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What is your opinion on this pile of garbarge?
>change start menu again
>downgrade the look of taskbar icons
>wasted 3 hours to download this shit
Worst thing is, gaymers like me are forced to be cucked by Bill Gates because Linux has no games and Mac is utter garbage. Windows is a fucking wormhole.

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Did it install Candy Crush again?

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At least post pictures of what the new update looks like, or a link to an article

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i never understood why they would change look of basic shit. noone conolained about it but they still change it, for what propose?

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That usually happens when the diversity hire has been freeloading way too long and has to pretend he is working on something

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Looks better than I remember win10 looking
using gnome has made me realize the start menu was always a gaff swinging the mouse into activities and only needing to type a letter or two to use 99.95% of my programs is so much more fluid and encourages multitasking

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When was this update released? I just finished a fresh install on a W10 partition and I'd like to keep it un-fucked for as long as possible

Wow so they came full-circle and are now back to W7 style. Fucking idiots

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Is that a third-party start menu and theme?

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>wangblows shiteater calling anything garbage

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>mactoddler subhuman looking down on anyone else

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Only the time in the middle of the desktop and RAM/CPU meter is third party

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Is that Windows 7 looking start menu part of the update, or something else? I hate these goddamn tiles

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>all programs
>when microsoft has been peddling the "everything is an app" bs since win8
If you're gonna lie at least make it somewhat believable.

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Yeah, no.

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So you installed classic shell?

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Are you fucking retarded?

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What do you mean? That anon was just asking about the start menu and theme, which I mentioned in the OP that it has changed.

Included in the update, I already got used to the tile one.

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Oh nice, looking forward to it then

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Oh no no no no no

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>updating windows in 2018

yeah you just dont know what they are gonna do. i cant trust them

i use win 10 AME CHECK IT OUT


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What the fucking fuck? I even learned to like the tiles, fuck this fucking shit fuck

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Seriously, stop falling for that bait. If the all programs menu wasn't a dead giveaway the fact that there's separate links for the old control panel and new settings app should be more than enough.

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It's not bait you imp, this wasn't there before I updated it. Check for yourself if you're so sure.

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are there people who unironically use the original menu instead of open shell menu? why?

get open shell now and turn cortana off and win10 becomes comfy again....

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Isn't this just classic shell?

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Is this real?

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>But who was Valve Proton?

Intredasting, bookmarked for later. Is this essentially LTSB but without the autism?

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Ltsb literally doesn’t have this problem

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This is just classic shell you fucking LARPer

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I haven't updated in about 3 years precisesly because of this kind of bullshit. Still on 8.1 by the way.

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my boss likes to tell the story about his brother with a PhD who was hired by microsoft as a UI consultant on XBox and some other projects. He finally gave up in frustration because their UI people don't give a shit what customers or consultants think will work best

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