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PSA to all Java devs: Oracle JDK IS OFFICIALLY PAID NOW.
Go ahead and download the OpenJDK build instead of what they offer through their official download channels. OpenJDK is a reference implementation now anyway.


Is it time to move onto another language?

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if you can afford to run java in a production environment you also can afford to pay oracle daddy

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The message is to prevent people who use Java for their small production environments from receiving a Larry's call on ther ass demanding $$$.

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>java 9 changes
>new java version release schedule
>java trying to pander to all memes
>now this
Hahah... I said that java will get more fucked up... and die soon.
Oh btw, I am java developer.

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>The solution is simple!
>Use an OpenJDK build.

Here's a simpler solution, stop using a faggy ranjesh language.

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Maybe this is the reason behind openJ9

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First Oracle killed Open Solaris and crippled Solaris down to a Database OS, now they are slowly killing Java. I am not saying that i am a fan of Java, but, the JVM is technologywise a pretty cool thing

Oracle is just ruining everything Sun has been built over the years. Why is this even legal?

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>java is bad

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because Oracle owns Sun

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A similar number used to run Flash.

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>what is OpenJDK

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what's AdoptOpenJDK

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Pretty much this. The sooner people stop using Java, and other meme brainlet languages like Python too, the better.

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>Is it time to move onto another language?
You could give kotlin a try :-)

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this destroys the poojit

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Maybe you are right, but why do think this is funny?

You know it will be replaced by at least two other languages, while reducing the amount of developers who know, what they're doing.

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You are so right.... The JVM is cool, but also very bloated. Do you know graalvm?

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You can judge a programming language by its tutorial videos.
Java tutorial videos are 99% produced by Poos. Java is a shit programming language.

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graalvm looks interesting technically, but it's Oracle so stay away unless you enjoy gettting sued and paying for Larrys next Yacht.

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>not already using openjdk

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no wonder C# is getting so popular..
Kinda sad that I wasted time on java..
I'm still a CS student btw

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Why I think that is funny?
I always find it funny when 4chin faggits laugh at my prophecies... and then they come true.

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Not really, it's one of the fastest and most stable languages for web services. People just hate on it because of their ignorance and dealings with java applets in the past.

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What about Oracle SQL? Is it safe?

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I know that feeling, I spend much of my time learning Java until I decided to let it go and learn other languages. Oracle is truely a blind company who could't see their own fucking up future.

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Why do you say this? Plenty of small businesses use Java for their internal tools and shit.

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Are you on the C or the FP camp?

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What does that have to say for python being sjdubbs

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First flash becomes obselete and now Java's ending it's running time eventually too. What's happening

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To be fair if they are using Java in production they are likely already using OpenJDK (RHEL) or using IBM's JVM if they use their Java products

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Is Java finally dead?

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Just use openjdk.

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Men don't use meme languages like java, python, go, or JS. C can do anything that is actually important.

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Um Python has gazillion bindings for a lot of usefulthings making them accessible for anyone. Python isn't a meme it's tool.

You're just too blind and ignorant to see that.

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Python is one of the biggest jokes of a language, it is pretty much java but less pajeets .

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Maybe you're just too dumb to know how to write in C.

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That's a very lowbrow comment. You want me to write 1000 lines of code to accomplish what I can do in just 30 with Python?

You're clearly either a student, or a low-iq person that doesn't comprehend when to use the right tool for the task.

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Anything done in python can be done in C way faster,

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You can run Java in production on a $5 VPS.

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F# > Scala > C# > Java. The question is where Kotlin fits into this ordering.

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True and python doesn't even have oop

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All that time you may of saved gets put back into seeing if your tabs and spaces are correct. Fuck any language that dependant on an ide to debug

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