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Any of you have one of these?
I ended up with one (mid-2011, dedicated AMD model) and I'm not entirely sure what to do with it, W10 can't be properly installed and I'd rather avoid using OSX, Linux is out of the question too.
Is W8.1 good enough in the general sense? I thought 10 was a quick and cheap rebrand, so not sure if I'll run into the same driver compatibility issues.

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based and redpilled

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i got a g4 model of these

yes i still use powermacs

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found your problem.

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Just install whatever Windows it does support and then upgrade it...

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I tried installing 10 but found this annoying driver issue that made it crash over and over, I don't think upgrading from 8.1 it would work but I guess it's worth a try, I'm bored off my ass.
Isn't 8.1 basically an even shittier 10? at least regarding driver architecture and whatnot.
I had plenty of issues installing Linux too, also related to the same driver issues I believe, the whole "dedicated AMD GPU" seems like kind of a mess.

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I'm pretty sure you need to do something special when imaging Windows on USB flash for it to be recognized on Macs. What AMD CPU btw? I thought all MacMinis were Intel.

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10 has much better out of the box driver support than any prior Windows version. My old 2006 Mac Pro only supported Win7, but I was able to upgrade straight to 10 and the driver support was nite and day better on 10. Like 7 had virtually nothing working out of the box, and 10 was 100% usable.

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>I'd rather avoid using OSX
>because i'm a fucking moron


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If the Mac can boot Windows from USB, it uses the same image and disc a PC would. You only have to get clever if the Mac is expecting to boot Windows from DVD.

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>wanting to install Windows 10 on an old machine

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>t. iToddler

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Sell it to some mactard moron and buy something 5X better for the money.

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>sponsored ebay listing

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They got this "faulty" (read: fucked up HDD) slightly older mac mini at work and I made it work with 10 perfectly fine, this one however is breaking my balls because of the whole AMD GPU mess I suspect.

This doesn't sound like a bad idea, actually.

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Every classroom in the district I work in has one of these and I still have no idea what the fuck they're for

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how can macintrash even compete?

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Ah fair enough; still I'm surprised Win10 doesn't just werk once upgraded. I've had really good luck with it on older Macs. That said, a mid-2011 should run at least High Sierra, so I don't see why you'd want to run Windows on it.

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They were very affordable Macs at the time, but they are absolute dogs on 10.5. Not bad on Tiger though. They've been rigged up to run OS 9 now, and they're like tiny supercomputers for that OS.


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>using fagOS

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OSX is slow as shit on a 2014 MacMini. I'd hate to see what it's like on 2011.

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I'll take it over a DOS shell

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>t. Mactoddler

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Likely due to the 5400RPM HDD, should be more than usable with an SSD.

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>macos is so bloated and shit it requires an ssd

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Oh, I thought the OP's pic was an Apple TV. My bad.

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You're full of shit if you think any OS that doesn't run directly from RAM would be fun on a 5400RPM HDD.

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First gen Apple TVs are indeed very stupid, you're not wrong there.

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Bought 12 mid 2011 Mac mini servers for $400.

Your argument is invalid.

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>dude you're getting a dell

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Oh look, it's 4chans server.

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That was somebody else, but I have Windows 7 on a 2007 MacMini and it's more responsive than the 2014 MacMini with High Sierra. I'm not blaming hardware or anything, but I do blame Apple for letting OSX wither on the vine. I guess things will get better when they start putting iPhone processors in these things and devote their full time to iOS. It can't get much worse.

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yeah it's quite fascinating how people managed to get os9 to work on them, however when I run it I can't set the startup disk to os9 so I usually have to boot the os9 disc again lmao

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wow installing windows on a mac is the most based and redpilled thing you can do

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The ABSOLUTE state of mactoddlers.

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It does support up to High Sierra, but people who will use it need window stuff, maybe I can make everything work with 8.1 though.

High Sierra is fast as shit, with an SSD that is, as the other poster said.

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>High Sierra is fast as shit, with an SSD that is
I guess that's good to hear. The 2014 MacMini was a gift for my mom and I grabbed her old 07. It was the shitty version with Intel GMA. It always seems so damn slow when I need to hop on to fix something.

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OP here's I'll probably just sell the Mac Mini and buy one of these. Thanks!

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Not $400 each you retard, $400 for all 12.

i7 2635qm / 16gb / 2x 1tb hdd

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Found your problem.

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Oh for sure, an OS as old as Win 7 is likely to run better than a GPU intensive OS like modern OS X would on older hardware with an integrated GPU. Even Win10 ran way faster on my 2006 Mac Pro than OS X 10.11 did.
>$33 per server
>basic math
the ABSOLUTE state of imbeciles

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Yeah she wont use anything else. I'm not going to force Linux or Windows on her like an autist.

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>AMD model
>which CPU
>The state of /g/

I think he means this is a 2011 macmini with an AMD graphics chip. Not CPU. Apple never made computers with AMD CPUs, ffs.

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You should listen to your mom

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I have that exact model and it runs windows 10 fine. I used to use it as a media server but now its just a PC set up in a corner so folks can jump on the net if needed.

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Nice, then I guess I should look up them drivers better.
Intel HD graphics drivers I got were crashing the whole thing over and over, and it would seem the dedicated AMD GPU can't work without those for some reason I don't understand.

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Oh...ok one correction that might be the issue. Mine is the Intel graphics only one. Not AMD....but its odd you can't find a driver that works.

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> Not embracing Debian

It's the best OS for them, cuck!

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She doesn't even understand the concept of hierarchical file systems. I love my mom.

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Replace the Nintendo thing with Windows. Wangtards are worse than Apple useds.

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>t. Mactoddler

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t. Wangtard pajeet

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damn it seems im not the only one with that issue tiger startup disk isnt detecting the hacked os, has anyone even figured that out?

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Found your problem.

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found your problem

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You can use one to run an iMessage server using weMessage that will forward iMessages to your android phone. Which is the iPhone's best feature.

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OP why did you buy that piece of shit

You realize you could have bought a PowerMac G3 for peanuts online and upgraded it, total cost would have been around $700 but you'd have an objectively powerful machine

Instead you spent $500 on a piece of shit that was hot garbage even when new, and now is laughable and fit for the garbage-heap

Ironically because iToddlers are so retarded it probably has decent resale value though. Not because it's actually good for anything but because Apple fans will buy literally anything with a fruit on it.

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>He doesn't know how to use more than one OS...

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see >>68034949

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lol i bet you have a neettop just like all the other archfag weeaboos do

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>He doesn't know how to use more than one OS...

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truly sad...

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Mac user meets Arch Linux user, 1980, colorized

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How retarded are you? Osx is better than any windows or linux kernel. Especially the lions

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>t. iToddler

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You wish. Windows is slow as fuck with ram

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He's right about it being better than wangblows, though.

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at least macos doesnt intentionally delete your files

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>this is what mactoddlers actually believe

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Can confirm, am an iToddler who bought an iPhone having the same issues

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Mactoddlers BTFO

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Music is degenerate anyway

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How can mactoddlers ever recover?

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>a single isolated case from years and years ago
Try harder Windows shill

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> and I'm not entirely sure what to do with it
Why did you get it? Macs are either used to develop for Apple OSes or because of OS X.

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That's not exactly a high bar to clear.

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vapes are >>>/lgbt/ too

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host your own chan

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Doesn't 4chan run off of like 5 of these?

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w 8.1 would work i suppose...
The problem with these in my experience is that they are slow for no reason...
I guessing that the Motherboards are slow or something...
Even though the HDD CPU and RAM is under 10% use they still are slow as ass.

Anyhow, i would still suggest that you try out Elementary OS, not trying Elementary as a Mac user is a large disservice to yourself! but if Linux is out of the question it is.

Good luck Anon!

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