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so i basically watched a movie "the internets own boy" and now im sad and i miss aaron swartz, he was brilliant wasnt he :(

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he was a sheltered bitch boi

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Pussy enough to kill himself and created a cuck website

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what do you exactly mean

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A very owned boy, sadly. Bing "Noam Chomsky killed Aaron Swartz".

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Obviously got railroaded by CIA niggers.

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He was a pussy. The part where he started working for Conde Nast and he threw a fucking bitch fit was the worst. Man the fuck up.

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he realized reddit was for faggots from day 1


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All he had to do was not be a faggot

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This, CIAniggers will try to convince you of otherwise.

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Thanks that was a good read.

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you are a fagget

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>Mencius Moldbug

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who would you recommend instead?

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The Last Psychiatrist has better analyses than Moldbug. Too bad he stopped posting years ago.

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If he was alive today he'd just be another "women in stem" basedaboya

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Maybe if he were still around, Reddit wouldn't be such a normie shit hole. My god, the level of cringe on Reddit astounds me every time I reluctantly visit anything there. We may be aspie losers, but they're on a level of pure faggotry the likes of RuPaul couldn't fathom.

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They got Aaron and Terry now :[


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I'm like 99% sure he got (((suicided)))

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Dude, he was entitled as fuck and one of (((them))). His parents are rich af

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>write script to steal books and publications
>choke entire uni network
>forget to add sleep 1
>literally kys

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Don't understand why he offed himself. I mean, sure, those publishers rattled with their threats of lawsuits etc, but in reality he would probably get off with just a suspension from MIT.

I'll bet you it was that bitch of a gf he had that convinced him to kill himself.

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jews jewing jews jewing jews jewing jews jewing jews...

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The Hotel Concierge blog is basically the new TLP. Moldbug is good, though.

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He didn't have God in his life so he killed himself and is now burning in hell. Sad!

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He looks like that mutt meme. What was his ethnicity?

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>choke uni network (as if any of us hasn't ever done the same)
>get threatened with life in prison for this heinous crime
>meanwhile the average time served by a rapist is less than six years

This is America.

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maybe try not being a criminal

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Raping someone doesn't threaten a business' profit.

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>>67830921 >>67823660
(((Aaron Swartz)))
founded reddit

reddit is cancer

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What did anon mean by this?

Realised Wikipedia was not well run from day one. His analysis is still something they do not want to talk about.

This made no sense; tons of allegations with no proof.

You need to check his background, again.

Publishers rattled a little but the prosecutor went completely bananas. I guess she saw this as her ticket to success. The aftermath was not good and that promotion didn't materialise.

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>Realised Wikipedia was not well run from day one. His analysis is still something they do not want to talk about.
Got a link to said analysis?

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Too soon ;_; I miss Terry
Fucking glowies

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He would've served 2 years in prison at most if he had good behavior. What a dumbass

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