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If you own one of these, you should fucking kill yourself.

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Why because it's a meme?

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It's alright. I got the one with four drawers but didn't assemble the bottom. Stuffed my subwoofer in its place. Pretty happy with it.

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try to find a better way to get a huge desk aside from building your own. I WISH I had two of these and one of the desktops

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This. Two file cabinets and a long piece of wood and you have the worlds comfiest most GNU desk ever. Using a sander and some oil for finish, and wow.

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>issuing death threats over someone's choice of goods to purchase

consumerism was a mistake

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I've got the Alex DESK op. Fight me faggot.

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where do I find a nice desk, friendos

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Buy a slab of wood from your local hardware store. Sand it and apply some oil. You are free to use Ikea legs or cabinetry for the legs.

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You posted this last week but you never gave an explanation why you think that way. Don't shitpost.

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This thread again? Did the guy that fucked your girlfriend have one of these or something?

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Is there any reason why you had to post this again anon?

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this fucking shit again? op, kill yourself, you retarded faggot

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