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>b-but it's Nvidias fault!
lmao AyyMD retard

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This is fucking normal

If you unsafely overclock and overload your gpu, it's going to catch on fire, remember last year when this was happening to AMD because they built out of spec?

don't be an idiot and this won't happen to you

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Just underclock them a bit and you are safe. Mine's running perfectly fine.

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>Card blows up

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>blame it on the consumer
Well done. Good response time.
We'll discuss your bonus later.

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imagine that, you're playing a game and suddenly you start thinking
>wow technology has become so crazy they can even simulate the burning smell from the fire in the game

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It was completely stock and he was just browsing the web.

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>Paying 1200$+ so that your card literally BLOWS when you gay trace
>Paying 1200$+ so that you can underclock it

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oh geeze. I dun goofed.

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AMD's fault
AMD's fault
>kepler being gimped
AMD's fault
>RTX ray traced explosions
AMD's fault

I honestly don't know how AMD keeps sabotaging Nvidia like this and getting away with it. Truly Nvidia is my greatest ally.

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Yeah, you did - tighten that ram up anon.

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So we're back to housefires?

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You forgot the WOOD SCREWS™.

Also, before 3.5 there was 1.5 (on 6xx).

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We were never out of them to begin with, it's just that for a couple years Inturd took over in noVideo's place.

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This reminds me of burning 1070s because evga forgot thermal pads for memory chips in early batches.

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Can’t wait to pair this with my Intel i9 and die in a house fire.

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>playing Guilty Gear Rev 2 on GayForce 2080 Ti
>Sol is your main

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>gaytx blows up
>fucking amd, REEEEEE!

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good goy

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Chances are this is an nVidia issue - but I'd still like to point out that for the last 4-5 generations, early EVGA highend cards have caught fire.

I can't remember any other OEM's cards exploding like this as such a regular occurrence.

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Green = color of puke/vomit, fat hairy dirty sweaty trolls, and boogers.

Blue = color of homosexuality, frigidness, headache/migraine, respiratory diseases, dead bodies (rigor).

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Nvidiot has defended this

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Red = color of evil, soccer hooligans, communists, poor quality nutrient pool soil and anger.

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The card was just producing more light rays with the flame so it could trace your VR environment better. That's what happens when you overclock too far, the card starts to do things in real life, no longer confined to the silicon and electrons. Thank you Nvidia.

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Red = color of passion, love, progression, revolution, evolution, speed, warmth.

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and also the color of molten metal

amd have been super hot cards in the past, this is pretty ridiculous but I think everyone knew the rtx cards were gonna be a flop when they announced that they'd be a tiny bit better at rasterization at best.

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>and also the color of molten
MoltenVK is Vulkan-onto-Metal wrapper for iOS and it works absolutely fine, indeed.

>AMD super hot cards
Yes, they truly sell like hot cakes right now.

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Indeed, SSD prices have dropped a lot. You've got money to drop on 2 2080Tis but still have a hard drive? For shame.

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that's a blast from the past
the more things change, the more they stay the same
>either way, the consumer gets cucked

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File: 2.96 MB, 1280x720, Nvidia RTX First Boot.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah there's footage all over of this happening now.

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>the consumer gets cucked
Not if you're a sophisticated dignified AMD gentleman.

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>buys Nvidia card even when AMD/ATI card are better
>Nvidia gains a monopoly
>consumers get screwed over
>Nidiots say its AMD fault
>AMD starts focusing on semi-custom stuff because gamers and enthusiasts only want AMD to lower Nvidia GPU prices
>AMD leaves
>The gt 3030 costs 1000$
>Nidiots say just do it.

Remember who you are fighting for: your own wallet

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The fuck are you talking about? The only thing AMD thing comparable (worse in DX12 games) to 2070 is the Vega 64 and that shit is 20% more expensive.

I am alredy voting with my wallet and the vote goes to nVidia, because AMD still didn't learn to keep up with the performance in the same price range. If their product offered better performance for the same price, we would all buy AMD.

Why the fuck do you think nvidia can afford this? PC gamers don't give a fuck about brands, most care about the biggest bang they can get for their buck, and that's consistently nvidia

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My fucking sides

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What does that have to do with Vega 64 and RTX 2070 ?

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we are just before the
>AMD leaves

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2070 is a rebadge of 1080 Ti, just with 36 (out of 1000 needed as a MINIMUM spec to do actual real-time ray tracing) tracing cores slapped on. Literal fucking scam. Now try counting 2+2.

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My fucking sides, indeed.

Are you trying to prove my point? Like I said, the only thing comparable to Vega 64 (LC'd at that) is RTX 2070 at a lower price point.

Good, they sell overpriced shit that's only le ebin 60 million cores anyway.

I don't give a fuck what it is or isn't. GTX 1080 Ti is expensive as fuck and I won't buy that, AMD doesn't offer a comparable product in the RTX 2070 range so why the fuck should I go AMD?

>64 cores
>still can't beat rebadge of 1080 Ti that's cheaper in most games

Imagine being an AMDuck, lel.

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Why should the customer care to keep some company in the market? It's literally the invisible hand of the market that decides who stays and who's out and if AMD can't stand toes to toes with Nvidia and are forced to leave, good... Not my problem

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>AMD doesn't offer a comparable product in the RTX 2070 range
Vega 64 decimates 1080 Ti after the GIMPAGE that took place recently. And Vega 56 decimates 1070 Ti.

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I don't know your fancy buzzwords, every modern game comparison clearly points to AMD being a sub-optimal and insanely power hungry product not even offering a lower initial price in most cases.

You're delusional.

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>Not my problem

We all seen what nvidia did with literally just 1 generation of no competition. If AMD is gone nvidia will fuck us all in the butt.

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this reads a lot like he did the mod to short out some resistors so he could bypass the max power step.

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Yeah like i fucking believe that

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rx 580 > gtx 1060
vega 56 > 1070 ti
vega 64 > 1080

all of the amd cards can be found at very similar prices to their nvidia counterparts.

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>when AMD/ATI card are better

Literally has never been the case.

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rtx 2070 > vega 64

at 20% lower initial cost, alredy better performance and improving with DLSS and the biggest elephant in the room

>450W vs 250W
gg electricity bills, it seems trying to cheap out on everything isnt such a good idea huh

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>this reads a lot like he did the mod to
He was running browser in stock

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Where are you getting these numbers from? Nvidia's own site reads 175-185W for the 2070. AMD officially lists 295W.

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>imagine being this retarded

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>imagine being this cringe

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>imagine being a shill

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CPU at 68c? What are you doing

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that doesn't matter, the bypass is you literally solder parts on the card, so he may have done it and decided to post on his uber leet oc forum and bam! burnt card while at stock with a browser up because he failed at soldering.
You should at least look up what I was talking about before commenting

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>using SSDs for bulk storage
For shame.

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Did you even read the article/thread?

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Nvidia is literally the way it's meant to be played

>> No.68510088

My cpu runs at 72 in games. It scares me. :(

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Of course.
It uses the "hottest" substance in the world, RTX

>> No.68510149

>is literally the way you're meant to be played

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yes... i think he is an idiot that tried to solder his card and fucked up so now he is trying to get a free card.

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>The only thing AMD thing comparable (worse in DX12 games) to 2070 is the Vega 64 and that shit is 20% more expensive.
yea, the 2070 is 20 % more expensive and close in performance

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>t-those do not count

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Needs a pic where RTX OFF is Rise of Tomb Rider maxed in 4K on 1080 Ti, and RTX ON is Nokia Ngage's Tomb Raider.

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nvidia literal housefire

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Maybe in carland, but over here Vega 64 is like 560 eur and RTX 2070 is like 490

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RTX = Raining Turds X

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ngreedia gook detected, deploying leather jackets and instant noodles

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3 hours of dead/dying/glitched 2080 ti's.


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Any good timestamps?

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00:00:00 to 03:00:00.

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You're a funny guy sully - i'll kill you last.

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He's not wrong, though.

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This guy is right.
NVidia makes and supplies the GPU itself, EVGA sources all the other components in making the board.
If they use poor quality VRMs and shit to cut costs and one explodes it's has nothing to do with NVidia. You could claim that EVGA built the card within the spec NVidia provided but seeing it is claimed the card wasn't even under load it is more likely it was just their poor choice in component vendors.

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What is your response to the dying FE cards? Is that AMD's fault too?

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>What is your response to the dying FE cards?
That's probably NVidia's fault.

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unreliable source

>> No.68512830

>SLI RTX 2080Ti
goofed indeed

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are they evga cards? So far that is the only one that has caught fire.

>> No.68513177

Is this just 2080ti? Any reports on the 2070s?

>> No.68513239

They're all same inside, so it's entire fucking 2xxx line.

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Why the hell do you have spinning rust in your system at all?
Also your driver is outdated.

Based fine Vega wine.

2070 is +/- Vega 64 (or Vega 56 with Samsung HBM, for that matter). Depends on the game.
With heavy async compute use, yeah the 2070 pulls ahead as Turing's async compute scales better.
Vega 64 also has more OC headroom than the 2070.

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>using HDD for bulk storage IN YOUR DESKTOP
yeah, for shame

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this kek

>> No.68514386

>tfw R9 390 for the past 4 years or so
>tfw card runs perfectly fine with a small overclock, still plays new titles at 1080p 60fps
>tfw housefire meme never came true

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Find a better game

You know what DiRT is made of? POO.

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Time is a circle.

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File: 492 KB, 626x616, grafikkarte_brennt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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why do people keep falling for this shit, it always sets on fire.

>> No.68516952

This I even bought a Vega 56 just to support amd and sold it to a mate
Sick of nvidias bullshit they peaked with big pascal

>> No.68516993

I should buy a Vega 64 to replace my 970njust because they fucked me on ram.

>> No.68517166

Vega has basically infinite VRAM. It's the opposite of a 970 lmao.
Black Ops 5 allocates like 15Gb of VRAM on Vega fine with HBCC. It's the only GPU that lets the game allocate as much as it wants.

It'd be a good upgrade, especially given these sales lately.

>> No.68518718

So AMD was just playing the super long game all along.
There is no need to actively compete on the high end if you just corner the value market and wait for the competition's high end offerings to start burning down houses.

>> No.68518736

>noVideo GayForced
>why do people keep falling for this shit, it always sets on fire

>> No.68518763 [DELETED] 

6990 is a dual gpu card

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No you see this water damaged mobo is totally proof that polaris was killing entire systems. Unlike AMD Nvidia doesn't have a history of their cards actually catching fire.

>> No.68518840

Reminds me of the image of a guy holding christmas lights in his hand and it's captioned "i bet the jews did this"

>> No.68518894

>that feel when you owned an ABSOLUTE PERFECTION that was MSi's nForce GTX 285 SuperPipe (the VERY FIRST TwinFrozr) back in the days AND IT UNIRONICALLY HAD A RED PCB
>didn't buy a single GayForced GayPoo since after then, because of huge letdowns from noVideo on each and every step

>> No.68519043

where is "here" anon?
most countries in europe have the vega64 cheaper than the 2070

>> No.68519084

same with my 290X
got it 5 years now

>> No.68519226

Not him but prices become very explosive in slavland due o support and supply links.

>> No.68519287

Need RTX off in the third panel and RTX on in the fourth. AMD now has a driver but still slower.

>> No.68519361

These temps are perfectly fine. Why are people such pussies about temperatures.

>> No.68519379

>Vega 64 450W
Nice FUD, Nvidia marketer.

>> No.68519434

>its thermi all over again

>> No.68519457

For 1200+ Masonic tickets, this time around.
And it can't do jack shit, while at it (at least Thermi could play gaymen well, even if SUPER-HOT). LITERAL FUCKING SNAKE OIL PONZI SCHEME SCAM.

>> No.68519464

And the best part is that Gaymers are eating this shit up and Nvidia will get away with it.

>> No.68519504

>Gaymers are eating this shit up and Nvidia will get away with it
Not at all. See here >>68518942.

>> No.68519680

I have to run mine at stock speed with undervolt during the summer.
But still the only game where I get less than 60 fps is skyrim with like 150 mods

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Thermi had much better shills

>> No.68520121

Checked 'em.

>> No.68520646

t. Nvidia employee

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>> No.68521015

Considering other temps are low it's probably at idle, i never run my cpu over 60c with load and that's with fan at 600rpm lol

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>> No.68521359

Golden turd for 1200+ Illuminati papers.

>> No.68522363

Let 'em suffer.

>> No.68522562


>> No.68522819

I hope those buyers get an extra hour in the ballpit at least.

>> No.68522852

>realized ball pit balls are probably really cheap
>they are
>text my friend about filling his vacant house
>he's already rented it out

>> No.68522886

At least the balls won't be a fire hazard like those RTX.

>> No.68523387

Big if true...

>> No.68523423

It's true. One fat troll at plebbit said it's not,m while not providing any proofs that it's not, so don't listen to that BS. The original poster at Guru3D already provided proofs. there bound to be more findings in the near future.

>> No.68523438


>> No.68523451

what the fuck are you even doing you retard

you should have taken that second 2080ti and spent it on proper 14cas ram for that threadripper. your ram is shit and thus your cpu is A SHIT

its like you don't even like performance

dipshit with too much money and not enough sense.


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>2x 2080Tis
>cum as TIM

Like we needed proof you're a massive flaming faggot.

>> No.68525056

Damn, feeling comfy with my year old 1080ti

>> No.68525126

Does based MSI have this issue?

>> No.68525191


RIP Fregate-chan here, cheapest Vega 64 is 50 dollaryroos more expensive than RTX 2070. There's a spike of 150ish from the cheapest to an Arez and another fucking 100 bux for a goddamn XFX silver blower card.

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>enjoy your $1300 card goy

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File: 3.18 MB, 885x471, RmaTurdKuso.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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What is the hottest rig you could build right now with "normal" components?

i9-9980XE + 2x 2080Ti?

>> No.68527238

Why not 4x 2080Ti? But yes.

Technically I think you can get Vega64 to be hotter than the 2080Ti because it'll go +50% power limit whereas I think the 2080Ti is limited to +14% or some shit.

>> No.68527292

9900 + Two 2080 Ti FE + Four 10000 RPM HDDs.

>> No.68527345

Except it didn't happen to amd, there was one guy who used 4 oc'd 480s in a <50$ mobo and the 24 pin connector got burnt.

>> No.68527349

KEK bumpgate 2.0
I swear nigga it's tsmc fault, nvidia can't do wrong

>> No.68527481

The Fermi legacy lives on!

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