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macOS is the

-most powerful
-most elegant

desktop operating system in the world.

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Thank you Rajeesh!

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please continue to do the needful

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i have been considering trying out hackintosh on my thinkpad (sl500) and dualbooting it with my preexisting arch install, should i do it

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for what purpose

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for fun

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might as well just install gentoo desu

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Do it just to spite winshits, macfags and freetards at the same time.

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Just installed Windows 10 Pro on my Macbook Pro!

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Another delusional member of the fruit cult, fuck off macfag.

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>dirty pajeets vs legit homofag
both mess around with poo poo, you fucking gaylord

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literally all it has is a nice wallpaper

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The only thing it does that jelly of is ctrl + arrow keys to jump end and home. That's literally all. These faggots can't even make mice/mouses correctly.

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>mbp user here
I dont like the wallpaper, I prefer the ones posted on Desktop threads

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just when I thought the MacBook Air's screen resolution couldn't get any worse

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Change MacOS to XFCE and you'd be correct. Compared to how you could set up XFCE, MacOS is easily 5 years outdated.

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Its alright. Its still not pure UNIX goodness like it used to be. Its still just BSD at its core. I'm contemplating restoring a 2012-14 era mbp. The last of the good ones, and running 10.5. Just to have that last real UNIX mac OS.

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OpenBSD with Gnome.

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Do they still have it where you can't make the OS font bigger? And if you go on the Mac forums to ask how to make the OS font bigger because it hurts your eyes, they get angry at you and tell you to use a different OS? Do they still have that?

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Forgot one, faggot

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I hate that dock it wastes space and without it the system looks just like any other linux distro. Safari is cancer. You can get a $500 laptop and make it to whatever you want.

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Why would anyone who uses windows care about what some retard does with an XP era thinkpad

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I agree. Mac OS is a high quality operating system. I only wish they released the OS as a standalone product so building a hackintosh wouldn't be a month long project. Oh well.

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I’ll bite. Tell me 3 areas where XFCE beats MacOS that don’t involve “muh edge case scenario”

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I gotta be honest, that dark mode ui looks comfy as fuck. Would getting hackintosh on an i5-7200u be viable if I use a vm for windows software?

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This thread is


Now please leave the board, Pajeet.

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There are apps that make .exe software run on macOS, anon. Come to the Hackintosh world.

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I know that, that's why I don't mind switching. Problem for me is the amount of shit I'd have to do to get it working 100%>

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As long as your cpu and motherboard are compatible, there's very little to do desu

Just find good resources. R**dit has a pretty simple guide for you to follow.

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OSX is amazing, just sucks that Apple's hardware is increasingly overpriced, unfixable, and overall shittier (less ports, shittier keyboards, etc).

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>-most powerful
[citation needed]
>-most elegant
Most clunky, maybe, but that's subjective.
To shitpost about on /g/ for sure.

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- least powerful
- most officious
- hardest to look at

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I looked it up. Intel HD 620 might be a problem. I'm gonna look into it though.

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Should I upgrade to Mojave on my rMBP13 2014? It's currently running Sierra and rock solid. I haven't upgrades thus far because I'd frankly unacceptable security bugs. Have these things been addressed?

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>beating anything

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Yes senpai, I'm running mojave on my 2013 mbp and it's smooth af

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