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Why the FUCK are non-modular PSUs still produced? These fucking chtulhu spawns need to be put in the fucking oven.

I just replaced one of these pieces of shit, since it was 10 years old and it was about time to replace it, with a Seasonic Focus+ Gold 750W, and it's so much better from a cable management perspective. Holy shit.

To be fair, it was actually a pretty good power supply, but my fucking god I hate non-modular PSUs.

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>It's cheaper to produce
>Non panel and office PCs don't have a need for nice looking cable management
There you go. Now sage in peace.

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why do you care so much in cables you cant see inside your case? are you a faggot or something?

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>holy shit
why do redditors always type like angry 12 year olds?

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It's not about looking nice, it's just that it's a fucking clusterfuck to work inside a case when one of these cthulhu monstrosities are in them.

I don't. I care about how easy it is to work with, and non-modular PSUs always create a god damn clusterfuck if you don't autistically arrange all your cables.

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Been here longer than you, faggot. You have to go back.

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Bad cable management can seriously mess up your air flow and in turn mess up cooling of your pc

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was this really worth a thread? nice blog

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It's only really a problem on higher wattage power supplies because they tend to have more lines coming out of the PSU.
I have a non-modular PSU in my computer and it wasn't that bad to work with. I was stuffing all the cables behind the motherboard tray anyway.

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>Bad cable management can seriously mess up your air flow
Except it makes zero difference.

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It's really not. Lose some weight sausage fingers.

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Because my modular PSU has melted 4 of the sockets beyond recognition, and soldered-on ones don't have this problem.

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because otherwise OEMs wouldn't be able to charge you a premium for modular PSUs

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I bet you were mixing modular cables from other modular psu's like a retard

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Yes that's how conductive wiring works. Gotta stick to brand!!!

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Nope, only have the one.

To be fair, though, I was running two dual-GPU cards at full load for several hours at a time.

(and yes I used a separate cable for each, not a splitter to run two with one cable)

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Well, the pinout on one brand of PSU could easily be different to the pinout on another so it could be an issue.
If the cables even fit at all without forcing them.

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Just installed one of these bad boys today as my chink special PSU for 5+ years shit the bed. Feel modular man never going back.

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You clearly haven't worked with an 850W or more non-modular power supply. They come with a whole ton of cables and it's a real clusterfuck.

The pinout isn't standardised.

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And you're relevant to companies how?
As long as you're not part off assembly, you were never supposed to touch it.

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I'm not talking about opening the PSU nor am I talking about prebuilts retard.

Even then, you do actually have to replace hardware in prebuilts in office environment sometimes, if the contract that provided the machines to you have expired.

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Jayztwocents, go back to school.

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This is actually a pretty strong argument against modular PSUs. That, and the simple fact that the cables aren't attached. I switched to always use modular PSUs for everything some years back. Kept the excess cables in a bag with a label since day one, kind of annoying to have several of those bags. Many don't do this and the cables are usually differently pinned. Probably only a matter of time before I screw that up even though I use labels.

Also, the simple fact that the cables are attached to the PSU is an advantage. I bought modular when I built for my nephew and ended up putting the cables inside a bag attached to the 5.25" bay because he might need them some day when I'm not around. You don't have the problem of "I want to attach more HDDs but I don't have or can't find the cable" with non-modular.

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I just replaced my 6 years old XFX PRO550W, that was making a very weird and annoying noise, for a Seasonic Focus Plus 750 Platinum (I'm still wondering how PSU are fucking priced, because I found it for less than the 750 Gold). All in all having a modular PSU makes your building and cable management a little bit easier, but you don't really save that much space since at least in my case I used almost all cables.

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>weird and annoying noise
what is sort-of like crackling? I replaced a 10 year old Corsair TX some months ago because it begun making that crackling type sound and that's indicative of arching going on.

anyway, good call on replacing it, if a PSU starts making a noise it never made before after years then that's a sign it's become dangerous

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You just shove the excess cables under the hard drive tray. I dont like modular, it makes me autistically check connections on two sides not just one

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yet you type like you're 12. why?

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>it's a fucking clusterfuck to work inside a case when one of these cthulhu monstrosities are in them
Have you tried to git gud instead?

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>god damn clusterfuck if you don't autistically arrange all your cables.
I'm complaining about the fact that you HAVE to do this to not make it a clusterfuck. Then when you need to undo all your cable management to replace the PSU it becomes a clusterfuck.

Have you tried reading comprehension?

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Nigger literally just wrap the unused cables in a bundle and rest it in front of the psu. Are you using the remaining cables to draw a Mona Lisa at the back of the case or something?

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It was a constantly clicking noise, sometimes louder than others, that increased in frequency with load. You can find videos of this phenomenon. It was something that started happening randomly and then it disappeared on its own after a while like a year ago, but in the last months the noise never went away, and most scary of all you could hear the same ticking in the circuit breaker panel, and in the back of the TV on the other side of the house. The mix of annoyance and actual safety concerns convinced me in getting the new one. I'm actually happy because a 750w 80 plus platinum PSU for €110 shipped is an actual good deal.

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Cable management is for gaymen.

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Are you wedging your psu in pace with some chipboard offcuts?

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Lol obviously

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The fan grill used to make some weird noises and vibrations and I solved that with those wood pieces.

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Non white detected

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Lol fuck off I'm not a nigger for not wanting to replace my whole case.
Unlike basedboys, real men know how to improvise

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Did you try tightening the screws?

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Post hands jamal. Do it

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Why would I pay more to not use some cables which I'm never going to see anyway?

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Nevermind you’re a slav. Nigger of the north.

Hello fellow Ivan

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Yea but the PSU is a piece of crap anyways.

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The 80+ meme needs to die.

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They are reliable, produce less heat (less resistance) and with decent cable management and chassis that permits it. The extra cables are really a non-issue.

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>It's not about looking nice, it's just that it's a fucking clusterfuck to work inside a case when one of these cthulhu monstrosities are in them.
I bet you are a fat fuck with sausage fingers, aren't you? If you think modern day psus are bad, you should have seen the high end psus, cables and connectors of the early 2000s

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Fell for the modular meme and I had to use every fucking cable that came with the 850W PSU anyways.

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>thinks modular psus are better than non-modular ones
>recommends discordfag weeb psu ((seasonic))
how about you go back in time to 2k and see just how many modular psus there are, protip: there are none or extremely little at all

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>Why the FUCK are non-modular PSUs still produced?
people smarter than you has deemed their existence to be useful.

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It has nothing to do with sausage fingers, and no, I don't have sausage fingers either. It's that there's a million fucking cables on the TX850W, and the cables are far thicker than my new PSU too.

>cables and connectors of the early 2000s
Yes, PATA was fucking cancer and far worse. We all agree.

Are you fucking retarded?
>Why the FUCK are non-modular PSUs still produced?
Really activates the almonds

I don't use Discord, and Seasonic PSUs are actually fucking good you tard. Seasonic has always been just about one of the best.


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damn, he thinks seasonic are REALLY great psus, you must be from nintenfag homebrew

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>doesn't actually read the review
>has no idea what he's talking about

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You're mad if you overpay for a transformer, two capacitors, and a transistor.

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Why don't you just build it yourself then?

Oh right, because dealing with ripple, overshooting, temperatures, efficiency etc. is a pain in the ass.

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lol get off reddit kid if you think seasonic is the best you should really reevaluate your life from making this dumb thread, sad and pathetic

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>just about one of the best
Read the fucking review, you absolute fucking retard. The PSU is actually good.

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It doesn't affect airflow at all. There have been multiple tests that debunked this.

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>read the review
no thanks ahhahah
absolutely based

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>two newfriends arguing
How cute

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yeah wonder how truthful those reviews are, they'll probably fail after some time

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See >>68114412

jonnyguru is a very reliable and honest reviewer. Everything about the PSU looks good, so stop bullshitting.

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>buy modular psu
>it has the same shitty triple sata cables and the same amount of cables overall as a non-modular psu

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woah no need to get snappy mate im not even that anon

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>hes still carrying on

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The thing is, Seasonic supplies the actual PSU for other brands too. If Seasonic wasn't reliable you'd all be fucked because a lot of PSUs are just rebranded Seasonics.

Seasonic and Superflower are both two excellent brands with great track records, and most other good brands are rebrands of their PSUs.

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>most other good brands are rebrands of their PSUs

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Silverstone PSU's are top tier

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I like them because I don't give a fuck about wires and I want muh cheap watts.

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by modular you mean....hp plugin who unit

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It's model specific. For example, EVGA's entire line-up pretty much consists of either Seasonic or Superflower rebranded PSUs. Pretty much all of Corsair's good PSUs are rebranded Seasonic too.

Those are also mostly rebrands too, though I don't know if it's Seasonic. I know they use FSP a lot.

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Cut the unneeded ones.

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t. Solidrev

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>EVGA's entire line-up pretty much consists of either Seasonic or Superflower rebranded PSUs
wait wat

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This is from 2014 but likely not much has changed in the PSU world


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Most PSU "brands" like Silverstone, EVGA, Corsair, Antec etc. aren't actually manufactured by them. For example, EVGA:


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Let me put it this way, Seasonic is probably the only PSU brand you see in stores that's actually made by the brand on the box. Corsair and EVGA and Cooler Master and probably all the other brands you see aren't manufacturing PSUs and they are also not manufacturing most the other products they are selling. They do design some things to a certain degree.

If you buy a high-end (not garbage) PSU then it's probably made by either Seasonic or Superflower.

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>yeah wonder how truthful those reviews are
They were probably making reviews from before you were born, which isn't saying much but there you go

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>If you buy a high-end (not garbage) PSU then it's probably made by either Seasonic or Superflower.
Don't forget FSP. They also make excellent, very high quality PSUs and are often supplied to brands, e.g. Silverstone.

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>this thread
Why are there so many people that hate Seasonic? wtf

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Bought the same, it rattled, used the remorse period and bought a fortron.

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You actually want one build by fsp

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>1 guy shitting on Seasonic
The absolute state of this thread.

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Not that anyone asked but I thought it might be helpful if I passed along the fact that I built three pc's with the SeaSonic 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply in the last two years including the pc I am using right now. Those psu's were a pleasure to build with, they are absolutely silent with not a hint of coil whine, they come with an absurd variety of cables, and they look really cool.


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silverstone is good but worse. Seasonic titanium line is the world's most efficient psu line (96%+ at 50% load @ 230V). It's objectively the absolute best. 12 years of guarantee.
It also has a very nice passive fan system that only turns on above some temperature. The fan has the lowest expected lifetime of all components because it's mechanical (even though it's very good fdb) so a passive system easily increases the total lifetime 3x.

If you want quality get a seasonic titanium.

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modular PSU are less reliable because they have more failure points while servicing the hardware using them that's why servers don't use them or mass builders like dell they increase returns and faults.

they are kewl thou I just got my first modular psu very nice but really just for case window faggots.

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