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How ready is your country for 5G?

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The only country with 5G is the USA so pretty good.

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Race for what?

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>race is on
>US already deployed 5g

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>meanwhile your shithole 3G companies still promotes monthly data cap.
someone murder mr. Vivo

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As a Canadian I want my country to focus on LTE at affordable prices before moving on to another thing we can't afford.

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How big of a cancer causer is 5G? Or was it all a meme?

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Big enough to give everyone cancer. So if we die, we die together.

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>I'd have to replace my Galaxy S4
Fuck that

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5G serves no purpose beyond giving niggers faster streamflix

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don't know, don't care. my phone only supports 2G anyway.

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>They'll pay a Netflix 4k subscription to watch TV shows on their phones

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Well I think we won already:


Also Finnish company is selling those 5g networks to usa, china etc.

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But race is over already? We already have commercial 5g network.


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Netherlands, will be last in the 5G "race" because our secret service uses those frequencies.

Don't mind that much though, 4G is more than fast enough already.

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>germany anywhere near that list

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Yet service, and internet as whole is just unbearably retardedly priced when compared to other countries.
US has 5g deployed, but the rest of the world has 10mbps internet for $60/month spaning their entire nation.

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>100mbps for $60

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>Also Finnish company is selling those 5g networks to usa, china etc.

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100gbps for $60 a month

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I've read that non-ionic waves don't do any harm, then again I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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Retard here, wtf is supposed to be so important and great about 5G?

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>USA has already deployed 5g
>0 information on chart as to why the countries are ordered that way
>0 information as to the benefits of 5g
>literally talking about nothing, just put China at the top lol
You're fucking retarded. South Koreans are fucking retarded.
God fucking damn. The more I look at this image the more pissed off I get.
It's just a fucking waste of space. No substance whatsoever.

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Who literally gives a shit? We likely get up to 10% of the theoretical speed with the current carriers, and this is going to be nothing but a marginally faster way to consume our arbitrary data caps. We’re barely utilizing what 4G-LTE has to offer.

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Oversaturation of the networks are a bigger problem than what 5g could fix. What's the point of 5g if the telecom companies are just going to cram as many users as they can until speeds are near identical to what we have now.

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It's not so great at all.

4G is already more tan fast enough to stream 4K video and what more can you want on a mobile device?
In the meantime it will allow IoT: hidden cameras and microphones in consumer electronics that are directly connected to the internet so no way to block the video if you masturbating from getting uploaded.

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>Germany not starting another reich to make 6G

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>why does the country with the biggest internet exchange in the world have good internet?

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>100gbps down for "$60"

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>100gbps down/up for "$60"
It's real in Japan, S. Korea, and maybe Poland.

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>10gbps for $60 a month

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And I'm paying 1gb down/up for $80 in burgerland fml

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Charlatans do this every time a new wireless communication standard is announce to get attention and sell some self-published rambling non-sense full of grammatical errors.

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S. Korea is trying for 100gbps residential for $60 they should have it available soon if not already.

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You can't even buy a 100GbE NIC for $60.

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>You can't even buy a 100GbE NIC for $60.

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Nice try Cox Cable.

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hello fellow football player
ironically in this shithole, vivo has the best prices and internet speed/availability (including 4g coverage)

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I'm convinced the rush is because every country wants a spy-on-everything-everywhere surveillance system.

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allows the Illuminati to interfere with your brain waves and give you cancer.

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5G towers can broadcast almost all the way up to the same wavelength american microwave crowd control weapons broadcast at. A great weapon for our overlords, if there is any dissent they can disable everyone in the neighbourhood.

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haha have cancer losers

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>Zero benefit tech
I'm sure it will sell new iPhones at least.

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hopefully not at all

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whhat is the metric for this in something not infographic form?

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Lol American thinking they won.

>inb4 murica 1gbps for $100 with 1 gib unlimited monthly data cap per month.

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you're correct.

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fuck speed, i want bandwidth first
what the fuck is the point of higher speed if it already costs $10/1G?

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4G/LTE is faster than my home ADSL connection, but it's far too expensive
faster mobile networks is really cool and all, but it doesn't mean anything to me since it's too expensive to actually get

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Wireless data in SK is some of the most expensive in the world. On par with the US/Canada, which makes no sense at all since SK is 1000x as dense. Price gouging at all levels here is insane.

SK home internet is also only fast FOR THINGS HOSTED IN KOREA. The overseas interconnects are GARBAGE, which I'm pretty sure is intentional to boost Korea's (shit) internet services vs. foreign.

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Non-ionising. Electromagnetic waves need to have a high enough energy to affect chemical bonds to do damage. You can measure this easily in a laboratory. At least when it comes to cancer. You could argue about things that aren't chemical bonds like electrochemical things in the brain, but the truth is that you can safely be in GIGANTIC magnetic fields without harm, so it's pretty safe to say that radio waves that show zero evidence of interacting with physical material in a laboratory are safe.

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SK is a chart topper for internet speed, adoption, quality, and price (including wireless).
They have one of the best, and cheapest data in the world (if not THE best, and cheapest).

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>S. Korea Mobile data second highest in the world wifi/residential internet is cheap $20 1gb/s

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If you didn't jump on the 4GB/$40 plans from Fido/Koodo/Public/Virgin, it's your own damn fault.

It'll be a cold day in... Canada, before we get anything approaching European rates. $40/4GB LTE is as good as it gets.

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you're retarted metro PCS and boost give unlimited LTE for 60 bucks

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Peace at last.

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T-Mobile one not available in Canada?

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Germany has dogshit mobile internet

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Looks like it's two years down the line for New Zealand. This is just one ISP but we've had multiple "trials" along this year.

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Also it costs like $20USD for 10 fucking gigs of LTE in NZ so I can't wait till we can all download that in a few seconds by mistake lmao

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IoT integration mostly.

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>phonecancer literally giving cancer to everyone

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6GB/$40 Koodo Ontarian here. Feels weird being rarer than unicorn teeth. Only got here by abusing retentions and migrating between carriers on poacher offers over the course of four years.
Ionizing radiation isn't the only way to cause cancer, but given these frequencies the only other remotely possible cause would be thermal stress of living cells, which at typical 5G energies would have to be very improbably focused to have any impact. Like your phone would basically have to fire a microwave laser into your head repeatedly for years until something in some cell gives, instead of spreading the signal out like it normally does.

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You get those wavelengths from space all the time. The crowd control guns only work because they pump out jiggawatts of it in a tight beam.

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>thermal stress of living cells
Thermal stress of living cells is also much less likely to cause cancer. To compare the two - ionising radiation is like a scapel that cuts right through the cell, while microwave/thermal would be more like a baseball bat hitting a bean-ball chair. Hit hard enough and sure it pops but most of the time it'll be fine. Even slight hits on a bean-ball chair with a scalpel are dangerous - at least to the chair.

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This is a joke right? I've been to motorway services that barely have any signal.

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>No Aus
Am not surprised.

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AUS needs to work on getting 3G and running water first

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5G Live next year in Australia on 2 main carriers, 3rd is 2020.

We have great 4G speeds here

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We had the first commercial 3G service

>The first pre-commercial demonstration network in the southern hemisphere was built in Adelaide, South Australia by m.Net Corporation in February 2002 using UMTS on 2,100 MHz. This was a demonstration network for the 2002 IT World Congress. The first commercial 3G network was launched by Hutchison Telecommunications branded as Three or "3" in June 2003

Our carriers here are pretty good, i get 100mbps on 4G on my S8 at work

Pic in >>68155359 is Telstra (carrier) testing 5G this year

>Australia 4G speeds average 33Mbps for 10th globally: OpenSignal

And that's 2017

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Still working on the running water then

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Sell new phones, and higher price plan tricking user into thinking they'll have better internet

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Wireless internet is insanely expensive in South Korea. Enjoy your 2 gigs a month for $40 (sim only), price will be 10x that if you go over.

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...worst part is there are dead-zones all over since it's so mountainous and there are tall buildings everywhere.

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What's wrong with just paying for 1gbs fiber for $20, and just using wifi?

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>Low quality bait
Fucking /v/oat niggers ruin everything.

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>t. shut in that never leaves his home
you may as well don't have a mobile phone at all. go back to landline phones

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>Free Wi-Fi, and cheap gigabit internet everywhere
Maybe you should learn how to cope with the current mobile data pricing dumbass.

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>T-Mobile (Telekom)
Parent company plans 5G for 2020. They are already doing local tests in certain cities in Germany.
Successful tests were made locally at the end of 2016. Plans using it for the general public in 2020 too.
Did a public 5G test this September. Guess they aim for 2020 or bit earlier too. I remember they were the first to make public 3G back in the days.

King Viktor I. of Orbán says we can be an "emphasized country in 5G".

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Based Australia banned huawei from 5G rollout

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hopefully not ready at all

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>no finland
Kinda surprising.

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Ultraviolet is non-ionising

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Your phone radio uses 1w of power. Pretty sure leaks from from your 800w microwave oven are more of a concern but you are not throwing that away, right?

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Not everyone is a shut-in?

Also 2.4ghz wifi is horribly congested since everyone lives in packed-together apartments, and 5ghz sucks since they're all concrete.

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>4G speed is worse than 3G here
It's laughable.

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My country dosen't even have 4G my dude.

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