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Feels good not being poor

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Did Apple bump your salaries, shills?

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kys android nigger

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I don't even own a smartphone.

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We know, you're an android user.

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so you couldn't afford a note 9
and you bought the cheapest SKU?
64GB will be unusable in a couple of years.

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But I already have a 12 month apple music subscription. Why would I need more than 64gb?

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Nice girl toy

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It will look good with your purse you gigantic faggot

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>Ships 1-2 weeks
>Standard shipping
How does it feel like to be poor

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Lol, there is a difference between being poor and not wasting your money.

But, whatever makes you happy.

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Why does a phone need large storage?

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>not 256/512
Speaking of the poorfag.

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Apps will increasingly require more and more local storage as higher capacity phones become the norm you're an idiot if you buy the lowest tier

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>Feels good being a faggot


Ok, OP. We know it you're a faggot. You don't have to make a thread about it

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I have a 64gb iphone se right now. I have literally only used ~20gb after 2 years.

64gb is more than enough (For this gen anyway)

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Wow, now this is epic!

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>feels good not being poor
what are you going to do when you lose it all?

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Any courier is happy right now because the Apple sales surge is always a good buck that takes little space.

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Feels good not being you

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