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the future of applications distri-


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>desktop applications on linux
good, I only use the cli and tooey

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>Sadly, it's obvious Red Hat developers working on flatpak do not care about security, yet the self-proclaimed goal is to replace desktop application distribution - a cornerstone of linux security.

It's kekhat YET FUCKING AGAIN. Holy shit. Good site btw.

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Why doesn't the site also mention Snaps? Is this a Canonical hitpiece?

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It probably is

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This site focuses on shitpaks, but you can find dirt on snaps easily in a web search. Like

-required registration and login to the snap store to use it as user
-hard depends on systemd
-similar sandboxing issues
-badly set up, half-assed packages
-similar security issues

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well lets face it, the whole point of AppImages, Flatpaks, and Snaps is to do an end run around distro maintainers. Upstreams want to be able to shit out this week's broken garbage without having some pesky Debian developer keep it in sid for a year and insisting that it be linked against libraries that may change at any time for security updates. Upstreams hate this security bother and users who don't run bleeding-edge stuff, since they don't want to be bothered about a bug report against something the released, like, two whole months ago. What ancient history, they should have upgraded by now!

For this reason alone all these app-packaging schemes are a bad idea. We have distros with package managers and good people maintaining them. Lets keep it that way until upstreams get their act together. Don't hold your breath.

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Windows doesn't have this problem

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>red hat
>shit security
wow that was unexpected

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geee who will be behind this

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It's better than flatpaks since it lets you manage software permissions. If opening snaps wasn't slow as fuck I'd use them for everything.

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Fucking Red Hat ruining the GNU/Linux ecosystem with their shit software.

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this desu
if the security isnt there then they're shittier appimages

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I genuinely think that RedHat is evil and worse than MS.

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damn RH on suicide alert

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Why not just use your disto's safe and secure package manager?

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Friendly reminder AppImages are endorsed by Linus Torvalds and are the best option for quick access to applications on source based distros.

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it's called the snap store sweetie

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>safe and secure
So why can't I manage it's permissions?

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You can, via sudo. Run applications under different users with restricted permissions. The truth is, end users don't care about security, and both them and developers want convenience. This is why there's a push to have "app stores" and whatever else replace package management.

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>local root exploits
well that escalated quickly

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nobody really cares about security for the desktop linux use case

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>why can't i have sandboxing?
>you don't need sandboxing because end users don't care about it

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Fuck off RedHat

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>using anything Lincuck Trannyvolds endorses

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the "end users" argument, killed gnu plus linus

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Sudo will give you primitive but safe sandboxing: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Simple_sandbox

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So what's the best flatsnackpack image to use?

how does it work???

t. normie

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They want to make Linux more accessible to the braindead average person (also known as the normalfag/normie). To achieve this they try to mimick what other OSes do, make big colorful buttons that do all the work for you while playing funny sounds. I am against this whole dumbing down Linux agenda, but reeeing about app stores being crutches for retards won't solve anything, even though it's true.

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This one

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>implying Linus Torvalds is politically correct and likes CoC

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AppImage, is as easy as click to run, no need to install special snowflake software to make it run and not slave to systemcuck like flatdick.

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>Decide to do thing on Arch
>Thing is very tedious going by wiki instructions
>Do a 360 and install the snap package

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Appimages are amazing, yes.

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>not slave to systemcuck like flatdick.
That hasn't been true for a long time.

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>windows executables cannot get root access on install
gee i wonder why lincolnpark.mp3.exe can encrypt my hard disk and instantly lock my system

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Yeah, you know what else is easy to install and doesn't need any bullshit to support it? YOUR DISTRO'S PACKAGE MANAGER

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snap vs flatpak sandboxing? which is better?
want to use discord sandboxed

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>which is better?
not using discord

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wew, it's almost as if linux were a clusterfuck of hacks and patches thrown together with zero fucks given to proper design and quality control

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Because windows and macshit is the opposite of that

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see >>67989586

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actually, I've seen far more ugly hacks in Windows than on Linux.
You can see them when you take a look under the hood for a while.

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