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This earns a YIKES from me.


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So if I understood this correctly, he's blaming competition for unsold gpus?

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so does that mean they'll sell gpu's for a normal price and not like beer at a movie theatre pricing?

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looks like leather jacket man is finally starting to understand what a business is

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How long can this asian kike hold his position /g/
He's gonna get replaced.

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Vega was a fucking overvolted JOKE but it's sad that this botched housefire was enough to make novidya bleed

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>it's not fair, 100% of all retail and warehouse space worldwide should be dedicated to nVidia, anything less is AMD's fault.

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how does it even make any sense? AMD didn't force them to overproduce, AMD was elling every time they were asked "crypto was not accounted for, we do not plan to adjust plans for crypto"

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this needs an update.
$149 now

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bubble had to burst some day

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>when a company doesn't involve themselves in the mining-meme and focuses on designing good hardware instead, and ends up beating a behemoth who was just castrated and removed their own penis in addition
Feels great!

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AMD is currently being run by an actual Engineer with talent, while Nvidia is being run by LGBT SJW cucks, so it makes sense that Novidia is failing.

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AMD sold to miners.
Now miners are selling to gamers.

What he's saying is people don't want to buy a brand new GTX 1080 when they can score a used RX 580 for a fraction of the price.

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holy fuck. AMD is pretty based

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why don't he stop pretending to be apple and price GPUs by die size like it used to be?

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I can't believe this is real

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everyone with a brain predicted this will happen last year, it was a surprise only for clueless investors

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Now go cry in the corner, at least you have company now with that glue sniffing blue guy, has been there for a while.

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I hope the cycle will repeat itself in couple decades when we root for the blue and a green guy to get back in game.

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do you see a pattern a coincidence?

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what does based JIM KELLER have to say about this?

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>crypto miners dumped their GPUs in the secondary market

Can anyone point me to where these deals are so I can finally build a fucking pc

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in countries with cheap electricity

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Just lurk e-bay/taobao/aliexpress/craigslist, etc.
Hundreds of thousands of 'em.

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Intel is facing serious competition right now but just like in the Netburst era 2 decades ago you'd have to be a complete moron and fanboy to believe that they won't bounce back and annihilate AMD again that they'd go extinct.

Nvidia is in a nice place right now, despite 2080ti failures their RTX cards and older Pascal cards are a seller. Those 7nm AMD cards will be a flop and will only challenge the 2070 at best. Nvidia also has 7nm cards in the pipeline and that will no doubt fix and improve what they've accomplished with Turing.

AMD is nothing more but controlled opposition for these two big companies.

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So why these day these tow companies consistently blames Ayymd

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>but just like in the Netburst era 2 decades ago
You'd have to be a complete moron and ignoramus about the very era you use as an argument which holds no comparative parallel to the current situation whether in terms of management comparisons, fabrication politics, or other points of contention, to actually bring it up in this discussion.

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Reminder: The CEO of AMD is the sister-in-law of the CEO of NVIDIA.

You're all part of their game.

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Kikes gonna kike.

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>Netburst era 2 decades ago
Kill yourself retarded zoomer.

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He's a chink chong, though.

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Intel's 10nm problems are also AMD's fault lol

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>intel blames amd "glued" processors
>nvidia blames amd for having too many cards

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>Analysts believe NVIDIA may need three or four quarters to overcome the blow and return to normal growth.
Hopefully we can see Navi within this timeframe and make sure Nvidia can never sell those cards for a profit :)

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Just buy it, ok?

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did he 1v1 him in starcraft?

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That would be the perfect market strat to keep selling us their products, maybe Nvidia fucked the 20 series on purpose so AMD could sell the remaining stocks of RX 480 chips since the RX 590 is the same die size and all but supposedly on 12nm, the die seems exactly the same, maybe they are selling the last golden samples that could do 1500+ mhz on the core on a "new" model, and i bet AMD will deliver a good GPU with the Navi series so now they have the market for a while so Nvidia can "catch up" and we are all falling for it...damn.

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>seconds later
dude must have 6pooled him
got what he deserved

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Fucking nu/biz/ BTFO!

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Raise the GPU prices HIGHER!

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It's hilarious how Nvidia backed themselves into this corner.
GPU margins are sub 10% in most cases.
Most of their overstock are 1060s and 1050s where margins are even Lower.
They can't lower the price unless they want to sell at a loss.

Turing is priced high on purpose to make Pascal look better.
And it worked, the 1080ti stock is almost completely gone.
But everyone in the sub $300 price point doesn't want a 2 year old GPU that's still at MSRP.

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>But everyone in the sub $300 price point doesn't want a 2 year old GPU that's still at MSRP.

Isnt that why Nvidia sells games with the overprice GPUs to sweeten the deal?

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Based Jensen.

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amd literally killed themselves and nvidia

it would take atleast 5 more generations to make those huge number of poolaris and pascal gpu obsolete

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It's going to be great when Intel comes in.

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Damn u ppl. Start buying nVidia gpus so I can get a decent Radeon.

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>this time it'll be different

always someones last words when it comes to finance

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>controlled opposition
Alt+F4 yourself

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>this time it will be the same despite one company being managed by an actual experienced and talented engineer and the other sacking half their engineering team and replacing them with "interaction engineers" and such shit
Nah, keep being butthurt. Your dumbshit comparison doesn't have any parallels with the present.

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>*seconds later*

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>1080ti stock is almost completely gone
Not in the GLORIOUS Mother Russia, lul. Still very available everywhere.

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>16nm 20 years later after the last attempt

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Included game are basically worthless.
Especially for those not using the GPU for Gaymen.

I said ALMOST gone
It's still available for major board partners.

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>Included game are basically worthless.
RX 570, 580 and 590 have a bundle offering campaign currently going on with DMC 5, B2R, and...Division 2 (lul). You're full of shit, since this is a roughly 180$ worth in AAA titles, out of which 2 are definite must-haves.

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>It's the niggers' fault I can't get no white gf
>nvidia eternally cucked

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>Worth $180
They are worth whatever eBay says they are.
In the past free games were sold for $5.
You can't factor full price games into your GPU purchase.
That's a poor Fag mentality.

Anyways, one 580s hit the $150 mark; i'm gonna build another mining rig.

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>You can't factor full price games into your GPU purchase
B2R and DMC 5 are upcoming AAA titles which are of very high quality and you're getting that for free in the bundle if you're buying an RX 5xx. You're a fucking idiot, at total firggin' moron, if you think this is not a very good deal at that point. Go lurk up DMC 5 and B2R videos, you underage fagshit.

>another mining rig
>after the bubble already burst and FAD market crashed to shit
Yep, confirmed to be an underage and absolutely immature cretin.

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>that glue sniffing blue guy

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>2080ti failures
It's not just 2080 Ti, it's entire 2xxx line.
RTX in on itself is a one big massive snake oil scam flop of a Ponzi scheme.

>Nvidia also has 7nm cards in the pipeline
A roughly 1 year later than AMD, whoopdy-fucking-de-doo.

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Nvidia got too greedy and cashed too late into the crypto-craze. They had ordered too many GP104 and GP106 chips when Turing was just around the corner.

They going have to eat the cost one way or another. I'm kinda surprised that haven't attempt to pawn off "artificiality crippled" GP104s as "1060Ti" basically 75% of a 1080 to square out against the recent RX 590.

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>haven't attempt to pawn off "artificiality crippled" GP104s as "1060Ti"

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> Company that bought 3Dfx pulls a 3Dfx

Wow, colour me surprised. It was inevitable from the beginning.

>> No.68675447

>pulls a 3Dfx
Huh? What?

>> No.68675552

>>pulls a 3Dfx
>Huh? What?
Pure stupidity and blaming others. They sued nVidia for patent infringement on texturing or something or rather right before they went bankrupt, among other stupid business decisions that burned through their cash (like nVidia having too much stock now).
Obviously nVidia won't go bankrupt, but you get the joke.

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>tfw everyone made fun of you for getting an R9 380.
>day after ordering it cryptomining exploded
>gpu prices went up by 300-500 bucks
>get excited for ryzen
>get told "anon single core processing is where it's at"
>"get an intel anon ryzen will be dead on arrival"
>Spectre happens
>AAA game companies suddenly learn how to use more than 1 core

suck it, fags.

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>They sued nVidia for patent infringement on texturing or something
Wait, wasn't that S3?

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>everyone made fun of you for getting an R9 380

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>They can't lower the price unless they want to sell at a loss.

I must be retarded since I don't understand how they were selling them for 100+ dollars cheaper over a year ago. How are they now not able to sell them for the same price?

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That mindset is why you will always be poor.
I've survived 3 crashes and made enough money to buy a house.
IDK why you gaymer fags think a crash is the end?
What the fuck do you think Happens after?

Stay poor forever nocoiner.

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if amd does nothing else, 7nm can make vega compete with 1080ti

vega was 4-500$ and a die shrink could push it to the 300-400$ range on that alone

now do I want a navi that is 1080ti level new, or a used nvidia gpu with unknown use case? a used nvidia gpu that is also firmly in the not getting real drivers anymore camp, while amd has not had a significant driver fuckup in... nearly 10 generations of gpus?

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0/10, kid. You'd need to try way harder than just that.

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not the anon youre replying to but
>Battlefield V
also he probably is talking about the price of an R9. if he got a forced air one for when they were cheap it would've been a very good deal because they came out about ~3 months before crpytomining went stupid.

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I was once like you.
I just wanted a buy a Hd7970 and play videogames.
But no, Bitcoin ruined that for me so I mocked coiners calling them stupid for falling for a pyramid scheme.
But I grew up and realized how fucking stupid video games are. I then started mining.
I used the profits to buy my own fucking house.

Thank of it this way.
If you dump $2,000 on a gaymen PC, does that PC make you money?
Is that an investment?
No, it's something that loses 75% of it's value in 3 years.
You build a $2,000 mining rig.
Does that make you money over time?
It's possible to pay off the rig and then use the gains on that 2K PC you want.
Using assets to pay for other assets is how you get wealth.


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Coins are now worth less than the electricity needed for mining.

>> No.68676469

>while amd has not had a significant driver in... nearly 10 generations of gpus?

>> No.68676480

ill take drivers that work over ones that break cards any day of the week

>> No.68676551

nvidia pulled the ray trace trigger.

they reset the playing field to more or less equal when they came out with something that can barely even do something with ray tracing.

nvidia will fall and won't get back up because now the race is going toward ray tracing over raster, and both companies have a way to brute force a 50 sample real time gpu, its all about who has the balls to do it first.

>> No.68676575

I really don't know what the fuck the plan is with RTX. Last I heard next gen consoles are slated to roll around ~2020 with AMD APUs (again), so novidia's ray-tracing will be a niche PC thing that fades into obscurity.

>> No.68676619

nope, even if its amd, look at volta and amd, they are basically the same when it comes to ray tracing, turing should be 10 times more powerful according to octane and their benchmark, but that's that. amd SHOULD be able to make something to ray trace, and their fp8 on the new accelerator that pushes the card to 60tflop could easily be the key to amd pushing some form of ray tracing, as you do not need accuracy, you just need to be better than what we currently have, and if you async the raster from ray, you could easily phenomenal graphics, a bit of gpu fuckery to make it look like its updating real time, and there you go. the next consoles will likely come with gpus that are in the range of 12 tflops fp32, possibly a bit more, and if they chiplet a few very small but very dense fp8 chips, where there you go.

we will likely see nvidia loose the rtx brand and exclusivity though, you can't claim raytracing for yourself.

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If you live in a shithole with 15 cents a kw/h sure.
ETH can drop to $36 and I'll break even with power costs.
But that's at current prices.
Investments don't make their money back in the short term.

You will be poor forever with that shortsighted mindset.

>> No.68677435

No my friend, you will be poor because you keep investing in nonsensical funbucks that you won't be able to access outside of a major metropolitan area, on top of constantly buying into this shit based on a false sense of security and "muh blockchain". If you cryptards are so adamant that your Monopoly money will succeed, then I ask you these questions.
>what happens if a Crypto bank gets hacked?
>what happens when the power goes out in your area and you can't even use your hardware wallets.
>what happens if you try to buy something like a car or a house, but the dealership or private seller doesn't take crypto, or they don't accept the crypto you have?

>> No.68677549

Delete this goy

>> No.68677758

>we wanted to enter bitcoin market
>turns out our cards cant compete with amd in terms of pure computational power
>we stocked insane amount of cards
>china crashes bitcoin
>amd already knew this and didnt produce shit
>blames the competition

>> No.68677781

i mean you must be pretty new if you think that only vega was overvolted...
amd traditionally overvolts them because they dont have enough room to play with speed moron

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wait. wait hold on.
so you mean to tell me
>your product being undersold
>when compared to a better selling competing product
is because the company that makes said product exists

well we know nvidia isn't run by jews now. the jews at least have to know elementary school economics to be able to go about their jewish ways.

roommate is from a jewish family and can confirm

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>not the anon you're replying to but

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The final redpill is realizing that Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and AMD CEO Lisa Su are cousins of each other.
They are clearly jewing up the GPU market together in conspiracy.

>> No.68679508

Even if both of them are in the same scheme I'll still buy AMD rather than Nvidia because of Freesync and open source GPU drivers. Nvidia isn't at all equal if you focus on these things. I don't mind if my decision shows up a little in my FPS as long as it's not too much.

>> No.68679582

>I really don't know what the fuck the plan is with RTX
Literal snake oil scam Ponzi scheme.

>> No.68679706

Where is my Pepe Lisa Su?

>> No.68680098

Where are your proofs? Are all chinks same for you, you fucking racist?

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>Grandfather of Huang's is a brother of grandfather of Su's.
That's pretty far away to call that "cousins". Technically, they're not really related at all, by themselves, since links are WAAAY far away now.

>> No.68681373

what the fuck are you talking about? they are clearly cousins by all means.

>> No.68681466

3rd gen cousins, it's barely family by any standards

>> No.68681484

Cousin is a child of a brother of a father/mother. Su and Huang, however, are children of the children of brothers/sisters. The direct links are too watered down and broken (less than 50%).

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baka huang
its the goys fault for not bu- i mean saving

>> No.68681574

She's his niece.

>> No.68681577

dumping tech stocks in general is a thing right now, the first stocks to go in a soon to fall market are usually tech stocks

>> No.68681624

that highly depends where you live.

>> No.68681865

stop posting this tranny

>> No.68681894

does it matter?

>> No.68681897

Good fuck nvidia turing is garbage and I hope amd 7nm crushes it

>> No.68681930

S3 was good.

>> No.68683508

you shill shouldn't use those 2 words in 1 sentence
turing is nothing more than a 'shrunk down' version of Pascal with some extra meme-tracing cores. literally a placeholder for their 7nm Arch but TSMC had a better contract with AMD for CPU and GPU. if you bought Turing you're a fucking beta tester for them lmao

>> No.68683679

The final redpill is realizing that Nvidia CEO Jen_hsun Huang, and AMD CEO Lisa Su are the same person. A Hannah Montana with leather jackets, and suit skirts if you will. Also illuminatti clones.

>> No.68683789

It fits the pattern of Nvidia blaming everyone but themselves pretty well.

>> No.68683856

Does Lisa Su's company fucking her cousin's company this hard count as incest?

>> No.68683930

>Jen_hsun Huang, and AMD CEO Lisa Su are the same person
Cue in the famous photoshop.

>> No.68683981

Yes goys its was a shoop.

>> No.68684011

Thinking about buying a few grand worth of amd stocks, shits gonna be lit

>> No.68684140

>he didn't buy 20+ grand worth when it was at 1.8~2 per share

>> No.68684270

I bought the last dip at 17.38. Nice gains.

>> No.68684297

I bought roughly 200k worth when it was at 2 and was holding until it became solid 25, then sold everything and bought a full sized house real estate in Japan. With a plenty of extra cash left to spare on hands.

>> No.68684341

Nice. I only bought like $1.5k back when it was $2. Then I've gradually sold and bought again on dips since then.
Then I sold bitcoin at 10k instead of 20k. shit sucks.

>> No.68684361

blames competitor for competing?

>> No.68684416

At least you aren't like /biz/ and bagholding till crypto is worth zero.

Gains don't matter until you take the profit out, and hindsight will always make you feel like shit.

Most of my AMD was had at the ~$12-14 point, and my only regret is not buying sooner.

>> No.68684436

Tries to literally swindle people with a snake oil Ponzi sceme scam that is RTX.
People found out the truth and are super-fucking-mad, not wanting to buy garbage POS that is RTX.
nGreedia blames failure of RTX on the fact AMD has much better value and bang per buck offerings, so people buy them (especially RX 590, it's selling like hot cakes right now) in large quantities while leaving noVideo's GayForced ReTardX stock stagnating.

>> No.68685382


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File: 12 KB, 220x330, 220px-Gordon_Ramsay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh (you)

>> No.68685775

Cousins by a third knee and farther are not incest, won't affect DNA also, so no inbred atrocities.

>> No.68687043

The RTX is extremely overcosted, poorly construced and utilizes technology that is barely used in any games (and when it's used, it nukes the framerate). It's basically a cashgrab. Hopefully they're going to fix their shit with the 7nm generation once it comes out (and it better comes out soon).

>> No.68687132

>once it comes out (and it better comes out soon)
Entire year behind/later than AMD, lul. Enjoy your buttmad.

>> No.68687201
File: 1.69 MB, 320x240, wheresmymic.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More like gaytracing amirite

>> No.68687568

eh more like the 2000 series will flop and they'll release mid cycle gtx 2000 cards.

>> No.68687642
File: 28 KB, 640x480, 1359433691401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is about as bad as game company blaming internet nazi for lack of sales


>> No.68687655

Anti-AMD folks will buy nvidia cards regardless

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>> No.68687756

>what happens if a Crypto bank gets hacked?

depending on the hack you get rekt and lose a large amount

>what happens when the power goes out in your area and you can't even use your hardware wallets

phone wallet or battery backup

>what happens if you try to buy something like a car or a house, but the dealership or private seller doesn't take crypto, or they don't accept the crypto you have?

sell for USD

>> No.68687781

Crypto is shit, but you clearly know nothing about it.

>> No.68688015

were there ever any mining rig building general threads back in 2012-2014 on /g/?

>> No.68688153

Sure, tons of them

>> No.68688489

>tfw you bought 5k worth of 10$ calls when AMD was $1.85

>> No.68688761

I read this and didn't understand shit. What the fuck is a channel.

t. 190 IQ

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File: 205 KB, 765x720, 1510452055133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you never read and chink-based story? Branch families are always plotting to murder head family. And in the case where the head family splits in two, the two halve fight it out for generations until one side is dead.
Unlike the jews, the chinks never cooperate.

>> No.68689036


>t. never read/watched entirety of Dream In The Red Chamber

>> No.68689040

It's called second cousins once-removed, you retards.
It one relative closer than third cousins, one relative further away than cousins.

>> No.68689059

or fuck. They are cousins once removed, IIRC. Which is closer than second cousins.

>> No.68690072

aliexpress always had terrible deals on second hand hardware imo
Cheapest RX 580 is 200$

>> No.68690113

>He explained that since NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 is the top-selling GPU and AMD’s RX 580 is number 24, the ratio of GTX 1080s to RX 580s in the channel inventory is 90:10. If AMD suddenly injects RX 580 GPUs into the channel and changes the inventory ratio to 50:50, it would create excess inventory, which is difficult to sell.

What the fuck is this absolute fucking nonsense.

>> No.68690156

>Cheapest RX 580 is 200$
That's the MSRP.

>> No.68690175

Only person on here who has a brain. Bitcoin will die

>> No.68690279

>Buttcoin will die
Already did.

>> No.68690352

well now it s impossible to buy a 1080 anyway. they out of stock everywhere . so you either buy the kike rtx or go in the used market. i need a

>> No.68690360

>compete with 2070
>price it at 400$
>nvidia on suicide watch

>> No.68690367

>prices at 300$ instead

>> No.68690368

good for you that you had 200k in your hand

>> No.68690374

ye no i don t see how they can price that huge chip at 300$ unless they want to loose a lot of money .

>> No.68690482

>Capitalism means everything goes up forever infinitely!
this is not how the real world works kid.

>> No.68690565

RX580 MSRP was $230 or something around there.

>> No.68690703

>too stupid to understand basic demand and supply curves.

>> No.68690725

capitalism is not about ups

>> No.68690736
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eBay worked for me.

>> No.68691004

>what i learn about China, i learn from fiction, not from history books
Find the nearest rope m8 and put it around your neck.

>> No.68692498

oh no shit, but the cats out of the bag, you open pandora's box, shit is not going to close unless something forces it shut, and gpu/graphics have all been leading up to ray tracing. this is it. this is it, the shift away from raster to ray is happening, nvidia will likely not ship another raster improvement gpu outside of the inevitable scale down that comes with die shrinks, and instead going full boar into raytracing, possibly coming up with ways to get the results faster either through ai or coding fuckery.

in one way this is bad in the short term because whoever pulls it first will have the worst product, but good in the long run as now that time is devoted to this, and budgets that don't have 'I dont fucking care about cost, I just want it done faster' applied to it, we will see rapid progress.

all we need is 50 samples and thats it, thats where you get almost all quality from is that 50 samples, currently we are on 1, a decent full render would need 5-10, and because you can chiplet ray tracing with near 0 consequence, and if 1/4 of the die size for nvidia is ray tracing, chiplet the ray tracing, which would be around 112 mm^2 and put 10 or so on a gpu,

on a good yield, you would get 465 dies, if we assumed 10000$ per wafer, and this is a very loose number as current 14nm is so mature that no one is pricing these things at the cost of recouping investment anymore, that would come to 21$ per chiplet, for 10 chiplets, it would cost 210$, now without the rt cores, a turing would equate about 227$ per chip assuming 625mm^2, we may be able to further chiplet the ai portion and get a better yield with a 21$ chiplet ai and a 102$ raster chip, in total silicon wise, it would cost, 333$, ram was 10$ a gb on gpus at its recent cheapest, and everything else is jellybean fuck it numbers, if nvidia wants to pull trigger 2, they have a hell of a way to do it, but I think amd will be first to pull this trigger.

>> No.68693046

>I don't see how
Yields above 89%.

>> No.68693059

Dream In The Read Chamber was partially autobiographical, you dumb fuck.

>> No.68693823


>> No.68694937

So is Nvidia ever going to do a firesale, or are they going to keep Jewing us for as long as they can? Getting rid of their stock at lower prices is more profitable than letting it rot and devalue. I might buy a 1000-series card if the price was right. Or are we going to have to wait for 7nm Navi to see improvements in price/performance ratio?

>> No.68695021

>are we going to have to wait for 7nm Radeons
Obviously. 7nm is the only true savior of the stagnating industry. It's an absolute salvation in all fields: CPU, GPU, RAM/NAND, mobile, etc.

>> No.68695171

Everything is so fucked. CPUs haven't improved in 6 years and GPUs haven't improved in 3 years. We'll just have to hope that 7nm will save us

>> No.68695205

>Intlel is so fucked. CPUs haven't improved in 6 years

>> No.68695586

>*8 years

>> No.68695738

>So is Nvidia ever going to do a firesale, or are they going to keep Jewing us for as long as they can?
> Getting rid of their stock at lower prices is more profitable than letting it rot and devalue.
And let people have GPUs at sane prices? are you out of your mind?! FIRE THIS MAN!

>> No.68695793

*Plays StarCraft with Jensen
*Gets fired immediately afterwards
*Match session lasted several minutes

>> No.68696830

>a novel
>portrayal of historical accuracy
>historical accuracy
You are reaching into your own ass for thoughts.

>> No.68697661
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>> No.68698724


>> No.68699742


>> No.68701522
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>> No.68702399


>> No.68703683

You've got to be fucking kidding me. What a fucking disastrous train wreck.

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