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If you own one of these, you should fucking kill yourself.

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Why are you so angry over drawer?

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I don't own one but why do you hate it?

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Imagine having so much hate over a piece of furniture that you post it on the technology section of a Mongolian basket weaving forum

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News at 11:
Fat NEET living in his parents' basement is angry at people with jobs

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thanks for the inspo, anon!

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mfw everyone has a stupid fake plant on their desk

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i have 5 of them

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>Why are you so angry over drawer?
I suspect if it because of the top two drawers being different from the bottom three. But I am often wrong.

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Is your hate derived from the top two drawers having different sizes from the bottom three?

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This, they should commit and get a real plant

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i have the wide version for storing paper

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What are those two stands for? Speakers? I actually have some old Aiwa speakers I bought back in '96 sitting on the floor that I should really put on a stand of some sort.

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got a modem, access point, old Notebook and makeshift NAS in there

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Pff I'm in my 30s and still rock these things

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no u

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did a drawer just raped you

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I own two :)

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I have a snake plant on my desk. Stupid easy to care for.

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>good for storage

I don't see the problem personally I prefer the Kullen 2 Drawer though as it looks nicer.

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I got basil since I can eat it + it smells gud

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>storing paper
what is this, 1450?

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Fake and gay, the keyboard should be TKL.

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Those are live succulents. I've got a bonsai tree, but it's deciduous, so it looks almost completely barren by this time of the year.

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Just the Lego Fishing Shack and a lamp on mine.

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IKEA is fine if you're a broke college student or highschooler still living at home.
If you're 25+ with a real job and still use that shit you should sudoku yourself at the earliest convenience

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>not having a concentration camp on your desk

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I have the PC case version.

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White drawers fucking ruined my life

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>t.furniture reseller

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what if you couldn't give less of a shit about furniture?

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gf likes it and won't let me put it on the dining room table

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The roof of the guard towers is the real hate crime here

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Then you're an autistic NEET who doesn't understand that while you might not care other people who see your space will and they'll use it to judge you.
t. former NEET

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I own two.

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If people judge me for the furniture I have I don't want anything to do with them in the first place.

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oh fuck off

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now this is autism

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What if we just don't let people into our fucking house/apartment? It's your space you don't have to let people in there, well ignoring things like the cops but I don't think the cops are going to care about your anime pillow on the sofa.

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So fresh /g/ can't keep up with it

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becuz they had eggsss!!! yess! epiccc xd

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My nigga.

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>gf likes it
you mean your feminine boyfriend likes it

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if eggs>0
then buy 6 bottles of milk
else buy 1 bottle of milk

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imagine being so poor you have to shop at ikea

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Pesto à la Genovese?

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>hurrr I don’t paint so no one must paint anymore!!!

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I don't have to imagine it, I'm living it.

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>problem about
>numerals in a sentence
>Mom uses pronoun antecedents correctly
Our programmers are unable to learn correct grammar? No wonder the fucking chinks are beating the shit out of us.

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do you think i speak that i'm a burger

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> look slightly down and to my right
> see two of these
> my man

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what's wrong with ikea?

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State a reason for your post you pathetic retard

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wtf is this thing in the side of the monitor?

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Jesus fuck just how much of a poorfag you are to be seething at people with ikea drawers

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Do you mean the speaker stands?

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This is your linnmon tabletop.

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>Spain's average annual wage is $30k
Holy shit the rich people living here sure rise the average

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In Hungary too. 2/3rd of the population is earning less than $500 a month. That's nowhere near 12k a year.

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Situation ain't so bad here but I'd say the average sans top 5% is $15k

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>tfw earning $2000 per month in Hungary

It's still nothing compared to salaries in first world countries, but I've got to thank the tech job shortage for it. Saving up to get out of here asap though.

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Lucky bastard. I can't save shit. I have a degree and I earn diploma minimum wage.

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He is not lucky, just learned what is in demand on the market. In eastern yurop you learn how to codemonkey and go work for one of many foreign corporations. You will not make less than $1500 net.

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I don't even have a degree, I just took advantage of major IT companies outsourcing their operations here. Given that I still make a fraction of what they'd pay someone in their home country for the same job, it's easy to negotiate salary.

Some of the senior devs with specific expertise make at least 3 times more than what I do however.

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Sorry, but 14 year old me had no fucking idea what 30 year old me would earn the most cash with. That's not how it works.

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>no nanoleaf
>no logitech wireless mouse
>no vape
3/10 won't be on frontpage
to be fair they are pretty sturdy, only time I broke one was when I used it as a stepladder to hang curtains. and they are easy as fuck to move when you want to clean.

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I literally had to google it to know what you're talking about, and I have every product from that infographic except the speaker stands.

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>tfw manlet so i can sleep in this
Lanklets btfo

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shitty $60 banquet table was more stable than any ikea shit desk

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This is a dumb and useless bord

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At least they have an SO unlike you, incel

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>Caring about what those who aren't your employer think about you

Could you be any more of a brainlet?

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hard to sleep with a gf in such bed but with your height this wont be a problem

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What? Cheap stuff is made with cheap materials!!
Whats next? Expensive stuff that costs more to make?

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So true, but ima steal that meme anon.

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I reckon a lot of these "SETUPWAAARRRSSSsssss" kids, i bet they rig that ikea garbage in order to win awards etc.
Ikea furniture is complete shit and people who use it as a gaming desk (RandomFrankP etc)
should slit their wrists. .

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Expensive stuff dosen't always cost more to make, but cheap stuff is usually always made more cheaply

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>usually always

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That moron doesn't have a single video where he is right about everything he's saying.

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I have a real plant and I'd like to get another one.

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File: 74 KB, 746x1000, ikea-6-drawer-metal-cabinet-drawer-filing-red-metal-file-cabinet-with-filing-and-enchanting-for-interior-design-ideas-6-home-interior-decor-items.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there are people acting smug in this thread because they don't own that one

but they don't want to be exposed using this

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Original purpose was to reduce stress
>Had to be a real plant
>Now everyone does it cause they saw someone had a plant on their desk

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Elaborate please. I'm curious about those.

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Oh how i miss antec.

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um rude?

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Holy shit. People shit on us third third worlders, but at least here poor peolple's furniture is made of mdp boards, and so long as you keep water away from them and treat them properly, they pretty much last indefinitely.

Fuck this mcfurniture.

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I think I have the same table top

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why fix what isnt broken?

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I literally own two of those to store my techshit

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>use cheap and recycleable materials
>create sturdy but inexpensive product, loved by many people
>hurr durr IKEA bad

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after tight comes loose, i honestly dont know what this guy expected

Its sturdy, but common sense still applies

>this wouldnt happen with wood

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oh shit I got that thing too

>> No.68287209

Every time I run out of places to put things I end up with another one of these
I have 2 of them filled with nothing but various cables

>> No.68287236

yes they are for speakers.
>basement cucks would rather take up desk space with their speakers than get stands for them

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>turn around
>try to kill myself
>server of death says no, you already dead inside

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>not buying hammarp

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actually that looks preferable to one of these

if you have too much weight in the top drawer, the bottom drawers don't close.

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i just use an old office desk

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lulzors that was le ebin funi

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ALEX is literally one of IKEA's best products, next to BEDDINGE (may he rest in peace) and SLADDA (may he rest in peace).

Don't @ me.

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- purify the air
- are pretty
- are retardedly easy to care for
- make your living space feel more peaceful and personal
- don't hurt anyone

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none of your "arguments" apply to fake plants

>> No.68289894

Fake plants are even easier to care for and still look nice.

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>> No.68289918

Plants actually only "purify" the air when they get sunlight, when there's no sunlight they actually consume oxygen and let out carbon dioxide.

>> No.68289933

Yeah that's mostly what mine are for and some old console stuff.

>> No.68289947

Don't you mean Namibian duck fetishists forum?

>> No.68290010

wait.. hold up.. you can't be serious right? are you for real? are you telling me... are you actually telling me you use an office desk as a desk?

>> No.68290069


I kek'd loudly

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Nothing is wrong with ikea

>> No.68290086

That thing looks amazing

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I feed it with semen

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>plants are pretty
>make your living space feel more peaceful and personal

>> No.68293723

>are retardedly easy to care for
They require more light than your argeebee shit can produce, so unless your desk is very near a window that lets sunlight in, which fucks with your monitor visibility on the regular, there is no way you can keep live plants at your desk

They are just as retardedly easy to kill off, if you don't do your fucking research and treat any plant the same way. Dose the wrong kind of fertilizer - dead, dose the wrong amount of fertilizer - dead, use the wrong amount of soil - dead, use too small of a pot - rootbound - dead, not enough air circulation - mildew - dead, get spider mites on a plant that can't handle pesticides - dead [...]

I have been growing plants successfully for two decades outdoors, indoors they always fail within five months.

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This is the "I'm giving up on ever getting pussy" bed.

>> No.68293854

I have one. stationery and documents in the little drawers, winter gear and drugs in the bottom drawers. Shit's comfy.

expedit and kallax

>> No.68293876

Bought IKEA furniture, regretted it when I had to put it together. Their chairs are good at least.

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>literally one of IKEA's best products
Slipped out of my hand and fell 1 ft during assembly.

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Grow cherry tomatoes. They taste great and the plants smell sweet.

>> No.68296030

My sides...

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this post is underrated

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>tfw buy furniture from Walmart
Reinforced with some backplates it works pretty well.

>> No.68297115

>people will judge you because your furniture doesn't look pretty
Is there really no use for expensive furniture other than looks? Is build quality / longevity no longer a selling point anymore?

>> No.68297159

>I throw shit all over the floor and expect mom to clean it up

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>oh no i broke it
>this is the worst thing ever
It's the best overall product, not the most durable.

>> No.68297298

This is duck dandruff snorting forum.
You're fucking high, lmao

>> No.68297320

I have no plants in my house.
Are you fucking girl or something?

>> No.68297360

Are you liberal art student who works at fortune 500 company?
What's your diversity?

>> No.68297370

They're speaker stands that isolate them so vibrations don't interfere with the sound. Not really a big deal for regular use but a must have for audio production.

>> No.68298962

Any small computer desk that has drawers?

>> No.68299384

IKEA is for people who want inexpensive furniture that looks good and lasts a decent amount of time. I've had my Ikea markus chair since 2012 and it's fine still. If you think everyone should spend $1300 on Herman Miller chairs and $2500 on solid wood desks created by Mennonite children in the remote areas of the Ontarian wilderness you aren't living in reality bud.

>> No.68300118

Sure, then buy repurposed cardboard like a hobo. I'll stick with my $350 desk that's neither expensive, or made of anything else than wood.

>> No.68300196

I think I have the same waifu

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