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Honor Magic 2 Edition

If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good Resources:
>Reviews, Specs, Comparisons

>Frequency Checker

>Chinkphone news

>Visual Phone Size Comparison

>Post a Mini-Review of your Smartphone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone

Previous thread >>68162626

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reminder that recommending phones without a headphone jack is discouraged

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Compact phone!

I'm retiring my Xperia Z3 Compact and I need something like it size-wise.
What are the options?
Is there something more on the cheap side (<300)? Some chink stuff that is good? Or am I stuck with the new Xperia XZ phones? How are they?

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Kirin 980 or SD845?

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Their battery isn't good enough.
I want something like Nokia C3 that used to survive more than one week in standby.
I'm OK with an old phone, something from 2012 or 2014.

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>I'm looking for a phone with good battery and physical QWERTY keyboard. Any suggestions?

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How do I transfer MP3s to an Android phone? Every time I try to click and drag my local music folder to my phone's music folder it starts transferring files and then just stops completely on its own.

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Very lossy USB cable

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I believe the kirin is better overall

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iPhone SE or XZ1 Compact

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lol exact same thing happened for me on my Nexus 6P but it's completely fucking dead now, can't even start it. Sucks because I had some cool photos on there an text messages from my dad who is now dead
I think im waiting for the OP6T

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>literally Mi Mix 3
What a coincidence

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I'm really unsure what to buy in the near future. Fucked up my Samsung S7 edge pretty good, glas on the back is broken, it gets hot while charging. It gets hot while in my pocket, notifications don't work reliably anymore. You get the idea

What I need:
Good batterylife
Good camera
Possible custom ROMs
Able to play some games
Decent screen
No bloatware
rSAP if possible
Carrier: Vodafone Germany
Budget: 600€ +-50
Samsung is out for me, third phone that gets slow/hot over time.

Got some suggestions in the last thread. Looking for long term experiences with OnePlus devices. Also: is rSAP dead in modern phones?

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>tfw still on my comfy OG mi max
>kinda feeling the upgrade to new shiny stuff itch
>newer mi max would really just be the same but maybe like 20% better in terms of performance/battery/screen quality
I guess getting oreo would be cool, but it doesn't seem necessary. I feel like smartphone manufacturers aren't really improving anything substantial these days. Also the battery has only degraded to 90% of its original capacity so even that is fine with this battery life.
I guess a flagship with nfc and a more usable camera would be cool, but then you get some fragile piece of shit with a glass back and no headphone jack.
So for now I'm just holding on to this thing until it breaks or they somehow come up with the perfect phone. Anyone else decided to do the same?

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fuck off faggot

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Can you install pixel camera apk on huawei phones to get good pictures? I remember reading that it only work on SD835+ chipsets but I'm not sure if its true.

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and you would be wrong
GCam only works on snapdragon devices, 8XX SoC isn't a requirement just has to be a 64-bit snapdragon chip

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the kirin has much better scores, unless they're lying again?

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>GCam only works on snapdragon devices, 8XX SoC isn't a requirement just has to be a 64-bit snapdragon chip

Alright so I guess that makes the Magic 2 not an option. So its between the Mix 3 or the OP6T, hopefully availability will be soon on both. Want to switch from my 7+.

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honestly I'm gonna buy the first phone with a switch under 250

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Still looking for an answer.

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you mean unless Huawei is lying again? since they were the ones who got caught cheating on Antutu by one of their engineers when they ran the test using one of their engineering tests using a different name

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Galaxy A3

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Note9 until until 2021.

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How is the Pixel 2 xl in 2018?

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GCam works perfectly fine on my exynos s8+ and my friend's huawei mate 10

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Really now, where did they get their ports because everything I've heard on XDA has said SD chips are required

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>by one of their engineers when they ran the test using one of their engineering tests using a different name
in english please, pajeet

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you're the moron having issues with English, so I'll speel it out for you, brainlet
>Antutu engineer tests Kirin 970 device using the exact same test, but since it's an engineering sample it has another name
>scores are significantly lower on engineering test compared to production test
>there are LITERALLY no differences between the tests except the name
plain enough English for you, Wang?

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Wanted something for under 300 USD, is the nokia 6.1 good enough? that motorola phone was too tall for me

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The Essential Phone goes on sale occasionally for under $300. Large screen, small body.

>> No.68176539

Can vouch for the essential phone. If you are looking for pure android with a good all around phone its really nice. Only thing that sucks is the camera and reception if you are on Tmobile (I think?)

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I am traveling in the US atm, and I dropped my redmi note 3 in water. It looks like it might be wrecked. What is a cheap phone I can get to tide me over for the next 2 weeks?

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Search for LanXchange on playstore provided you have WiFi at home.

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is it really worth going beyond 720p on a smartphone? the screen is most likely too small to notice

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The smaller Pixel 1/2/3. They're probably the best compact smartphones right now. If you love Apple, the iPhone 8 is good. Honestly Sony has really lost their way, I wouldn't recommend their phones.

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this is where I got it from

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How long does it take to get used to ugly Samsung software? I want to buy a top tier flagship phone, visuals and software are my main priority

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interesting, and the Huawei?

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Umidigi One Pro, under $200 and has global bands, but you have to order off eBay

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Thanks for the recommendation. Is there a similar phone that I could get in a brick and mortar store?

>> No.68176843

just do it over wifi
run nginx on your LAN and download the files with a web browser or anything, really

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Depends on where you are but the closest thing you might get would be a Nokia 6.1 but that's going to be over $200

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to add to this, most b&M's won't have shit for selection, maybe moto g6/g6 play/e variants but unless you live in a location with a fry's, microcenter, or nyc and can go to b&h, target and Walmart would be the only other ones and they both have shit for choice

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I used to keep Primitive FTPd on my phone just to avoid dealing with cables.

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so the Gcam apk lets your phone shoot the way pixel 2 does? Even the slow motion and junk?

>> No.68177099

Get an old Nokia E-series or a Blackberry then.

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>buy new phone
>spanking sexy 1440p OLED sharp as fuck
>fast and smooth, nothing hangs and loads fast because of ton of ram
>notice digitizer fucking up 4 days later
>back to old 720p shit laggy phone

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Might be worth it to try replacing the battery, might get it to wake up.

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Is it worth waiting for the oneplus 6t or should I just go for the oneplus 6? As the 6t will cost more

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>thinking of getting the xiaomi mi 8 128gb
>no sd slot
>current going on 4 year old phone doesn't have a sd slot
>main reason i'm buying a new phone is i'm running out of memory on my 32 gigs
Its gonna happen again isn't it? "nah man 32 is enough and gonna be for a while" and 4 years later i'm in a world of hurt.

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just get the 6 if you like having a headphone jack

>> No.68177263

interesting, i love the size and price, just hate that notch. it even still has a chin. will consider it, thanks

>> No.68177273

nah man, 128 is enough and gonna be for a while, trust me

>> No.68177334

No need for a headphone jack, mine is broken since I dropped my S7 edge a few month ago never missed it

>> No.68177364

Great! i'm gonna buy it! and regret it in 3 seconds because is a shit phone.

>> No.68177381

Wait for OP6T. I don't see the point getting the OP6 now, a week before its successor is launched.

>> No.68177406

How is the pixel 2 xl? Is the screen that atrocious?

>> No.68177444

I need to get rid of that piece of shit software crashing bag heater that my S7 has become. But I think you are right and I will have to wait for two more weeks.

>> No.68177458

>1440p OLED sharp as fuck
Samsung ships their devices internally with 1080p. This is unnecessary and unnoticeable.
Why? Is the Snapdragon 845 and a DCI-P3, HDR10 AMOLED not good enough for you? Don't like MIUI? AOSP custom ROMs are available as well. Yeah, plenty of things to get disappointed by.

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Huge as fuck notch.

>> No.68177543

128gb of memory is not that much nowadays and I cannot find the 256gb anywhere.

>> No.68177788

>Huge as fuck notch.
And? It can be disabled and even better so by an AMOLED panel.
>128gb of memory is not that much nowadays and I cannot find the 256gb anywhere.
Really? How would you fill almost all 128 GB?

>> No.68177802

XZ1 compact is probably the best you'll get. The X compact is supposed to be shit, so skip that.

Z5 compact can probably be found for cheap, but that ones getting on the older side as well.

I have the XZ2 compact and wish I got the XZ1

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is it possible to fix a bootlooping LG G5? I really liked using that phone and my Zenfone feels like a major downgrade from it.

>> No.68177832

Yeah, disable it, have extreme burn in at the top and you can't see any notifications because the notch is so fucking big.
I'm not complaining about all notches, but the Mi 8 notch is ridiculous.

>> No.68177848

LG's phones sure are nice when they don't keel over and die. Would've used my Nexus 5X for another three years at least.

>> No.68177865

>Really? How would you fill almost all 128 GB?
Music on my phone is 5gb and thats just because I don't allow myself to use more, music I cannot find on spotify, I only have the most necessary apps because I don't have room, 4k recording, pictures, a couple movies, couple shows(inb4 just use neeetflix loool), games(not bitch ass things like fornite and stuff).
But most importantly, i'm not buying the phone to use today and tomorrow, it has to last me 3 years, in 3 years 128 is gonna be the entry level just like 32gb is now for budget phones.

>> No.68177879

Send them over with KDE Connect or sync them via your private cloud storage server. You do have one, right?

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which xiaomeme phones work in the us

>> No.68177964

They'll all work over here, silly. Just a matter of them connecting to your phone service.

>> No.68178105

Mi Mix 2/2S--full LTE
Mi 8--full LTE
Mi A2--B2,4,5 only
Redmi Note 5--B2, 4 only

>> No.68178127

i now carry around a fucking ipod for music
bt headphones suck
you're the real faggot

>> No.68178207

If I can get into recovery then is it possible to install a rom and have it work again?

>> No.68178332

>Mi8 6gb 128gb for 515USD
fuck thats good

>> No.68178352

not really. It might work again briefly, but then it will die again. Once the bootloop hits, the device will not be reliable ever again.

>> No.68178353

>literal no u post
pathetic, but expected from an autist

>> No.68178386

I'd add that only Mi Mix 2/2S are compatible with Verizon.

>> No.68178411

Is it though?


>> No.68178437

I mean is official from the Xiaomi store in my country, with warranty and all. I'm afraid of using other places and getting a rock.

>> No.68178465

Regular O+6 cheaper after 6t is released?

>> No.68178491

Ok, considering that it's probably a good deal then. A proper warranty is always nice to have.

>> No.68178522

>have extreme burn in at the top
If you have automatic or near maximum brightness on all the time, sure.
>and you can't see any notifications because the notch is so fucking big.
I believe there are fixes for this on XDA.
>But most importantly, i'm not buying the phone to use today and tomorrow, it has to last me 3 years, in 3 years 128 is gonna be the entry level just like 32gb is now for budget phones.
How exactly did you conclude this?

>> No.68178588

>How exactly did you conclude this?
in 2015 64 was the premium, 32 was the standard, 16 was the budget.
in 2018 512 is the premium, 128 is the standard and 64 is the budget.
in 2021 is gonna be 2tb premium, 512 standard and 128 budget.

Ram is gonna go nuts next year, expect phones with 16gb of ram soon.
The new Mi Mix 3 is going nuts with 10 already in a few months.

>> No.68178596

should i care about moto mods? i can't have them working if i'm on custom rom, right?

>> No.68178722

>I believe there are fixes for this on XDA.
>yes, buy this $400 phone and install some pajeet mod just so your phone can work as it normally should

I'm not saying all of their phones are bad, as the Mix 2S is (on paper at least) is one of the best smartphones of 2018, but the Mi 8 just sucks hard.

>> No.68178729

What do you think about s8/s9? How's the rooting situation for these phones? Are there better options for rooting with same small form factor and screen quality?

>> No.68178775

No. OP6 is discontinued so the price remains the same or rise up.

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What screen protector for s9?

>> No.68178845

which model? Z2 Play power pack mods work on resurrection remix

>> No.68178852

You're fucked on rooting s8/9 with snapdragons.

>> No.68178865

What if I make sure to get a exynos one

>> No.68178875


>> No.68178959


>> No.68179010

6gb of ram. Enough for how many years?

>> No.68179060

At least ten, I'd wager. We've reached the point where big incremental increases are no longer necessary.

>> No.68179069

My htc M8 is fairly usable except for keeping a charge that would get me through a workday.
Should I get 95€ refurbished M8 again (3yr warranty) or is there anything else I can buy while I wait for something good to come (trying to lay low during the notch fuckfest).

>> No.68179095

Just got approved for the interest free loan from Samsung.
Do I sign the documents and send them back?
It's a Note 9 512GB

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>taking a hit on your credit for a fucking phone

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File: 34 KB, 532x532, 1517794142445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no ur fag
>"no u posting"

>> No.68179141

so you want me to shell out £1099 for a fucking phone?
I don't care about my credit since I'll rebuild it in time.

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File: 86 KB, 718x719, 1522730326864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My budget is ~200 EUR.
Should I get a Nokia 5.1 or Xiaomi Mi A2?
Currently leaning towards Nokia.

>> No.68179191

dafuq you need 512GB for?
4k 60fps 4 hour porn?

>> No.68179192

Redmi Note 5

>> No.68179288

Why do are you so surprised people want space on their phones? not everyone is a minimalist who uses 0 apps, downloads 0 things and doesn't listen to music.
Also there is this tendency to believe more space available makes the phone less prone to slowdown in use.

>> No.68179333

Not that Anon, but there's also the option where you don't buy a Note 9.

>> No.68179359

Lineage support?

>> No.68179412

Then what do you recommend?

>> No.68179422


Don't be confused by the name, Redmi Note 5 Pro is just the name of the Indian version of Redmi Note 5, hardware is the same.

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File: 442 KB, 300x225, You_got_a_question_you_ask_the_8ball.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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those trips must be checked

>> No.68179537

How stable is Lineage on it?

>> No.68179540

Tell me how Sony as lost their way? I had been looking at the xz2 compact

>> No.68179556

What’s wrong with the xz2?

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I preordered a RoG Phone. I need you all to call me an idiot

>> No.68179571

dayum you a real gamer or what.

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File: 1.75 MB, 3024x4032, 9846815egy1fwgy9rjh33j22c0340npd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68179582

I'm not recommending anything, given that I don't know anything about your needs other than that you find the Note 9 attractive, which isn't a lot to go by.

>> No.68179602

You'll just enjoy it, you silly goose.

>> No.68179608

Honestly I like to listen to music since I travel on the train for 45min everyday.I also have some games which I play but my note 4 is starting to poop on me.

>> No.68179627

Nope. Hate phone games. I only watch anime and shitpost on /g/ on my phone. I'm just a sucker for higher refresh rates, larger batteries and copper accents.
Hope so. Really tired of my s6 dying in my pocket before half the day runs out.

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File: 56 KB, 660x780, 5D6291AD-4FF0-42B4-B046-BE279B446CCF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please can you guys help me? My old iPhone suddenly stopped working, it would no longer charge or turn on. I went to the store and they wouldn’t fix it, but instead upgraded me to the new iPhone X. I was pretty skeptical to ever use any apple product again but I decided to give it a try.

That was a huge mistake. This phone fucking SUCKS. I can’t download music using any of the apps off the AppStore, none of them work with YouTube links. Even using a YouTube to mp3 converter, it now has a copyright message and blocks the download. Meanwhile the in-app ads are out of control. On my old phone I used 2 adblocking apps and had no problems. I’ve tried dozens of them and it seems none of them work anymore. There’s no file management, no freedom of use of the device, everything is heavily restricted. All I fucking want is to be able to take pictures, download books, and download music/YouTube links without jumping through 1000 hoops, but clearly apple doesn’t want anyone ever enjoying such simple pleasures without first buying apple TM headphones and subscribing to apple TM streaming service.

Is there any way to get anything good out of this phone or should I try getting a refund? It’s on IOS 12, can I jailbreak it?

>> No.68179686

No, I meant you'll enjoy getting called an idiot. Honestly, Anon, do keep up!

>> No.68179708

that's why I like android
IOS is for brainlets sheep.

>> No.68179711

i like the iphone se`s dimensions

whats the equivalent of a small non-ios, with a removable battery

>> No.68179717

I mean if you have the money to blow good for you, if you don't haha retard.
Now if you excuse i'm gonna cry about buying a budget phone because i'm poor.

>> No.68179732

don't cri anon, I was a poorfag too.
But then I got a job and started saving cash on the side

>> No.68179737

Well the official LineageOS build has been available for months now so I assume it's reasonably stable at this point.

>> No.68179766

so far im looking at a used samsung s5 mini. does this phone suck. can i root it and do whatever i want with it or whatever

>> No.68179769

Nokia 1

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File: 74 KB, 800x600, iphone4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thoughts on iphone4
i wan t smol phone

>> No.68179804

y no 4s

>> No.68179809

whats the s for tho

>> No.68179810

It's ancient. The iOS version it's on isn't supported anymore so a lot of apps won't run on it. Get a SE instead.

>> No.68179813

why carry around a whole extra device when you can just attach the dongle to your headphones? (or get usb-c headphones)

>> No.68179824

Is there a way to put stock android on s8/s9?
Thats the only thing stopping me from buying it instead of the op6

>> No.68179835

why not the nokia 2 vs the nokia 1

>> No.68179840

Oh stop it anon. You're making me hard.

>> No.68179849

is that the current meme here interesting
can u give me a quik rundown on this phone

>> No.68179851

how will the burn-in occur if the pixels are switched off

>> No.68179887

I want to fucking kill Lenovo

>> No.68179901
File: 32 KB, 408x632, shut it down goy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good goy.

>> No.68179915

shalom my fellow jew poster

>> No.68179918

Moto G5+ on ebay for $125~

>> No.68179924

I read some shit online about OnePlus having several security issues, should I stay away from this brand?

>> No.68179945

>buying from Motorola
Enjoy your paperweight in a year
You are either subhuman scum or literally retarded for recommending Le-NoBattery products

>> No.68179981

Non-removable battery on the Nokia 2

>> No.68179990

Moto mod exist and he only needs the phone for 2 weeks.

>> No.68180010

ONLY two weeks? That's like telling a fly "I'll have this ready for you in a year". Why? They'll both be dead before that much time passes!

>> No.68180040

ah. so can i fuck around with the nokia 1 however i want? the screen resolution is the only thing thats bugging me now, but im not sure how much that really matters on a phone.

>> No.68180095

iPhone SE is the most recently released small iPhone available, not really worth it to buy anything older than it. The SE is basically iPhone 6S hardware (same processor and rear camera), in the body of a iPhone 5S.

>> No.68180128

actually based on specs and a 30$ difference im leaning towards the samsung s5 mini.

can you steal apps and use whatever you want on this type of phone. i hate having to buy shit and finding out its not want i want or works effectively. that and spending money on shit.

>> No.68180138

Moto mods aren't compatible with the G series you fucking dingus
>LeNobattery products
explain yourself for using such cancerous vernacular you faggot

>> No.68180156

Because only cancer can properly describe something on the tier of Motorola
Unless you're retarded and think I was saying " le no battery xd", the company that owns Motorola (phones at least) is "lenovo"

>> No.68180163
File: 257 KB, 1200x798, 1530501310919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello lads, would love your input on a new phone I'm considering. I've been using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro for about 2 years, and its on its last legs. Fingerprint scanner works for multiple fingers when I've only configured one, screen sometimes just doesnt turn on, lock button doesnt work 50% of the time etc. Just dying.
I was wanting to go all in and get an actual flagship phone for once, was looking at the S8 Plus or Note 8, but the whole knox switch idea puts me right off since I want to stick a custom ROM on there.
Are there any flagship phones you lads would recommend that don't cost an arm and a leg?

>> No.68180177

well, if mod is not possible you can always get a powerbank.

>> No.68180178

>only cancer can describe something on the tier of Motorola
show me where the Motorola touched you

>> No.68180182

Because actual clock, battery and notifications icons will always be on, regardless of background.
When the notch is not disabled, sometimes they're white and sometimes they're black, depending on the app you're using.

>> No.68180190

Moto Z2 Force
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2/2S
Xiaomi Mi 8
New Other/Refurb LG V30/30S

>> No.68180196

OnePlus 6 or the upcoming (launch on 29.10) OP6T. Xiaomi flagships, Pocophone, Mi8, Mi Mix 2S or the upcoming Mi Mix 3.

>> No.68180199

Mix 2S, Pocophone, Mi 8 or OnePlus 6.

>> No.68180218

Clearly, they touched you everywhere because you can't stop sucking their dick
Once the battery issues hit that'll be like spitting on a wildfire trying to put it out: change too small to even be a footnote and proof you're retarded for wasting the effort
>so much as implying someone should even consider giving Motorola money

>> No.68180220

armorsuit case friendly

>> No.68180221

OnePlus 6 dims the status bar icons quite a bit when you turn off the notch, to reduce risk of burn in. Can't speak for the rest.

>> No.68180223

How do you get rid of google on a smartphone?
It's garbage that they push for you to have a google account to do anything on it, even to use telegram and other stuff.

>> No.68180227
File: 509 KB, 244x226, 1539062188303.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks lads. Oneplus 6 was one I was considering, think I'll go for that. Pretty sure they've got some sort of student discount I'll whip up. No contracts of decent price in the UK but I'll just pay upfront.

>> No.68180267


>> No.68180276

Might want to wait for the OP6T:

>> No.68180290

and it's apparent they slipped into your bedroom and raped your weak ass based on the fact you're kvetching more than a heeb after he lost a $5 bill

>> No.68180380

>"No goy, they aren't the Jews, HE'S the jew!"
t. Shlomo GoldShekel PlatinumBergensteinowitz-Money

>> No.68180685

wait, its gonna have the 855?

>> No.68180736

Well the chinks already confirmed it'll come with 5G support so guess it follows that it'll also have some newer Snapdragon SoC than the 845.

>> No.68180754

I thought the 855 wasn't coming till after December though?

>> No.68180860

>projecting this hard
how are Motorola Jews exactly?

>> No.68180927

Any of these new Chinese phones have good audio and headphone jack?

>> No.68180985

Asus Zenfone 5Z

>> No.68181006

>It's garbage that they push for you to have a google account to do anything on it
ios going to android here
I use my google account for work related and import stuff, and my yahoo account is for spammy junk. if I get a android, will google start flooding my email with shit or is it easy to opt out of most things?

>> No.68181018

>import stuff

>> No.68181039

you can always setup a new account

>> No.68181041

You can opt out/turn off a lot of the google shit, or just not use it. best thing if you need google is to install lineage + nano gapps

>> No.68181260
File: 87 KB, 601x601, 1463439193061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw finally giving in to the botnet
It knows shit about me even I didn't know and everything is connected.

>> No.68181288

I am a complete normy, is there a reason not to the a iphone xs? I don't use other apple products, but should I?

>> No.68181343

there's tons of reasons not to, but if you're fine as you are and make good money it doesn't matter really

>> No.68181374

China. Where being innovation doesn't matter, just copy

>> No.68181543
File: 93 KB, 862x960, 1491828447780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Budget $100 or less
any plan as long as it's prepaid
2 lines
what do? also service must work good

>> No.68181609

they're expensive, don't have a headphone jack, and lots of options with better battery

>> No.68182000

My Google Messages app is making incoming and outgoing SMS messages look compressed to hell. Other phones don't do this. Any luck? Happens on both Verizon and T-Mobile.

>> No.68182080
File: 679 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181022-225824_Nova Launcher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate me faha

>> No.68182226

Is SOT on the S9/S9+ that good and does the battery deteriorate faster than most other phones? The S9+ looks like it'll fit my needs but most reviewers never mention battery deterioration.

>> No.68182310
File: 113 KB, 323x166, Arnie 6th day SmartFridge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68183088

My phone just died on me.
What do I get? Canadian btw

>> No.68183178
File: 79 KB, 1000x1000, Global-Version-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-5-5-99-Inch-4GB-64GB-Smartphone-Gold-628321-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Redmi note 5 owners, what are you using for your case?

>> No.68183360

at least tell us what you like and what your budget is and your last phone was
otherwise just get a fuckin iphone and be done with it

>> No.68183378

the one that shipped in the box.

>> No.68183392

No budget but Id prefer it to be cheap with an ok camera, old phone was an s7

>> No.68183440

why is 90% of reviewers shills who just hype the shit out of what they're reviewing?
the nitpicker is the only reviewer who consistently compliments and criticizes phones

>> No.68183441

And I need to be able to put xposed on it

>> No.68183706
File: 49 KB, 540x540, 1538243889161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Schiller did go on to explain what the letters meant to him, commenting that “I love cars and things that go fast, and R and S are both letters used to denote sport cars that are really extra special.” (Porsche is fond of appending the letters on its models, and Mercedes Benz has both its R- and S-Class vehicles, for example.)

>> No.68183975

Why not install a mod to get most out of the device? It's not your fault Xiaomi's implementation introduced a problem which didn't have to exist.
>What if I make sure to get a exynos one
Then you'll have custom ROMs for the S9, but none for the S8.
There isn't, see XDA section for it. You can thank Samsung and their Exynos SoCs for that.
Just use a custom ROM. That report was about One Plus 5T.
Max Lee as well, who's always advocating for custom ROMs and calling out manufacturers who make this process harder. Their channels aren't the biggest and even if they were, it's impossible to be bought to have integrity and stand behind your words.

>> No.68184160

Are there going to be any protective cases for the mi mix 3? How the fuck is that supposed to work? It's a shame but if I can't put it in a case, it's gonna have to be a hard pass.

>> No.68184203

Im happy with my Mi A1, not upgrading anytime soon, maybe the Mi Mix 3 but not likely

>> No.68184209

now that pie is removing call recording apps, which phones have call recording as a native feature?

>> No.68184212

Xiaomi did a fine job with the Mi A1

>> No.68184237

>no headphonejack

>> No.68184250

is the huawei mate se the best overall cheap phone?
I want a headphone jack and good battery life and somewhat modern specs. budget 300 dollars, and carrier is ATT. will go up to 400 if I need to

>> No.68184317

does mi max 2 have a 720 hour unlock timer like everything else?

>> No.68184382

i have a pocophone. should i worry about xiaomi watching me fap?

>> No.68184435

sure thing, but how and why the fuck are you holding your phone while rubbing one out?

>> No.68184475

only if you are a sexi femanon

>> No.68184488

well maybe they can't see me that well, but i don't want them to even be in the same room. i'm considering lineage. but then i have to worry about that guy watching me fap.

>> No.68184601

100€ for a P9 Lite is too much?

>> No.68184645

If it really bothers you that much, you do know there are still phones without cameras

>> No.68184660


Or shove the phone into a fucking drawer?

>> No.68184670

dude, you can't fuck in a drawer, even midgets are too big for that...

>> No.68184673

Try to put all the tracks in a zip archive and then transfer it
PC → sdcard → phone
PC → Zip disquette → phone via OTG
PC → Cloud → phone
These are the easiest options

>> No.68184677
File: 18 KB, 470x470, xiaomi-redmi-note-5-6gb64gb-negro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty set on the Xiaomi Note 5. The 3GB/32GB version is significantly cheaper than the 4GB ram version in my country. Will the extra 1gb make all that much difference?

>> No.68184687


Price spiked from 160€ to 190€. I wouldn't buy it unless it had 4gb ram.

>> No.68184694

>How exactly did you conclude this?
People will need more space because of the ever improving photo quality, 4k videos and other useless shit. Phone manufacturers can only improve in RAM, storage and screen size easily, the rest of the features are hard to improve (or normalfags don't care). And if you don't offer more features, nobody will buy your new model

>> No.68184702

also, is the lineage support and battery life ok or should I keep the stock ROM?

>> No.68184762

Bumper case or a case without the bottom would work

>> No.68184795

Need a new phone and of course the pocophone is my first choice. But the mi mix 2 is sexy as fuck. It's the same price. 300 in Italy. Which one is better? There is even the the mix 2s but I don't know if it's worth to spend 100 more.

>> No.68184818

So my already shitty Samsung S7 with an already dying battery is now dying ridiculously fast and only charging under "fast charging (i.e. when plugged into a wall) but consumes battery so fast that charging through a laptop or external battery is just too slow.

I have tried setting it to allow NO background processes, made sure to shut off all non-essential processes running, optimized the battery, made sure there's plenty of hardware space, turned off Bluetooth and location tracking and anything else that could be using lots of battery but it STILL does this.

However, I just considered that having like 10 different home screens each with a different background image thanks to "Multi-picture wallpaper" app, all running in Nova launcher, might be the culprit. I was basically designing new home screens for fun and then just adding them on as second or third homescreens to set as "main" when I'm bored. Weird, sure, but is this possibly the reason?

tl;dr: Could having too many home screens with separate images be the reason for my incredibly fast battery draining problem recently?

>> No.68184917

>Which one is better?
Pocophone is better in pretty much every way.

>> No.68184937

I doubt Nova is the culprit, you'd see it high up in the battery usage if it was. Shouldn't be hard to test though, switch back to the stock launcher temporarily and see if things change.

>> No.68184953

I doubt it. I'm running a setup with multiple home screens that is constantly using the gyroscope to rotate parts of the wallpaper and I haven't noticed any increase in the battery use.
In your case it would be easy to test if it's the app, check in the battery settings the stats to see what is draining the power. Alternatively switch to the stock wallpaper for a day or two to see how it behaves. You can keep the Nova launcher during that time, that one is definitely not your culprit. Another thing you could do is install the Accubattery app and let it monitor for a week or two. In case none of the apps stand out it could show you if the problem is the battery itself.

>> No.68184971

Not Nova particularly. Nova doesn't allow different photos to be set as different home screens. I'm using Nova, yes, but unlike with just Nova, when I turn on my home screen and swipe left or right, a completely new image becomes the home screen page. And if I double tap any of those images a new image also becomes the home screen. My home screens have become the photo gallery, basically, with each home screen page being a different album and double tapping being used to flip through the album.

Is that likely to be the problem? Like is my phone doing something to all these screens at once or something?

>> No.68184990

Any significant drawbacks to a casual user looking into the Xiaomi mi a1?

>> No.68184999

Sounds good I will follow your advice. Thanks. I'm going to buy a new battery anyway. With the way my phone is behaving now, a giant external battery pack is useless because my phone battery still drains even when it's plugged in and charging to it. So I'll pick up a new battery online if it doesn't work out to be an app.

>> No.68185015

It's not worth buying a budget phone that's already a year old, get a Mi A2 Lite or Redmi Note 5 instead.

>> No.68185023

if you're american, make sure it supports your bands
if it doesn't, look into huawei mate se if you want a cheap phone

>> No.68185025

>Mi A2 Lite

175€ vs 188€ for the note. A1 is 144.


>> No.68185031

Your call if sexy is worth the smaller battery and no 3.5mm jack/SD card.

>> No.68185046


>> No.68185071

Anyone try one of those literal who chinkphones with 10000+ mAh batteries? Why aren't bigger brands offering a serious power option and 5000 mAh is mostly the ceiling?

>> No.68185145

handlets get out, i use my mi8 one handed ezpz

>> No.68185230

why were people complaining that you "need to push the sensor button" in order to use the sensor to unlock your phone on the xz1? don't they know you can set it so that your phone screen turns on when you pick it up so you don't need to press the button?

>> No.68185248

technically, if they are watching you, they should have a connection with your phone, right?
then whats a connection? it must be packets transmitting between you and their server.
so try to catch the packets, find the request to their server, i.e. DNS request, a domain name need to be resolved to ip address, then the traffic would know where is the destination.
if you can block suspicious domain request from your phone, you are fine.

>> No.68185299

I'm convinced technology is actually thousands of years ahead of us and a cult of people is actually hiding it from us. So much so that everyday objects we use that we don't even think are electric, like fucking pencils, are somehow sending video signal in ways we mortals haven't yet discovered and someone is physically recording and flipping through it all.

>> No.68185312

it was probably because sony shills were saying how good it was that they had their sensor on the power button. Even though i dont even need to wake the screen for fingerprint to work

>> No.68185361

30-40€ more won't feel like much when you get an extra year or two of use out of the phone.

>> No.68185368

well, imagination is your superpower. but im afraid it isnt true.

>> No.68185380

How do you set that up?

>> No.68185396

Wait for Mi Mix 3

>> No.68185407

Mi A1 and Mi A2 Lite have the exact same platform. The only edge the latter has longevity-wise is an extra year of Android One support. Which is certainly not something to scoff at, but moot if Anon is willing to put Lineage on it.


>> No.68185408

Does the Samsung browser work on lineageos? If not is there another
android browser that has

-Back/forward buttons and swiping between tabs on the bottom
-search a page for a word from typing in the address bar

>> No.68185424

No headphone jack, design looks like generic chink phone and camera is subpar. Their phones are also priced similarly to high end Samsung stuff and the latter just blow them out of the water. It's just sad when Sony thinks that people will buy their phone just for the brand name alone.

>> No.68185449

now everyone knows you're a leet gamer

>> No.68185454

>but moot if a Anon is willing to put lineage on it
Yeah, you have a point, but he described himself as a "casual user" so I'm assuming custom ROMs are out of the picture.

>The only edge the latter has
It also has a bigger battery, 4000mah vs 3000mah. Considering batteries lose capacity over time from use, having a bigger battery will give you better longevity in the sense that it'll last longer before the loss of capacity makes you have to either replace the phone or the battery.

>> No.68185549

Both good points, although I would hope Anon is willing to give Lineage a go down the line if whatever phone they go with is supported at that point. For battery, I wouldn't be worried about it personally given that I could go through a day on my old Galaxy Nexus without worry, but it seems I'm an outlier.

>> No.68185640

>3400 mAh
Pretty half-assed I'd say

>> No.68185660

None because it's a pretty cheap phone.

>> No.68185677

Best 200 dollar phone right now.Go

>> No.68185689
File: 86 KB, 750x1002, crop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Price for OnePlus 6T leaked, prices will start at 579€ but the base model has now 8GB RAM and 128GB storage (OnePlus 6 was 519€ for 6GB/64GB, 569€ for 8GB/128GB):

Also leaked is the possible starting price of Mi Mix 3, which is 3700 yuan = 465€ / 533$ (though prices through resellers will probably be closer to 500€).

>> No.68185701
File: 111 KB, 640x640, Redmi-note-5-case-cover-MOFI-for-xiaomi-redmi-note-5-global-Fabrics-Cover-Case-note.jpg_640x640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't have the phone myself but these Mofi fabric cases are pretty sexy imo

>> No.68185721

redmi note 5

these would get pretty dirty desu

>> No.68185744

Questionable logic.
One would assume you went with a budget phone because you dont want to or cant spend money needlessly. But damaging ones phone and therefore needing to pay for repair or a new phone would be a needless waste of money and defeat the point of purchasing a cheap phone in the first place.

>> No.68185750

Well I think the dark color would hide dirt pretty well. And because it's regular fabric you can actually wash it:

>> No.68185759

Nice, I read it could go up by 50€ for europe, 10€ seems pretty good.

I think I'm going to replace my S7 edge with an OP 6T

>> No.68185789

YOU should get a s9/s9+ and flash a rom

>> No.68185799

I bought one to backup all my 2FAs

>> No.68185823

guess so, but dirt will still get stuck to it way more than a plastic case. Also wiping away any dirt etc is way easier than having to wash your case and let it dry. It does look nice tho ;-;

>> No.68185839

like the QR code things for security on sites/accounts?
Couldnt you have gotten an even cheaper phone for that?

>> No.68185895

And what does that help against the Samsung Hardware?

>> No.68185897

Doesn't take much to convince a retard npc so not surprised

>> No.68185901

sadly still not really waterproof

>> No.68185909


>> No.68185947

YOU can flash a stock rom, the make much better phones than they used to

>> No.68185993

Yeah, you know the drill, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me... I'm not going to buy another Samsung device that will be half broken after 12 month

>> No.68186014

wtf are these viruses

>> No.68186046

I got some dns log, guess which mobile phone company is it ^ -^

>> No.68186153

Which phone? OP6T will likely be water resistant, even the OP6 was, estimated to be equivalent of around IP67, OnePlus just chose not to get an IP certification for it because it would have increased the price of the phone:

>> No.68186166

most of those are fake, 10000mAh "design" capacity but about 4Ah in reality. I think Oukitel is the only one that uses legit HUEG batteries, but to keep prices low, they usually come with weak hardware. It should be obvious why flagship brands don't have them, because >m-muh slim design

>> No.68186189
File: 28 KB, 548x335, Jamm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only has regional bands
>LCD screen is questionable quality
>better in every way

>> No.68186191

if you buy xiaomi and don't flash it you basically succumb to Google and the chinks spitroasting you.

>> No.68186205

>sadly still not really waterproof

100% debunked. Look at this pajeet flooding this op6. Oneplus is just too poor for to pay for proper IP rating.


>> No.68186259

I think google is more careful on privacy, cant trust xiaomi though. btw which rom do you use?

>> No.68186414


pajeet in 3cm of water... nice... I'm talking 1 meter or more since I'm taking my mobile on boats, not driving on puddles

>> No.68186416

>>only has regional bands
Has all the bands for Europe and the guy I'm replying to is in Italy, which is in Europe.

>better in pretty much every way
It's newer, faster SoC (SD845 vs 835), better cameras, bigger battery, and actually HAS A HEADPHONE JACK AND A MICROSD SLOT. There's really no reason to buy the Mix 2 if Pocophone is available for the same price.

>> No.68186440

Now that the dust has settled is there any reason to get the google pixel?

>> No.68186445


>> No.68186469

it has a microusb port

>> No.68186481
File: 256 KB, 1660x968, batt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is android so busted in term of battery

>> No.68186488

The article just states what I already told you:
>Unfortunately, the OnePlus 6T will not have a protection class.But it should be as resistant to water as its predecessor.
ie. The phone is water resistant, it just doesn't come with a IP-rating.

>I'm taking 1 meter or more
Have a look at Oneplus 6 teardowns. It has gaskets on everything to make it sealed from water. Zack from JerryRigEverything said it has "the same protection that other IP67 phones have", which is 30 mins of water immersion in up to 1 meter of depth.

>> No.68186491

waiting for 7nm SD855

>> No.68186496
File: 495 KB, 2391x1534, 1538831511430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nokia 8 is 299
Is waiting for Sirocco or Nokia 7.1 plus for 349-400 a false hope?

>> No.68186509

poorfag lol

>> No.68186512
File: 5 KB, 480x360, hqdefault-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how you dodged the point of questionable screen quality
oh, and global bands are better than just regional bands whether the anon lives in Shitaly or not
better luck next time

>> No.68186522

2 days

>> No.68186546

it's not on the market atm lol

>> No.68186551

>questionable screen quality
You can just return it if you get a bad screen and buy another one until you get one with a good screen.

>> No.68186558

wew really? thats great

>> No.68186563

>having to return your purchase instead of just purchasing a phone with good screen quality

>> No.68186568

some USB DACs work with OTG.

>> No.68186577

mi a2 lite is better than the mate se if it has your bands
I'd just get an A8 though for 320 if I were you
I thought plus versions are asia only without all the bands

>> No.68186619

So it's just marketing the feature away to avoid having to pay for waterdamage or what? If that's correct it's the perfect phone for me. Thanks for clearing that up Anon! I just read the official OnePlus page about it.

>> No.68186622

Nokia 7.1

>> No.68186668

this is why i downloaded a custom rom so pajeet can join in :3

>> No.68186689

what phone has no 3.5 and microusb?

mix 3 is supposed to have the 855, unsure if its dropping or just being officially announced in 2 days tho

>> No.68186713


>> No.68186718

>So it's just marketing the feature away to avoid having to pay for waterdamage or what?
No, warranty doesn't cover water damage even if a phone has an IP-rating. The reason they didn't get the phone an IP rating is because you have to pay to get an official IP certification which would increase the price of the phone.

>> No.68186722

>considering a Samshit midrange
why don't you just light your money on fire?
no, it's not
you're better off getting an older flagship like a New Other/Refurb LG V30

>> No.68186749

why does android 8 even exist considering theres barely anything new/different compared to 7

>> No.68186752

niiice, the performance / power consumption would be interesting

>> No.68186775

>its a mobile network drain episode

>> No.68186839

>5.5 inches
> twohanded
You know this site does not allow kids?

>> No.68186889

Is the mi5s still a worthy phone to get in 2018?

>> No.68186895

No, unless you can get it really cheap

>> No.68186901

>considering a Samshit midrange
super amoled screen
f1.7 1/2.8 1.12µm
every band for international travel
I'd consider it every time for $320

>> No.68186957

>super burn in screen
>same lens from the Moto G5+
>being a klutz in 2018
>paying the same money for global bands that you would for a Mi Mix 2 with an inferior chipset
go ahead and waste your money then

>> No.68186966

Yeah, but they could still tell people the tests they have done with the device and not get the official IP certificate. Anyway that was the last thing that bothered me about the 6T... So I will get one next week, thanks again Anon

>> No.68187014

New thread

>> No.68187080

bump pls not even trolling

>> No.68188432

When will the Redmi Note 6 replace the Redmi Note 5 as the goto default answer when someone asks for a good cheap phone?

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