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>crashes Premiere
>can't produce music with it because shitty latency
into the trash..

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nobody fucking cares

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hey anon I just wanted to say I appreciate you and your posts
keep posting it every day until they like it

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well there's AMD community manager in this board if you dont know

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What is premiere?

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>why they don't buy my overpriced 9800K(elvins) processor just so they can have 5 % more in gayming and adobe reeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Fuck off I edit with Blender.

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adobe? You can't even produce music on AMD CPUs because of their shitty latency. As soon as you try to set the buffersize <5 ms AMD CPUs go apeshit. Literally useless CPU

>can't game
>can't produce videos because Premiere crashes
>can't produce music because shitty latency
enjoy your nice-on-paper-CPU

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>blaming your utter lack of talent on a cpu

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>lack of talent
What? Sound synthesis has evolved and requires more CPU power nowadays. AMD simply can't keep up with its shit latency. Trash CPU

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yes sholomo i am sure that when you nitpick some more you will find even more negligible issues
now excuse me i must now go buy some more dry ice so i can cool down my intel cpoou

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>latency matters
talent matters
i understand the epicness of trolling "intards", but at least be better at it and don't make is SO obvious

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I don't think you understand how music production works. There is absolutely no connection between your ability/talent to make music and latency.

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nigger I was doing beats and shit with just cool edit 96, gtfo here with your latency excuse

you're excrement

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thats the point you daft fuck

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>I don't think you understand how music production works.
you take random retard give him/her/it a strange haircut and release it on stage
oh you also hire anyone who have any idea on how to create music and then use cheap assets and online lyrycs creator to produce "music"

and morons who listen it don't give a shit they wouldn't recognize drums from a fucking radiator

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>cool edit 96

Have fun using modern synths. Have fun using linear phase EQs and compressors.

>thats the point you daft fuck
That's not the point. If you're producing music on your machine you rely on virtual synthesizers and effects or else you'll have to use analog gear which is expensive as fuck. The closer effects and synthesizers are to analog gear the better.. but it costs CPU power. Even if you're not a music producer, someone has to mix and master your track and then you will need audio processing which has nothing to do with creativity. Typical AMD fags who have no clue how things are done in the real world. All you faggots do is posting screenfetch threads and compile gay AUR packages. Base-dwelling weebfagging neckbeards lmfao.

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>can't game
I used an i5 8400, sold it and bought a 2600. It increased the general performances.

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>but it costs CPU power
i thought we were talking about latency?
which allegedly a few ms of latency will make or break your career as a producer/artist
talent and hard work has nothing to do with it amiright

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adobe premiere is a video editor

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>again talks about music production even though he has no clue about it

Alright, I'll take the time and explain it to a weebfagging neckbeard. The more CPU power an instrument or an effect requires, the less time your CPU has to process synthesis. AMDs high latency is basically a bottleneck for audio processing which means you'll have to set your latency higher which is a PAIN IN THE ASS even if you're not actively playing on your MIDI controller. Let's say you're absolutely no musician but just a mixing or mastering engineer, it's still painful having to deal with high latency. And its getting worse if you're actually playing on your controller. Everything above 5ms is absolute cancer and the more talented and skilled you are as a piano player the more annoying it actually is.

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>excuses, excuses, excuses

>better technology exists
>tells you to use worse technology because of "talent"
why not combine talent with best technology? talent alone means nothing

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show me statistics that show that an AMD chip has more latency then an Intel chip
their IPC is on par, using the "less time to process synthesis" argument is retarded
I use Intel btw, I think AMD is childish as a company, I just cant see how "latency" would be an issue with a modern processor

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google DPC latency, retard

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is this rhetoric true or is it based on the experience of just one person who may've had faulty ram, a dying harddrive, or a multitude of other things?

I ask because I am genuinely curious about the subject of Ryzen cpu's exclusively being buggy with certain software.

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Are these actual problems or is this just some intel shill?

I'm considering buying a 2700x for editing with Premiere/After Effects and gaming.

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Would like a non biased response as well.

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How many times are you going to post this? Here's a (You) for effort.

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Not sure about video editing but for gaming intel is objectively better.

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last two ones are important because music is almost always procuced @48KHz. Pic related is an extremely important benchmark because it basically represents how your CPU handles polyphony on synthesizers..

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looks like a windows problem to me
you really showed me huh

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This guy posts this thread every single day. Take a guess as to how reliable his info is.

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Everything I see about DPC latency talks about how crappy Windows is. Nothing about how different chips handle it.

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it's not a software problem it's an architecture thing.

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>architecture thing
you really sound like you know what you're talking about

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>Are these actual problems or is this just some intel shill?
It's your typical drama-queen Intel shilling.

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>blames Windows
>someone Intel has no problem with low latency
it's always excuses

AMDs floating point pipelines are only 128 bits wide opposed to Intels 256 bit fp pipelines m8..

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I have no problems using cubase or protools which I use daily on my 1800x. Also no problem with any latency to my midi keyboard, no idea what the fuck you are talking about

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Absolute retard. DPC is a windows issue. It's when a driver interrupts the CPU. I have an Intel cpu, and I used to have insanely high dpc which would cause cracking in my speakers. The culprit was my network card causing dpc spikes. I swapped it out for a different card and voila problem solved. You are just too stupid to understand technology. Go back to /mu/

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This isn't reddit

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I'm not denying that the 9900K is the best consumer CPU for gaming, but this graph is 100% useless.

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Not more useless than ashes of the singularity cherrypick bench the AMDrones love to post.

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None of the problems are real, intel chips are double the price of equivalent amd CPUs and at the high end you'll get 10% more performance. You decide if it's worth it.

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The 8400 is cheaper than the 2700x and beats it in gaming>>68285177

Every Kaby Lake and up beats Ryzen 2xxx in gaming so stop using the 9900k as a strawman.

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>muh 5fps difference

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>if Intel has a 5fps advantage its not worth mentioning
>if AMD has a 5fps advantage -> BASED AMD THANK YOU
Aymd fags have no dignity

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>pays more for less fps cuz muh underdog

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because they are no AMD communists

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Feeling agitated, Ming?

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Give me one good reason to buy the 9900k over the 2700x. I am not an audiofag but use mysql, android studio and gaym.

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a shitty video editor that has been surpassed in relevance

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I don't do music, so I am curious if this is actually an issue, can you post some links demonstrating this issue on AMD chips?

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It is, but without voting

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Ok it looks like it's not as good as the 8700k but is better than the 7700k by a lot more than it's behind the 8700k. So it's not the best, but it's far from unusable. Any info on the ram frequency and timings on that bench?

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In what world is at least 220 simultaneous notes not more than enough?

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>>can't produce music with it because shitty latency

I was making music in FL in windblows and in Bitwig in Linux with ryzen 5 with 0 issues. Why are you lying, anonfag?

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>what is layering
Fire up a couple of u-he Diva's and your CPU is gonna choke quickly.

>FL Studio
That's because FL Stoodoo "producers" can't into complex music production because they're either HipHop producers or they produce primitive David Guetta shit.

>also Bitwig Linux
>no FabFilter, no Waves.. basically no linear phase EQ/dynamics

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I can maybe see your point for a lush pad or a supersaw lead but even then you're talking like 16 notes of unison times three or four notes in a chord.

For a bass, fuck no, that shit is like 2 notes at most for a Reese, and even then you're probably gonna bounce it and resample it so the performance hit is one time only. Anything more than that and it will just sound muddy.

Not to mention that the 2700X can handle 520 notes.

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>For a bass, fuck no
I often have 3-4 layers of basslines split across different frequencies.

>Not to mention that the 2700X can handle 520 notes.
On paper but not in practice. Go ahead and fire up a couple of Diva instances. You'll see how quickly your CPU's gonna choke.

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What absolute sonic diarrhea are you making?

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>splits basslines into different frequencies
>makes fun of anon for not splitting bassline

the joke is that neither of you actually make money from music

>> No.68286780

probably some imitation koan sound/tipper/mr bill/wook bullshit music that isn't any more "advanced" than your typical Guetta track when you really tear it apart

>> No.68286783

but I do? Many producers split their basslines.. what the fuck is wrong with you?

One of many examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQp66GmwBRI

>> No.68286789

What features does FL Studio lack to prevent complex music production?

>> No.68286797

"Pro" in the name.

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Your keyboard has upwards of 30ms of hardware latency. I'm pretty sure that 5 vs 10 ms buffer length makes no difference. But that's assuming the problem actually exists, which I don't buy.

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If you wanna talk about complex

>who is billain
>who is emperor
>who is spor

To name just few producers who are absolutely out of this world.

You're just too retarded to use TOOLS without preconceived opinion that was formed by reading some fags comment on youtube, anon.

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They all use resampling and chopping, dumbass. You can make that kind of music on a toaster.

>> No.68286868

Oh, never mind, I thought you were the other guy.

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daft fuck is playing my house

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>no Control room (like Cubase)
>no chord tracks
>note expression for VST3
>MIDI capabilites are a joke
>using hardware with FL Studio is basically suicide
>no equivalent to VariAudio/Meloydne with ARA


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It's a good thing floating point numbers are only 64 bit then.

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>It's a good thing floating point numbers are only 64 bit then.

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wowie here's your gold star mr. producer! excuse me while I bow to you.

on a semi-related note...if producing for mainstream clubs were an easy thing to do, more people would be making money from it. if you think making a club hit is easy, go out and do it!

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In a world there dipshit musicians never release any notes even if they play at under -120db, 100 times quieter than faintest audible sound.

>> No.68286950

are you autistic? I'm not even trying to sound edgy or something? The vid I just showed you is literally from a known club music producer. My point was that splitting basslines is nothing unusual. There's a difference between proper Electronic music and primitive David Guetta shit, if you can't hear the difference you should move your ass to the ear nose throat department of your closest clinic. You are literally retarded.

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If it's so much trouble making music on computer, why aren't you using physical instruments? You know, like actual musicians do?

>> No.68287052

>If it's so much trouble making music on computer
but it's not. It's fucking comfy with an Intel CPU. I can load as many VSTs as I want while maintaining low latency.

>why aren't you using physical instruments?
I do have a piano, a guitar and even a Moog synth... but this way I can have more.

>You know, like actual musicians do?
eh.. what?

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nice goalpost move, retard

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Top kek as soon as AMD fags get brought down to the ground of hard facts they start getting personal. Epic.

>> No.68287096

I still don't see how those things would prevent someone programming what you consider a complex track note-for-note, using the same vsts, then rendering it out and getting identical results.

>> No.68287107

>They all use resampling and chopping, dumbass. You can make that kind of music on a toaster.

False. Go back to your cave and see if you're missing a chromosome.

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>2 shekels have been deposited into your shilling account

>> No.68287198

>Low latency
Keep your program tide to single CCX and you will get fastest latency on a CPU to date.

>> No.68287206

Your benchmark there says an Intel CPU could only handle 1/5th more if that shit, I wouldn't call it a significant difference. Even at that, is you approach computational power limits, you're doing it wrong. Here's a pro tip: mute the notes below -90db, and don't put 3600000ms decay on all instruments to help you with that. Don't use highest quality settings for editing and preview, that's for rendering. And don't put 300 active notes in general, nobody can fucking actually hear that anyway. 300 simultaneous samples, including shit load of chords, is plenty. If you're unironically going beyond that, try and assess yourself as a tryhard.
Chip tune is played on 4 Gameboys through Arduino, not in a PC synth program. Things like that.

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>1/5 is not significant all of the sudden
>if it's the other way round AMD fags praise AMD as if they just discovered fire

It's funny how you weebfags call Intel users "jews" and "shills" while you are the most unobjective shilling faggots in the tech industry.. almost as bad as applefags.

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top kek

>> No.68287270


Eh I'm pretty sure I have been producing music both electronic and (((real))) for the past 8 years with a 1090T you double nigger.

>> No.68287286

>And don't put 300 active notes in general
but you can have 20 layers of synths including effects

>> No.68287322

That's what you get for parading corelet software as the single thing of importance. Intel straight up sucks in multicore.

>> No.68287329

AMD and Apple have the largest shills on this board along with Microsoft.

You'd understand Apple and Microsoft because they are giants but AMD? Intel and Nvidia shills only show up here when there are new product launches but AMD shills are always here making sure to shit on Intel and/or Nvidia as much as they can.

>> No.68287336


>he doesn't just print tracks using high CPU
>he cannot work within the constraints of a given production system

what a pleb

>> No.68287350

>>>he doesn't just print tracks using high CPU
I don't have to because I use an Intel CPU.

>> No.68287370


Then you are not using your system. Unused CPU cycles are wasted CPU cycles.

>> No.68287379

>what is VST3

>> No.68287396

You said "all vst I want" but that really that's within extra 20%. You would have a case of it was double the amount of shit, but it's barely better. And that's a top of the line CPU, so you mean a couple of years ago you couldn't produce music because there was literally nothing on the market that could run that crap?

>> No.68287418

an extra 20% on paper. In reality it's even more. Just go through gearslutz, kvr and other boards. People have been complaining about how shitty AMD performs in audio production. AMD is so shit I can't even be mad at them.

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what the fuck are you talking about you neanderthal?

>> No.68287436

You don't produce music. Stop lying.

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>> No.68287450

LMAO half of those are not even audible by 5th playback, and the last few are never heard by anyone except you, with most of other channels muted.

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>> No.68287464

>can't into mixing

>> No.68287496

Point for mentioning neurofunk/dnb artist, they do some absolutely out of this world stuff.
BUT Emperor does sample everything, he has a masterclass laying on the tube explaining his sound design process.
And quite clearly says he samples everything to make it easier for his PC when producing full tracks.

>> No.68287515

>they do some absolutely out of this world stuff
>shuffling through Serum presets
>out of this world stuff

>> No.68287533

wtf I hate ryzen now

>> No.68287568

So the popular guy is using right tool for the job instead of relying on brute force alone like some noname fa/g/? I wonder if there's a connection, a logical thread going through it.

>> No.68287574

good thing I didn't fall for the ayymd meme

>> No.68287623

>115 replies
>48 posters
Imagine samefagging this hard. He does it for free, every day too.

>> No.68287636


yeah not to mention the choir of idiots replying

>> No.68287649

Huurh duuurh Serum presets are my sound design huuurh
Go listen to some rock music or something

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>> No.68287667

>shit bait thread gets to bump limit
/g/ deserves to get shitposted to oblivion.

>> No.68287700

How many times are you going to make this thread? Also, how much of a loser do you have to be to shill for Intel for free?

>> No.68287772

I know what emperor does, watched all of his stuff + streams on twitch. He doesn't make all tracks from samples tho, he composes too, so does billain. And majority of them make their own samples too. All in FL studio. It legit doesn't matter how simple or complex TOOL is, it's still a tool and FL just werks.

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>> No.68287827

That's why I love this place

>> No.68287836

>people are losers if they like the better product.
This isn't football you faggot try to be objective.

>> No.68287908

I agree man.
The magic is in the sound design and process of it.
Not the DAW.

I'm gonna check Billain out too, oddly enough never heard of him.

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This, if anyone in this thread actually produced for shit, they would know that production is objectively faster and more efficient on mac os.
/g/, where retards argue other retards about the same subjects over and over, while knowing jack-shit themselves.

>> No.68288018

Wait, I recognise that screeching, we just had lots of it from one DAW thread where freetards kept claiming that it’s not the problem of their limited freetoys not supporting half of the industry plugins besides the fact that no one with an actual job uses them but ‘U DONT HAVE MUH TALENT’ on OS that has joke of an audio stack (pulse audio will be forever shit).

>> No.68288038

you can have my LOL's

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yeah okay

>> No.68288142

>update os
>audio inteface stops working

>> No.68288156

piece of shit video editing software that people used before vegas and blender

>> No.68288192

You can game, only with like 3 fewer FPS, and video and music production is 100% superior on a Mac anyway, so hang yourself nigger.

>> No.68288198

Don't update it then?
Of course you're supposed to use the workstation only and only for producing music, nothing else. OS features don't matter. Windows simply has too much bloat running on the background to be efficient for music production.

>> No.68288227

>3 fewer FPS,
if you use a 1050ti on a 8k monitor

>> No.68288230

>blender for video editing
This is how you know someone's an a)poorfag who can't even afford a CC subscription, or b)too dumb to pirate a proper video editor of their choice.
Like literally wherever I see someone using blender for video editing they're 100% guaranteed to be a poorfag.

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File: 501 KB, 300x169, behindthispost.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not spending money is bad

>> No.68288481

What's that? Can it run Gentoo?

>> No.68288637

how is music production on Mac superior? That doesn't even make sense. Logic is inferior to Cubase and other DAWs.. Also VST performance is worse on Mac than on Windows.

>> No.68288671

did an overpriced housefire cpu that isn't available to purchase really btfo amd?

>> No.68288988

>shooting a shaky video of his monitor
opinion discarded.

>> No.68289014

>praised by eric prydz, deadmau5 etc..
>opinion discarded
show us your work anon

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File: 30 KB, 673x556, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feeling agitated, Mong ?

>> No.68289624

>t. people who don't know that the market is at a freefall right now

>> No.68289766

all digital music released before the advent of i7 8700k is a physical impossibility, according to this graphic.
TIL >>68289624
neat, another financial crisis and I discovered posting from an Ryzen 2400g in a thread about how AMD fails at live music recording or some stupid shit.

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File: 28 KB, 549x442, 1522614052499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A shitty video editing program that every idiot meme youtuber uses because they think it makes them a professional. People who actually know what they're doing use Vegas.

>pic related also crashes every video editing program
>because all video editing programs are literally millions of lines of terribly maintained, mostly undocumented spaghetti code built like sedimentary rocks over decades of deprecated features and unusable/unidentifiable functions

It doesn't matter what your setup is. Doesn't matter how fast your processor is, or how much memory you have, or if you're running on an SSD, or if you have a 2080 Ti or just the built in graphics on your G4560. If you're using Premiere or Vegas, it's going to crash.

>> No.68290572
File: 2.13 MB, 300x290, 1534653971242.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Everything above 5ms is absolute cancer
Hmmm, you sure about that?

I produce videos, not music, so maybe this is out of my expertise. But you wouldn't be able to notice, let alone detect, a 5ms delay in a video. That's less than 1/3 of one frame at 60fps. It takes, minimum, 30ms (about 2 frames) for a human to notice any delay between video and audio.

But please explain. Why is 5ms of latency "absolute cancer"? And I guess we should also address the elephant in the room: where in the fuck is your proof that Ryzen CPUs are different from Intel's in this regard, and why have I *never* heard anything about this """latency issue""" at all, ever? Keeping in mind that I work in the audio/video industry. This shit is literally my job.

>> No.68291090

A smart daw should drop any inaudible notes from the processing queue

>> No.68291101

You should keep asking this every time OP creates this same post. Eventually he'll have to give up.

>> No.68291114

Based 8400

>> No.68291201
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>People who actually know what they're doing use Vegas.

>> No.68291336

Good to see intelaviv shills ignoring this blessed post

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>people are losers if they like the better product.
>better product

lmao this fucking tripfag

>> No.68292303


> ITT: wannabe audio engineers who don't realize that CPU has been an non-issue for digital audio since the mid-2000s. It is just becoming more and more trivial as multi-core CPUs become more and more commonplace.

>> No.68292829

>not making music with real instruments
le nu-skrillex everyone

>> No.68292840

don't lie anon, you spent $7k on college, just so you could use adobe products for "free"

>> No.68292848

>spending 7k on college
man i fucking wish

>> No.68292891

>things that have never happened - the post

>> No.68292899

>>can't produce music

good. Based on everything produced for the last 20 years it would be better if no one did.

>> No.68292915

>reeeee this daw doesnt have some specific plugins wah wah wah
What the fuck is wrong with you. Real musicians record their synths into the DAW from real synths (like the MicroKORG). Fuck outta here with your shitty plugins.

>> No.68292926

epic bait

>> No.68292975
File: 460 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Slow Start - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.06_[2018.01.06_19.24.28].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he's not even getting paid for this shit


>> No.68292976

>can't produce music
>literally useless cpu
Pretty sure you don't need <5ms latency, you're not even a serious producer based on the fact that you're on /g/ making daily threads shilling intel. So stop whining like a fucking baby and make music like how people better than you have been doing with worse hardware.

>> No.68292998

Not even baiting. Get a MicroKORG.

>> No.68293041

I am.

>> No.68293449

You said the exact same thing last time this thread was posted.

I hope they pay you decently to shill here

>> No.68295123

this thread is still up?

>> No.68295140

Based Premiere OP exposing the shitty Ayymd CPOO yet again and all pajeets could do is seething.

>> No.68295184

My 1600 outperforms my 7700k by a mile in games (among other things). Fanboy shills in damage control.

>> No.68295205

Is a R5 2600 good enough for a streaming/video editing pc (Vegas) with 16GB RAM?
Or will I get away with 8?

>> No.68295207

Just ordered the 2700x.
Everywhere I see Intel users going apeshit on me.
Literally why?

>> No.68295222

Nobody uses sage anymore because nobody knows it exists.

>> No.68295230

>People actually believe this

Even if what you're saying is true which I doubt based on every gaming benchmark you're still pretty stupid to sidegrade to a whole new platform just few months apart from your old. Amdrones are brainless consumerist.

>> No.68295253

Premiere is comfy
You're a fucking idiot

>> No.68295335
File: 50 KB, 541x583, 1514990066101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fine, people who know what they're doing use Resolve but it's pure ass if you're producing videos by yourself.

I can't imagine it's multiple people saying that. It's probably just the one astroturfer who started this thread, hoping people don't realize he's just larping as multiple posters.

Premiere is shit and so is your taste. Kill yourself you fucking fat ugly virgin faggot. I bet you've never even talked to a girl, let alone touched one. Fuck you.

>> No.68295349

Pls respund

>> No.68295384

This guy here: >>68290572

I edit on an i5-7500 with 8GB of memory. As long as you have at least a dual core with 4 threads and 8GB of memory, you can edit videos. A 2600 and 16GB of memory is more than enough, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either trying to sell you something or a fucking idiot.

>> No.68295413

I have an r5 1600x is it worth upgrading to the 2600x?

>> No.68295467


>> No.68296044

Premiere issues exist, but it's an Adobe bug, nothing to do with AMD.
It's a much better in the latest release, but it's still buggy, honestly Adobe needs to fix their shit faster or I won't be creative clouding in the creative cloud anymore.

Vegas has 0 issues.

>> No.68296300

Looks fine to me

>> No.68296302
File: 179 KB, 1920x1037, wow its fucking nothing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oops forgot image

>> No.68296327

Calvin Harris wrote his debut (and his only good) album on an amiga 1200.
Go home and practice, instead of shitposting

>> No.68296334

Works on my machine with Cubase 9.5 and a Ryzen 7 1700 :)

>> No.68296358

Wait, what latency issues? I bought an R7 1700 last year with producing in mind, and I've been using it since. No issues at all, even on large projects.

>> No.68296379

>MIDI Capabilities are a joke.
Explain further.

>> No.68296542

By what?

>> No.68296667
File: 625 KB, 1920x1200, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why so slow?

>> No.68296696

Just use ffmpeg you stupid fucking zoomer

>> No.68296708

fucking shintel shilling fags

>> No.68296744

Yea fuck off with that one, my Intel i7 has way higher DPC latency than this guy: >>68296302

If you're so sensitive to DPC latency you should be removing any drivers for devices that you're not actively using and disabling all power management because that's what makes the difference.

>> No.68296802

Resolve and Nuke.

>> No.68296810

You having a giggle, mate?

>> No.68296813

>can't greentext

>> No.68296836


>> No.68297023

You're terribly uninformed. Any even half serious producer uses Mac because it's simply faster.
Mac + protools is the industry standard.

>> No.68297519

The 2600 is cheaper than the 8400 and beats it rather easily.

>> No.68297540

>if Intel has a 5fps advantage. Shouts it from the rooftops.
>if AMD has a 5fps advantage -> REEE! AMD ARE POO IN LOO!

>> No.68297591

Who hurt you bro?

>> No.68297753

Professional piano players also require 256 note poliphony due to the way not runs work. When you hit a note on a digital piano you need notes to run into each other. If you are a really good player this can lead to some notes getting cut off as you hit many notes in a row. It ruins the acoustic performance if notes are being cut off prematurely. An acoustinc pianbo has no such limitations. I understand fully what the person is complaining about with regards to poliphony. Likewise an experience pianist can notice latency as low as 5ms when trying to play complex and fluid pieces. Non-musician tech plebs believe + 5ms is low enough for anything. But this is simply not true.

Talentless music making fag here that understands how this shit works even if I can't max out my system due to lack of actual talent.

>> No.68297835

>Intel has a legacy of single thread optimised, compiler biased, Windows scheduler biased applications. The post.
Tell us something new anon. Devs need to get off their fat, lazy asses and update shit to run better on different platforms. It's not AMD's fault. It's many years of fucking Intel bias.

>> No.68297850

Music production ha sa long legacy of using Apple Macs. Producing on Windows is for poorfags.

>> No.68297865

>can't produce music with it because shitty latency
Flat out lie.

>> No.68298013

I think you're on crack. I've been using a 2700x and before that a 1090t to produce music for quite a long while. I've never had latency issues.

>> No.68298111

How hasn't the Janitor not cleaned up this shit yet?

>> No.68298143
File: 92 KB, 300x300, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>R7 1700
>runs Studio One just fine with no noticeable latency

>> No.68298208

>Pro Tools
What sins have you commited that warrant such a harsh punishment?

>> No.68298791

I wonder what kind of music the these "producers"' on /g/. I bet they make night core versions of their favorite anime OPs and call it producing.

>> No.68298821

He's the one making these threads.

>> No.68298882

Fuck off shill

>> No.68298920

>AMDs floating point pipelines are only 128 bits wide opposed to Intels 256 bit fp pipelines m8..
Good thing that they've got twice as many of them, then.

>> No.68298951

I licked a negro once

>> No.68298953
File: 99 KB, 1280x720, elsie-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>95% of DPCs run on CPU 0
Microsoft in charge of kernel engineering, people.

>> No.68298966

what a load of bullshit lmao

>> No.68298971

>>can't produce music with it because shitty latency
>shitty latency
You've heard about dedicated sound cards and ASIO, right?

>> No.68298985


>> No.68298991

what is cool n quiet?

>> No.68298997

intel is a dynamic company that provides superior user experience and overall a more cohesive product
amd products arent as robust and perspective

>> No.68299106

Let's say this were true, is there any way to report him to the mods?

>> No.68299110

>can't game
Nigga, I still use my FX-6300 for gaming, and it's fine

>> No.68299144

>Mac + protools is the industry standard.

>> No.68299166

>doesn't understand how ASIO works

>> No.68299256

I'm in the industry, retard. I own a professional studio worth about $100k in total in equipment. Literally anyone I know in the industry either uses protools or logic.
Not like you basement dwellers who produce nigger-rap beats on fl studio / reason. Which I know very much about because I used to as well, like 10 years ago.
We have a 3rd gen quad-core i7 Mac mini (runs on OSX yosemite), which isn't particularly great at all in terms of hardware (probably worse than ryzen), but rarely experiences even minor cracks/pops with 64 buffer size. Because mac is just that well optimized for music production, unlike windows.

>> No.68299271

check mate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu8AcdQlApw

Deadmau5' studio is worth millions and he's using Windows.

>> No.68299285

>I own a professional studio worth about $100k in total in equipment.
Proof + timestamp or larp

>> No.68299307

Where's the proof?

>> No.68299338

>fl studio kiddie who accidentally became popular
>horrible personality
>last name is literally (((zimmerman)))
Why should I care about the workflow choice of this absolutely abhorrent musician? Back to /mu/ with you.
I'm out of hometown. If this thread doesn't die in 2 days I'll post it.

>> No.68299361


>> No.68299381

>this absolutely abhorrent musician
top fucking kek.. he's one of the most successful electronic producers ever and he definitely knows his shit musically as well as technically.
>I'm out of hometown. If this thread doesn't die in 2 days I'll post it.
>lying on the Internet

>> No.68299386

I'm sure you will, just like all the other larpers have in the past.

>> No.68299394

> he's one of the most successful electronic producers ever
>successful != good
Whatever, you'll grow out of your phase.
>implying i have to prove myself to you.

>> No.68299399

Oh really? Define "good" for us. Show us some of your music then.

>> No.68299429

Had to look it up.
>9900 K = 17522.33° F

>> No.68299440

works perfectly on my system
r7 1700x
no crashes
no anomalies
smooth sailing for 2 years, nearly 3 of daily use
begone shill

>> No.68299458

works horribly on my system
r7 1700x
trubulent sailing for 2 years, nearly 3 of daily use

>> No.68299460

I use ableton with no latency.

>> No.68299474

>people who don't produce music making up things
that's not even possible

>> No.68299483

no latency? show us your buffersize

>> No.68299549
File: 29 KB, 400x505, 38d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>accidentally became popular
>"oops im a millionaire"
that man makes more a month than you will in a lifetime and has more talent in his shit than you do in your whole body
>man, people hate my music
>it must be latency!1!!!1!
>cant be that i have no talent or taste r-right guys?

get the fuck out of here larping retard

>> No.68299585

who are you quoting?

>> No.68299624

stop downloading porn
il give you a free truth bomb,
>that download wont hook you up with hot singles in your area
>there are no hot singles in your area
2 for the price of one now fuck off

>> No.68299628

>be an intcel
>watch intlel release generation after generation with barely 3% perf increase each
>eat this shit up because you're a fucking moron
>Ryzen arrives
>get matched or beaten by chip less than half the price
>cry scream and shit yourself cos youre so pathetic much of your identity comes from buying intel
>intel halves prices and doubles core counts overnight
>instead of realising intel has been treating you like a stupid sheep for five years
>double down on your fucking retarded Stockholm syndrome
>tard out further when reminded that 14nm++++++++++++ is a dead end and everyone else is going 10 or even 7nm
>youre such a fucking triggered fuckwit and brainfucked from doublethink and rationalisation
>all you can do is sit in the corner and scream REEEEEEEEEEEEE constantly
>you have so few functioning brain cells left you have no use or function
>beyond being a flashing billboard for the fall of Intel
This is pretty much it in a nutshell.

>> No.68299640

He's not wrong. It's the industry standard because the old farts who own most studios don't want to learn something new, even though PT is ancient garbage. Warren Huart literally uses it "because that's what everyone else uses and knowing the systems well lets me work in any major studio".
However lately a lot of people, especially in the US, are getting fed up with both PT (subscription model) and Apple (shitty hardware and dropping compatability for older systems), and are switching to other DAWs, notably Studio One. So there is hope still.

>> No.68299654

Well better buy that Mac Mr. Big muzik produrer

>> No.68299665
File: 181 KB, 300x302, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3rd gen Mac Mini
>still on Yosemite

>> No.68299676
File: 65 KB, 626x626, 1540559202383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>guy makes the same thread every day
>baits hundreds of (you)s per week
>probably uses AMD himself
I used to do this too but then I started to work out and cured my depression, there is hope for you Anon. Sage.

>> No.68299690

>implying i have to prove myself to you.
Yes, yes you do. Either that or you fuck off you larping hipster cunt.

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