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Is social media ever a good thing or just narcissistic trash and ads?

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The latter

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Not all media that is social in nature is inherently bad - I'm a fan of imageboards, selfhosted blogs, and IRC.
Any [capital s one word] Socialmedia where you are the product and which promotes/enforces false harmful concepts of identity is totally evil.
Anyone with half a brain refused to participate or be subjected to such terrible nonsense.
It's been pretty disturbing over the years to tangibly see just how retarded and blind the vast majority of everyone is.

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all depends on how it's used. it is simply a medium.

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Stop being a pedantic faggot. We all know what social media means in this context. No one is shitting on IRC.

And no, it's cancer. I did get facebook again when a bunch of friends moved away for various jobs to keep in touch, but we ended up drifting away anyways, so now I'm convinced it serves no positive purpose.

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It's ruined by normies and their garbage personalities.

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>standing around and staring at fucking nothing vs entertaining yourself on your phone for a few minutes

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I think we have a linguistic opportunity which can help with the proliferation of certain concepts.
I would like to see the harmful Socialmedia distinguished from interactive media that happens to be social.
The way ideas are presented is important and I think this is a very useful distinction.

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`normie' is a normalfag word used by normalfags
kill yourself

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I think the way social media is used by many is detrimental to mental health and overall well-being, but it's not inherently bad. However, I don't trust companies like Facebook with my personal information.

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>caring about arbitrary term variations
tryhard newfag detected. you fuck off and kill yourself.

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It is, you're just too stupid to notice.

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Fuck the 90's and fuck YOU

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Is 4chan technically social media?

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4chan is antisocial media

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email is technically social media

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Yes but the difference is that we are not so easily tied to our real identities

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It's good for me but I don't participate. Gram-grams keeps in touch with a ton of distant relatives on facebook and gives me the cliffs on what they're up to. I like knowing how they're doing but not enough to bother hunting them down and reading through their little blogs or whatever.

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depends how you define social media
media that has social capabilities (forums, chat rooms and such), or socialising using media form (facebook, twitter, etc)
I think the latter has no value whatsoever, except to foster hostility and advertise to people

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It's good when the narcissistic cuties are posting lewds.

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>bunch of friends moved away for various jobs to keep in touch, but we ended up drifting away anyways
you're supposed to couple it with consistent meetups

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Don't exactly have money to regularly hop over to Europe.

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It's ok, I don't care much, I don't see any problems with it.

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People seem to think that before social media and smartphones the world was a maggical wonderland, where everyone just had deep philosophical discussions all the time and engaged in nothing but self actualization.
In reality people would watch TV at home and on the go they would listen to walkmans or just stare at the wall. It wasn't much different than now, just more boring.

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It's all crap.
Also the real problem in that image isn't the phones, it's what they're lining up for.

This. Before that is was newspapers and meaningless small talk. No less than 95% of people have been garbage for all of history.

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Before the media people would just try to make random pointless small talk with other people, so that they could kill time. They didn't get anything of value from it, but they still have done it to avoid being alone for just a second. One could say that it isn't an issue nowadays.

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The world was a better place when your options for entertainment were talking to people or going out.
Small talk is social interaction and is therefore good for your mental well-being.

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>Also the real problem in that image isn't the phones, it's what they're lining up for.
I'm not sure if they're lined up for that Chick-fil-A or whatever place which is out of the frame, but goddamn. I work at CFA and people go absolutely fucking nuts for it. I have no idea why. The food is trash. I've only been there for a few months but it's really opened my eyes and showed me just how much of a fast food and overeating problem America has. You would not see the huge lineups in drive anywhere else in the world, and what is it for? Mediocre, overpriced, overly salty or sugary food.

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how do you know what they are looking at is social media? maybe one is posting on /g/ faggot

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I basically don't use it outside of 4chan and following a handful of enthusiast groups on the likes of FB.

I'm perfectly content keeping things that way.

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normalfag was the chanspeak word, but normie is so much easier to type it just took over.

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no, normalfags like you took over and ruined everything

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>You would not see the huge lineups in drive anywhere else in the world
You've never actually left the US, have you?

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I don't know mate, it was a better world for extroverted people yeah, but as an introvert i hate to speak to people, and i hate interaction. This world is closer to me then before, and im here from before the Internet and everything involving it. Entertainment is as old as prostitution, it just changes form every now and then.

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The worst social media is that which is based around a constant flow of information and stimulation. For example, something like UseNet or BBSs had facilities to download new information and upload your posts at the same time, and it didn't matter "when" you did this in relation to the other users also doing the same*. While in modern social media there is new information uploaded nearly every minute, meaning you get a dopamine kick nearly every time you check. And even 4chan has this, which makes (You)s equivalent to upvotes.

*ignoring line limitations, of course

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facebook groups > 4channel
deal with it

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>muh phone
>muh social media

Poster child basedboy

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'normalfag' is an NPC word used by NPCs

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Social media is just another way for the consumerist system to entrap retards in money spending loops.

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We have to address the Normie Question™.

While people recognize social media as a problem, they are just blaming the medium, the real problem here is normies using them, if normies started using 4chan or IRC it would be a piece of shit too, so we can see the underlying problem is not social media by itself.

This problem cannot be solved by purge (unafortunately) but as with containment. While normies are only inhabiting in the social media sphere without leaking, the real internet will be safe. This is why I mostly hate /pol/, it brings normie shit when it makes appereances in the media and such, bringing shills and other undesirables as a baggage.

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Fb messenger botnet is pretty useful

LinkedIn got me a job

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define normie

I'm not a gf but wouldn't consider myself a normie

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define normie

I have a gf but wouldn't consider myself a normie

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Basically the word normie has been degraded to mean "someone outside the social group." I've seen faggots in r/virtualreality calling people with no VR headsets normies unironically.

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Most people use it in the bad way where they constantly have anxiety over a device in their pocket that doesn't represent the immediate reality to them. Mostly women and fags.

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>flexing on the world by flaunting your exaggerated accomplishments in order to validate yourself
Sounds awesome, can't imagine a world that's any different.

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Someone inside a single standard deviation from the mean of the "weirdness" distribution.

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Very good way of putting it, anon. I'd further your claim by adding these sorts of people are consequently stuck in the morass of society's social metagames.

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social media was a mistake

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Facebook - godawful (especially the UI). I'd be embarrassed to have my name associated with that garbage.
Snapchat - literally pointless. Unless you are using it for porn, you're a faggot.
Instagram - Good for sharing pictures, I guess. Has a valid use.
Twitter - Good for public discourse. Whether it's politics, technology, etc. limiting to short text stream or single image is a sensible model.

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Tumblr is great for porn. But you'll always end up on some real kinky shit.

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Recreational outrage?

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A few scenarios

>president of a number of local sports club and community committees
>we have fb pages (we're all over 40) - excellent conduit for info, we post events, details and members can ask stupid questions with no fear of ridicule or recrimination
>occasionally get a 3 glass critic but usually shutdown and deleted by fairly vigilant moderation.

>kids on [insert newest messaging/posting app]
>shit talking, young fella invited to chat starts with
>"You wan sum fuk?"
>to 13 yo grillz. Then sends dick pic. To 13 yo grill
>whose dad is a cop
>who then sends station friends round to kids house
>14 yo charged with transmission of child porn using carriage service

>kids friend & parents involved in MV accident
>parents ded. 2 kids survive
>crowdfunding page setup - within a couple of days kids welfare financially for at least a couple of years is done and taken care of as well as payment for parent's funerals and medical bills

It's how it's used and by whom/
It's easy to blame soshilmmeejya for socities ills until you remember that it's the fuckheads using it who are akshully being the cunts.

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If used properly I am sure it can enhance people's lives in a meaningful way.
But as it stands for most people it is just a distraction from reality, they use to waste their lives with little effort.

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Professor Ted warned us of the dangers of oversocialization.

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Look everyone: a Millennial!

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The consumer masses ruin everything. Computers, cars, phones, media, even tools are all degraded everytime a normalfag buys one.

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Why are people so afraid to hold their phone up to their face instead of putting 70pbs of pressure on their neck?

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