crazy) You just think everyone's somehow stupid because they've done something that leaves a long lasting impression. Likewise don't tell me you've never done something dumb in front of someone you've only ever seen once or a few times. They'd probably also think "wow what a retard" without knowing you better. In short, you're making incomplete assumptions of people.

also the NPC meme is just a recycled "sheeple" for zoomers, prove me wrong.

>> No.68743067

AMD stock is back on the up and up. I should have bought the dip.

>> No.68743168
File: 12 KB, 170x160, 1528569262528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as a 8350 peasant I have to disagree.
>mfw Just Wait is just to strong

>> No.68743711

Well, you ARE a nigger after all. Karma?

>> No.68744690

You really should just go Zen+ right and then just upgrade the stone later. With Zen it's THAT easy.

>> No.68745019
File: 10 KB, 186x356, helper_tear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68745082

Doesnt count. Post merica

>> No.68745843

>t. lardburger

>> No.68746021

You mean it matches it in GPU bound games... Try any multiplayer FPS game and it'll crap itself

>> No.68746130

Ahhh. Now the shills are going with a lie that's difficult to refute, since multiplayer is irregular so no one tests it.
Nice strategy. Might work on complete retards like you.

>> No.68746246

Everything that doesn't line up with the amdtard rethoric is a lie. Intel is better for high refresh gaming. I won't even bother digging up benchmarks for shitstains like you because I'd get a wojak reply.

>> No.68746436


>> No.68746502
File: 81 KB, 626x657, 1521197746633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68747489

>uses the wrong "wave"
yes, and you're a perfect example of an "educated" person
god do americans ever annoy me

>> No.68748418
File: 37 KB, 700x466, poointhecpoo1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel are the real pajeets

>> No.68748461
File: 2.41 MB, 1280x1211, 1535764200539.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AMDrone = Deluded fucker

>> No.68748987

Why we buy AMD processors becomes obvious once you look at a median income by country table and realise we make $10k+ less per household than Americans, Canadians or Australians. I'm sure AMD has always performed better than average in such markets.

>> No.68749152

People don't get arrested for questioning the Earth's shape.
Really makes you think.

>> No.68749253

Despite what AMD drones say, Intel and Nvidia still dominate the market.
AMD had yet to even surpass 5% server market share.
you fags are getting WAY ahead of yourselves.

>> No.68749304

Well, AMD overall does hold ~20% of CPU market, but this is all so silly fucking hell, when you see these zoomers standing up for it like some brave fresh startup that's going to take down the ebul corporation, when they are themselves a decrepit old ass corp that's been around since fucking 70's and at several points in time went toe to toe with Intel chips in PRICE, and almost never in actual performance. They have been grovelling at Intel's feet for almost half a century and these wide eyed faggots just won't shut the fuck about how ANY DAY now they are going to aboslutely obliterate it, like it's a fucking sports match, and not a fucking purchase desicion that should be based on objective facts, not feelings.

A smart person is the one who acknowledges he he's not rich enough to buy cheap shit.

>> No.68749353
File: 425 KB, 1024x619, 1540844650114.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doesn't explain China and India

>> No.68749534


>> No.68749632
File: 17 KB, 576x618, cine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i5 gets beaten by bulldozer
The STATE of intel

>> No.68749643

He said a bundle which doesn't just sell you the cpu alone you fucking faggot.

>> No.68749650


>> No.68749665

Sure it does, poor people like to feel "reach", meaning cars that rich people buy, phones that rich people use and hardware that rich people use, or rather what they perceive rich people use.

>> No.68750136

Why not? nVidia always does it.

>> No.68750144


>> No.68750509

People would rather buy FX than intel stutterfires filled with security holes.

>> No.68750525

It's true that AMD is more established in Germany but it still shows the potential for AMD CPU sales on other markets.

>> No.68750584
File: 1.47 MB, 480x270, 1532320472524.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy fuck dude, watching this whole video... now I see why going into chiplets and more expensive interposers earlier than the competition was a genius move by AMD. it was their solution on how to leverage the console market to increase higher end binning for desktop, while simultaneously having almost neglibible defects in manufacturing. it totally explains why AMD is so confident with TSMC's 7nm and why Intel is completely fucked. Zen 2 is not only going to win hard on their general IPC and AVX2 architecture improvements, but guaranteed higher clock rates, and all of the lower bin chiplets with up to 4 defective cores go to consoles.

AMD has this shit in the bag

>> No.68750662

Most educated people fuck off to Switzerland. The average German is a low IQ nigger because we're an American colony.

>> No.68750691

>Muh 2015
This shit already happend long before, nigger.

>> No.68750710

Intel supplies dried out in most non murrican countries because they switched to making Xeons as a result of their fab shortages. It's Vega all over again, they are selling all their chips and make great money but not to consumers.

>> No.68751377


>> No.68751407

Zen will always have insane yields. 7nm won't stop them, unlike Intel's 10nm monolithic shit. AMD could sell that 64 core Rome for $1000 if they want and destroy anything Intel has to offer.

>> No.68751532

>Zen will always have insane yields.
i would phrase it differently (although yields could REALLY be quite good meaning working 8c/16t): AMD can salvage even bad/defective ones at the lower end. a truly masterpiece of engineering!

>> No.68751636
File: 386 KB, 1000x1000, lisa_su_pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a genius move by AMD
i wouldn't doubt this THICC lady

>> No.68751968

Doesn't count. Post Europe.

>> No.68752512

For a 72mm^2 chiplet the yields can't be that bad

>> No.68752657

I think the bottom of the yield curve for the core chips was something like 70% yields due to their small size (7.9 x 8.1 die size estimation, with defect density of 0.6 per square centimeter). This is full-fat chips, and doesn't include ones that are binned down due to defects but are otherwise still sellable.
Keep in mind, when Zen and Zen+ released, they STARTED with 80% full-fat yields and last I heard were pushing 90+%. That high yield is now getting transferred to the I/O dies, making them cheap to manufacture despite their larger size. If they're modular and can be sliced up for Ryzen, that jacks their yield up even higher.

AMD has a winning strategy here.

>> No.68753932

>who is the sexy qt?

>> No.68754177

ur mom

>> No.68754601

>nah, i know my mom, but if my dad did sex change maybe he could be that dreamy girl
step your level new fag

>> No.68755315

>ever being relevant

>> No.68755330

>A bigger market than North America is irrelevant
Really makes you think

>> No.68755336
File: 82 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f48531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stacked bar chart

>> No.68755607
File: 37 KB, 389x597, top kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68755696

>this is what europoors really believe

>> No.68755702

US alone is a bigger market than entire Europe, Ahmed

>> No.68755861

>not america
why should I even care

>> No.68756198

>demand is high
>supply is stable
>that's bad (?)

>> No.68756851

>third world muttland mattering more than the center of the world

>> No.68756861

Not in this timeline.

>> No.68757883


>> No.68759301

>as many R5 2600 + 2600X were sold as intel chips total
fuck that thread from earlier, these two share the title of "new 2500K"

>> No.68759369


Fuck off both of you.

Yes intel might be faster in multi-player but that's only pubg and fortnite.

Thats it.

>> No.68759434
File: 342 KB, 2000x1846, m08qSaV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68760576

>15 seconds in f12 menu

>> No.68760733
File: 1.38 MB, 1920x1080, 4E6CBBBD-7D66-4B54-A95A-424E7DE9B63F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who knew /g/ was full of such sheeple

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