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Well /g/, why aren't you writing in Rust?

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Because /g/ keeps posting low tier memes encouraging me to hate it without any good reason, and I'm an easily manipulable sheep

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All I code in is PL/SQL.

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>still writing compiled languages in 2018
mmhmm, that's right, gerald. fizzbuzz is the measure of a good programmer. now go back down to the basement and keep scanning those old paper records. the modern programmers need to work on the django/mongodb stack

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Because I am allergic to metal :>(

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how did rust get a reputation as "the sjw language" anyway

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- its Code of Conduct
- its main developer being Mozilla, which among other things, abandoned "meritocracy" because its against their ideology, and spent $50,000 to remove the word "slave" from their code base

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/g/ randomly assigns boogiemen to anything new and popular

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see >>68636642

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see >>68636680

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if the thing works why should i care about their code of conduct? i care about product performance, not some snivelling analysis from some teenage /pol/ edgelords who cant have a conversation with using the word "nigger"

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flavor of the year piece of shit that will be dropped in no time

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I saw that post and it's nonsense. Plenty of languages have codes of conduct and corporate backing from liberal tech giants. It's commonplace and not at all specific to Rust.
Just like with any other language, it's easy to ignore any political bullshit and just use it to get shit done without interacting with the annoying parts of the community. Finding ideologies in the community that you don't like so you can attack them is what a drama-loving non-programmer does.

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also, you're a retarded fucking glow in the dark nigger

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Nice straw man you have here.
Complacency and compliance with people that hate every white male is not going to be for your benefit.

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it will die off just like ruby, go, dart, objective-c

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Keep repeating that to yourself at night while you cry into your pillow and shake with rage, nerd

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>no thats a straw man
>*posts straw man*
do you try do be retarded or does is just come naturally

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I refuse to use a language without goto/label.

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obj pascal/lazarus is enough for me.

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Rust has loop labels that work with break/continue, what else do you need goto for?

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Graydon Hoare, Tim Chevalier, and some others who contribute or used have personal blogs and pretty clearly fall under the 'eternally offended Californian' archetype and it spills over into their moderation and position statements.

Because like a lot of projects these days, their CoC is more than telling people not to say 'nigger' and they use it as vehicle for spreading their worldview. By using their language you become a plank in their soapbox. If you don't care then more power to you, but not everyone is so apathetic about these things.

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>Complacency and compliance with people that hate every white male is not going to be for your benefit.
it truly is impressive how far /pol/ can go off the deep end with even the slightest provocation. completely unhinged

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>muh let's just ignore what's happening to the tech industry

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perhaps it is time to entertain the idea that there is not a global conspiracy manifested as a programming language to cause the extinction of your skin pigment and that maybe you are just not as talented or as special as you have believed

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>another strawman
Nice work.

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>but i never actually said THAT EXACT THING! CHECKMATE!
i know what you are and so does everybody who interacts with you, you're not as clever as you think

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>ad hominem

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disgusting keywords
beautiful keyword

I'm an OCaml developer, and we have no break/continue/return keyword, but we have goto/label. And OCaml programs are very stable and easy to debug, because there is no shitty, break/continue/return keyword.

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Goto doesn't make any sense in a language that tracks lifetimes, and lifetimes make Rust easier to debug because the compiler catches most of your errors before you're forced to dig through shit at runtime.

Rust > your faggoty single-threaded ml dialect

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>Goto doesn't make any sense in a language that tracks lifetimes
You will never be a good programmer if you failed to understand that. And I won't explain to you, I will just despise you as a developer.

>Rust > your faggoty single-threaded ml dialect
So cute.

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Moz*lla are basically /pol/ but instead of "muh jews and niggers" it's "muh straight whyte heteronormative cis males"

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I'd love to hear your design for a language with a working borrow checker where the user can jump out of scope at random, but I know you're just being cocky as a cover for incompetence.

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Stick to rust, I will stick to ocaml.

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I don't use Rust, answer the post.

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So which language do you use?

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A) it's ugly
B) the documentation breathlessly points out how shit C/C++ is to a hilarious degree, it's like a fat autistic kid trying to convince you that Yugioh is better than MTG while you slowly try and back away
C) it's fucking ugly
D) it tried going for the "easily reads from left to right" thing but is inconsistent
E) it wishes it was Go

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Answer me. Tell me how borrow checking with goto works.

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>Tell me how borrow checking with goto works.
I was precise >>68637026
>if you failed to understand that. And I won't explain to you

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Not the guy you're arguing with, but your evasive responses look like you can't even begin to answer his question.

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Why bother replying if you're going to fall back on that again? Just admit you don't know anything about the topic.

>I know you're just being cocky as a cover for incompetence.

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I love watching the larp kids get in over their heads in discussions they know exactly jack shit about. If it were anywhere else, they'd have already "m-m-me t-too!"ed to the nearest exit, spaghetti spilling the whole way. But this is the internet, and this is the one place where they just can't possibly be wrong, so they double down on the retardation after embarrassing themselves.

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Ho I see, ignorant are uniting.

>you can't even begin to answer
I said, before the question, that I won't answer to such a question.

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>Tim Chevalier
>pic related, from his homepage

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>that I won't answer to such a question

Why not? Why can't you contribute in a meaningful way to the discussion? You obviously want to show us all how smart you are.

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What would they do if someone wrote a sjw concentration camp simulation game using primarily rust?

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>that I won't answer to such a question.
Apparently you can't into such an English, either. You ESLs crack me up. I'll let you get back to your roleplaying now.

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>Why not?
I'm not paid to teach you, I'm not your instructor. I have better things to do.

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Dunnow, try it.

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>i have no idea what i'm talking about, but i'm too embarrassed to just admit it, so i'll be here for the next three hours desperately trying to get the last word in

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Personally I think there are certain cases where it absolutely is possible to track lifetimes with goto. But I'm not the one here trying to prove how smart he is. I want to see if you're full of shit or not.

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>I want to see if you're full of shit or not.
I won't explain, so it's your call.

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Well, that settles that. Another roleplaying kiddo blown the fuck out.

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You're getting baited pretty fucking hard here

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>i was only pretending!

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>I-I was just pretending to be retarded!

And there we have it. The last grasping attempt at damage control. Discussion over.

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>implying that was me arguing with you fags
I just saw you all being a gaggle of retards and decided to pop into the thread to tell you to stop wasting your time falling for some dude who was clearly just saying retarded shit to piss you off, but sure, save face.

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I don't use rust because I'm not a brainlet who falls for stuff like >>68636119 >>68636138 >>68636742
>>68636758 >>68636796 (honorary inclusion) >>68636821 >>68636831 >>68636874 >>68636921 >>68636987 >>68637083 >>68637176 if I was, I don't know its hard to imagine not thinking. Sure there's emotional responses but repeating phrases without any consideration of what they mean is just weird.

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>it was some other faggot, not me!

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meme magic


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>t. typelet

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Their main Rust evangelist is Steve Klabnik, a communist Californian.

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His name is actually spelled Клaбник

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The language seems pretty good, I will probably use it in the future for some 3D physics toybox projects.

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Swift is superior and support from Apple/IBM
ABI stable next year

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Code of Conduct only relates to working on the project, not what is done with the product of that project.
However, not too long ago there was another drama when someone added a license to their GitHub node project which basically said "this cannot be used by ICE, FBI, CIA, NSA, or any US Agency!!"

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Swift is awful.

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I use languages that have been in the industry for a while (e.g. C), not memeshit flavour of the month

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Rust has been around since 2009 and production quality since 2014. Firefox uses it.

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SJWism, call out culture and the dynamics between weak men and cluster B women will destroy any group or organization over time.

Once the first signs of infection surface, it's time to leave. It will be too late once the witch hunts and backstabbings have begun.

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>cluster B women

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SJW is just other communism mask.
Communist fail because enormous corruption,nepotism,incompetence and tyranic regimes, Front face is equality and love, inner face is massive power hierarchy for leaders and friends,familiy or lovers.

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Not very nice, mental health shouldn't be stigmatized...

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>SJW is just other communism mask.

No, it's not. Communism at least tried to organize and unite workers to some extent.

SJWism is about breaking society into smaller and smaller bits that soon begin to hate each other, until there is nothing left.

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>SJWism is about breaking society into smaller and smaller bits that soon begin to hate each other, until there is nothing left.

Communism muh workers
SJWism muh minories

Foucault build identity politics


Foucault argues a number of points in relation to power and offers definitions that are directly opposed to more traditional liberal and Marxist theories of power.


power is not a thing but a relation
power is not simply repressive but it is productive
power is not simply a property of the State.Power is not something that is exclusively localized in government and the State (which is not a universal essence). Rather, power is exercised throughout the social body.
power operates at the most micro levels of social relations. Power is omnipresent at every level of the social body.
the exercise of power is strategic and war-like

Now new communist is over micro levels in whole society.

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I'm really not in the market for any of those "C plus (but not plus)" languages, so I have never even considered Rust.

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>cluster B women
MFW histrionic with narcissistic tendencies, not disorder. So close, yet so far.

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Cliffs of the first video?
Second is obvious tranny.

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imagine actually fucking posting a Ben Garrison cartoon, like actually unironically. Holy shit, absolute retard overhere

shiggy diggy

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Agree, Swift seems much more user-friendly.

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t. cluster b homosexual

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Why should you benefit people that hate you and want you gone?
Fuck them.

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Rust is a great language created by terrible people

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Go is actually growing. New devops tools are all written in go.

>> No.68638776

Were they forcefully removed?

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rust community isnt sending their smartest

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rust is a meme zoomer language, i give it 5 more years until zoomers switch to a newer hypetrain

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Rust is neither new or popular. I've never seen Rust use anywhere and I contract for various government agencies in NOVA.

Literally all known Rust based projects are hobby tier editors and game engines. It's not used in infrastructure or anything serious.

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jesus christ burn it fire

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Only sjw central mozilla uses rust in production.
And having trannies for salesman don't help "sales" in the enterprise.
Rust is for tranny hobyists. Want a safe lang use a pure functional language.

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>go will die off

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Idk, the zoomer language seems to be javascript+bloat from what they are generally using, not rust.

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>django/mongodb stack
What's funny is that you'r joke is outdated.

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Go is better.

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"In the industry" means you're required to know it to get a job at a >$1bn company
"A while" is at least 20 years
Screenshot this post, in 2040 nobody will be using this meme language anymore

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>New devops tools are all written in go.
Of course, robust and mature products are already written in python.

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based and wirthpilled

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Sigh. I wonder when you white people will finally understand that we really have to enforce diversity in programming. Shaming trans-supporters will certainly not help.

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>not C-premacist
Missed opportunity

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Isn't Rust interpreted?

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are you confusing it with haskell

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Because C is too comfy and just werks
Seriously it should be standard that people learn C to understand basic memory and algorithms

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Because C is THE safe language in anno domini MMXIX.
You can't write safe Rust, but you certainly can write safe C.

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what do you mean by safe ?

>> No.68644680

He means his FizzBuzz doesn't have any memory leaks.

>> No.68644684

What do you mean? Safe has only one meaning.
Safe as in provably safe.

>> No.68644691

Try flight control systems, tranny.

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What the fuck was his [ >>68644691 ] problem ?

>> No.68645279

You're thinking of Ada sweetie. I'm not getting in a plane with software written by cniles that's for damn sure.

>> No.68645616

>I'm not getting in a plane with software written by cniles
Are you Tom Cruise? Because flying a jet is your only option if you want to avoid control systems being written in C.
C is used for fuckton of systems within commercial airplanes. SPARK is shit nobody wants to bother with.

>> No.68645678

C is safe. It's like a big truck. If you intentionally drive it on the wrong side of the road, of course you'll crush unsuspecting cars and get the bloody corpses of the drivers caught in your wheels and drag them for miles down the highway possibly without ever noticing. But as long as you don't drive, ever, you'll be fine.

>> No.68645848

You could learn how to drive as safely as you can. I like the visual you wrote so in this analogy a few of the rust users in the thread are like terrorists in a truck that purposefully plows into a crowd of people to prove trucks are bad.

>> No.68645860

>C is used for fuckton of systems within commercial airplanes.
I want to some proof last time I checked 97 percent of software in commerical air plane is written in Ada not c trash.
That's funny analog considering that there is a huge amount of regulation on big rigs because of how insanely unsafe "big trucks" inheriently are.

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because its shit

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I can't wait to see it happen /g/. When a trannys code fucks shit up and you can't remove it because you have white privilege. Forks are also a no no, that's transphobic. They will run you off the internet and ruin your life and get you fired for forking that code.
You think i am joking? or baiting? Nope this is the future you chose when you let trannys run your code base.

>> No.68646259

tranny ? nigga that's rude to trannies, that's just a fat German in a dress

>> No.68646319

>see trans people writing code
>get angry instead of gender transitioning yourself
this is where you fucked up

>> No.68646351

>Here's a programming language with compile-time memory management!
It's nice to see high quality discussion on /g/.

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