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I work for an internet service provider in a large city in New England, AMA.

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Is this Blargh?

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How many blowjobs have you gotten

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3, I've walked in on customers getting some too.

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Everytime a tech leaves their shit in my room, i always take the time to save my most putrid fart and just let it rip on their stuff. How does that make you feel

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Is it true that you get commission every time you convince a customer not to switch to a different isp?

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How is my unencrypted data recorded and sold?

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Why can't Comcast's residential support be as good as the business?

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You fucking monster, that explains so fucking much.

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The customer support team usually gets paid hourly. The only incentive they have to try to talk you into staying is so their ass doesn't get chewed out by their supervisor.

Google it. Pretty easy to find out.

Not going to confirm or deny where I work exactly, but most companies receive more money from their commercial deals then residential.

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I'll share a horror story to keep the thread alive;

I did a job at an art studio for a photographer who worked for Apple. His ethernet line was cut at the top of his door about 15 feet off the ground on a pipe. I had to use a shitty wooden ladder he had on site since I forgot mine. Half the time I was trying to balance myself on this wobbly ladder next to high-temperature ceiling lights running about 60 feet of cat6 to the other part of the studio where he wanted his computer to be. He then decided to change his mind because the cabling didn't match his aesthetic.

I went home after this and drank myself to sleep while playing Borderlands 2 and rethinking my career choice.

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So you are cable technician?
I also work for an internet service provider, I do stuff like dispatching of technician to customers.
Have fun serving idiots like >>67832795

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more horror story anon I'm interested. do you get free cable for life like grown ups 2 said

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hey anon, hoped you enjoyed your beer. heres a picture to help cheer up your mood. also a sort of reaction lol
also, was wi-fi introduced? o_o

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>voids can return ints
At least try to make a funny copypasta

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Yeah, sad to say that most dispatch jobs for ISP’s attract the laziest people for some reason. About 80% have no clue how any of the technology even works.

He wanted “the best speeds for his dollar” I think most cable technicians have atleast one job a week that almost breaks them.

You don’t get free cable but you do get it pretty close to it depending on where you work. I’ve heard of a few technicians that have connections in the higher tier so the pay close to nothing for amazing DL and UL speeds and cable packages.

I’ll post another story as well.

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Big dick over here boys.

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I applied for a software developer job at Comcast in Philly.

Is it shit?

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I was installing cable in the penthouse of an extremely expensive building. I got to the apartment and the customers wife was the only person home. I tell her I need access to her media panel; and to no surprise she has no fucking clue where it is. I then spent 20 minutes looking for the panel and finally find a network cage that she did not tell me about. Her husband finally came home (I prayed he was actually technology literate). Turns out the husband knew of the cage but didn’t know where the key was or what it did.

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Turns out the old owner of the penthouse installed it and the new residents didn’t think they’d need it. Luckily I had a key for cages on me that was the same brand as the one the person had installed. I then thank Jesus Christ for the key actually working. I continue the install and finish up in about 15-20 minutes. As I explain to the customer the service and how they’re billing will work the husband interrupts me and ask how the Internet works. I explain to him to just use his WiFi name and password on everything he wants internet on. He then asked me why. I continued to explain for 1 hour how WiFi only gives him internet access from his router and his cable box gave him cable to his TV. He then asked me to help him set up his TV’s which took about another hour. By this point my bladder was ready to give out and I was contemplating quitting on the spot. He then kept me for another hour to help him set up his Netflix and Hulu accounts on his Apple TV’s.
I finally left at 9pm and got home by 10:45. My shift ended at 7pm. The only positive was I remembered his Netflix log in and he hasn’t realized I’ve been using his sons profile.

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It’s shit if you care about working for a large cooperation that will just see you as a number, but the pay is worth if you’re not a snowflake.
>They literally refer to their techs as their technician numbers

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Clean the distortion up and you’ve got something there chief.

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I was hoping for you to say that your fucked is wife but oh well.

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Do you direct for cc or through that third party company that I can't name due to contractual agreements? B/c the latter fucking sucks. I hated their god damn tool so much I quit. Your communication software should NEVER be on the remote desktop you're working on, but on your actual PC.

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