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based chinks

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Just a dip

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Literally this.

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That's AMD stock, but it's actually pretty healthy, and testing a resistance right now - there are a lot of positive buy signals - it's an easy 10 - 15% gain in 2 weeks maybe a month.

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quick rundown?

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Not really around 400 mil usd volume in the last 3 days mostly selling of course, but there was a 700 + mil volume in 3 days when price was doing nothing, these are just indications of it being pretty healthy and going back.

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the whole semiconductor sector is down today (PHLX)

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They were caught putting Chinese spy chips on server boards

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Supermicro is an American company

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Yeah and like every US tech company it produces nothing within the US

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Ty, you've widened my view now. Had no idea to even start monitoring such indices but now one simple idea you gave me might've opened the road to a profitable next year - ty anon !

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Chinese sigint implants, kind of like the NSA's "interdiction" operations, but bad because it's China -- and I mean that quite unironically; fuck the Chinese.

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>Supermicro is an American company
>Founders: Charles Liang, Sara Liu, Yih-shyan Wally Liaw, Liang Chiu-chu Sara Liu

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This post is correct.
American companies all have jewish founders

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Just like Cisco and other american companies put backdoors in their hardware.

What's the big deal? That this time China is the one doing it?

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Yes. Anyone who thinks China and America are equally are either A) Chinese, B) have no idea WTF their talking about, or both. I lived in China for 4 years and I learned how shit the culture and ideology is there. People bitch about America's foreign policy, but just wait until China is the global hegemon.

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Unknown Chinese hardware backdoor found in Supermicro semiconductors. Roughly the size of a grain, creates a backdoor to the machine interfaced to whatever Supermicro has produced.

RIP Supermicro, chink botnet found.

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>Lisa Su
>Jensen Huang

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>jewish companies all have jewish founders
You don't say

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t. Jaundiced English teather

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>That this time China is the one doing it?

Pretty much, yeah.

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Not gonna lie, that was me. All the hairy Chinese muff I got *almost* made up for having to live in China though.

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So how can such a small chip do anything?
Can someone explain?

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Yea I've twisted opened threads around, image was meant for an AMD thread.

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that makes sense
status: forgiven

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>The majority of its workforce in San Jose is Taiwanese or Chinese, and Mandarin is the preferred language, with hanzi filling the whiteboards, according to six former employees. Chinese pastries are delivered every week, and many routine calls are done twice, once for English-only workers and again in Mandarin. The latter are more productive, according to people who’ve been on both. These overseas ties, especially the widespread use of Mandarin, would have made it easier for China to gain an understanding of Supermicro’s operations and potentially to infiltrate the company. (A U.S. official says the government’s probe is still examining whether spies were planted inside Supermicro or other American companies to aid the attack.)

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It might be just FUD to tank chink economy
Which would be absolutely based&redpilled

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>lisa su is the founder of AMD


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Do you know how dense a modern flash are? You can pack 500+ GB in a small microSD card.

Running a custom os inside a grain sized would maybe only require tiny amount of data maybe few kbs or even mb in size. This allows the tiny chip to essentially listen to and control any traffic in the computer.

Inte's ME runs Minix and can potentially use it to steal corporate/state data and use host computer's internet without anyone realizing it.

This tiny chip can probably do something similar, but this was made for corporate(amazon/apple/etc)/government espionage by China.

Its a national disaster. Any of the corporates would want to downplay the seriousness of this issue because it will dramatically affect their sales/security. What the US/west needs is a strong domestic semi-conductor factories if they want security.

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>Running a custom os inside a grain sized would maybe only require tiny amount of data maybe few kbs or even mb in size.

stopped reading there, you are fucking retarded

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Supermicro is one of the "trusted" Chinese company. Now that trust is dead LMAO.

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> I learned how shit the culture and ideology is there
Stock tanks definitely not because of the ideology, but because "bad guys" are caught red-handed and SM cooperates with them.

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>strong domestic semi-conductor factories

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Here's the reason.

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how is this legal
when are they suing bloombergenstein

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Its one government vs another government. Who has the legal authority? WTO? US is probably going to pull out of it.

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lmao you deluded cuck, read up on intel ME and AMD secure platform

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in this case the "bad guys" were Chinese government spy operatives

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>intlel chips

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AMD has shifted to TSMC.

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Explain more.

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>The companies’ denials are countered by six current and former senior national security officials, who—in conversations that began during the Obama administration and continued under the Trump administration—detailed the discovery of the chips and the government’s investigation. One of those officials and two people inside AWS provided extensive information on how the attack played out at Elemental and Amazon; the official and one of the insiders also described Amazon’s cooperation with the government investigation. In addition to the three Apple insiders, four of the six U.S. officials confirmed that Apple was a victim. In all, 17 people confirmed the manipulation of Supermicro’s hardware and other elements of the attacks. The sources were granted anonymity because of the sensitive, and in some cases classified, nature of the information.

>One government official says China’s goal was long-term access to high-value corporate secrets and sensitive government networks. No consumer data is known to have been stolen.

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Read the news. /g/ catalog. Its everywhere in the tech news world right now.

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this is why we need libre hardware. it's also funny to see the jews get fucked by their own greed. if they had supported the american semiconductor manufacturing industry instead of leaving it to die this would have never happened. it's always astounds me how the government is willing to accept chinkshit chips "because its cheap" and "china is de only big manfucturer nao"

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chinese state intel have been inserting tiny microchips into supermicro motherboards

In some cases the chips were so small they could be fit into the pcb without detection

These motherboards have been used by Amazon, Apple, the NSA etc

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Based China fighting the imperialists

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the pull out method doesn't work

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haha, penis

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someone email this to Lord RMS. maybe this will convince him to push harder for fully free hardware instead of using ancient ones with shitty drivers

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it's shit like this that's makes me avoid anything IOT related like the fucking plague, but the way society has been going that train is not stopping for anything

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>this is why we need libre hardware
libre hardware wouldn't solve this
you could release a trustworthy spec, but secretly rig the actual manufacturing, and the only way to detect it would be reverse-engineering - just like with proprietary hardware
libre hardware doesn't solve a single thing in this case

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This is why we need green PCBs, outlaw black gamer trash

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Once again proving that technology companies have nothing to gain by working with government agencies on security.

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>Your supply chain and assembly subcontractors backdoors your products


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>israel mutt jews btfo'd by yellow jews

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Y-you're all just paranoid tinfoil hate crazies. This is impractical and improbable! You think these large corperations and government would just let that happen, h-hah ha yeah right. You're not smarter than the NSA!

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why doesn't USA locally manufacture equipment needed to be used in security critical operations like the NSA? it might cost you a lot but it's better than having your shit leaked to china all the time

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Unfortunately, this is correct. Libre hardware helps with other security concerns but not this issue. What is needed are domestic electronics manufacturing and assembly at facilities that can be independently inspected and audited

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I fully support the chink menace

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What are the mechanics of exfiltration though? Doesn't the OS manage the TCP stack? If these chips can establish outbound connections the OS doesn't know about, how do they not break the OS's traffic management? Are they running at wire speed just in front of the NIC? If they do make the connections, wouldn't they light up on a firewall immediately? I accept that it happens, but I don't get it.

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This as well as detriments in other foreign services/markets/products is why the US is implementing all these tariffs and taxes. But people never want to focus on that part.

The argument from the consumers is that it's cheaper so of course we'll buy it, but then they and their own customers complain about quality, lack of jobs, etc.

If they won't stop buying it on their own, the government steps in and makes locally made products/services, etc. the cheapest option. At that point, it's up the the people of the nation to decide if they want to fuck themselves over with poor quality. Obviously, other countries have no reason to care about most export clients.

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Its a smear campaign


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I'm investing today. Unironically.

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The US military and intelligence community does use some things produced domestically, but they are super niche like Stingrays and electronic warfare equipment. That equipment is already so niche that it is expensive to manufacture so making it domestically doesn't increase its cost that much relatively. General consumer and enterprise products aren't niche so there is an economy of scale effect lowering it's price. This means bean counters who only look at price and not risk and opportunity cost pick the cheapest option.

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somehow I don't believe this

the chinks were stupid enough to let the NSA take over their secret communications networks (search "edward snowden shotgiant"), there's no way they can come up with anything like this. they are dumb as rocks

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The pursuit of profit is endless, and that profit has to come from somewhere. Unless the US decides to employ a sizeable percentage of the population as slave labourers, it will never cost less than manufacturing in China.

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How can they access BMC? Because any data to/from from BMC is not encrypted so if hardware backdoors can attach itself to BMC, its gameover for any computer.

There are some early efforts to fix this issue, but its not on the priority list for corporates/intel.

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Are they sure that only SM was compromised? Are HPE, for example, uses different chinks for manufacturing?

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Didn't Apple and other companies that were supposedly "the victim" say that no such thing happened? Time to buy the dip bois

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They dumped supermicro back in 2017 for "firmware." Chances are thats a codeword for hardware backdoor. Its easier to sell to the media about firmware backdoor than hardware backdoor. One requires software update, other requires buying new device entirely.

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I wonder if the problem centeres around the fact that people aren't willing to work but since we have so many unemployed, people are for whatever reason against automation at the fear of it taking more jobs. As if people want to work anyway.
It doesn't seem unreasonable to make a machine that can replicate the effort of a starving Chinese child and still make profit long term.

Or reinstate child labor while reducing the minimum wage. Let chaos sort it out.

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>They dumped supermicro back in 2017 for "firmware."
I know you have no reason to trust me but I have heard people that I trust, come to the same conclusion that the firmware was terrible.

>> No.67911528

I wonder though, now that they know the existence of this device on these boards, could they get away with simply snapping the little bastard off without wrecking the rest of the board?

>> No.67911539

How sad. Supermicro made great boards, 10x superior to gaymer shit.

>> No.67911552

Probably, we'd need someone to test it out.

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>supermicro not on robinhood.


>> No.67911635

That helps.

>As well as using a separate dedicated management LAN connection, IPMI also allows implementation of a so-called "side-band" management LAN connection. This connection utilizes a System Management Bus (SMBUS) interface between the BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) and the board Network Interface Controller (NIC). This solution has the advantage of reduced costs but also provides limited bandwidth – sufficient for text console redirection but not for video redirection.

>Physical interfaces to the BMC include SMBuses, an RS-232 serial console, address and data lines and an Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB), that enables the BMC to accept IPMI request messages from other management controllers in the system.


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The exact thing you mentioned - network firewalls would detect this - is how amazon probably figured out what was going on in the first place. Alternatively, these things are still in sleeper mode and the C&C signal hasnt been sent to cause any activation or suspicious network traffic yet.

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>>American investigators eventually figured out who else had been hit. Since the implanted chips were designed to ping anonymous computers on the internet for further instructions, operatives could hack those computers to identify others who’d been affected. Although the investigators couldn’t be sure they’d found every victim, a person familiar with the U.S. probe says they ultimately concluded that the number was almost 30 companies.

These things are already active, atleast some of them are, active and pinging to some ip address for further instructions.

Not only that, they don't know how large the scope of backdoors are now. New variants of the backdoor are much smaller than the previous ones and might require micro scoping tools to detect them rather than eye inspection that old ones can be detected with.

>Amazon’s security team conducted its own investigation into AWS’s Beijing facilities and found altered motherboards there as well, including more sophisticated designs than they’d previously encountered. In one case, the malicious chips were thin enough that they’d been embedded between the layers of fiberglass onto which the other components were attached, according to one person who saw pictures of the chips.

The only sure way to fix this is to simply build a new supply chain outside of china, possibly back in the states for automated motherboard manufacturing.

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Would Libre hardware make it easier to detect at least?

>> No.67911796

yeah, then the NSA can implant their own chips instead of this foreign chinkery.

>> No.67911892

Not that Anon but not exactly.
It would suffer from the Ken Thompson compiler problem ("trusting trust"). How would you test anything without prior tools? If you're using existing tools, how can you trust them?

As well as the existing open source problem.
People assume that because something is open, that someone has audited it, or that because someone has audited something, that they did a proper job.

It's a giant effort where you have to start from scratch, yourself, just to find out if something is worth using. And you have to do it yourself to be sure.

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Possibly, but only sure way is to develop the hardware outside of China.

This was a Taiwanese-American company that used chinese contracted factory who had installed the chip on these motherboards.

>> No.67911950

Impossible, you could do the assembly but any non trivial semiconductor needs billions in manufacturing and is basically a huge black box.

>> No.67911952

>chinese contracted factory who had installed the chip on these motherboards.
Wouldn't Supermicro still have to design these chips in? It's not trivial adding something like this into a complete design, without the engineering team knowing

>> No.67911960

I don't think it helps in this case, since the Libre design can be corrupted on assembly in these (practically) undetectable ways. You have to be able to trust the manufacturing line, irrespective of the specified hardware.

>> No.67911983

You think the Chinese government doesn't have an engineering team for motherboard infiltration? Especially when these factories are given all the schematics to produce them? The factories which are run with PRC loyal employees?

>> No.67912009

This is not a single person actor. Its an entire nation actor designed for corporate/government espionage.

Even a standard motherboard competitor(they probably have dozens and dozens of different companies) in China have all the expertise they need to modify motherboards on the fly.

>> No.67912244

I'm more thinking Supermicro would definitely notice it when they get their engineering samples back with shit they didn't design in there

>> No.67912359

People only see what they want to see. If the contracted factory employees are in on it, then they will ignore the additional tiny chip added. With the latest ones getting tiner and tiner, they don't even have to know about it.

Once it passes the "QC" in china, it then goes to QC in the US. Which makes sures certain parts are in the right place/etc. Hardware backdoors are rare, so most people dont look for it either consciously or unconsciously because they dont know what to look for.

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>the commiefornia meme was real all this time

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does this mean supermicro boards get cheaper? BUY BUY BUY

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(((Bloomberg))) with the head shot!


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(No the mainly emp!oy Chinese workers, they talk and write in mandrin in their San Jose"headquarters")

>> No.67913342

This guy is right, they're probably waiting for a big hack that will allow them to dump the required info or activate the backdoor without raising suspicion.

>> No.67913346

Now I want to know if Viceroy Research was involved. That kind of short is their typical M.O. and I would not be surprised if part of Bloomberg's coverage was a hit piece on their part.

>> No.67913398

This. Supermicro used to be very reliable hardware, but in recent years has become unreliable. Firmware issues have been rampant before they were chinked to death with spy chips.

>> No.67913493


>one company full of gooks represents 40 million people

ffs california has three times as many mexicans as it does chinks

>> No.67914031

is he crashing the semiconductor train with no survivors?

>> No.67914053

I seriously hope everybody involved is charged with espionage and rended to some "abandoned" oil platform in the north atlantic.

>> No.67914084

has there been any mention of which models or products have these things in them?

>> No.67914091

since amazon and apple have denied this happening I doubt jailing people connected to this would be possible, it would cost those two companies a lot of face to admit they were basically lying on government orders

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America was built on tubes. It's time to go back to greatness.

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Make Amperex Great Again

>> No.67914122

but.. dude... *whiiiiiifffff*... what about... *puuuffffffff*graphene and shit

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>The majority of its workforce in San Jose is Taiwanese or Chinese, and Mandarin is the preferred language, with hanzi filling the whiteboards, according to six former employees. Chinese pastries are delivered every week, and many routine calls are done twice, once for English-only workers and again in Mandarin. The latter are more productive, according to people who’ve been on both. These overseas ties, especially the widespread use of Mandarin, would have made it easier for China to gain an understanding of Supermicro’s operations and potentially to infiltrate the company.
wow, I sure never saw this happening

It's almost as if the majority of ethnically chinese people in the US are mindless CCP drones more loyal to chinkistan than the US and with no intention of integrating into US society whatsoever. What a shock!

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b-b-but chinks are b-b-based bro, they are honorary aryans

>> No.67914259

>believing anything that comes from the mouth of american media

>> No.67914364

>How the Hack Worked, According to U.S. Officials

and im out i rather have a chinese spy than to have an nsa spy all day long..

>> No.67914456

why though? china is america's biggest enemy as well as the challenger for the world #1 position. if chinese corporate espionage continues to succeed the US could be staring at potential doom.

/g/ loves to meme about the NSA but they likely won't do anything to you if you're not doing dumbass illegal shit or are a terrorist

>> No.67914491

China has fleeced the us of everything.

If your parents are employed, chances are they work in defense, government, or work a burger flipping job well below their education.

>> No.67914741

Great to see reports from sources that are willing to remain anonymous. Smells like someone's pulling a CTS, this time actually successful.

>> No.67914803

>applel knew about this
those fuckin commies

>> No.67914820

kek and boomers criticize cryptos

>> No.67914831

I'm a millennial and I invest in both markets, actually I'll always invest where money is free with small effort.

>> No.67914975

>using a broker that sells your trades to HFC niggers

>> No.67915013

Holy shit, it looks like we really are heading towards a Fallout future with America vs China

>> No.67915014

>all this niggers thinking PCB layout on high frequency electronics it's so easy you can pop random chips in there without anyone noticing

>> No.67915039

crypto is a scam though, not even a boomer but I can see it very clearly. libertarian cucks lap that shit up because it gives them a fake illusion of "freedom" and not having to pay taxes. the gubbamint can easily shut it down any time they want, like india and china showed. the average "earnings" from bitcoin at least have been going consistently downhill every since the first boom and the rate of bitcoins mined increases exponentially. it's all a scam, as thin as a paper bag

>> No.67915077

Only the biggest companies were notified.

Smaller companies and mom and pop shops were much lower on the priority list.

In the upcoming weeks, very likely you will have detailed breakdowns from smaller companies sending their SuperMicro servers to security companies to debut the problem.

There's a race for bragging rights among security companies right now.

>> No.67915080

I knew I should have bought and stock at the beginning of year
I fucking knew it
I mean, I wouldn't have become a millionaire, but I'm in college and I could have earned some very welcomed couple hundred euros

>> No.67915082

oh noes, Applel phones will become more expensive. Chinks maybe build in the odd spyware chip, but, at least they try and ensure the end product just werks, usually. Western workers have no such motivation.

>> No.67915103

Umm, hey sweety, that's nice and all but never ever reply to ANY of my posts ever again.

>> No.67915136

The Chinese have gone to far with this one. Trump is about to fucking destroy them.

>> No.67915149

based, time to buy some SANs

>> No.67915168

the jews at Bloomberg did it again!!

>> No.67915189

what did they do before

>> No.67915210

he's not gonna do anything, he probably knew about this since he became president

>> No.67915225

so this is us and china trade war looks like

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>mfw was considering buying a router using a Supermicro SBC
>two days ago, instead bought a jewish fitlet 2 by Compulab, a company unironically based in and performs all manufacturing in Israel

>> No.67915243

wow that's some real nice crap you pulled out your ass, do you got some facts inside that bad boy too?

>> No.67915249

absolutely based

>> No.67915265

It's not a "scam" it's just a bad investment.

>> No.67915267

we've only scratched the surface.
no one is going to buy chips manufactured in china any more

>> No.67915309

china unironically produces 90% of all chips, where the fuck are you gonna buy them from? bumfuck nowhere?

>> No.67915320

the last 10%

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>b-b-but chinks are b-b-based bro, they are honorary aryans
Nope, that refers to the Japanese. Too bad made in Japan costs so much. Maybe everyone should start buying Fujitsu computers instead of Chinkshit. Buy from our based ally instead of communist insects.

>> No.67915372

>china unironically produces 90% of all chips, where the fuck are you gonna buy them from?
See >>67915357
Fujitsu has their own fabs and is a huge operation. They make their own supercomputers as well. NEC is similar.

>> No.67915400

If it's fabbed in any recent node then it's not made in China, it's made in Korea/Taiwan/US and assembled in Malaysia

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>continue the dip

>> No.67915461

that entire company is going to jail
its a defunct company now

>> No.67915479

So Apple was right all along.
I suppose that we will see the comeback of the Xserve.
>tfw you wanted to buy a X10DAX
What should buy now anon?

>> No.67915482


>t. just bought a T580

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Oh no

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Supemicro makes half of the cips out there. Today it was revealed their motherboards contain Chinese hardware backdoors that let Beijing intelligence agencies fully modify your OS.

Apple, Amazon and the US government, among others, were using these motherboard.

>> No.67915546

But what if you actually bought from our greatest ally?

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Funny that Apple called out this shit months ago and /g/, as usual, went full damage control for supermicro.

>> No.67915578

pics or it didn't happen

>> No.67915595

Buy IBM.

I totally do not work for IBM.

>> No.67915604

Impossible for anyone that isn't a massive corp or a state actor that can afford that level of control.

They own the mfg sector. It's over and done with. The most we can do is run reviews of hardware coming into the most mission-critical segments of our economy. Average users and smaller companies will probably be SOL.

>> No.67915619

its a national security issue now.
plus an economic issue, a massively popular one at that at least inside the US
the chinese are about to get seriously BTFO

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>> No.67915646


what happened?

>> No.67915653

Let me search in warosu.

>> No.67915666

Shoddy chinese chips contain rice

>> No.67915672

the jews at bloomberg intentionally tanked the stocks with a hit piece that wasn't well researched

>> No.67915674

I don't understand why, but a lot of people in yurop have this ridiculous dogged obsession with cheap consumer goods and couldn't imagine what the world would be like if electronics were mildly more expensive, if it meant they were manufactured closer to home.

>> No.67915690

>its a national security issue now.
Yeah. The alphabet agencies won't be sourcing anything Chinese from now on. Maybe Apple will double check their suppliers and take tips from the USG more seriously.

If you think any country is going to ban all silicon that passed through China at any point, you're delusional. There won't be a global restructuring of supply chains over this, or even something 2x as bad.

>> No.67915691
File: 1.76 MB, 1878x2500, IBMZ_03_Cropped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Buy IBM
There's a reason why big dollar operations like banking rely on IBM System Z mainframes, replete with brutally expensive costs.

>> No.67915692

But that yellow pussy is tight af

>> No.67915696

every supermicro motherboard has a chinese backdoor that lets chinese officials modify your OS

>> No.67915704

>he fell for the taiwan is not china meme

google "mainland government taiwan industry infiltration"

>> No.67915708

>Maybe Apple will double check their suppliers and take tips from the USG more seriously.
I bet they probably will buy a custom variant of the mac pro to have a fully controlled server for themselves.

>> No.67915709

That's why Trump created the USMCA.

Mexico and Canada need permission from America 6 months before they engage in any trade deals outside North America and they have to give us all the details and everything.

Under the original NAFTA, Canada and Mexico didn't need to reveal all the secrets in trade deals outside America to America but now they have too.

Basically, we now have veto power over mexico and canada.

>> No.67915721

What I can do with a mainframe?

>> No.67915725

Japan still has Chip Fabrication Plants due to National Pride and hatred of China and not just for security reasons.

Samsung owns South Korea and like they make everything so I think Japan and South Korea will be okay.

America might be fucked because Japanese and Korean chips are more expensive so they outsourced to China instead

>> No.67915728

If Apple admitted their hardware got backdoored by China, who the fuck would keep buying their iphones?

Normies would panic, they would look for phones that are exclusively made outside China. Apple could lose a big chunk of their market share if this information became widely known and understood.

>> No.67915731
File: 1.98 MB, 480x360, 1522212130209.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck did they get in exchange for terms like that

>> No.67915750


>> No.67915753
File: 133 KB, 1368x344, 1489048253609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you wouldn't believe the number of Chinese shills that think they would rather be spied on by Chang at PLA than Dave at CIA

>> No.67915754

t. Xi Cho

>> No.67915763

they sell more than just mainframes

>> No.67915770

Well it's either

1) Americans come back to planet earth and accept lower wages, instead of living in the fantasy economy fuelled by the Fed

2) Americans accept higher prices for the devices they buy

3) Companies accept lower profit margins

We all know none of these are going to happen too soon.

>> No.67915777

what in the unholy is that thing and what can you do with it?

>> No.67915787

If anything Trump is going to manhandle this football and run with it

>> No.67915790


>> No.67915812

This story has been known by the US intelligence some years before Trump got elected.
They were already holding meetings at the Pentagon with the big tech companies to deal with this, during Obama's 2nd mandate.

>> No.67915841

It's an enterprise class mainframe designed for high uptime and reverse compatibility with legacy applications from IBM's mainframe heritage. The things run Linux as well. Critical shit like banking runs on them for their legacy shit along with legendary IBM support contracts.

A kid got an older one for peanuts and installed it at home to fuck around with. The power bill for a single rack was $200 a month:

>> No.67915857

Can run old as fuck UNIX from it and serve dummy terminals?

>> No.67915903

Apparently it does do UNIX shit along with terminal serving:

>> No.67915929

>that pic
These deepfakes are getting out of hand.

>> No.67915930

If Mexico and Canada didn't sign Trump's deal, Trump threatened to 20% tariffs on all auto goods from Mexico and Canada.

Basically, we would destroy their auto industry over time as companies discover it has become cheaper to build cars in America instead.

Also, Canada and Mexico panicked when they saw Trump willing to put tariffs on 400 billion Chinese goods.

Trump stabbed China in the heart to show Canada and Mexico he wasn't kidding.

Mexico and Canada didn't get much shit in exchange. Trump basically reminded them that USA stands for USA only.

Canada pissed off us first because they were allowing Chinese steel into America by mislabeling country of origin.

Mexico pissed us off because they were doing the same sneaky tricks as the Canadians but were also allowing Chinese influence in Mexican harbors/ports.

We determined Canada and Mexico were creating national security issues so we basically said we are willing to turn Canada and Mexico into third world countries if you don't sign this new trade deal.

Just imagine if Canada and Mexico got 25% tariffs applied to their whole country like China right now.

>> No.67915961

>If you think any country is going to ban all silicon that passed through China at any point, you're delusional
Why exactly do you think other countries will be ok with Chinese espionage?

>> No.67915984

Are you retarded? It's an American company founded by three Taiwaness.

>> No.67915990

I bet Toyota could restructure their entire global chain very fast.

Toyota is world famous for their supply chains after all.

The world is going to back on relying on Japan again rather than China.

>> No.67916004

Must be CCP "moles" as Taiwanese are generally against the mainland commies.

>> No.67916008

Which graphics card are you using bro

>> No.67916009

>Toyota is world famous for their supply chains after all.
I didn't know this. Where I can read more info about it?
>The world is going to back on relying on Japan again rather than China.
Anything but the chinks. They make the kikes look like honorable people.

>> No.67916015

>Starting the graph at 8

How To Lie With Statistics In Simple Steps!

>> No.67916030
File: 233 KB, 1200x590, fujitsu super.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The world is going to back on relying on Japan again rather than China.

>> No.67916112

holy kek!

fuck those glow in the dark doggo eaters

>> No.67916130

Japs simply don't have the man power. They can potentially set factories in SEA countries, but building lot of factories take a lot of time and Investment.

>> No.67916168

thankfully there's a lot of manpower in the US and Europe. I heard the Italians are have a lot of idle people.

>> No.67916185

Chinese niggers and glow niggers, we need terry.

>> No.67916207


>> No.67916255

The question is whether they want to work for $500/mo or not.

>> No.67916299

..Supermicro is an US company

>> No.67916317

>americans are smart enough to find vulnerabilities such as spectre/meltdown and virtue signal even though basically nobody is affected by it
>took this long to find a fucking chip on a PCB that can be seen with naked eyes

explain this

>> No.67916352

Some of these spy chips have been made buried in the layers of the board fiberglass, such that you would need an Xray to find them. Not sure of the physical location of the one in OP, however.

>> No.67916613

if being owned and operated by mostly Chinese speakers and Chinese nationals makes it American, then by all means we invented the plane, jet engine, and radio, tesla was American, ad nauseum.

>> No.67916933

Super Micro was founded by Taiwanese Americans.

>> No.67917131


They aren't Americans pal,

>> No.67917171


>> No.67917177

>Chinese influence in Mexican harbors/ports.
Huh, reminds me I read China basically owns the port of Piraeus, Greece. Given how much stuff China exports, I suppose it would make a lot of sense for them to want influence in foreign ports all over the globe.

>> No.67917185

>jew lies to buy cheap super

>> No.67917218

Nothing of value lost goy
No one buys made im america crap anyways

>> No.67917262
File: 6 KB, 262x174, ON-CH899_AMDLis_D_20171024184630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my literal facial construct when /g/ hates the Chinese but shills amd 24/7

>> No.67917321

china cannot own Mexican ports fags, same reason why foreigners cannot own home near the border or the beach.

>> No.67917353

Taiwan is not China.

>> No.67917422
File: 25 KB, 412x293, Maps_of_China_1912-Now.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>taiwan is not china
Just take a little moment to think that statement

>> No.67917433

Because chip manufacturing and anything hardware related is basically a lost art in the west. Anyone with the knowledge to do it over 40 and we don't even have the process know how anymore. The west is basically going back to the middle ages because all our production has been shipped to the east for decades.
We're utterly fucked and dependent on china, and this will only become more and more true as local experts die off

>> No.67917441
File: 27 KB, 200x228, 1509066222334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf I love the Chinese. How dare you assume my opinion.

>> No.67917467

I thought about it. Nothing has changed. As the facts stand today, Taiwan does not have to answer to China's government.

>> No.67917491


This is bullshit, both intel and Raytheon have manufacturing plants in the US for top end/military products.

>> No.67917500
File: 108 KB, 680x841, 1526652917734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So which Supermicro motherboard have this Chink chip?

I am currently running a server with a SM motherboard and I'm about to throw it out of the window if it has the chip. Is there a list of affected motherboards?

>> No.67917524

No. The bloomberg article is fake news.

>> No.67917533

Zhang pls

>> No.67917538

t. chicom shill
I literally walk past the chip fabrication laboratories in my office every fucking day

>> No.67917619

t this point the only confirmed compromised product is a video streaming server appliance manufactured by supermicro for Elemental Technologies that is used for by Apple, Amazon, and the CIA to stream drone footage.

There is no evidence that supermicro was involved in this backdoor, and there seems to be evidence that this was orchestrated lower in the supply chain.

Doesn't matter, supermicro is done for, no one will trust them, and this is huge ammunition in the US/china trade war.

This hack attacks the baseboard management controller of the server. If your server doesn't have one, you are probably fine. If it does... well... maybe you aren't,

>> No.67917644

Is there a list of Supermicro boards with the Chink chip?

>> No.67917646

Mexico might have laws against such things but China land-grabbing isn't new. They cucked Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

>> No.67917663

Taiwan is separate from China. Separate military, government, everything.

>> No.67917674

Boards from 2015+ are known to be affected. If you have an old ass board you're probably safe (i.e. 1366).

>> No.67917686

Will anyone be held accountable?

>> No.67917692

No, but this chip targets the BMC of server boards. If your board doesn't have a BMC, you probably aren't affected by this.

>> No.67917693

>fake news.
That's rich coming from a libtard.

>> No.67917707
File: 209 KB, 482x206, HACK THE PLANET.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67917714
File: 88 KB, 861x914, 1475593721530.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how exactly are the Amerifats going to hold the People's Liberation Army accountable?

>> No.67917728

Yes, like the bankers that were held accountable 10 years ago

>> No.67917805

Which of SM's X9 series have BMC?

>> No.67917839

There's always nukes. China deserves it at this point.

>> No.67917903

Do your own research.

>> No.67917921

Taiwan has an interesting history.

Owned by the Dutch at one point, turned into a Chinese Pirate Colony that refused the Chinese Emperor at the time and then colonized by the Japanese.

In Taiwan's history, it never paid tribute to the Chinese emperor from that time period since only pirates lived on the island.

However, it did pay tribute to the Japanese Emperor so you could claim Taiwan used to be more Japanese than Chinese.

After WW2, America allowed the losing Chinese Nationalists to settle in Tawain but before WW2, there were more Japanese on Taiwan than Chinese.

>> No.67917945

>there were more Japanese on Taiwan than Chinese.
Taiwanese usually get along better with the Japanese. This would explain it.

>> No.67917961

You made the claim, the onus is on you.

>> No.67917963

But taiwan is the real china.

>> No.67917973

You're stupid.

>> No.67918006

Supermicro's site lists whether the board has a BMC, it'll be listed as an ASpeed chip or IPMI.

>> No.67918029

Hey remember how people said manufacturing wouldn't come back to the US?

Well I think I found yet another reason why manufacturing is going to come back to the US.

>> No.67918063

You mean MANUFACTURES nothing in the USA. We let the Chinese polute their own country.

Everything is designed and engineered by Americans though. The Chinese can't engineer shit and basically just use nationalistic pawns to engage in corporate espionage to steal IP from us.

>> No.67918124
File: 38 KB, 540x610, bottomless pit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67918126

I think the point is that nobody wants to be backdoored. They can try to play this game with the USA but they're going to lose. Expect bigger tariffs and manufacturing to leave China. Fuck em.

>> No.67918128

Fun fact: During the WW2 treaty, Japan signed away sovereign rights to Taiwan to America.

For a brief moment of time, Taiwan was owned by America.

And then we let Chiang Kai-shek chill on Taiwan for a bit, thinking he just needed to rest before attacking Mao for us, but then he never left Taiwan and for some unknown, retarded reason, we decided to give Taiwan to Chiang Kai-shek for free without anything in return.

One of the biggest strategic blunders in American history, a thousand times worst than giving away the Panama Canal.

Imagine if we never gave Taiwan away and just kept it. Remember the population of Taiwan after WW2 and before Chiang Kai-shek, was very low.

Would Taiwan have become a state or we would have treated it like Gaum?

Or would we have sold it back to Japan for a lot of money and other benefits?

I just don't understand the rationale to giving Taiwan to Chiang Kai-shek for free.

Remember, not even Chiang Kai Shek expected that he would have to flee to Taiwan one day. He didn't even want Taiwan. He never dreamed he would lose to Communists.

So yeah, basically just wanted to post about how Taiwan's history is basically being shifted from one country's hand to another but Taiwan's most baffling owner was America who just gave it away for free.

Taiwan would have been great for a military base or a naval base for US forces so why give the whole island away for free?

>> No.67918132

You say that, but this hack chip is a pretty impressive piece of engineering. That is my main suspicion with this whole story. I seriously doubt the chinks could have created this exploit without western engineering assistance.

>> No.67918171

>jews vs chinks
chinks nuking israel when?

>> No.67918180

You don't know jack shit.

I remember running linux on a couple floppy disks way back in the day. You aren't as knowledgeable as you think you are, faggot. A kernel without a need for blobs of drivers can be extremely small even for a modern kernel.

>> No.67918184

Labor costs in China have already tripled over the last 10 years.

Chinese are moving towards automated manufacturing. The US would already be there if we hadn't offshored everything.
When manufacturing comes back to the US (and it will), there'll be a flurry of work getting automated processes worked out to help cut costs vs expensive american laborers.

This effort will spurr the creation of a new and large automation industry in the US, and eventually prices are going to be cheaper for Americans than anything China could possibly try to sell here, simply because the labor costs will be similar, but the shipping costs won't.

The ONLY reason globalism has taken the world by storm is because corporations found they could exploit cheap slave labor in foreign countries - SO cheap, that the overall cost of slave labor + long-distance shipping was much less than reasonable wages + short range shipping. This trend is about to reverse completely for the following reasons:

Automated manufacturing is going to dramatically lower manufacturing costs in America
Rail infrastructure upgrades will massively improve throughput and speed of transportation across America
Electric tractor-trailers and automated trucks will dramatically reduce the cost of short-haul transportation

Leftists have no fucking clue how much better our economy is going to be with Trump in charge.

>b-b-but muh globalism
Please. You were taken for a ride and being turned into a slave and you fucking know it.

>> No.67918190


Apple uses super micro boards AND Intel with ME backdoors, anon. They are literally the worst choice in terms of security.

>> No.67918221

The Chinese have the occasional genius. The rocket scientist that co founded JPL and created the Silkworm missile was pretty good:

>> No.67918233

Apple can't design chips for shit.

I trust Fujitsu or Samsung when it comes to chips compared to Apple.

>> No.67918237

Glad I just bought all my computer hardware that'll be good enough for the next 5 years

the asian supply chain for computers is gonna get nuked

I could see 200% increase in computer parts for the next few years once the hammer drops

>> No.67918242

American education, though.

Had he never stepped foot in MIT, he would have become a nobody.

>> No.67918243


>> No.67918244

Can you post the one with the spacex rocket launch in the background

>> No.67918254

Yeah, tired of this Silicon Bullshit.


>> No.67918313



>> No.67918320

Give it a few weeks and you'll probably know for sure from the US announcing which boards are affected.

>> No.67918321
File: 40 KB, 600x532, 1534069172430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying the USA isn't already at the forefront of industrial automation
>implying (((globalism))) hasn't happened half a dozen times before in the history of human civilization, only to start again within a few generations
>implying corporations won't find some other impoverished country to exploit
>implying daddy trump has anything to do with what congress and the executive branch have accomplished despite him

>> No.67918322

If a country like Israel can give China operating rights of a port Mexico can

>> No.67918365

They won't announce anything because either AWS/Apple/Supermicro were under gag orders which means none of the findings will ever be made public (this happened in 2015 as a reminder), or they told the truth and Bloomberg is full of shit and no boards were affected.

>> No.67918419

We found it, the Chinese corp (Supermicro) is dying because of it and its is being fixed. That is bad engineering in my eyes. We've been backdooring them for years and this is their hamfisted attempt at a retaliation. They haven't trusted our CPU's for a long time so they've been making their own architecture called Loongson.

>> No.67918432


>> No.67918453

Yes, our botnet is way more sophisticated. Still, this is far more sophisticated than I would have given them credit for coming up with.

>> No.67918506

lol only a tard would buy that. That company is going bye bye. They're so infected with Chinese they can never be trusted again.

>> No.67918542

probably politics
America has always had this "we're defending them but not really defending them" stance when it comes to Taiwan.

We'll put ships in-between China and Taiwan because... we want them to be there.
Stop looking into it so deeply.
There's absolutely no special reason behind it, Chang.
We just didn't want to get into a war with China while Russia was busy stealing nukes and shit

>> No.67918763

I own a Supermicro motherboard, but I am just a regular citizen who runs his homeserver.

Should I be worried. The attacker needs to have physical access to exploit this backdoor right?

>> No.67918780

>The attacker needs to have physical access to exploit this backdoor right?
the whole point of installing a backdoor is that you don't have to have physical access
of course you have nothing to fear because you are of no value to the chinese government

>> No.67918812

Taiwan actually ranks last in US concerns against China. Convincing normies that China is spying on us and stealing US jobs/IP is easy but convincing them to actually die for Taiwan is gonna be much harder

>> No.67918831

They weren't caught putting the chips on the boards, when the boards came in from China they noticed a chip on the board that wasn't in their design but shipped them anyway. They deserve to burn

>> No.67918846

>die for Taiwan
funny joke, goy.
not in a million shoahs

>> No.67918857

>dat sweet non-retardedly shaped heatsink

>> No.67918872

Well no shit, why would the average American care about the government of Taiwan when they can't find a decent job?

>> No.67918935

It's apparently a 6-pin "balun"-style package, right between two of the SOIC-8 pins of what seems to be an auxiliary SPI flash used by the ASpeed AST2400 BMC chip on this board (a little SoC usually used for system management).

While that has onboard NOR/NAND flash, on closer investigation SPI is external (that SOIC-16 with the little green dot) and holds firmware. It doesn't appear to have efuses holding signing keys for external firmware or anything, it just runs it; and the firmware on the SPI certainly didn't check signatures until September 2018 because it messed up the comparation.

This "rice grain" IC is presumed to interpose the SPI flash, injecting a bootloader firmware that patches the firmware to put in some kind of BMC backdoor, like some kind of tiny console modchip. (Why they didn't flash the SPI instead, which is easier, I don't know, maybe they wanted to maintain persistence over BMC firmware flashing and were confident their patch would probably still work on subsequent firmware versions?)

The BMC on Supermicro boards has pretty much unlimited power to supervise and manage the unit, including direct DMA, VGA video (where applicable) and LAN access, and operates during power off. It's an attractive target - if this story is true.

There are elements of this particular story which don't add up (especially that bit about "between the layers of fibreglass" - I assume the reporters misunderstood some vitally important detail), but having seen a little more detail I'm going to mark this one as plausible.

Certainly supply chain attacks in general are real, whether this one is or isn't. Importantly, it should not taint Supermicro as a brand. Any company, anywhere in the world, could be susceptible to an attack of this determination and sophistication; there is no reason why the US should be trusted any more than China, given the existence of the several-years-old Snowden-released ANT catalog with (less sophisticated) hardware implants shown.

>> No.67918971

Dam, why is my luck so garbage.

I spent quite some money on this Intel Xeon and "Enterprise" motherboard and now they both end up being two pieces of shit full of security holes, etc, etc.

Since this is a hardware backdoor, no matter what OS I run, I am fucked anyway right?

>> No.67919030

The exact extent of the hardware backdoors is unknown, but yes, it's software agnostic.

>> No.67919050

Did anyone read the Amazon reply? Sounds to me like Bloomberg is Shorting stocks on purpose, go buy Supermicro Stocks right now, that's how Jews start controlling companies, publish an article and buy stocks while they are low.

>> No.67919188

Well of course Amazon would deny it, they still want to do business in China and they still want their customers to think highly of them. The Bloomberg article already had Amazon's denial of any knowledge in it.
Also this part stands out to me from the Amazon response:
"We further strengthen our security posture by implementing our own hardware designs for critical components such as processors, servers, storage systems, and networking equipment."
The fact of the matter is that there was nothing at all wrong with the design of Elemental's hardware. It was the shit planted on it, part of no designs (save for the chinese govt), that was the problem.
Furthermore, it's not like Amazon has their own foundries, or chooses to use more expensive US manufacturers, so what does it mean for them to be "implementing" their own hardware designs? They would get their backdoored components from the same chinks that Elemental does.

>> No.67919202

I wouldn't put it past the chinks don't get me wrong, but why are so many corporations denying it? Because they could have used non chinese made parts instead and maybe not been hacked? most of the shit is already made there anyways, so why deny it? you can't get dick anymore that doesn't have some made in china stamp somewhere on it. To me if this is true, the reason why all of them are denying it is because they don't want to lose money, not even a cent with this article, and that goes to apple, and the fucking rest of them. Fuck corporations. when are we all going to get on the same page and finally put a stop to the amount of power these sack of shits have on the public, it's fucking ridiculous.

>> No.67919240

Most companies could not have used non Chinese parts, because there simply aren't enough of them. DoD really has no fucking excuse though, they should never use chinese manufactured components.
And really, these corporations are the ones who are losing their asses over this, it's their IP that is being lifted straight from their own servers.

>> No.67919252

They've been instructed by the FBI/NSA to deny as a matter of national security.

>> No.67919287

Unironically this.

>> No.67919292

>I wouldn't put it past the chinks don't get me wrong, but why are so many corporations denying it?
Combination of NSLs, wanting to stay on the good side of both the American and Chinese governments, and wanting to keep their shareholders and customers in the dark.

They have every reason to lie, and fuck all reason to tell the truth.

>> No.67919323
File: 8 KB, 238x212, WRASSE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

supermicro is finished.. looks liek theyre gonna get bought also https://qloppi.com/statement8.html

>> No.67919341

Way better article

>> No.67919343

Whoa it's almost as if moving all critical manufacturing to your economic rival was a bad idea.

>> No.67919355

because back in 2014 when it was revealed that the nsa was sending routers with masking FW to pretty much the whole world no one cared

china does the same and suddenly every hell brakes lose
china at least is honest on their goal they are on the road to become for a third time a superpower and they arent hiding it at all

>> No.67919436

because you either get spied by china or usa
at least with china its cheaper

>> No.67919442


It's not that you are wrong, it's how blatant the Chinese have become in the scheming, not just military wise, but ripping people off in broad daylight, like you said, they aren't hiding it at all. They rip off every damn thing they get their hands on, and resell it, they never paid for the research and development and other costs associated in making whatever they are making, they just steal, cheat, it's in their culture to do this shit, and they are succeeding with that kind of underhanded shit as a country. This is the Chinese people. The workers over there have mostly shitty lives that work 16 hour shifts getting paid dog shit, and this is the country we are supposedly going to compete with? This is why I feel it's kind of wrong to compare the NSA to what the Chinese do, yes, NSA have spooks, but to be out in the open, and jack shit without giving a care in the world, that's extra.

>> No.67919445

>In response to the disgraced company's subversive involvement with the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Qloppi has begun a preliminary investigation into the possibility of aquisition negotiations with Super Micro Computer, Inc.
>0.0005 US Dollar per share

forget patents, they've probably got office furniture worth more than that.

>> No.67919448

china owns pretty much every important freight port in the world
even panama aka the butthole of usa is a puppet of china now

>> No.67919453
File: 118 KB, 731x1000, 1527808065971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Trump is right, we should buy American and hire American from now on.. all the way down the supplychain.

>> No.67919467

thats how usa got born too all of the tech and military industry evolved because they manage to get the nazi scientists and gave them a free pass like their past and the shit they did never happened..

>> No.67919482

so basicly this is what usa has left to do?
fabricating events to throw companies involved with china to oblivion in order for american companies to be bought ?

oh boy this is gonna turn ugly very soon

>> No.67919516

Excellent article, thank you.
I'm more on the fence about it now, the denials were very explicit and unambiguous as denials go. I'll have to wait for more evidence before I decide to short the stock.

>> No.67919530

burn the rice; pay the price.

>> No.67919535

Why on earth would the usa, as a nation, fabricate an event to destroy the share price of an American company so that some other nation could pick up the pieces for less than pennies on the dollar?

>> No.67919544

Frankly I trust bloomberg. People in the tech industry may not realize it, but bloomberg is a titan in the financial/business field, they have a very good reputation. The market plainly believes bloomberg too.

>> No.67919607

You're talking to a Chinese shill anon. His computer is probably part of the Chink botnet and he doesn't even know it.

>> No.67919659

And Intel was up 4% and AMD down 8% when market "believed" Intel's 10nm will pose a threat to AMD's market share two days ago. Market is a vessel for speculation, nothing more and nothing less

>> No.67919668

Market speculation right now is that Bloomberg is right and that Apple and Amazon are flat out lying.

>> No.67919687

If Apple and Amazon are found to be lying what should the punishment be?

>> No.67919703

>only confirmed compromised product is hardware to handle drone weapons
it's not making anyone less anxious

>> No.67919843

>4000% percent increase in put options in august

Nothing to see here folks, move along

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>> No.67920039

Offtopic (even though that's not SuperMicro anyway), that's exactly the same thing that's happening to crypto, being spread by the media as IT'S OVER, IT'S AT THE PIT'S BOTTOM AND WORTHLESS. Last time I checked BTC was ~6000 USD, when I first bought some it was at ~2000 USD. Even if it's dropped as much as 85% relative to it's last peak, it's still 300% the value from about 4 years ago.

>> No.67920198

MacArthur was still in charge though and he wanted to nuke China, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, etc

That is until he was fired.

>> No.67920954

i dont know why cts tried to market murder amd?

>> No.67920962

>chinese shill

look at me i dont know jack shit about how the market runs but let me label someone that i cant refute his words as a shill

is /k/ leaking?

>> No.67921083

We used to have those at work until last year. They were so fucking expensive we decided to update our entire codebase and systems (250k+ employees wholesaler) just to move to something more affordable. It was a titanic effort but it had to be done sooner rather than later. IBM has its perks but they're way too expensive if you're running your own cloud and had massive data centers like we did.

>> No.67921228


Yeah could you show that g for some reason would've defended supermicro?

Their boards have been great and all in the past but I have no strong fealings about them in one way or another

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