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Everything you do in programming has been done before or relies on someone else's hard work to make it functional.
Programming is neither impressive nor specialized.

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what the fuck

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>What is TempleOS

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Ok since you're such a smart kid please tell me a profession that does not rely on someone else's hard work

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import fizzbuzz

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Built using Ubuntu

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Prostitution because you're hired by yourself using your own assets to make money

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TempleOS is capable of creating ISO files that you can boot from on other machines.

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>you're hired by yourself

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It's true. A friend works in automotive and he said they just take some two millions LOC of open source / free ware and put their shit on top.

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>HolyC is a variation of C
Relied on other's hard work.
Try again

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>Relied on other's hard work.
You're just playing a terrible version of the devil's advocate. HolyC only copied its syntax. Thats hardly work at all.

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>or relies on someone else's hard work to make it functional.
Literally living in today's society requires standing on the shoulders of giants, OP. Doesn't mean that your work can't make small incremental improvements.

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You are a faggot.

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Yeah, we're standing on the shoulders of the giants. But even the giants occasionally shit themselves. And we're too small and busy to solve their ancient shit...

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>machine learning
>writing new game engines
>writing SDKs

Yea you're fucking wrong OP.

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>cars use wheels which were invented by bronze age fags therefore car manufacturers are just stealing others work lol

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Programming is just the means to an end.
Everyone knows that.

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imagine being so retarded

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>you didn’t build that software
>you didn’t build that hardware
>you didn’t build those transistors
>you didn’t build the machines to help you build transistors
>you didn’t weave the programming socks to help you figure this enlightenment

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