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A) Why is there a command to expose the user's password. That is the single worst idea an OS dev has ever had.
B) Why is the default password "/home/[username]". That's a terrible password.
C) Whenever I try to change my password it just prints a bunch of garbage??? With license info and a bunch of letters preceded by dashes.

Linux is TERRIBLE! FUCKING GARBAGE!! Everyone should just use Windows

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What commands are you talking about?

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The password command, obviously. pwd

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>Why is there a command to expose the user's password
There isn't.
>Why is the default password "/home/[username]"
That's a folder, you fucking brainlet. Do you know what a folder is?
>Whenever I try to change my password it just prints a bunch of garbage???
No it doesn't. Stop lying on the internet. It follows the POSIX specification and you use the passwd command to change it.

Fuck off, lying indian nigger.

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Ah. Anon type man pwd. Everyone else, ignore this thread.

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That's "print working directory", Pajeet. You're brain dead.

People should just sage it and make fun of the retarded OP. He has shit for brains.

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God fucking dammit nigs, you're supposed to laugh at stupid people, not actually help them. Shitposting is no fun with people like you around. Fucking goodie two shoeses.

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It's more fun to BTFO retards with facts they can't refute and then laugh at them for not knowing in the first place. I find your sense of humor to be basic and distasteful. Step up, ye unwashed plebeian.

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How ironic.

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>t. street shitter who doesn't know what that word means

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That wasn't me, I was this guy. >>68089784
AKA, jokes on them, I was only pretending. But unironically.

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bait thread fuck off

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good thread

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type cd to change you're pwd.

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Good work OP. You baited me. Hard.

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You're too stupid to use the computer, get on your knees and service your superior you retard

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At least bait posts like these give me hope that everyone else is also taking the piss.

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