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>apple's USB-C to 3.5mm adapter is $3 cheaper than Google's (which was originally $20)

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>iToddlers have to buy ANOTHER dongle

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S-so what?
Apple is gay ipajeet iPoojeet iFag iToddler icuck mactoddler macfag iNPC iNigger iPadjeet iPoo Appcuck Applel Appjeet

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The question is, are the components inside it better, the same or worse?

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>Having to carry Dongles

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if it is, it's marginal at best. lower latency maybe, but device support is the big question.

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That too, also material design. Apple doesn't have the best reputation for their cables but I don't know about Google.

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the fuck chain of cables is that? It's Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2, then what? What are they even trying to connect?

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nevermind, found it
>Thunderbolt 3 -> Thunderbolt 2 -> FireWire 800 -> FireWire 400

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And intelligent people don't buy hardware 'produced' (AKA assembled from off the shelves parts by Asians) by either company.

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Old miniDV (or DV in general) camcorders and other DV equipment along shitloads of audio equipment from the late '90s up to the mid '00s

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Buying a phone without 3.5mn jack and then using that adapter is cuck af

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>iPoojeet banned AGAIN

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and probably has a third of the lifespan

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>USB-C to 3.5mm adapter
there is no such animal

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the point is to be wireless. Cablefags are living in the past.

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Who the fuck still uses cabled earphones christ.

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I like having the option. I use BT but you never know when you'll run out of batteries in the middle of a subway commute or something. The few times it has happened to me, it has been nice to be able to get my backup in-ear headphones and just plug them in.

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>ITT old cunts living in the past and can't embrace USB C
>still using wired headphones
>plugging anything into a portable computer these days besides power

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Multiple people have reported that Apple's works better, too – it works with everything it's plugged into and performs indistinguishably from a built in headphone port. Google's only works with some devices and occasionally blinks out on others.

To me it sounds like Google manufactures theirs on a vastly smaller scale, meaning to keep the price reasonable they have to cut corners.

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that's because googles does not have a DAC in there, it's literally just a cable

That's why they copped so much flak for charging more than apple with nothing inside

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The state of apple...

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>that's because googles does not have a DAC in there, it's literally just a cable
I'm trying to find a source on that but the only source I have found, https://www.pcworld.com/article/3284186/mobile/bring-back-the-headphone-jack-why-usb-c-audio-still-doesnt-work.html , says it does have a DAC.

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totally possible that it has a DAC, but it's turbo budget or otherwise basterdized (think winmodem sort of shit, where's it's half-software)

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But you have no source, right?

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Based Satania poster

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Anyone who doesn't like hearing static noises

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KYS subhuman trash

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So, this is what the future looks like?

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Alphabet makes cables now?
Just buy some cheap generic one.

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There is a standard for analog Audio over USB-C.
There is absolutely no need to put a DAC in the adapter except maybe to save some money by removing the DAC from the phone (which is what Apple does).

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>there is no DAC in iPhones

How do they produce sound then?

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>There is a standard for analog Audio over USB-C.
It's not officially part of the standard, though. It's not required to confirm to the standard, and that's the problem.

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Oh, and
>except maybe to save some money by removing the DAC from the phone (which is what Apple does).
Apple doesn't remove the DAC from the phone. They still need it for the speaker(s), at least.

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based slut poster

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>(which is what Apple does).

Wow apple is so far ahead of the competition they have digital speakers in their phones

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> But you have no source, right?
I have BBQ, Tomato, mustard

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