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So I recently got a job making 85k + benefits, so I figure it's time for a new laptop.

Is the 2015 MBP with retina display still the best bet? I currently have a 2010 MBP 15", but I can't find a 15" 2015 MBP, maybe 13" will be fine. I'm okay with non apple laptops as well, and whilst money is hardly an issue, I'm not spending 2k on a laptop, that's retarded

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>2015 13" MBP
Based. This is indeed the best 13" Apple laptop, better than every version after it

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No no wrong, you want the usb-c mac book, trust me, it's better.

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Get a 15 inch if you can find one. I have an rMBP13 and though I've loved it I sometimes wish I had gone for a 15

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Nah, just get a tablet. They have significantly better performance and better portability.

>"After our one-hour stress test with Prime95 and FurMark (Windows), the CPU runs at only1.2 GHz, while the graphics card is also limited to just 400 MHz. Even though devices fromAsus,Acer& Co. also throttle, none of the direct rivals loses that much performance. The performance of the MacBook was much better under OS X, but the tools (Cinebench and Unigine Heaven) are not that demanding for the hardware."


>"We had our doubts on the performance of the Surface Pro 4 Core i7 configuration considering the throttling issues found on the Surface Pro 3. Luckily, we can observe no major performance issues when under high loads. The tablet is able to maintain its maximum Turbo Boost of 3.2 GHz for both cores when under Prime95 stress and Unigine Heaven stress."


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Seriously this.

t. sp4 owner

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xps 13/15

better screen, better i/o, actually smaller and lighter

you can get them with ubuntu pre installed too

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Enjoying your shit trackpad?

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>shallow keys
>shitty keyboard overall
>meme touchbar
oh anon, you're not very knowledgable

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I don't use it much, the pen works for 90% of tasks better than any trackpad could.

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macbook trackpads aren't significantly better, it's not 2012 anymore

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13" too small? That's what I want to avoid since I'm so used to 15"

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Never again.

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>solid body aluminum
>sleek modern design
>user friendly interface
>don't have to unplug 6 ports when moving
>T2 chip keeps your computer safe
>durable design
You were probably using the keyboard wrong, and the touchbar is badass.

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Poo in loo street shitter.

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>2015 mbp is also aluminum
>2015 mbp is also a sleek beauty
>same with user interface
>what is a dock?

>using the keyboard wrong
I have owned and used both models very extensively. You're just a typical Apple user.

>the touchbar is badass

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why would he keep buying new thinkpads if they worked fine?

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>buying a 3 year old laptop

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You're forgetting the comfy t2 chip.

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If you definitely don't want a Windows machine then this is your best bet. I just bought one earlier this year and it's killer. My favourite laptop i've ever owned.

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not everyone wants to play Fortnite on their laptop, zoomer.
If you're using the device for development or browsing the web, the specs are still very comparable in performance to current.

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>what is a school?

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>What is a school?

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While many of them use Core M processors... i'm genuinely looking at 2in1 laptops at the moment

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get a regular macbook if u dont need the power

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So true... It makes me sad to see that one of the FAQs on apples website about the MBP is "can it play Fortnite?"

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Actually I may just keep my 2010 MBP until it breaks. This shit carried me through college and it's still working well, no need to replace it. I guess I'll just save the money, even though I really want to buy something to celebrate, can't justify it though. Maybe in 2020 I'll get a new laptop.

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I've the 2013 mbp 13'' retina. It's great. Still use it all the time

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how do i get a job :(

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step 1: Leave basement and get some sunlight
step 2: bath everyday
step 3: answer your phone, talk to people with confidence
step 4: build a resume
step 5: start applying to places
step 4:

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Buy a macbook and bring it to cafes, soon you'll network and get a nice job

Sell the old thinkpad collection and get out of your dusty basement

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buy a chinkpad

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this nigga hella gay, no one with a 2 neurons in their skull is going to downgrade from a chinkpad to a shitbook

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>So I recently got a job making 85k + benefits
>so time to spent it all
why do people do this?

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>I'm not spending 2k on a laptop, that's retarded

Yeah don't spend 2 weeks wages on something you'll only use for 8 hours a day for the next 5 years.
Spend it on phones instead.

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Because I'm weak and a shithead. Waste so much money every month on bullshit like leather and wool items from massdrop, or random crap that I just barely need from ebay. At least I can stay warm with my blankets when the electricity gets cut.

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buy treasuries you idiot https://www.treasurydirect.gov/

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consider a matebook x pro

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does it have windows ink support, fampai?

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If you're going to buy a Mac, at least wait until 10/30 for the new product announcements.

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get the latest 15"

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>using anything but 2015 MBP with El Capitan

Sierra was a mistake. So many problems, so many lockups, so many crashes, so many software incompatibilities. I haven't had any experience with Mojave yet, I'm sure its worse.

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Mojave is completely fine I feel.
The roll-out was much cleaner than Sierra and High Sierra, worth updating for dark mode alone

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what about school?

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This. Macs are trash.

Posted from my Macbook Pro whose keyboard failed after only 6 months of ownership while being absolutely babied.

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Just bought a mid 2015 15" MBP recently at 34% discount.
>plush comfy

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wut. i haven't spent more than $1k in laptops (x3) in the past 6 years - 2 were pre-owned

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unfortunately no, but it does have a touchscreen

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every day since you could learn to see objects you have been bombarded with messages that tell you you must consume. it is a hard program to break out of. It helped me to think of the outcome of any purchase. for example what impact on your life would upgrading the laptop have? probably not much, laptops haven't improved that much in the last 10 years. perhaps look at something else that may be cheaper that would make you life much better like a pair of nice merino wool socks or something?

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The ability to charge your laptop via USB-C battery banks and the new hexacore processors are enough to upgrade to the newest MacBooks.

If you want reddit and /g/ approval then the closest alternative would be the thinkpad x1 extreme. But to get near the similar specs of a MacBook it'll cost upwards of 3k.

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>similar specs of a MacBook
Why would you need that when a dual core tablet utterly destroys the latest throttling fagbook "pro"?

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Those are quad cores. The newest MacBooks sustains all 6 cores at 2.9ghz without throttling.

Anymore questions?

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You shit in the street.

Any more questions?

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Whiter than you.

Post your nigger palms so I can laugh at you.

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thats throttling, they are meant to run at 3.9ghz normally.

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To be fair, MBPs are surprisingly powerful. A normal person who only web browsers would never have the need for all of its power.

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Underrated post. If there’s something to not cheap out on, it’s what you use often.

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It's throttled by the power limit, yes. USB-C delivers 100w maximum. No USB-C 8th gen hexacores operates at full speed because that would leave nothing for the rest of the components.

The razer blade 2018 can run the hexacores at 3.8ghz sustained because it has a 230w proprietary connector.

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>gets BTFO by dual core tablets
This is why mactoddler brainlets are the laughingstock of /g/.

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>caring what /g/ thinks
fact of the matter is a large majority of the world's best engineering talent are on Macbooks.

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>hard facts are just opinions
The ABSOLUTE state of street shitting mactoddlers.

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stay angry clueless arch ricer

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>mactoddler subhuman calling anyone else clueless

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I'm saving up for one. it seems like the only ultrabooks who's graphics aren't integrated. based chinks

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dang, with ink support it could have been a better version of the surface laptop

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>all this power

I had a full spec nvidia G80 and Intel quad OC nearly 3ghz and it wasn't enough power in 2009.

What the fuck are you smoking. Son, a laptop from nearly 10 years ago is shutting all over your god damned copperless piece of shit.

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preaching common sense to the sperglord crowd here

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