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Old thread: >>68667964

What are you working on, /g/?

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First for C.

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nth for Nim!

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Second for nim

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language-specific package managers: good idea or shitty trend?

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Anyone saying otherwise is a dumb cnile/sepplet.

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What are some good projects to work on?
Preferably something you can do on your own.

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Extremely shitty trend. It encourages every language is exist in their own little bubble, making any multi-language shit extremely hard to do, and leads to static-linking bloat.

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>Mein negger

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They're OK if your language doesn't change major version numbers often.
You can't rely on retarded devs to keep up with their version guards.

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microservices were specifically designed to allow for that to happen and for everyone to not have to give a shit.

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>making any multi-language shit extremely hard to do, and leads to static-linking bloat.
package managers have no impact on interoping with C.
Elm has an interesting take on it where, no matter what, the author has to bump up version numbers in the package or it'll refuse to install.

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good because you can just import packages at will
bad because packages break, support dwindles over time, wrecked packages every major version, over-reliance on packaging destroys languages
so overall a terrible trend, but the alternative is having to go through loops to get libraries

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I don't understand.
So not updating your packages is like violating the NAP or something?

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>good because you can just import packages at will
Leads to massive dependency bloat.
Go install any rust program and watch it download and install like 50 dependencies.
Also there is the left-pad nonsense.

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>his language has syntax

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everything has syntax, no matter how abstract or minimal.

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I did an artificial intelligence class ages ago and ended up dropping out for unrelated reasons but something was annoying me for the first assignment. I had to do a uniform search and then an astar search but whenever I tried to do the astar it ended up being slow as heck. Was I supposed to cheat and process the heuristic beforehand? I just couldn't get it to be faster than a normal uniform search. I did try asking the lecturer at the time but she was fucking useless.

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I don't get this question. What quantifies as a non language specific package manager? A package manager that distributes DLLs/SOs?
What use is that? I write in a high level language to abstract away systems programming

How does a package manager that distributes python going to help me in Node?

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then show me your language with no syntax.

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he just means things like cargo or dub or nimble or stack, non-language specific just being your system's PM like apt or pacman.

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For arrays of size known at compiletime, should I use a for loop or memcpy?

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The compiler will optimize either.
Do whatever you think looks cleaner.

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That contains newlines.

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not a language considering you have no means to give instructions, you dweeb.

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>Edwin Brady

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>I'm the one you're replying to
See >>68672866

I know

That has syntax.

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i was playing the long game.
>what do you mean no instructions? the new lines are.
>and what are newlines

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Hey guys.
I really really don't like x.
So I'm thinking of frequenting a website filled with x to sit their and complain about people posting x.
Do you think this is a good use of my personal leisure time?

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>not liking letters
illiterates out.

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I'm doing C# exercises, and it wants me to read the inputs 11001101 and 01010111 from the user, then do a binary XOR between them. But I don't know how to actually read the second one, and get it into a byte variable with the leading zero intact

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the heuristic for each position is just the distance between you and the target.
You are not supposed to pre-calculate the heuristic because if you do, there are no optimizations to be gained.

The A* pathfinding algorithm is in a nutshell, a greedy search algorithm which calculates the heuristic for the nodes with the lowest expected heuristic value.
Once the algorithm has calculated the heuristic of the target node, we backtrack our recursive algorithm to find our approximated optimal path.
The trick is in figuring out which nodes to calculate and which ones to avoid.
A regular recursive algorithm is not much different from depth first search or breadth first search.
But we have extra information to work with: we have a heuristic value.
What data structure do you use when you always want the lowest value out of all of the numbers you have?
That's right--a min-heap. Where every unvisited node is "infinity", and the act of visiting a node is just an increase key operation.

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The zero is still there even if it doesn't get printed out.

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if you're using Console.ReadLine()it should be intact, you just need to unpack it into a bitarray (bytearray?) from the string you're given
then again I know shitall of C#, what's the issue that's preventing you from doing that?

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what did xxxtentacion do to you?
are you some kind of racist?

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I know GCC will use memcpy intrinsics, but I don't know what this well generate.

Have to do some tests.

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I did that for my uniform search but doing any kind of heuristic just takes too long. My uniform finishes thousands of nodes in about 30 milliseconds but when I add in the heuristic is shoots up to multiple seconds.

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Can you elaborate?

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Do you really want to drag the anime discourse into this thread too?

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Who said anything about anime?

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Well I mean really I have zero idea what I'm even doing here. Do I read it into a string? Int? I can't convert a string to byte, it seems. The material makes zero mention of byte arrays, only bytes. I've been trying to convert the string with the numbers into an int, and then into a byte, but the expected output is wrong so I assumed the leading zero is going missing during this

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You know what you're doing, you cheeky little cunt.

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Hold on, I didn't realise 4channel was a girls and birds website. Are you sure you're allowed to post that?

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It could too. Crows in asia routinely create shorts in electrical systems.

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>Hold on, I didn't realise 4channel was a girls and birds website. Are you sure you're allowed to post that?
My assertion was that this isn't an anime site, and definitely isn't for posting lewd anime pictures, brain-damaged dildo. I never said anything about not being allowed to post anime. Fucking cum slurping dickhead.

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Who the fuck said anything about anime you dumb nigger?

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>Fucking cum slurping dickhead
Whoa, anon? This is a wholesome Christian website. Please refrain from such lewd and inappropriate language.

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>I've been trying to convert the string with the numbers into an int
huh, ok
coming from python, I'd probably just iterate through the string and turn that into int, plop that into a list and then xor the lists and then .join the result
next best thing I think is just taking a dictionary and going with it?
Dictionary<string, int> d = new Dictionary<string, int>()
{"0", 0},
{"1", 1}

and then just
foreach (char c in s)
You can also just zip the two strings into a tuple list and xor each tuple individually?
I really don't know enough C# to know what the fuck I'm even telling you, but a quick search is giving me several methods that all look kinda weird to me

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>Crows in asia routinely create shorts in electrical systems.
I just saw a video on this about birds in the US. Shouldn't the be okay on powerlines? They're not creating a circuit by just chilling on the powerlines.

>why would someone do that?
>go on the internet and lie like that.

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>lewd anime pictures
As long as the image is SFW (no tits or genitalia) there's nothing against posting it.
And as you've already implied anime posting is fine so therefore lewd anime posting is fine.
So you're just being a retard complaining about it. No one cares about your personal opinions.
People generally prefer to go to websites that are more inline with their personal opinions and tastes, so I implore you do the same instead of ruining things for us.

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of course you can just use literal 0b0 and 0b1 instead of ints
I think

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I think it's either asia crows are fucked up or asian power is garbage. I assume the latter.

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lads give me an idea for an interesting eso lang to implement.

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i said interesting, not bloated shit.

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Ouch! My nut bladder!

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Crows in much of asia are a distinct species. They're much larger and have different behavior. They create shorts by building things out of pieces of metal all over the power lines.

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>huh, ok
I mean if there's a better way of doing this then by all means, as I said I have no idea what I'm doing. The material basically just shows how to use the bitwise operands, so I've just been trying to google around how to get those inputs into a format that I can actually even use. So this exercise seems way more elaborate than I'd expect based on the examples they've given

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Make C but with function overloading and better array implementation. That's all you really need to make it far better for more abstract or high level projects.

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>As long as the image is SFW (no tits or genitalia) there's nothing against posting it.
No, but it's off-putting, and you should be burned alive for posting that shit.

>And as you've already implied anime posting is fine so therefore lewd anime posting is fine.
Nice syllogism, dumbass.

>So you're just being a retard complaining about it. No one cares about your personal opinions.
You apparently do, shit for brains. Keep replying, show me how much you care about my opinion.

>People generally prefer to go to websites that are more inline with their personal opinions and tastes, so I implore you do the same instead of ruining things for us.
I go to this site, and specifically to this board to discuss technology, not look at anime fuckwad.

Bigger birds can create circuits by spreading their wings

Ah, that makes a lot more sense.

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why does /dpt/ fight ;_;

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you'd probably like Cyclone, even though it's dead in the actual sense of no longer having any devs working on it.

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computing the heuristic for one node shouldn't take more than maybe three mathematical operations.
You're doing something wrong.

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Because no one posted projects for me to do. Please respond.

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I didn't start it, I was planning on leaving all that horseshit in the last thread.

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Wireless devices are altering collective human behavior and causing gradual brain damage. Both the acute functional changes and the neurodegeneration contribute to the behaviors you're seeing everywhere.

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Write something fancy looking in OpenGL.
It doesn't actually have to be useful; just look nice.

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contribute to emulation.

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I wouldn't personally go around admitting that I'm a machine without personality or interests, even on an anonymous reverse polish messaging board.

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There are no studies, to my knowledge, that have found that radio waves affect us.

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>No, but it's off-putting
No one but you cares. And your opinion literally does not matter. You have to put up with it and not complain, otherwise you're just pissing everyone off.
You already stated once before that you're okay with people posting non lewd anime.
>show me how much you care about my opinion.
If I cared about your opinion I'd stop posting anime, and I will do no such thing.
>I go to this site, and specifically to this board to discuss technology, not look at anime fuckwad.
Do you browse /g/ with your eyes closed? Because that's the only possible way to browse /g/ without looking at anime.

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>tfw you find a really good tutorial on youtube that teaches you everything you need to know about programming in OpenGL so you follow it and now you gotta turn in the assignment but my code is 80% not mine

i-if I just comment everything I should be fine right? I had to link to the videos in some parts because some stuff is so evidently not done by an undergrad that i'd be shooting myself in the foot by saying "yes yup this was all me"

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There have been studies of evolutionary algorithms (for I believe neuromorphic computing) on hardware devices which cannot be reproduced on other hardware or even dumped and emulated. Turns out the algorithms were making use of magnetic flux in addition to the usual transistor logic.
It would be entirely unsurprising if the human brain were to act in a similar way to other background noise.

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What heuristic should I do then? I can't remember what I tired when I first made it but I tried a Manhattan and euclidean distance approach. It's a directional graph so those may not work well.

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not w i d e enough

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Unfortunately that's not the case, because I have ~2100 peer reviewed studies published from the 1940's onward showing pathological changes at power densities often well below the US safety standard, and even below Russia (and much of eastern europe) and China's much stricter standards. Many of those papers are reviews of decades of research on a particular aspect, at a particular lab or university, in particular country, etc.

And just for reference, the bibliography produced by the Naval Medical Research Institute, by Zorach Glaser, contained iirc 2308 citations. It was published in 1972.

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Look at other tutorials and online guides until you understand what they are doing to the core and understand OpenGL, so you can attempt to replicate the outcome your own way.

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> IARC has stated that there is limited evidence that RF radiation causes cancer in animals and humans, and classifies RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”
all the evidence you really need.

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Either manhattan or Euclidean distance should work.
Manhattan distance is literally just the absolute difference between Xs and Ys on the grid. That's a trivial number of operations to the CPU.
You're doing something wrong and it has nothing to do with the heuristic.
>directional graph
that's not any different from a wall.

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>function overloading
If you're asking for named and default arguments, that's a great idea.
If you're asking for namespace resolution dispatched on a privileged function argument ("OOP syntax") then, well, okay, sure, I guess.
If you want totally arbitrary name overloading, please go fuck yourself with a tire iron.
>better array implementation
Arrays are pointers under the hood and you can't change that.

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>thank goodness we don't only have serious problems, but silly ones as well.

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>No one but you cares.
You do, you're replying. If you actually didn't care, you would just stop replying or not even replied at all. Admit it.

>And your opinion literally does not matter.
Neither does yours, stupid.

>You have to put up with it and not complain
make me

>otherwise you're just pissing everyone off
You piss me off with lewd anime, fair enough.

>Do you browse /g/ with your eyes closed? Because that's the only possible way to browse /g/ without looking at anime.
Do you look at /g/. The majority of pictures posted on /g/ have nothing to do with anime. Just look retard.

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int foo(int a, int b)
return a + b;

int main()
int a;
a = foo(1, 2);

int foo(int, int);

int main()
int a;
a = foo(1, 2);

int foo(int a, int b)
return a + b;

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>I can't convert a string to byte
there's a Convert class: args are string, base

Convert.ToInt32("011",2); // returns 3

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I'm right now just using the weight on the graph as the heuristic which may be causing it to check more nodes than it needs to but I don't think anything else is wrong.

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Cells are pretty much coupled oscillators. They can emit and transduce extremely subtle periodic signals, which they then amplify to change their state in response. Some of the earlier studies on this (a lot of which was concerned with mind and behavioral control during the cold war, eg with the moscow signal incident) just tried to entrain the brain by exposing it to EEG frequency signals. It doesn't quite work that simply (and research into what actually makes the EEG ties in), but it does produce striking effects. The most famous of which is the calcium efflux studies showing VLF fields amplitude modulated at ~16 hz caused a massive 40% increase in Ca2+ efflux from brain tissues. It was later found that the source of this was membrane glycoprotein bound calcium, not intracellular stores.

Like you said, it really shouldn't be a surprise that electricity and magnetism has strong effects on biological systems.

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isn't that just djikstra's algorithm?

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Why do you go to a website filled with things you hate and spend your time complaining about it?

>Do you look at /g/. The majority of pictures posted on /g/ have nothing to do with anime. Just look retard.
That does not change the fact that there is always at least 1, usually more than 1, anime images in view at all times every single day.
Go into any thread, and there is always at least 1 anime image posted, if not quite a few.
Do you spend your time going into those threads and complaining about them? because it seems like you do, like you're doing right now.

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here's some anime for you

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>Why do you go to a website filled with things you hate and spend your time complaining about it?
Confirmed idiot from the other thread. Stop using words incorrectly, retard.

>That does not change the fact that there is always at least 1, usually more than 1, anime images in view at all times every single day.
That doesn't mean /g/ is """"""""""""""filled"""""""""""""" with anime.

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const foo = (a,b) => a+b

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I just counted the number of nodes I look at for each and they're the same. But when I have the Manhattan distance in there it causes it to slow down immensely. I must be doing something wrong.

>> No.68673690

Dijkstra's isn't super different from A*.
The difference is that Dijkstra just uses the distance traveled (this means it generalizes better for weird graphs) while in A* you have that, also every node just "guesses" how far away it is from the target.

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>Anti-anime fag's post deleted
>Old thread drops by over 40 posts
Based janitor.

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Only good when built into the the most widely used build system. See: cargo, gradle.

>> No.68673722

I can see the reason, but it's kind of annoying. Like I have cargo separate, but tied into MSYS2's path stuff.

>> No.68673728

how do I go about making a script that changes all frogposters to animeposters?

>> No.68673737

Thank you for clarifying

>> No.68673761

>I just counted the number of nodes I look at for each
If you're visiting the same number of nodes it means your heuristic isn't even doing anything.
It should change, even if just a little in either direction.

>> No.68673788

I use cargo through MSVC, and it works nicely. How is it with MSYS2?

>> No.68673802

Yeah I figured out one stupid mistake I was making and now it isn't slow but also isn't finding the shortest path. It doesn't really matter but at least now I know what I was doing wrong.

>> No.68673839

MSYS2's package manager does have cargo, but it's usually quite out of date. I just have it as part of my path, and I have MSYS2 set to append the system path to its own on startup so it can find these things.

>> No.68673855

use headers
if it is only used in a single unit, make it static

>> No.68673876


Shouldn't you use Rustup with MSYS2?

>> No.68673889

That's probably how I installed it, I don't remember.

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JavaScript rocks!

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If you just want to replace based on MD5 then it will be stupid easy

>> No.68673953

Yep, now that I'm looking at it again that is how I installed it.

MSYS2's rust isn't that old though. 1.29.2

>> No.68673974

Doing MD5 might not work considering how many iterations there are. An ML program that identifies pepe in images would work better.

>> No.68674019

>ML program
I just thought of checking if most of the pixels are green to determine a frog
that machine learning stuff sounds hard

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Hi everyone.

I'm interested in trying to contribute to the Linux kernel, but I'm not sure
what to do as my first patch.

I took a computer systems class in school that used C. We had a couple of
projects including making a big integer data structure in assembly, making a
Linux shell, and making a heap memory manager, but otherwise, I don't have much
experience with this stuff. I'd like to start small and learn more if in any way
possible, as this is also a way to learn how Linux works. If anyone has any
suggestions, I would be delighted to hear.

By the way, I've checked Kernel Newbies, but honestly, the structure was
confusing. I've also seen the book on Linux drivers.

Does anyone here work on the kernel and would be interested in helping out a
total newbie?


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I doubt you have a database large enough for a CNN model to approximate the concept of a frog.
It'll probably be smarter to learn on feature points, i.e. from ORB/SIFT/SuperPoint Pretrained Network, but even then I doubt you'll get there.

>> No.68674112

frogs are green, if most of the picture is green then it's a frog

>> No.68674135

This makes sense. In fact I live my life by this principle.

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File: 1.51 MB, 425x481, devilish.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Frogs are green you say?
I think I have a d e v i I i s h counterexample.

>> No.68674156

that's a devil, not a frog

>> No.68674189

This. The picture is mostly red.

>> No.68674193

Use deep learning to identify frogs. I'm sure you're not even looking for more than 95% accuracy anyway. Little of value is conveyed in these images.

>> No.68674226

how many images that are posted on this site that are more than 50% green not frogs?

>> No.68674250

I remembered something bad about violent monkey then I realized it was tamper monkey(not open source)

>> No.68674252

Good idea. Meson can interface over those package managers if they want in polygot projects.

>> No.68674260

t. resnet

>> No.68674270

I developed microwave sickness several years ago, and at this point key body systems have such functional deficits that I figure I'm as good as dead. At the very least a lot of my life has been living death in its various forms. Since /dpt/ conceivably has shared interests I feel obligated to inform you of the dangers of this barrage of wireless devices.

The sterilization agenda of man began with wi-fi, but as far as I can tell 5G is a death sentence for most life on this planet. Don't be fooled, and don't just go along with it expecting everything to be okay. Reject the Judas goats, and reject this false progress.

>> No.68674353


You are experiencing the nocebo effect. There is no actual harm caused by Wi-Fi or 5G (they are low power non-ionizing radiation), but the belief in electrosensitivity may cause one to experience suffering if one believes they are being exposed to Wi-Fi.

>> No.68674366

Unfortunately decades of literature contradicts your position, and you have the order of events reversed.

>> No.68674379

How do you determine if you suck at programming or the code you're reading is really bad?

>> No.68674414

You just get a sense for it over time.

>> No.68674463

How do you know to trust your sense? What I've been reading right now is something I feel is really bad. But I don't have concrete complains except that the call stack is a bit bonkers and doesn't divide the task neatly. But whoever wrote this might have had a different view of how to think about the problem which implies this was a good way to divide the task neatly. Why would I be more correct?

>> No.68674483

post it

>> No.68674511

In working on your own programs you develop certain criteria and categories. Performance, maintainability, scalability, etc. You get a feel for types of programmers, what effects certain things are apt to have, etc.

I struggled with what you're experiencing at first too, and that's all I can say.

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So I cited some studies here, and 4chan is being an ass, calling it spam. Here's a screenshot of the original post. But uh... the literature seems to think you're wrong.

>> No.68674565

Wait shit, meant to quote

Can't be quoting myself; that's retarded!

>> No.68674574

all those sources are from anti-microwavers
get some unbiased sources next time pal

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>> No.68674604

Can somebody give me project to work on in python?

>> No.68674606


>National Library of Medicine
>International Journal of Behavioral Medicine
>International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health

These are biased sources?

>> No.68674623

Conway's game of life

>> No.68674651

I've read hundreds of studies and researched the history of this whole matter, the field as a whole, players that have come and gone and roles that have changed. Accounts of researchers and labs that were involved (Phillips, Adey, Lai, Frey, Glaser, various foreign authors like Tolgskaya and Gordon.) Really the literature is cause for great caution even as far back as the 1980's. By 2000, it's irreparably damning.

You have to do a lot of research and accept it's not something you can do in an hour, an afternoon, or even a period of months. I've been at it for the last few years. You also have to acknowledge that you're up against a multitrillion dollar industry, and more if you include the electric utilities, and their PR apparatus (Phillip-Morris primarily in this instance, you can read about their operating methods in the case of big tobacco and secondhand smoke).

I'll copy a few posts I've made before. One of these days I'm going to really put together a document with more material and a different structure. It's harder to categorize than I first expected.

I'll start with 5G. Something we can only guess about at this point, but which we have cause for grave concern.

>> No.68674663

Daily reminder that any "smart" device implicitly means the buyer is stupid. That's what they're subtly saying about you.

Don't confirm it. Cell phones are bad for you, and you're paying for your own death. With the deployment of 5G, you're helping funding the death of the bulk of the living things on this planet. Millimeter waves are bad for humans, lethal for smaller animals. Unfortunately unlike existing technologies (which are also terrible for you) data on millimeter waves is comparatively sparse, but still very clear. This can be provided if desired.

The primary mechanism for existing microwave systems is increased free radical generation, changes in gene expression, and altered calcium flux. It's not known if millimeter waves work precisely the same way, but it is known:
-The structure of human sweat glands is a helical coil. When filled with sweat (a conductive salt solution) it turns out this is an ideal antenna array for millimeter waves ~72+GHz.
-Attenuation in the body is very low. Millimeter waves propagate almost freely through the extracellular space, preserving in particular their "information" content. Structures in the body are capable of demodulating these signals.
-The structure of the cell membrane changes in response.
-It changes the structure of the skin, alters the blood, alters bone marrow and lymphatic function, cripples the immune system, prevents the production of vitamin D, and demyelinates nerves as well as rendering their axons fragmented. Yes, it strips off the insulation and chops up the wires. This was known decades ago. You can expect destruction of peripheral nerves and spinal ganglia.

These corporations and these people don't give a fuck about you, me, or apparently anything. This needs to be stopped immediately.

>> No.68674668
File: 71 KB, 740x750, C87A9CD8-B008-4C8B-9D56-5B4CD032B3BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Working all day in Java and JavaScript / Ext.js is maddening coming from the land of C and Assembly in my teenage/college years.

Trying to get up to speed in Golang and JavaScript (very weak on it desu, easy af but gotta actually know it inside and out), might try and make some JavaScript web application game with the front end in JS, and then use AWS services (trying for an AWS cert, seems easy as shit) for database (probably their relational shit, though may use dynamo as a learning experience since never touched nosql) and a frameworkless Golang backend. Honestly feels like it’ll be simple compared to what I do at work (basically a full stack developer minus the pay) so probably would do something else after that. Trying to read a few hundred pages of programming books in spare time. Might go back and read some more advanced books on pure mahematics where I have deficiencies to carry on from my meme bachelors degree material and self learned stuff.

After that would probably try and write some sort of communications library for/in Golang that aids in microservice design. Might be a better use of time than a game, but I’ve been writing games in pure C since I was 14-15 for various platforms and never got further than a map creator and moving around / basic enemies. I think a full stack from scratch basic multiplayer game made in a month would get me going, then I can move onto something more interesting.

Working for a real company really kills ur passion for personal projects. At least now a year later I’m back trying to improve again.

>> No.68674675

The function on Line 201.
For context, the function is supposed to take a file detailing where the information about the tiles are and what set (usually single file) of files contain the tile images. It's then supposed to give the game an internal representation to work with so you can map entity id's to textures for SDL. I'm not 100% on the exact meaning of fg and bg in the json data. My understanding is that it's for allowing more depth in the tile representation. You can define multiple backgrounds and multiple foregrounds and the system will combine them for you.

The above is all to my understanding of course. There's no meaningful docs aside from some mild doxygen comments in the header and the comments inline. As far as I can tell.

>> No.68674677

I want to make my own language but have no idea how to start. All the examples I see are for dumb lisp clones. Is this a good example of language design or is this basically just a C compiler module?

>> No.68674679

Here are some sources.
In this link, look at [Studies in Soviet science] Pathological effects of Radio waves[...].pdf
Read the section on low intensity millimeter waves. The other books in there are very informative.



Also, recently birds were killed in an area where 5G was being tested, I believe in the netherlands. I've been meaning to verify this more thoroughly but from what I know it doesn't surprise me. They died by the hundreds, their bodies looked pristine, the cause of death was internal hemorrhaging.

>> No.68674685

No reading version:

Literature sources:


Historical reviews, symposium proceedings, etc ^

Irreversible infertility:

General theory:

In vivo DNA damage in humans:

Behavioral changes with prenatal exposure:

>> No.68674692

None of this has to do with programming. Fuck off somewhere else with this flat earth garbage.

>> No.68674696 [DELETED] 
File: 630 KB, 2450x1938, Glaser2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A note on autism.

This genetic polymorphism causes calcium channels to be overactive, and intracellular calcium to be chronically elevated. It almost always presents with autism. Changes in cholinergic activity and chronic microglia activation are other common features of autism.

If you look around these days, many people are displaying low grade pseudo-autistic traits.

Other reviews.

>> No.68674699

good taste in games

>> No.68674704
File: 186 KB, 889x626, USSR, 1960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lastly, a bit about some of the people involved:
Henry Lai did research for decades, including work about microwaves with Narendra Singh who developed one of the most sensitive versions of the comet assay.
(cited 10,000+ times). Unless you're dumb enough to unquestioningly believe every claim and slanderous remark by industry and its affiliates, there's nothing to make him a "crank".
Refer to the leaked memo by Motorola back in the 90's stating that they'd sufficiently war-gamed Lai and Singh's studies.

And it's another matter with William Ross Adey.
His last paper before his death in 2004.
-Taught at Oxford
-Worked with NASA
-Was one of the main researchers involved in the development of qEEG
-Early pioneering work in the use of computers to evaluate dynamic datasets like the EEG
-Worked in the DoD's project pandora
-Was the head supervisor and a lead researcher at UCLA's brain research institute
-Co-authored major papers like the original Ca2+ efflux study.
-Received millions in research grants from the department of energy, office of naval affairs, and private entities over the course of 30 years and practically until his death
-Was bulletproof enough in his manner and work that entities (eg WHO, Navy) would try to talk around his work when it was inconvenient in one section, but unavoidably speak of him with a sense of reverence in a later one at a time when the field as a whole was experiencing widespread loss of funding / good odds of being forced out.

>> No.68674705

There's a fair bit of "modern" compiler books out there. The dragon book is a bit dated i'd say.
As for Cyclone, I've never actually read the source so I couldn't tell you.

>> No.68674715
File: 216 KB, 894x669, USSR, 1960-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It does. Programming is reliant on your brain function, especially working memory (functions of the dentate gyrus). Which we're presently throwing away en masse.

There may still be time to fix this. I can't do it alone.

>> No.68674731

Yes. It's a great game and I have a plan for a tool for it which requires me to have the tilemap state live every turn and association to the tilemaps (at least for the initial version).

>> No.68674758

when you end up writing something coherent, spam it on here so i can see it and enjoy taking apart the psudo-science piece by piece

>> No.68674762

is there a special name for when you find all elements of an array that are not present in another array. like the opposite of a subset?

>> No.68674774
File: 450 KB, 1500x1600, stock-vector-sets-theory-basic-operations-vector-education-info-graphic-307022819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68674776

Indicate what is incoherent.

Ideally actually read the literature and note criticisms.

>> No.68674783

That subset would be a disjoint set of the left and right set. So I guess it would be a “disjoint array”

>> No.68674786


>> No.68674787

Forgot to write that whatever language or api you're using may name these operations different things. So it's impossible to tell you. But the generic answer is in the picture.

>> No.68674799

i'm not about to do your job for you, have you ever written a scientific paper, or anything trying to prove something for that matter ?
you're not gonna tell the jury to "look it up and see if i'm wrong", you've got a case, it's your job to build it, present it and defend it

>> No.68674805

I've got the dragon book. Never got to looking through it but since I already have it I guess I'll start there. I don't suppose you know any good modern resources? I don't want to create a "modern" language but would like to know some of the newer techniques used.

>> No.68674811
File: 32 KB, 665x544, 2033065A-FB8C-45C9-ACE2-6517A7223867.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No problem but you should probably read up relational calculus and set theory

>> No.68674836

Put plainly your criticism.

Do you not want to read the literature, do you not know how, etc.

>> No.68674874

I could never decide on one, when looking through books on amazon to possibly get/pirate the pdf. Either it used a shitlang like Java, or one of the reviews said the language was missing a major feature.

>> No.68674898
File: 126 KB, 850x850, 1543172892936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you guys recommend me a operating systems books that has good exercises/problems/projects in it to reinforce the concepts?

>> No.68674906

stop posting your off-topic schizophrenic bullshit in this thread

>> No.68674918

lol, good luck anon
you seemed determined, i was rooting for you, i really was
i hope you can change your attitude, maybe you will after failing enough times

>> No.68674951

Operating systems as in “how to use Linux” or operating systems as in designing a kernel? I took the latter in undergrad but there wasn’t a book because there is too much to fit in a single textbook. I remember using some wiki called OsDev in my teenage years which I remember having a forum of about 10 members and decent starting info. Would check it out. Can’t recommend any books, but only because I don’t know anything comprehensive. You’d do better finding some sort of half-finished kernel source from some univeristy’s upper level OS course for CS majors, looking at the projects, and trying them out yourself.

If you can’t find one, I would literally go through the Linux kernel source code, I’m not joking. I remember using it as inspiration when I was stuck on a project where we needed a memory paging mechanism in our project, and while it was more complex than what we needed to do it was a great learning experience.

>> No.68674966

MIT has their grad class for operating systems online on developing xv6, but it was like jumping into the deep end. Maybe I just need to spend more time with it.

>> No.68674972

I haven't read them but I have Operating System Concepts, 9th Edition and Book of OS Development. Like the other anon said, osdev is good and so are open source kernels/OS's. If you want to see what a single person can do I think templeOS is open source.

>> No.68674981

That doesn't answer the question.

I mean you do have a point. There is an actual structured story to be told starting from WW2 and the use of radar, the Tri-service commission and especially the Navy and later Airforce wanting to quell concerns of infertility in men exposed to radar. You have the moscow signal and cold war, the soviet literature and the vast difference in safety standards. The controversy over nonthermal effects and the role of fools like Herman P Schwan, later a glorified whore for the EPRI. The era of project pandora, and UCLA's brain research institute with Adey and others. The sources of funding drying up in the 90's.

I've told the story so many times verbally and otherwise that I'm just sick of it. Contrary to your perspective, it never matters. I'm reasonably satisfied skipping to the end for the people who are capable of listening and acting on it. I really don't have the energy or will to go around informing and educating. It really is a non-trivial endeavor and the time and energy expenditure is infeasible bordering on obscene.

>> No.68675059

learned c++ (OOP) as first language, should I learn python next or try learning how to do functional programming in c++

>> No.68675074

From what I know of that class it’s similar to what I did in my class in undergrad. I wouldn’t balk at it, just dive in and wherever you are stuck, ask around, look up on stackoverflow, etc. you will gain a real mastery of C and potentially basic assembly, a mastery of modernish OS design, a mastery of actually working on an awesomely humongous source base (you have no idea how beneficial this is in the real world. It’s #1 the best thing I learned from the ordeal. Before this I had never worked on such a complex source base. Fucking up a small line in the paging mechanism for example could literally fuck up everything else in the entire OS, like catastrophic failure), incredible debugging skills and intuition, and really it puts you leaps and bounds ahead of every other script kiddie who took the easy route through college without touching advanced algorithms, machine learning, or operating systems. It’s definitely the transition to manhood for practical programming at an advanced undergraduate/basic professional level. I don’t say that lightly.

You could consider easing into it by taking some online course on systems architecture and strengthening your skills in C and Assembly. Other than that you’re really gonna have to fake it til u make it. Just dive in. This class took 40 hours or more a week on its own in the latter half of the semester when I did it in order to pass at all (later projects were that paging mechanism and implementing shared memory, creating a file system from scratch, writing basic IO drivers etc.)

It’ll come up in an interview later and if you bring it up and sound like you actually went through the labor, you’ll be on the shortlist.

>> No.68675110
File: 21 KB, 747x368, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just import it

how the fuck am i supposed to learn from this? how is this an acceptable answer on CODEwars not IMPORTwars

>> No.68675125

I mean if you don’t already know functional programming in C++ then you don’t know C++ fully yet.

Learn one language fully, and then focus on actual stuff like algorithms, data structures, computational mathematics, etc. rather than jumping to python and being a script kiddie while learning essentially nothing other than syntax and whatever version of minesweeper the tutorial taught you to write by holding your hand.

Try doing something of value in C++ to prove mastery like writing a driver to interface with some piece of shit 90s hardware or something.

>> No.68675135


We're asking how you reached your conclusions based on the literature you're presenting. When you write a scientific paper, it's not enough to just drop a list of citations, you have to synthesize them as well.

>> No.68675138

>selling C++ to kids

>> No.68675174

Cool, I'll just go for it then. Thanks.

>> No.68675202



Read the source to the bisect_left function. See if there's a way to improve it.

>> No.68675205

Can't imagine doing FP without UFCS.

>> No.68675212
File: 176 KB, 500x500, E4C06383-1818-4A5D-BB3E-50B65B8C528E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let’s be honest. Would you rather your kid be using C++ for hardware hacking and diligently studying computational mathematics, while jerking off to anime, or writing python snake games while doing Fortnite dances and singing Gucci gang (while also masturbating to anime)

Personally I’d rather have a kid that fucks 10 new girls a month and does mathematical research using prolog. But the first two are the only choices and I’d at least prefer the former.

>> No.68675222

Have you ever built a licensing system for your software? I want to sell a desktop app that I am developing and need some way to use license keys.
Are there any good C++ libraries for that? Or should I just build it myself?

>> No.68675226

Good luck! Don’t get frustrated, if you have a job or other responsibilities give yourself at least 2 months to get through the MIT course. Even then, taking 2+ months is fine as long as you finish. Take your time but set time goals and try to meet them. Adjust those as needed in your schedule. It’ll eventually start clicking only for the course to through a new wrench at you, so don’t give up.

>> No.68675261


I was thinking about using this, any opinions?

>> No.68675270

The first post had what I believe to be an adequate amount of that.

The shortest version is the main mechanism of action is changes in calcium flux. You have chronically elevated intracellular Ca2+ beyond the ability of the cell to pump it out or the sarco/endoplasmic reticulum's ability to buffer it. This triggers a signalling cascade which increases NO production and superoxide production. Superoxide reacts with NO to form peroxynitrite at a rate 5 times faster than superoxide dismutase can get rid of it (by turning into hydrogen peroxide). NO can and will readily diffuse through the cell membrane and wander great distances. Peroxynitrite is a potent oxidant that can damage many structures in the cell and also will wander great distances wreaking havoc. This rapidly overwhelms glutathione supply and related systems. Cell and DNA damage accumulates as a result.

Changes in calcium flux bring about functional changes in the behavior of cells and their neighbors, but in the case of the CNS also systems a great distance away. Cholinergic systems are an example of this. Other neurons have an activation of the stress related corticotropin releasing factor, which alters activity at u-opioid receptors, which causes the long observed cholinergic changes. These can be fully blocked with naloxone for this reason.

Blood brain barrier permeability is increased. Albumin and other toxin leakage can cause damage, allow fungal colonization and entry of bacteria.

The list goes on. The effect on female fertility is more pronounced especially with prenatal exposure causing damage to the stem cells forming the germ line, as they have no antioxidant defense. Damage to their DNA or mitochondrial DNA will effect fitness for all generations to come if it doesn't sterilize the mother. Rats exposed to wifi for 15 minutes per day for 15 days have up to 70% drop in their ovarian reserves. Men are affected as well, but are not quite so frail.

>> No.68675282

Character limit.

And have a greater threshold for reversibility.

Protect yourself. Protect your unborn offspring. Do what makes sense, and don't be paralyzed addicted cattle feeding the very thing with a pair of scissors around your sack.

>> No.68675341
File: 3 KB, 720x400, 1x-0c13ce66d925497dfe9a24125b09de75-Turbo C 1.0 - About.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68675355

U0 FuckYou()
MOV RAX, '/nFuck '
MOV RAX, 'You\n\n '


Look here, you stupid fucking CIA nigger!
I am the smartest programmer that has ever lived.
This will blow your fucking mind.

>> No.68675377


>> No.68675380

u caught a typo.
good for you.

>> No.68675394
File: 8 KB, 442x500, 1538068292820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>LARPing as the autistic hobo cuck that offed himself
>babbys first assembly
checks out

>> No.68675442

>Conway's game of life
Looking for something a bit more Beginner oriented.

>> No.68675455

that is beginner orientated

>> No.68675472

snek-meme lang?
jus' mek teh snek gaym

>> No.68675497
File: 94 KB, 564x340, 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f61576e473033722e676966.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why don't you use C scripts?

>> No.68675506

because I use rdmd

>> No.68675522

good lad
rdmd is so great for quick /dpt/ examples.

>> No.68675531

local ffi = require("ffi")
void Sleep(int ms);
int poll(struct pollfd *fds, unsigned long nfds, int timeout);

local sleep
if ffi.os == "Windows" then
function sleep(s)
function sleep(s)
ffi.C.poll(nil, 0, s*1000)

for i=1,160 do
io.write("."); io.flush()

>> No.68675535


C isn't ideal for general scripting.

>> No.68675600

What about lieutenant scripting?

>> No.68675620

Yuno is the sunshine in Sunshine Sketch.

>> No.68675627

only good for scripting boots

>> No.68675634

As life gets longer awful feels softer, well it feels pretty soft to me. And if it takes shit to make bliss, then I feel pretty blissfully.

>> No.68675647

Definitely, unfortunately I have all the time in the world. I got hired as an ee at a large company, and I do fuck all day, so I've been just learning about all things computers and software systems just to know how things work.

>> No.68675668

Coming to Golang from half a decade of experience with C: why is it suddenly becoming the next thing? It looks genuinely really fun to work in, especially as a backend programming language since I can still work with C simplicity while not having to do the painful legwork for a full stack application since it always felt very hard to track in C, and always easy get bloated to track in Java.

That is, it genuinely seems amazing to me. But I wonder why all the cool kid companies are slowly trying to move to it? Surely they would prefer something more JavaEE-like given how much business oriented that is, or prefer to do the backend in JavaScript if they can’t get a real backend developer team? I just don’t see why a company would look at Go and say, whoa, this is what we want. Am I missing something?

Either way I love this shit and I am gonna write a software stack with Go in the backend

>> No.68675693

I have a job as an actual software developer and I still have too much time at work even when I am trying to do the best job I can. If you can get away with it and not get in trouble, definitely use your spare time doing this. But I highly suggest not running some virtual machine on your company box/PC and doing the examples at work, or committing to git at work. You could genuinely get in a shitload of trouble. Just do the readings and seminars at work and do the actual assignments after or before work.

>> No.68675728
File: 138 KB, 758x863, 1541574998747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be CS graduate
>have been working at subway for 9 months while looking for a job
>got a call back from the center for counter child exploitation
>they want to interview me
>googled it
>their budget was increased by over 400% this year
>the position is for a developer with no required experience working under the "Crime Operations" division
Looks like I'm going to be pretending to be a 13 year old girl to catch pedophiles :L

>> No.68675736

>google's using it
>we want to be like one of the biggest tech companies too!
Google could pick up FORTRAN and revive it in a few months.

>> No.68675752

you will be fine as long as you have the word "software" or "developer" in your job title

>> No.68675812

accept a number n as input from the user and then print the first n fibonacci numbers

>> No.68675819
File: 2.51 MB, 1280x720, 1531182613704.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Say hi to Chris Hansen for me

>> No.68675823

Oh, I thought there had to be more to it than that. Google is pretty far from infallible, more often than not they have terrible ideas and I think they’re a terrible company. Not that I wouldn’t work for them, I’d love that salary.

One reason I could see Golang as gaining adopting maybe is because nowadays there’s this obsession with docker (fad?) and microservices (not a fad and honestly a great pattern) and Golang is lightweight and native and clean in syntax, and has enough supporting library functionality to develop business enterprise applications in. Whereas C is probably seen as being too old and clunky when that’s obviously not true, but I’m not sure it’s great for enterprise development anymore. I could see Go supplanting JavaEE for savvy medium-small enterprises for this reason, it also attracts talent because nobody fresh out of college is DYING to learn enterprise Java, they want to use cutting edge shit because they care more about languages than actual design principles.

So those were my personal conclusions. Honestly the “durrrrr google” idea is even simpler and probably more correct lmao

>> No.68675836

A large justification for the usage of Golang for services is simply because Kubernetes is written in Golang, surely the interop must be good, and that is literally the only reason.

>> No.68675851

It's also because Go is literally designed for brainlets, so companies can churn out devs or hire and train much faster than Java or sepples. But I will give it, as you said, it's one purpose for backends, it does very well.

>> No.68675963

How is it for brainless? To me it just seems like a good semi-C like language with some gimmicks that happens to be pretty easy to get going with and develop something large with. I work with a large java codebase every day and while I do like that Java is probably a lot more self documenting than Golang, and that Golang is certainly a bit easier to follow than C, nothing I’ve seen so far indicates anything brainlet about it. Mind expanding on that?

>> No.68675991
File: 94 KB, 865x412, go.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's mainly because they opted to not have generics, probably "hurr C++ is the only language and look how that turned out".
Besides that, Go is fine, and perfect for its use case.
/dpt/ will shitpost it into oblivion, but just ignore it.

>> No.68676005

Lisp is the most powerful programming language.

>> No.68676236

Divine fucking intellect!

>> No.68676237

No it's assembly. If not assembly it's HAL/S or Ada which was developed by the department of defense.

>> No.68676377
File: 114 KB, 960x720, Christmas Tree.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you niggers ready for Advent of Code?
I still can't decide if I want to use Java or python.

What language are you gonna be using this year?

>> No.68676455

a language with types

>> No.68676462

using the 2 worst languages i see

>> No.68676463

Every language has types though.

>> No.68676474

i mean strong static types

>> No.68676506
File: 768 KB, 902x750, how to get rich starting with no money.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm a babby programmer.
learned enough js, html C#, and java to create fizzbuzz and calculators and other simple stuff.

as practice, un-ironically, i want to work on/in/with TempleOS - maybe write programs for it (have to learn HolyC), improve it. write drivers for unsupported hardware (USB, HD displays, etc...)

short of paying for a CS degree, where can i go to learn about kernels, drivers and how everything works enough to do this stuff?

>> No.68676530

Read this reply chain.

>> No.68676580

To the guy that keeps shilling Zig, why is it good? Why should I look at it?

>> No.68676585
File: 19 KB, 147x203, 1456040584678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much storage does each memory address have in a common x86 or x86-64 system? I'm brand new and just reading basic stuff, and I understand everything but it's not clear how much you can actually store at each address.

>> No.68676593

it's not, he's just funposting.
It's disgustingly ugly and does absolutely nothing different to warrant using.

>> No.68676623

I wonder how much application this has in steganography, hiding code/information in the whitespace of other code

>> No.68676641

It's super easy to come up with projects. Pick a card gane you like and make it with a nice interface.

>> No.68676670

Make a good json lib for C+.
No, I don't want to wait for static reflection.

>> No.68676685
File: 49 KB, 600x320, 1340315386516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay i get it, since its "byte addressable" that just means each address refers to one byte of memory.

Which explains why the max RAM on a 32-bit system was ~4gb, because you only had 2^32 addresses, which meant you could only address 2^32 bytes.

>> No.68676703

Ahem. That's 2^32 - 1.

>> No.68676710

yes thats correct

>> No.68676713

oh yeah i forgot

>> No.68676785


>advent of code
Requires sign in to access the problems. I don't like using social media of any form. No thank you.

>> No.68676816
File: 112 KB, 675x949, 1538153640136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You may not like it but this is what PEAK performance looks like
/// Takes three numbers as arguments and returns the sum of the squares of the two larger numbers.
fn f<T>(n1: T, n2: T, n3: T) -> <<T as std::ops::Mul>::Output as std::ops::Add>::Output
T: std::cmp::Ord + std::ops::Mul + std::clone::Clone,
<T as std::ops::Mul>::Output: std::ops::Add + std::fmt::Display,
let mut arr = [n1, n2, n3];
return arr[2].clone() * arr[2].clone() + arr[1].clone() * arr[1].clone();

>> No.68676937

The fuck are you on about? You're the only one posting about it in this thread

>> No.68676999
File: 26 KB, 571x366, clutter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this comic had an entirely different slant when at first glance i misread HOUSE as NOSE...

also: what's your favorite XKCD software panel?

>> No.68677064
File: 74 KB, 553x549, containers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trips is the only reason you get a reply from me.

This is the one strip which seems to epitomize all modern "programming". - keks for days...

>> No.68677087

What's the simplest way to handle a lot of static data (nothing will be edited, or added, only matched against)
I have 24,000 lines of JSON, and some nested for loops (JavaScript) and while it works, I feel like an idiot.

>> No.68677105


>while it works, I feel like an idiot.
Are said nested for loops constructed in a way that is particularly overly complex?

>> No.68677135


>> No.68677138

What are some good programming languages to learn? I'm already learning Java.

>> No.68677151


>> No.68677197

>tfw so much of a brainlet I don't even know how to remove the first and last line in a string anymore
it's over for me bros

>> No.68677217
File: 56 KB, 480x480, anim haskell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unlines . tail . init . lines

>> No.68677220

it's simple, nigga
(define data (with-input-from-file data_file_here json->scm))
(hash-for-each what_you_wanna_do data)

>> No.68677378

How should I go about learning Python? I already know the basic syntax and can write little programs to do shit like the Fibonacci sequence. But how should I go further?

>> No.68677392

Why does IO considered impure.
I don't get the argument IT CAN BE ANYTHING. Is there anything wrong with it? No. If the value is in the domain of the function, you accept it and you return the result.
The whole source code is the product of I/O, how the fuck your code isn't a random mess of nonsence? inb4 it is

"I/O is inherently impure: input operations undermine referential transparency"
How is input undermining referential transparency? The whole reason of a function is to accept the input.
"and output operations create side effects"
How so? I mean, really.

>> No.68677404
File: 137 KB, 360x696, nasa.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Other than the lowest bit seeming to alternate between 0 and 1. Does any bit pattern stand out to you?

>> No.68677409

check the last 20 dpts, he pops up in almost every one

>> No.68677410

1 1

>> No.68677465


>> No.68677492

It's manageable, but I flattened the data to make it work.
So, I can match easily, but if I had to sort/group it would get convoluted.

Heard of map but never used it, I'll get reading.

>> No.68677671

>400% budget increase
>no required experience
oh man, you're in for a fucking surprise

>> No.68677705
File: 47 KB, 1029x433, Ds84M6RX4AES1nI.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love open source.

>> No.68677711
File: 122 KB, 773x891, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You do have a github account tho, right?

>> No.68677727
File: 1.10 MB, 540x540, 1503621091771.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68677845

They deserve it for trying to profit off of free labour honestly.

>> No.68677879

what's the story here?

>> No.68677894

What kind of people just add an external library to their project without having any reputation behind the project and no company responsible? And I imagine there's some that were infected through arbitrary updating.

>> No.68677935

Some guy was sick of providing free labour and someone volunteered to take over. He gave it to them because it means nothing to him and he put a payload in it that searches for bitcoin wallets and sends them to a server,

>> No.68677942
File: 146 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20181127-102253~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow look at this asshat. Trying to flip this on the developer of the library and not the fools who downloaded it.
>earned trust towards the maintainer
Should be no such thing. The trust comes from other agents participating in the software with united purpose.
And the argument is flaky even if I accept that a maintainer can earn trust because the maintainer wasn't active in this case. Do you earn trust for having written something? Makes no sense.

>> No.68678041


and now ohio is accepting bitcoin for business taxes.
image the state's wallet being emptied.


>> No.68678164
File: 82 KB, 1200x675, 1524085145704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm about to be a 2nd year CS student and I really don't understand anything. One of my subjects was "communication" where they taught us the right way to speak with each other, what words to use and what words to avoid. Every month we have to do a specific class with different professors on "ethics" with "what's ethical and what isn't" being the main question of each class. The first time they actually brought in a police officer to talk to us. Wtf? The only language I can actually do anything in is Java and the only reason I can make a simple input/output application is because I watched a guy, who was literally a 14 year old on Youtube. I'm paying about 8k per year for this.

I barely understand half the stuff you guys talk about here are some examples from this thread.
>language-specific package managers
What's a package manager?
>static-linking bloat
What's static linking?
>violating the NAP
What's the NAP?
>non language specific package manager

Meanwhile I've been doing a 4 hour per week cooking class for only a month and I can already make stuff like this >>>/ck/11533415

I need a /dpt/ bf to teach me how to actually program. I'll cook for you and if you really want I'm twinky so you can fug me.

>> No.68678166

>image the state's wallet being emptied
Let's do it /g/.

...I'll get started on the logo.

>> No.68678172
File: 41 KB, 295x301, 1494989500881.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>image the state's wallet being emptied.

>> No.68678176
File: 1.05 MB, 540x540, 1543308988246.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68678201
File: 3.03 MB, 2560x2880, 1425281860716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only 0.5MB smaller

>> No.68678205

>can't even sizeof()

>> No.68678213

how fucking dare you take the soul out of my image

>> No.68678304

dumb loliposter

>> No.68678341
File: 191 KB, 600x979, 1472860069099.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never live with a programming friend

>> No.68678385

top caption says 'itadakimaasu', a word that Japanese people say to express their willing to eat.
it being written entirely in hiragana tells that this picture is intended to a very young audience, probably around 5-6 years old.

>> No.68678404

post butt first

>> No.68678411

post boipussy

>> No.68678425

What do you know, then?

>> No.68678443

I was going to explain some of that, but then you fagged out

>> No.68678470

could be

>> No.68678525

Fibonacci sequence

>> No.68678559

I'm a huge graphics faggot, so over the last few months I've been writing my own shaders for VRChat because I'm not satisfied with the super simple "Cubed's Anime Shaders", and the more advanced ones are just a dumpster fire of unrealistic hacks. So I wrote my own that flattens the GI and remaps the light intensity through a ramp texture, so I can be a physically-based correctly-lit slut https://imgur.com/a/zOJNrTM

>> No.68678606

Nice job anon. Looks cool.

>> No.68678682

Should I use HolyC to make an OS within TempleOS?

>> No.68678693
File: 695 KB, 420x236, original.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today I did the Hackerrank problem "Birthday Chocolate" which asked me to calculate how many variations of a number of blocks of chocolate of length m with values s summed to a value of d.
This is my code:
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

char* readline();
char* ltrim(char*);
char* rtrim(char*);
char** split_string(char*);

int birthday(int s_count, int* s, int d, int m) {
int sum, subsum;
sum = subsum = 0;
//For all blocks in chocolate:
for(int i = 0; i < s_count-(m-1); i++){
//For m length of chocolate from point i:
for(int j = 0; j < m; j++){
subsum += s[i+j];
if(subsum == d){
subsum = 0;
return sum;

>> No.68678698

Listen here nigger monkey, I know your nigger brain doesn't understand random numbers, so don't even try

>> No.68678708

Oh hey, I also did that recently.
int birthday(int s_count, int* s, int d, int m) {
int result = 0;

for (int i = 0; i < s_count; i++) {
int sum = 0;
for (int j = 0; j < m; j++) {
sum += s[i + j];
if (sum > d) {
if (sum == d) result++;
return result;

>> No.68678752
File: 1.38 MB, 1277x720, 32Ph.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A fellow C lover.

>> No.68678764

How can I suppress warnings for statements that I know are correct in C?

>> No.68678776


>> No.68678794
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>> No.68678820

post code

>> No.68678826

Rewrite it so the warning goes away.

>> No.68678836
File: 147 KB, 906x1280, 1518784332172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

import Data.List

segments :: Eq a => [a] -> [[a]]
segments = filter (not . null) . concat . map inits . tails

birthdayChocolate :: Int -> Int -> [Int] -> Int
birthdayChocolate day month = length . filter cond . segments where
cond xs = length xs == month && sum xs == day

readInts :: IO [Int]
readInts = map read . words <$> getLine

main :: IO ()
main = do
getLine -- Ignore first line
squares <- readInts
[day, month] <- readInts
print $ birthdayChocolate day month squares

>> No.68678848

Language barrier m8. I/O = sending and receiving data on permanent storage or through the internet (and maybe other stuff)

Now re-read and it'll make total sense

>> No.68678858

my niggy

>> No.68678983
File: 426 KB, 1440x959, 1535334053829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

proper software design is difficult as fuck
holy shit

>> No.68679110

You mean that some stored data could be altered in the process?
e.g a file contains a number 2, but you can't assume that, so the mutability of the file makes all content it store impure. So one time f(file) will return 2, but next time it will return whatever arbitrary data it will contain.

I mean, this is too broad/academic approach. Like trying to tilt at windmills, fighting with the very foundation of data storage and computing. Or you just can assume that you're working with data, not with immutable safe containers.

>> No.68679234

That or your function itself can be impure in isolation. Say it reads n from the file, writes n+1 back, and returns n. Then you've got yourself an ersatz mutable variable. Now yeah, Haskell gotta Haskell

>> No.68679262
File: 162 KB, 771x771, .gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Took me like 15 hours to figure out how to calculate + write a matlab script which allows to create X sets of Y equidistant points/circles of radius Z all orbiting middle point for a videogame.

I'm slow, but satisfied. This one looks weird as fuck, by the way, it seems like it fucks with your eyes.

>> No.68679378

I come from JavaScript. Do other programming languages have issues with float numbers like JS does?

>> No.68679403

Whenever you ask for float numbers, yes. However most languages have dedicated integer types so it doesn't happen as often.
You can also get arbitrary precision numbers (some have them by default, e.g. Lisps) but they don't perform as well and they're usually part of external libraries.

>> No.68679404

Most do not

>> No.68679408

What do you mean.

>> No.68679455

The way that decimals are calculated under the hood, due to decimal numbers being built on base 10 (how we humans count) while computers work on base 2, or binary.

Like in JS, 1.01 + 1.02 = 2.0300000000000002

>> No.68679460

It's how your hardware works, not JavaScript.

>> No.68679469

Yes. It's not a Javascript problem, it's an universal problem.

>> No.68679496

What is the use case of epoll?

>> No.68679506

No, only JS has IEEE 754 double precision 64 bit floating point numbers.

>> No.68679516

Basically the same use case as any of the multiplexed I/O functions: to implement multiplexed I/O.
A nice thing about epoll is that it itself is multiplexable, meaning that it can be nested into other event loops.

>> No.68679531

I come on Javascript.

>> No.68679559


>> No.68679565

what are some machine learning models for regression that handle mixed inputs (categorical, numerical) well

dnn, gradient boosting and the usual suspects get me like 0.5 r2 at best

>> No.68679597

I wanna fug Sento

>> No.68679645

>>language-specific package managers
>What's a package manager?
A program that downloads and installs dependency libraries from the internet
>>static-linking bloat
>What's static linking?
Static linking means loading the libraries in the compile time so the program does not look for libraries in the runtime
>>violating the NAP
>What's the NAP?
IDK, need context

>> No.68679711
File: 50 KB, 859x672, 1543315721909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking rust fags

>> No.68679722

>package manager
Software is very often now distributed in larger systems. Internal or external to companies. To keep track of code there exist things called package managers. They let you say 'hey, give me that code library over there' and the software integrates it in your project without you having to manually copy files around in the specific ways the library writer requires.
Basically you can have statically or dynamically linked programs. It's all about how the program gets some of its code (usually library code). It can be built in (statically linked) which means it exists inside the executable like normal code. Or it's dynamically linked which means the code can exist in a separate file or in memory for the OS. dll files on windows are an example of this. Dynamic linking lets you replace the code in the dynamic library without compiling the entire program again. If the dll file still fits (gives the program the right functions) you can swap one for the other.
The reasons why you'd do one or the other i can't cover easily.
I'm guessing this is non-aggression principle. It's not programming related in that case. It's a political/philosophical position often associated with anarchists.
Of course it's an acronym so it could easily be something else.
>non-language specific package manager
It's common now that languages have their own package managers. That might not be necessary. As you might have noticed of the package manager description there's nothing inherently programming language specific about moving files around. There's still some things you would need to make package managers work other than move files around sometimes. But that could be dealt with in a unified way.

>> No.68679743

I'm pretty convinced Rust is a new-age cult.
It just has too many similarities.

>> No.68679755

I've been considering if it's an instrument of the new world order.

>> No.68679807

It makes sense to worry about purity and referential transparency when you are trying to model mathematical functions like Haskell does and when many of the optimization and parallelization features assume it is the case.

It's not hard to add a monad to your type signature and use do notation if you want side effects.

>> No.68679815
File: 156 KB, 640x602, pepe_indo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

third year cs too here,
I paid below quarter of what you've paid per year, on a third world country, and the problems that my uni gave to me are actually quite challenging. And I'm not strictly CS too actually, my faculty is called CS but my department is called Information System. Maybe your lack of knowledge of computer stems from your lack of interest in it. Package manager, static linking, and NAP (I have no idea what NAP it, google it), is not thought by the professor, but you yourself find a problem around it and you knew it through that. Hope you do better tho, from a student to another

>> No.68679824

Aside from the fact that he's joking, he's not wrong.

>> No.68679894

what's wrong here?

>> No.68680015
File: 52 KB, 640x478, He's_right_you_know.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68680054

it's pretty ironic that a rust cultist is bitching about dependency hell considering they follow the same fucking mantra, and even have a previous NPM girl on their core team. Rust posting is just a bunch of literal bots following a script.

>> No.68680126

Don't like this feeling where you start to implement a format spec and then discover there are a bazillion users in the wild which abuse the spec and extended in in incompatible ways.
I really don't want to write the equivalent of #ifdef code. Considering just dropping everything malformed.

>> No.68680131

New thread:

>> No.68680319

>const foo = (a,b) => a+b
What is this called ? i've never seen this in my life

(newfag here pls no bully)

>> No.68680344

This is an arrow function (known as lambda functions in less shitty languages) in Javascript.

>> No.68680643

eww no thanks

>> No.68681874
File: 32 KB, 295x301, 1494989500881.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68681900

What should i go for crossplat apps? React? Xamarin? Flutter?

>> No.68682001

def birthday(s, d, m):
l = len(s)
if not l or m > l : return(0)
j, k, count = m, 0, 0
while j <= l:
if sum(s[k:j]) == d: count += 1
j += 1
k += 1

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