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>cs department requires calc 3 and linear algebra
>I barely passed calc 2 with a 2.1 (cutoff was 2.0)

Why do they do this to me? I aced my intro the cs classes but now I'm getting stonewalled over shit arbitrary requirements

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calc II was difficult I agree. I hated objects of revolution, but linear algebra is fun.

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CS is applied mathematics. Get used to brainlet.

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Calc 2 was fun! Calc 3 was ass though

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>I'm forced to learn mathematics that is useful

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>paying $40K a year for something so easily learned on your own a Pajeet can do it

CS students are the ultimate cucks. Biggest red flag for me was all of the women and brown skinners. Got right the fuck outta here and switched majors to engineering.

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If you don't know maths, you're not a programmer. Typing on a keyboard has no intellectual prerequisites.

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>This kills the code monkey

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Fuck off you cunt, at least you don't have metallurgy or manufacture system class there.

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I unironically switched from CS to CpE when I learned about the "engineering practicum" system at Jewgle which is literally a guaranteed Google internship for niggers and women. What the fuck.

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>just failed my calc1 test
I'm fucked, I'll be cashiering for the rest of my life.
Wake me up from this fucking hell


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Buckle down and try harder, faggot. Go practice your Math until it sticks. Don't let 4chan tell you what you're not capable of, most of the fucks here have a fixed anti-growth mindset.

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If you can't do calc 3 and linear algebra then you're not going to be anything more than a shit tier code monkey so just switch to IT or some other brainlet major

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Try not being stupid.

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This isn't that hard, we covered everything but linear algebra in high school. Linear algebra I already took at college.

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Are you generalizing me? I'll have you know I graduated in the top of my class with a 7.0 GPA and honors with two purple hearts from the war against minorities and females in my CS curriculum.

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sir plez downloat the durga durga jawa microsoft software pakaj thank

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Don't listen to this, you're wasting your time. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, if you suck at math you will always suck at math, putting in extra effort just to reach par is wasted time and potential. Spend that time focusing on your strengths.

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I also switched to CpE, CS bored the shit out of me. Still gonna apply to CS jobs though, just wanted to learn some electrical

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Nice. CSfags won't admit it but we actually blow them out when it comes to programming as well. We think in instructions/cycle and hardware portability and CStards are stuck in their circlejerk abstractions.

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Who cares? You get paid less for doing more work. Why would anybody want that? In the end its only about money

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Any good CS program requires at least a Computer Architecture class as well.

Doesn't even matter though, someone who writes Java code will be a better programmer if they take and OOD class rather than fucking around with state machines in VHDL

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Decades worth of research begs to differ

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where do I learn linear algebra concepts? the problems are brain-dead easy but i don't know what the fuck i'm even doing

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>not doing a double major and covering the full range

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if you can't pass calc iii you're probably not cut out for university desu

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>People wonder why so many companies hire cheap pajeets
>See this literal math sheet
>Literally almost never needed unless you work in heavy mathematical field
>90% of stuff uses engines nowadays

The disconnect of Uni and the job market is real kek

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>bragging about being a code monkey

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This is unironically why I webdev

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ffs what you are complaining about?
you faggots only have mongo math

it's not hard and it's math you are going to use unless you just plan on becoming a pajet

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Those classes are easy. As more and more programmers pour into the industry, the only ones getting jobs are the clever ones. There are so many fools in my graduating class from last year that still can't find even a simple Java job because they can't answer math/CS questions in the interview. It's survival of the fittest.

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>it's easy for me which means it's easy for everyone!
Why are smart people so stupid?

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How are you supposed to pass your graphics class without linear algebra lmao

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not 1 module in my cs course
git fkd

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I was never good at math. Think the fucking Christ back in the day my H.S only required Pre Al, Algebra I, and Geometry as credits in order to graduate. Pro Tip: Depending on career all that high level math is shit useless. So far in my 15 years of professional working all I ever done is the basics (Add/Sub/Divide/Multiply). I've honesty forgotten most of the shit I learned in most of my classes. Ironically, I passed a Business Law class with a 3.0 average despite the fact I didn't want the class anyway; school dumped me in it after the class I did want was full (Electives)

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wtf i had to take statics for my software engineering bs

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r u a chink? calc 2 was just boring plug and chug while memorizing identities, while calc 3 was thinking outside the box, completely breaking down the foundations of what you thought calculus was. fuck, i miss calc 3

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You can become proficient but you won't become Einstein. You should do a job no one else is better than you at.

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>This isn't that hard

That's the joke.

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CpE is literally the "jack of all trades, master of none" major. You don't learn enough for an electrical engineering career and CS majors have the leg up in applied programming knowledge. The major conveys a lack of direction and commitment

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>You can become proficient
For most people, even that's a pipe dream.
I really hate the "you can achieve x as long as you work hard!" meme.

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>CpE is literally the "jack of all trades, master of none" major

No, that's biomedical engineering.

>You don't learn enough for an electrical engineering career

They take all the core courses. The only difference is electives.

>and CS majors have the leg up in applied programming knowledge


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Because they have legit autism, they are sevants in one field and drooling imbeciles in all others.

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The x implies it's whatever you're working towards you mong. The saying doesn't mean a fish can ride a bike if it tries hard enough. If you're working towards something you suck at, and you hate it, it's your fault for not being self aware. If you're working towards something you suck at, but love then it's considered a hobby. And if you're working towards something you have skill in, then you absolutely can achieve your goals. The saying is about work ethic and dedication not magic and goodwill. Shit this board has gone down hill.

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Yeah, time tables are fucking mad hard.

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>go to tacobell for a big mac
>get mad they don't focus on burgers

The disconnect of tacobell and reality is real kek

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The expectation of fixed competency limits potential. Everyone has different affinities for different skills but sooner or later you will hit a ceiling that can only be lifted by practice and improvement. Only lazy brainless think the way you do

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Imagine being so fat you think of food...

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t. On top of "Mt. Stupid"

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>can't do maths
not gonna make it

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Burger lives matter #BLM

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do you mean substantive? substative isn't a word.

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if you are worth a shit MIT would have knocked on your door way back when you were a kid, anything else is wageslave level,

t. wageslave

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This is bullshit.

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>calc 2 and 3, linear algebra
>arbitrary requirements

umm, no sweaty

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>t. d'nile

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>most people find calculus easy after 12th grade
Factually wrong.

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>most people find calculus easy after college
Factually wrong.

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most people don't even go to class

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lel my cs department only requires calc 1 and discrete math. Looks like you fell for the engineering meme

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Literally this

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no. the ones getting the good jobs are good at communicating, socially likeable, and not very autistic. If you get a job just because of your intelligence, your likely a codemonkey that everyone else wishes would just work remotely and your never going to get promoted or work in any management position

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I can't possibly understand how the brainlet OP feels like as It was literally the only subject I managed to get a 4.0 GPA on (yes I am become autism). Maybe you are more of a Cal 3 person anon?

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>mathematics == arbitrary
Maybe you can switch to sociology or journalism, where you can be with people of similar mental capacity.

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Literally baby level.

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>the brainjocks are coming out of the woodworks
Fucking mathchads

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where can I get this? Need a brush up

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>remembering a handful of rules is hard

The times tables require more memorization.

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> Doesn't require linear algebra, literally the most important one
You're going to a shit school that's letting you down m8

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tfw I got a 100% in calc 2 but a B in calc 1 and acedlinear algebra, calc 3 and vector analysis but got a C in discrete math. Am I an anomaly /g/?

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If I take calc 3 I get a math minor. I'm in linalg right now. It's not that bad.

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Calc III is easier than Calc II. Linear Algebra is easier than both of them. Differential Equations is shit. Fuck that class.

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Not him, but I'd argue that discrete math is more important than linear algebra for programmers, so at least he has that. But yeah, linear algebra is still more useful than calculus.

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This anon is wise and we should listen to him.

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Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves
not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed

-- John Steinbeck

Replace "millionaires" with "persons with potential". Just keep dreaming till the day you die like a good goy.

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CpE is to EE, like CS is to CpE

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I'm good at programming and good at communicating, so I'm gunning for lead programmer. I could probably make more money in a purely managerial position at our sister company, but I have three decades of work ahead of me and I'd hate to spend all of that time doing something I don't get pleasure out of.

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>1st year
Bullshit java/OO coding class
Bullshit data structures class
Piss easy calculus classes
Piss easy matrix algebra class
[If you're lucky] physics I&II for non-science majors

>2nd year
Watered down "computer architecture" class
Pompous software engineering class
Pathetic discrete "math" class
Watered down "probability" class
Crash course on formal languages and automata

>3rd year
Pathetic algorithms course
Watered down computability and complexity theory course
Laughable networks course
Laughable database course
Crash course on various programming languages

>4th year
Laughable computer security course
[If you're lucky] an Operating Systems class
[If you're lucky] a Compilers class
Horseshit AI with trivial machine learning
5-10 student team Capstone with one dude doing all the work
and all the bullshit easy electives you want

>1st year
C++/C Coding class
C++/C Data Structures and Algorithm
Easy vector calculus
Piss easy matrix algebra class
Ordinary Differential Equations
Physics I&II
Chem I&II

>2nd year
PDEs, Complex Variables, or Advanced Engineering Mathematics [which is half of each]
Probability and Random Processes
Numerical Analysis
Signal and System Analysis
Physics III
Digital Logic
An actual Computer Architecture class

>3rd year
Electronics I&II
Communication Systems
Digital Signal Processing
[if CE or ECE] Discrete Math with Coding and Information Theory
[if EE or ECE] Control Theory
[if EE] Electromagnetics
[if CE] Operation Systems
[if CE] Digital System Design
[if CE] Embedded Systems

>4th year
[if you're unlucky] Ethics
>Electives [for CE]:
Computer Vision
Computer Graphics
VLSI Design
Reverse Engineering
Convex Optimization
Distributed Computing
>Electives [for EE]:
Analog Electronics
Power Electronics
RF/Microwave Engineering
Radar Engineering
Power Systems
Electric Machinery
Semiconductor Device Physics
Wireless Communications

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No electrical machines? No thermodynamics? No electromagnetism? Only one circuits class? Seems like a shitty american EE/CE degree

>> No.68006813

>No electrical machines
Never seen an university require that
>No thermodynamics
Only one lecture of StatMech is relevant for EE
>No electromagnetism
It's there but not every school requires it
>Only one circuits class
You don't need to spend 2 semesters on it. Don't know why so many schools waste time dragging it out.

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Not a CS major but my school only requires calc 1, sets and logic, and discrete mathematics.

I'm doing Physics and only have to do Calc 1-4/Linear Algebra 1, Diff. Eq. 1. CS used to be essentially a Math degre but those days are no longer.

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>>4th year
>[if you're unlucky] Ethics


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OP is looking for software engineering

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>assembly course is mandatory for major
>take it
>starts off simple enough
>have to run Linux in a VM despite never using it before
>fair enough, bound to happen sooner or later I suppose
>move values over registers and operate them
>nothing too crazy
>like a month into it get forced to start using C out of nowhere because lol that's what the textbook uses
>textbook never fucking explains how to link these files and leaves you to guess
>tough shit because C isn't actually part of any programming course in the entire study plan either so you better KNOW how to use it beforehand or you're fucked
>get a project about creating a calculator in a circuitry-simulating software
>the actual part related to fucking assembly is about 10% of the job
>get grouped up with a dude that carries everyone in the team since he's really good on fuckin anything related to computers
>is also unbelievably arrogant and unhelpful and responds to any inquiry by mocking you for not knowing the answer already
>turn in project, which was only the first of two
>second project consists on programming a "device" and a device driver that interact with the kernel to apply matricial transformations to image files
>people on VMs be fucked since "physical" devices are emulated and the whole process becomes more convoluted than usual
>have to somehow use third party drawing APIs like OpenGL or the like to display all this shit
>don't know how to use any of that? don't care, not the teacher's problem
>skillful dude that worked on calculator bails on group since everyone but him was next to useless last time
>can't blame him 2bh in all honesty
>stuck alone having to work on this shit that once again makes a huge hodgepodge of subjects unrelated to assembly
Fucking dicks expect everyone to be some kind of miracle worker that has to make it all happen.
Fuck this major, fuck all of this. I hate programming, I hate math. The only reason I got into it is because I have no other interests.

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>tfw doing EE and couldn't do my basic electronics classes until my 5th year cause I had to take Calc II four times in a row before I passed, failing with a D+ 3 times in a row then getting a B
I can integrate and test for convergence like it's breathing now though

>> No.68006931

>C is discrete
How on earth is that even possible

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>>tough shit because C isn't actually part of any programming course in the entire study plan either so you better KNOW how to use it beforehand or you're fucked

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>tfw school uses Epp for discrete math

>> No.68006973

I didn't have to start using C until assembly language. I knew Java before though so it was easy to understand.

>> No.68006976

>He doesn't know EE is all functional analysis

>> No.68006993

well good then since I've got two whole years of doing just that under me belt now
What kind of math is it? Am doing Calc III right now and differentials next semester

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>piss away 9 years on an education to make less than tradesman make at my age
college "education", not even once.

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Don't listen to people on this retarded site. Most of them will probably wind up killing themselves (hopefully) within the next 3 years anyway, Anon. I am in the same boat as you and it comes down to two things, and professors agree with me on this.
1. It is a brain exercise, it helps you think critically, bottom line. 2. It makes more money, especially if remedial classes are needed. College is a money maker, that is why sometimes universities make books with big publishers tailored just for that school. Just keep going, and get the help you need. A doctor is still a doctor, even if he wasn't a straight A student...

>> No.68007052

Historically PhDs were really only meant for those going into academia. You'd end up in academic tenure. PhDs largely out# tenure positions nowadays. I read there's around 100,000 Phds given annually, and that one professor will train 40+ PhDs over his career. So 40:1 ratio.

Try government r&d. They're black and white at the hiring process, and a PhD probably means more to government than private r&d. Private r&d only want those with experience in the industry, so your bachelors/masters that wageslaved for 5-10 years.

>> No.68007055

Wtf op passed AP calc 1& 2 in highschool with 4's it ain't that hard man

>> No.68007145

>Most of them will probably wind up killing themselves (hopefully) within the next 3 years anyway

>t. newfag that's only been here for <3 years

>> No.68007293

you need a PE for virtually any government engineering job, which i don't have because instead of obtaining the 4 years of experience necessary for a PE i pissed away 5 years on a useless degree.

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Calc I, II, and III is easy. If you want something harder, take a class on math for cryptography. It's actually interesting and useful. Cryptography is not just a black box now for me.

>> No.68007527

Here's your (You) newfag. Go back to Facebook.

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we have this dumb thread every week, computer science is more or less a branch of mathematics

>> No.68007581

This. Computer science is math. Any dipshit could learn codemonkeying on Youtube in one month. If you want to do something that's worth anything, you need to know math.

>> No.68007583

>but linear algebra is fun
not really.

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>no cinderella book

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I want to believe that CS programs include calculus and linear algebra because of domain theory (computable functions are continuous maps) but maybe I'm naive.

>> No.68007873

OP, the expectation is that you'll enter a field where you will use that. Manufacturing or finance. Working for brand name companies like GE or Goldman Sachs.

>> No.68007887

I went through a CS undergrad and they never really applied the theory like that. Maaaaybe the Masters or PhDs.

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>self taught (c, shell, python)
>not retarded, can pick up whatever I need, understand low-level systems stuff, algorithms, big o, whatever
>know and use linux, unlike some professional devs who literally cannot use a cli for anything, not even git
>somehow I'm not qualified for even a webdev role without jumping through the academic circus

>> No.68008108

I have a CS degree and you NEED that math

In my courses:
>computer vision
calculus + linear algebra
all day every day, traditional CV uses a LOT of calculus in the theory

>machine learning
calculus + linear algebra
obvious reasons

>compute graphics + computer animation
calculus + linear algebra
if you don't have linear algebra skills you're never gonna succeed in this field, good luck trying to code complex shaders

>scientific computing
obvious reasons

That's 5 courses off the top of my head that were very heavy on calc + linear algebra.

tl;dr To do cool shit in comp sci you need calc and linear algebra at minimum. Don't be a fuckin loser webdev monkey.

>> No.68008145

Bottom left is unironically a great text but everything else I agree with.

>> No.68008401

Ah, my bad. I thought it was something to scare the code monkeys in the thread.

>> No.68008422

we used a headfirst book for design patterns but thats it, and i didnt even need to read any of them desu

>> No.68008628

>CS degree
how about u stop sitting on ur whiteboi ass all day and start lifting instead

>> No.68009946

EE is the biggest meme, I'd gladly take CS or CompE over that boomer shit.

>> No.68010134

If you changed your major because of a dumb diversity program at a couple big companies, you're retarded. You just knew you were too retarded to pull a FAANG internship so you complained diversity. Of those who got the actual internship it was about 20 people and 14-15 were Asian/Indian males.

>> No.68010145

Sorry Pals but software engineering is where the money is and where anything remotely fun is done

>> No.68010862

Is it the same fucking faggot in every thread repeating this nonsense? Yes you fucking can learn it and become a master at it. Professors, researchers, people with PhDs they all still have to study and practice and study and practice and learn. This isnt natural. This isn't learning how to walk. You need to flex your brain and train it to learn it. There's no way you do anything other than flip burgers as a job.

>> No.68010929

You dont learn enough in any program to have a real career. You learn 95% of what you need to know on the job. Schools dont teach to get you prepared for the real world lol

>> No.68011051


>> No.68011426

Watered down in the 2nd edition and gimped further in the 3rd.

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File: 297 KB, 836x1136, 1513067679808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>tfw peaked in Trigonometry

>> No.68012091

This is what happens when retards see smart people who got book smarts at university, but were born smart, making money.
They think that school is why smart people are smart and not their natural born talents combined with an inherent enjoyment of learning and problem solving (people who have the first but not the latter are where the smart but lazy meme comes from).
And that all they need for money is a degree.

Now keep that going for a few decades and it creates a culture of egotistical retards who think degree = smart = money.
Combine that with for profit education you get a dearth of useless degrees like MBAs and gender studies and a warped perception of education.
This + modern corporate culture = people without degree are not smart = no shekels.

I'm not sure how they ignore that most of the smart people revered by pop culture are noted for hating education as a system.

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Feels good going to a school where CS is part of the math faculty and is a top 10 FAANG target school.

>> No.68012191

>go to decent Big 10 state school for electrical engineering
>skipped calc 1 and calc 2 at uni because of AP credits
>do linear algrbra first semester freshman year through the college of science and engineering
>high school calc 1/2 prepared me for none of this shit
>shit tier french grad student for a professor
>horrible teaching, talks so quiet nobody can hear him
>dismissive and conceited responses to student questions
>work my ass off even though I don't have a proper foundation and the prof is shit
>fail by 0.4%
>take it again, this time through the liberal arts college as a night class
>this time the professor is some guy from a local community college
>actually turns out to be an amazing instructor
>he visibly enjoys teaching the subject
>always responds to students' questions in a productive and respectful manner
>literally the best teacher I have ever had for any math course in my life
>covered everything the engineering version of the class covered, plus 2 more chapters
>get a B-, still struggled but learned more in a month of his class than I learned in a semester of shitty frenchman's class
>i talk to other students who did liberal arts linear algebra/diff eq
>they all had similar experiences
>other engineering students had similarly awful experiences in engineering linear algebra/diff eq
What the fuck, /g/? Is this a pattern at other schools?

>> No.68012215

Remember anons, effort trumps skill!

>> No.68012280

SE > CS > CE >>>> EE in terms of programming ability IMO. Just the way it was at my school.

>> No.68012404

what school

>> No.68012438

University of Waterloo

>> No.68012519

>falling for the trade meme
>destroying your body so you can't work when you're 50 and make 100k-150k tops (and that's only if you work 80 hours a week or run your own business) vs comfy white collar knowledge work with salary potential of 200-300k total compensation mid career
yeah tough choice

>> No.68012641

The basics of linear algebra are taught in every decent high school physics class.

>> No.68012840

You'll only be making 200 to 300k if you live in silicon valley where a trailer with a 300 sqft backyard costs 500k lol you actually end up with less money than in a rural area thanks to how fucking expensive it is there and all the taxes

>> No.68012868

Wow you learned how to find the determinant of a 2x2 matrix lol

>> No.68012874

lol funny because true.

>Get used to it brainlet.
Sad because true. OP you are just going to have to lump it.

>> No.68012890

You're fucking retarded.

>> No.68012910
File: 551 KB, 537x991, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>CS is a math degree
>CS students have never taken a proof-based math class

>> No.68013061

CS, as a field, is math. It’s taught well at astonishingly few schools, all of which are research institutions. Hell, all your continuous math shows up again alongside discrete mathematics. If you take graduate level CS, this much is apparent
List of topics being
Randomized algorithms
Proof of their concentration bounds (gives you a better description of runtime than an expected value asymptotic)
Analytical combinatorics
Quantum information and computation theory
Complexity theory (used to study everything from circuit design to folding of proteins and and black hole behavior)
Homotopic type theory (foundations of mathematics)
Analog computation
Systems design and proof of correctness (think things like paxos proof made to solve distributed consensus, which was a landmark result)
Computational medicine
Algorithmic game theory
Convex optimization
Compiler and language theory
The huge volume of geometry and topology research
Graphics theory and development

The list goes on. CS, as a proper mathematical science, intersects with every theory we’ve built up so far, and it’s exciting to see it carry it forward past “let’s just run this program simulation for a day.” If you’re at all interested in this, I highly suggest double majoring in math and CS (physics and CS is fine too, but you get way less pure math that shows up in CS at the grad level anyway)

t. double majored in math and CS

>> No.68013233

>watered down & gimped
what do they change?
i used the 1st edition.
graduated before 2nd edition was released.

>> No.68014615

Calc II and III are easy. Lucky you don't have to do anything harder than that.
t. physics graduate

>> No.68015247

>It’s taught well at astonishingly few schools

And absolutely none in america.

>> No.68015444

>birthplace of CS and home of most of the top schools in the world
>none of them teach CS well

>> No.68016002

Buy a book from your local universities book store.

>> No.68017198

Are you poojet or something?

>> No.68017238

Night class teachers are either absolute deadbeats that barely ever bother showing up or extremely chill fellas that know the subject well

>> No.68017304

>>high school calc 1/2 prepared me for none of this shit
It might have been better to take them again at college because high school teachers are known to be less rigorous

>> No.68017485

I recommend taking your bullshit requirements at cc night classes if possible. I took my English and writing requirements there and my brain was off the entire time and got the easiest 4.0. I took what I thought was a blow off history course in uni and we had to write more papers in a month in that class than we did the entire quarter at cc night classes

>> No.68017530

>English majors are making $100k while you learn unnecessary maths and jerk off in a sock

>> No.68017935
File: 2.95 MB, 574x891, manga guide to linear algebra.1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68018028

Kek, not sure what you're talking about. 7/8 of the students in my upper div classes are men. And even smaller ratio of Indians.

>> No.68018078

It's /pol/ larping.

>> No.68018117

Why bother going to school at all? You dont learn anything not in textbooks in any engineering degree. Learn it all at home.

>> No.68018130
File: 383 KB, 900x1080, drop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How am I supposed to do math when it doesn't create a drop of dopamine in my neural synapses? Do you guys find it pleasurable?

>> No.68018145

why not just upload the pdf to /tg/ or something

>> No.68018147

Starting 3rd year all my math classes are over 80% chinese

Interestingly enough of the chinese it is 50/50 male and female. The remaining population are white guys

>> No.68018159

Jerk off while working on math, eventually your brain will make an associating with math and pleasure.

>> No.68018163

>he doesn't derive pleasure in a roundabout way by knowing that he's building character when powering through unpleasant tasks

>> No.68018193

>I barely passed calc 2

Brainlet detected. Programming isn't for you.

>> No.68018218

Yes, doing math is like playing video games to me. If I was locked in prison for a lifetime of probably just learn math for the vast majority of it. I also enjoy programming though and tinkering.

Point is that there are people out there that are like this.


>> No.68018235

I failed it 3 times and now I'm working at google lol shows how retarded YOU are

>> No.68018247

When are they going to make these for Algebra, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Topology, etc?

>> No.68018350

How did you not get prepared for it? Calc is only for topics. Limits, derivatives, integrals and series

>> No.68018360

What group projects have you done and deadlines have you met while learning at home?

>> No.68018363

Writing up how oppressed you are on internal message boards isn't programming, larper

>> No.68018416

Group projects at school are meaningless

>> No.68018446

>tfw 19 but still don't know how to do long division
it was literally never required after we got calculators full time in 4th grade

>> No.68018456

>What group projects have you done

This is the most accurate way of asking this question, because you can be damn sure no one else does any work on "group" projects

>> No.68018670
File: 53 KB, 300x386, 27406617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They have, they're just in Japanese.

>> No.68019039

>writes notes on paper
>"I see...alright, that will be all for this interview Mr anon."

>> No.68019085

my gf makoto is so cute

>> No.68019161
File: 367 KB, 824x866, media_564_56493fb8-025c-4e77-b109-e3671d532dbc_phpCwWsRR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Calculus is fucking easy. Hardest shit I ever had to do in college was fucking control systems theory. State space and nyquist plots are fucking whack.

>> No.68019183

>> More mathematics than physics

No. Some CS specialties do use some neat category theory stuff, but most of it is just relatively easy combinatorics.

>> No.68019202

>Calculus is fucking easy
For you

>> No.68019216
File: 898 KB, 487x560, 1526389524696.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2nd year differential equations are so haaaard

>> No.68019252
File: 16 KB, 403x320, NYQUIST_STABILITY_CRITERION_AND_NYQUIST_DIAGRAMS_FIG2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This shit was not meant for humans to solve.

>> No.68019258

Ugh. I went on to do more difficult stuff since I went on to do a physics Masters and PhD, but I took a control systems class in my second year of engineering physics and it was tough for an applied course at that level. Lots of complex analysis and contour integration.

I'm surprised that PID loops work as well as they do honestly, as someone who went on to do exact solutions of integrable systems. My entire field is about cases where perturbation theory fails horribly and you need all the nonlinear things, but in the few cases where it comes up in the real world I guess engineers can handle it with a microcontroller and a lookup table of precomputed responses or something like that.

>> No.68019352


>> No.68019357
File: 742 KB, 2752x4342, 1539206150146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>software "Engineering"

>> No.68019576
File: 3 KB, 190x222, 1522792806263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn at my uni you can only retake a course once, so if you fail twice, you have to switch majors. Good job moving forward anon.

>> No.68019732
File: 25 KB, 360x360, JPEG_20181009_082555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how can numbers be real if they're imaginary

>> No.68020967
File: 8 KB, 655x164, 030516_equations_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Math tards in charge of simplicity
You are like a baby, watch this

>> No.68021006

For all of you who think that math is hard, you haven't seen the algorithm of The FizzBuzz From Outer Space yet.
Alien math >>>>> human math.

>> No.68021015

>not d/dt[∂L/∂q̇]=∂L/∂q

Max pleb

>> No.68021019

What school is this? Not to be rude but it sounds like both the class and curriculum are shit.

>> No.68021034

How is taking the calc series up to multivariable and linear shit?

>> No.68021038

Oh I'm a massive retard, I thought you were talking about OP. Yeah, that's garbage.

>> No.68021047

big difference in the B1G between bottom feeders (Nebraska, OSU) and top tier (UMich, Northwestern). Sounds like you got stuck with a shitty program.

>> No.68021052

I think you got your relations backwards

>> No.68021061

maybe you should do meaningful projects instead of assuming everyone else also paid for 4 years of hello world class

>> No.68021082

The way I write software is sophisticated and empirical; it is certainly engineering. Physics brainlets just want to exclude programmers.

>> No.68021096

>Dur I want to be lel coder but I hate the mathz

Then go to a fucking bootcamp or do web dev you turd. What is with all the whiny 18 year old freshmen on /g/ bitching about having to do math in a CS major lately? Then go do fucking business or liberal arts if you hate math so much. Then these are the same fags that bitch and complain because no place worth a shit wants to hire them.

>> No.68021100

I'm not a burger. I'd rather not say where I am, but I can tell you it's on the most recognized or "prestigious" public college here.
Funnily enough, the study plan for CS was recently reshuffled to have three different specialities since it used to encompass EVERYTHING originally. The changes don't start until about halfway through though, and assembly is part of the first half everyone has to take.

>> No.68021101
File: 15 KB, 558x614, 1536954911570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is faggots like you that causes people to not like math.

>> No.68021151


Start here up to calculus 2 and then 3...

i don't know better teacher online probably soo go for it.

>> No.68021181

There is literally no reason to need to know math anymore. There's a library for everything you'll need, mathwise.

>> No.68021219
File: 212 KB, 233x294, 1389424703050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Professor Leonard is a God amongst men.

>> No.68021267

By that logic colleges should abolish their CS programs altogether, since they're a library for everything you'll need. Do you see now what's wrong with this logic?

>> No.68021309

Yeah, electricity is a meme, good one.

>> No.68021355

Have you actually taken these degrees?
>Signals and systems in the same semester/year as Circuits I or even Circuits II. Should strictly be after circuits II

>> No.68021368

>not every school requires Electromagnetism for an EE degree
Ok maybe in Africa

>> No.68021374

Learn some math and if you can, physics too. A lot of mathematicians and physicists want good coders to do pretty fun stuff. But you can always be a code monkey if you want.

>> No.68021415

Doesnt exactly pay very well, nor is there a whole lot of demand for it

>> No.68021420

>thinks learning about Laplace transforms before Fourier series/transform is a good thing

>> No.68021426

>School dropped calc 1-3 & lin alg from the mandatory curriculum
>faggots still say I should take them because they're useful

should I do it? I'm doing a refreshes course on math now and I absolutely hate it.

some guys also said that it's not worth doing if you're not actually going to minor/major in math as well. As most courses / jobs that require for you to know university level mathematics, usually demand more than calc1-3 and lin alg.

>> No.68021453

>going to college
just teach yourself

>> No.68021477
File: 55 KB, 695x378, CS can't into calc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm doing a refreshes course on math now and I absolutely hate it

Why is the meme so true?

>> No.68021493

Had to go to two different community colleges myself

>> No.68021512

>It doesn't pay very well
Then why you didn't major law or become an accountant? A lawyer or an accountant with some decent social networking earns a lot. And believe me, there are a lot of physicists and mathematicians wanting good coders, but because most of cs students are pussies they settle with physics and math students that brute force their code to get the task of the day done.

>> No.68021521

I can say it's 100% true at least where I'm studying. My school dropped the mandatory mathematics courses because the drop-out rate was getting out of hand.

However, I'm not particularly bad at math. Or I guess I am, but I'm willing to work towards improving if it actually gives me a tangible benefit. I could take a lot of courses on "actual" CS and also statistics, both of which are in high demand where I live.

>> No.68021757

They did what????
How are you going to REALLY analyze algorithms???

>> No.68021764


Those are essential. Take Calc 1,2 and Linear algebra. Calc 3 isn't super necessary unless you want to do a lot of machine learning

>> No.68021770
File: 120 KB, 960x720, average tech worker subhuman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68021838
File: 23 KB, 609x375, 2nd newton law in CV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not this

>> No.68021866


>> No.68021887

you shouldn't be going for CS to begin with, just teach yourself

>> No.68021900

Precalc was harder than Calc for me. Shit load of topics and the hardest parts of algebra and trig. Fuck trig

>> No.68021918

The absolute state of American education

>> No.68022161

What's the general strategy for doubling majoring in CS and math? I'm strongly considering doing this once I become a junior. Basically what I'm thinking is spend most of my time on the math courses, and do tutoring for the CS classes and study for the exams. Any tips you or anyone else could offer? And does it really help make you a better programmer or is it more for interest in the field?

>> No.68022361

Can math be learned on ones own?

>> No.68022389


>not realizing the power of multivariable calculus
>not thinking linear algebra and differential equations are keys to the universe
>not understanding how real algorithms rely on complex maths and can make everything easy

shiggy. diggy. do

>> No.68022404

more accurately math is a branch of computer science

>> No.68022407

It can but the amount of time and effort it'd take, and you may as well just go to college at that point. At least that's how I see it.

>> No.68022461

College math is just teachers reading you chapters from math book and then gives you a bunch of assignments.

>> No.68022506

You can learn much faster on your own than at college.
If you have the aptitude to learn it, then it is faster to do it on your own

>> No.68022551

My point is that if you're gonna go through all that effort to learn math you may as well make it worth your while and get a degree. It makes absolutely no sense to learn all of that just to say "hehe I know diff equations now" and have nothing to actually show for it.

>> No.68023216

How fucking stupid do you have to be?

>> No.68024377

I don't see why a teacher is necessary, textbooks are written such that you may learn from them. Focus on the textbook teachers appear to me to be a bridge for undisciplined students to understanding. Keep working on improving, if anything is easy for you.. it is likely that you are not challenging yourself properly.

>> No.68025894

Brainlet tier

>> No.68026597

If OP of pic can't at least get through calc he won't stand a chance in any reputable CS grad program
I'm still trying to figure out how he got a CS degree without any math

>> No.68026600

Everything blue says is wrong

>> No.68026612

>I'm still trying to figure out how he got a CS degree without any math
99.5% of CS majors can't fizzbuzz. They pass by cheating, leaching off of group projects, and grading curves (the professors are allowed to fail everyone like they should).

>> No.68026646 [DELETED] 
File: 781 KB, 4772x7986, math 1528096692454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, that's high school math and remedial math.

You need someone who know his shit to check your proofs for errors when you're starting out. Then the math gets so hard, you want someone to be able to guide you and give you hints.

>> No.68026735
File: 781 KB, 4772x7986, math 1528096692454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, that's high school math and remedial math (≤Differential Equations).

You need someone who knows his shit to check your proofs for errors when you're just starting out. Then the math gets so dense, you want someone to be able to guide you and give you hints.

>> No.68026800

>anyone can become the new Einstein if they work hard enough
Kill yourself, Naruto

>> No.68026888

I did it because it makes everything way more interesting. Programming is both a skill of habit and of style. Being acquainted with and interested in math motivates a lot of results and theory in CS. The practical gains are shadowed by the real reason you would do it: because it’s interesting and because it’s difficult, which summons discipline and investment from within you.

I enjoy the intersection of physics and CS theory, which satisfies my desires to bridge the gaps between discrete and continuous theories and the gap between CS theory and the rest of mathematical scientific theory. Most of this comes in the form of interdisciplinary work like quantum information theory or complexity of natural systems, etc.

>> No.68026909

Yes, but you can’t get the guidance of an advisor and the intuition that affords from any place other than grad school and from peers who also went to grad school. You could do undergrad by yourself. But at some point, you need to communicate with the community you want to interact with. Math isn’t “complete;” it’s a process of analyzing everything in front of us, of which there is a blinding amount of unanswered questions

>> No.68026920

There's nothing superhuman about Einstein. Definitely von Neumann (and maybe Bohr or Bethe at times), but not Einstein. All you need to be is commonly smart (IQ 120~140) and passionate.

>> No.68026938

I know this is a shitpost, but as long as you go out of your way to take the hard classes, skip the bullshit, and challenge yourself, top 20 CS schools can be brutal. One of the more stressful situations in undergrad was using real analysis in my algorithms class on deriving the concentration bounds of a randomized solution I came up with and subsequently proving its correctness.

>> No.68026958

I don’t think everyone can do it because not everyone summons the sort of passion. I (read: not the other anon) think that if you *actually* care, then you can go far and make a name for yourself. It’s just that most people don’t have the drive or the will to do so. Besides, it’s mostly just a function of drive over vast amounts of time

>> No.68026977

Also, bohr was horrible at mathematics. He got his brother to help him with his algebra when he was developing his discoveries around planck’s constant and the rydberg formula. However, bohr’s physical intuition was off the charts. Science and mathematics is a function of consistent effort and insight, not just “immediate” wits.

>> No.68027011

CS, get ready to be taught by some old autistic professors.

At least education is still cheap here...

>> No.68027070

Yes. The rush you get when figuring out a new problem and actually “getting it” (especially when the ideas are really hard to get, really hard to visualize, and take a stretch of intuition) is better than anything ever. This is the same rush you’ll get when creating hard, non trivial algorithms. AKA, the grass is greener after you realize that things like well ordering is used for so much more than basic programs.

Also there are some mathematics out there, difficult or not, that are just such cute ideas. The idea that you avoid a second recursive call in a van Emde Boas tree by implicitly storing min and max at the immediate level is such a simple idea that makes lookup loglogu

>> No.68027092

The higher up you get, the more professors actually care about the material and their students.

>> No.68027106

Intro to cs is less than what I learned in highschool

Stop being a fucking joke and take programming seriously if you want to get into by career.


>> No.68027293

>All you need to be smart is to be smart

>> No.68027487

Calc 2 is tough but calc 3 is basically calc 1 but in 3D

Linear algebra isn’t hard brainlet

>> No.68027520

Actual application of LA is hard. The theory is the easy part of it

>> No.68027593

Think about it from a business perspective, a guy with a degree has some inherent niceties:
>Finished a degree, shows he finishes things when he starts them
>Can check his gpa as well as what classes he excelled in, know what part of his resume is him lying. Not inherently a deal breaker but something to bring up in an interview.
>Might've had a technical communications class or worked in groups in some of his other classes, less of a possibility of getting an autist who can't talk to people
Degree lets an employer see even more background on a potential candidate which is always a desirable aspect to a resume. But don't let that discourage you, strong portfolios still get jobs.
Can you go be a toxic whiner somewhere else? Employers are looking for as much background as possible when hiring a prospective employee. This weird /pol/ spook you have buzzing in your mind doesn't actually matter.

>> No.68027611


>> No.68027616

>is trying to get a degree in applied mathematics
>complains about having to take math courses
lol brainlet.

>> No.68027668

The "academic circus" typically involves internships, extracurriculars, all sorts of experience that self taughts may not be able to show on a resume. Githubs can show a lot about your personal ambition, but actual professional experience demonstrates that you're able to work in a professional environment with a team. Open source projects don't always have that kind of structure.

>> No.68027703

Physics is applied math. CS isnt in 95% of professions

>> No.68027730

Got any book recommendations? I want to stay sharp on my math.

>> No.68027788

Sipser, Rosen and Dasgupta are all standard undergraduate introductions.

>> No.68027865

>computer science aka science of computing
>anything but math
That's because those professions are to Computer Science what bricklaying is to architecture.

>> No.68028416

>You need someone who knows his shit to check your proofs for errors when you're just starting out. Then the math gets so dense, you want someone to be able to guide you and give you hints.
sunk cost mentality

>> No.68028954

search under the name of 'Spivak'

>> No.68029354

And that's why cs is a meme filled with brainlets

>> No.68029443

Lazy, whiny, and a fucking idiot. You're going far

>> No.68029617

-Literally impossible to mashup that in 3 years
-Literally impossible for an average student to grasp them fully in 3 years
-Literally impossible for (You) to explain half of these concisely without going full uhhhhh......

>> No.68029643

CS doesn't actually require calc 3. But some universities are weird, and let you transfer linear algebra from other colleges. Unless you take calc 3 and linear algebra at the college you're transferring from.

>> No.68029661

Correction: None in america that will accept you

>> No.68029683

>sit in a chair for 8h/5d/48w per year
>at least i'm not destroying my body

>> No.68029690

All the english majors I know are tour guides

>> No.68029792

>t. NPC

>> No.68029847

u mad?

>> No.68030651

CS = Need to be good at Math to be useful at a high lvl
Calc II = Learn more on movement and structure(Brainlets like it)
Calc III = Full spatial change, usage and awareness (Cant be sheeple or brainlet to like it)

>> No.68030668


>> No.68030678

It's, you just have to learn more than the basic matrix operations shit.

>> No.68030692

These aren’t undergraduate topics. They’re grad topics. I encouraged people to take a double major in math and CS if they want to get *into* it. The fact that they all require higher study is why I said so

My topic is quantum information, which is mostly complexity theory, topology, some group theory, and analysis.

>> No.68030730

This. THo You gotta know what you want to do in uni and HOW to apply it to anything you do.

>> No.68030760

What is even the point of doing that? It seems like you'll just end up stretching yourself thin and not have a good grasp of either field

>> No.68031391

What do you mean stretching myself thin? All of these topics are interconnected; are you referring to physics and CS? I like mathematical sciences. I like it enough to make contributions.

As a researcher, you take on many topics. I don’t touch mathematical chemistry or pure algebraic topology even though I have the math for it. My interests are pretty well defined to be the intersection of complexity theory and quantum field theory/mechanics. If susskind can do it, there’s no reason why I can’t

>> No.68031414

Oh, I realize what you mean now.
Nah you don’t stretch yourself thin unless you do a full triple major. Math and CS are such interwoven fields. You get the full, rich experience by doing both simultaneously, realizing that years of mathematical analysis motivate complexity theory problems. You start to actually understand the interconnectedness of things. Also graphics is a really cool field.

>> No.68031471

This is amazing

>> No.68031583

>Fourier Analysis
Kek, this is gold.

>> No.68031587
File: 70 KB, 782x581, 1347526353304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll do it. I don't want to be a failure anymore.

>> No.68031615

CLRS is a meme.

>> No.68031677

calc 3 is required for machine learning

>> No.68031755

It depends. My problem is that undergraduate CS seems like it’s relatively easy combinatorics, but upper level graduate CS theory and papers are really tricky and pretty fucky. The blue man is a meme (nobody talks about mergesort; it’s all about fusion trees as far as sorting goes), but CS does have a lot of heavy math sampling from traditional topics like analysis (a lot of complexity theory) in complexity theory to analytical combinatorics (complex analysis + combinatorics)

The thing is that CS is a young field

t. Mathematical analysisfag

>> No.68032125
File: 2.81 MB, 574x891, manga guide to linear algebra.2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68032153

>tfw have a degree but can't even read this

>> No.68032228

wait CS fags can't solve this? Physics guy here, I'm actually shocked. I thought you guys were like big brain math boiz.

>> No.68032325

>"you can achieve x as long as you work hard!"
Unless you naturally lack the tools to achieve it (I.E, you have an extra chromosome, lack limbs, are blind, clinical retardation) with enough practice you can become slightly proeficient in aything you put effort. That doesn't mean you won't suck ass compared to anyone with talent.
Fuck off with your pessimist mentality

>> No.68032334

I don't even know what an integral is.

>> No.68032365

>failing highschool maths

>> No.68032379

I got As in calc1-3, LA, statistics and DE and cant even remember how to do any of these lol

>> No.68032604

Studying math is only good for being able to read and understand the material later (ie being able to understand the math hieroglyphics on Wikipedia)

>> No.68032630

Calc was easy, didn’t need calc 3.

Linear algebra was easy too but its so forgettable

>> No.68032638

Honestly I need a good guide for math notation because its been a while

Once I understand the notation its easy

>> No.68032687

>he entered CS to learn how to code
Jesus you fucks, what do you think these fields are all about? If you complain about calc and linear algebra you shouldn't stay in STEM.

>> No.68032715


Also holy shit the poos in cs grad school are bombing exams nasty... i can coast since I’m way over the average. Wtf is wrong with them?

>> No.68032739

But /g/ told me non-STEM degrees are worthless.

>> No.68032753

Mostly yes. If u are brainlet work in a trade. But as a brainlet you’ll never make big bux even in a trade

>> No.68032895

Fuck this, I'll just get into crypto.

>> No.68032896
File: 177 KB, 887x1128, E5835EB4-836D-4CEF-9C14-5CD26DC349BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My problem with CS isn’t that it’s a bad subject. It’s that anywhere short of the top 20 among schools like Berkeley teaches undergrad like a meme.

It’s so fucking patronizing, and it attracts the WORST shitters. CS papers are super interesting, and there isn’t one I’ve gone to that I’ve not had fun in. The people who thrive most in grad CS are people who usually double majored in CS and a science/math/engineering.

CS deserves a better program of study. Require them to take analysis so that they get to interesting algorithms, complexity, and numerical analysis. Require them more projects (than they already get) in architecture and OS. Make them take hard compiler courses. Most of these are already in the departments; they just don’t require them! It’s so stupid. I wish the major was *necessarily* harder in undergrad instead of having to go out of your way to do so.

>> No.68032905

*one conference I’ve gone to
I should add that I’m in EE grad and have a lot of CS grad friends who are in good programs

>> No.68032919

Get a stem degree if you actually give a shit about it

Also history and classics might not land an easy job, but the humanities are a lot of fun if you care and are willing to bust your ass through a lot of reading and writing in undergrad through to grad

>> No.68033018

People that are that autistically into it get their PhD. For the 98% others that stuff doesn't even apply to real world jobs.

>> No.68033326

I mean, CS shouldn’t be a programming degree. At good schools it isn’t. A lot of what’s considered esoteric actually has interesting results. Analysis is useful because you want concentration bounds (read: stronger than asymptotic run time) on random algorithms to figure out how they “actually” run. That’s important in a lot of user applications. One person I read works on beta epsilon trees, which has immediate application in disk and storage algorithms. I just want to see CS be the amazing undergrad major I know it can be.

All the interesting CS jobs are behind a PhD, even the industry ones. Well, maybe except for cryptography

>> No.68033434

Or better yet, teach yourself instead of going to college.

>> No.68033467

Just drop out already Jesus

>> No.68033505

>I mean, CS shouldn’t be a programming degree.

Maybe not, but anyone who finishes a CS degree completely unable to use it in a practical way has wasted their time and money.

>> No.68033537

Your third paragraph literally described my Canadian university program. Lots of people drop out, as it should be

>> No.68033576

>taking Calc III
>breeze through the homework
>breeze through the quizzes
>get fucking rekt on the exam because no calculators allowed
fucking hardass research professors, I swear to god

>> No.68033586

>Pepe poster
>why is math hard

>> No.68033627


>> No.68033678

calc 3 is so fucking easy you have to be a literal retard to not know how to do math

>> No.68033736

poo belongs in the loo

>> No.68033752
File: 58 KB, 1280x720, reee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck off with your casual sexism and racism

>> No.68033754

They exist to give welfare to universities

>> No.68033767

Even the top schools suck. Lower schools just suck more.

>> No.68033783

This. CS is really an applied math degree.

>> No.68033849

Fuck you

>> No.68033866

Sipser is great.

>> No.68034005

To be honest, the hardest part for me in calculus was the algebra

>> No.68034282

>not understanding concepts

>> No.68034296

... for middle schoolers.

>> No.68034535

>>textbook never fucking explains how to link these files and leaves you to guess

God what is up with this. It's such a simple thing and yet nothing explains it and just assumes you'll look this up for your specific compiler despite the fact that none of the example programs ever need you to do this.

>> No.68034596

I don't get it either. When I last took SE classes, what they were doing was a joke at a fundamental level. The whole thing boiled down to "OOP is the most awesomest thing ever because it lets you model the real world with hierarchies!" style bullshit (even though actual OOP is highly useful for many things).

Actual software development architecture is a skill that takes years to master and doesn't boil down to a series of metrics and toy problems that all happen to work in basic Java.

>> No.68034678


I'm triggered. When will the woke SJWs start attacking this fascism?

>> No.68034737

You should be able to spin your skills into a practical manner. The problem is that university isn’t vocational training, unless you want to do engineering

>> No.68034759

I will say, the actual handling for polymorphic type checking at the compiler level (both a theoretical problem and a real low abstraction implementation issue) is pretty neat. That being said, I hate java.

>> No.68034763

The funniest thing is the textbook has no actual C code. None whatsoever, not even in the linking section. If you were wondering how to link files, it's like tough shit you're on your own.
I only figured it out because I asked classmates, and only because I absolutely had to. The textbook, word for word, cites the command needed to compile and link, except the C file to link is nowhere to be seen in it. You could argue it's about obvious to guess, but the textbook's job is to not make me fucking guess what I'm supposed to be doing.
And to make it even better, the book uses YASM, which barely has any sort of relevant search results for potential issues since everyone and their mom use NASM these days from what I've heard.

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